Interview with Big Brother Canada's Tom Plant

March 22, 2013

Big Brother Canada's fourth evicted houseguest, Tom, participated in a conference call with ourselves and a few others. Find out what he had to say. In terms of your gameplay, what do you think were some of your biggest strengths and weaknesses?

Tom: I will start with the weaknesses. I think having trust in people, and giving people my word and expecting it back was a huge weakness. I thought that just because I was being honest and playing with integrity, I thought people would give me the same respect in return which they did not. So I should have had a little bit more radar control with the lies and just the disrespect that people returned to me. Now as far as strengths go, I was on the block within minutes of coming into the house, so I had to show that I could win a competition. I am very competitive, and I sort of just rolled with it. You know, I did win 2 POVs and an HOH in the 30 days that I was there, so I definitely walked out the door as a strong competitor that people were scared of, and that makes me happy. Had you have stayed, do you believe that the events of this past week would have hurt your relationship with Emmett moving forward in the game, or would you still have wanted to go to the end with him?

Tom: Yeah, you know, the events of the last week were really really tough, they were really hard on me. I would have had for sure stuck with Emmett till the end of the game, no hesitation, no doubts. It would have been Em and Tom till the end, and I truly feel that way. You were obviously getting closer to Liza. Do you think your game plan had started to shift, almost to the point that, had both of you guys found a way to stay in the house, you would have taken Liza to the Final 2 over Emmett?

Tom: Honestly man, I would have stuck with Emmett until the end of the game. That's something I told Liza. The feelings I had for her were and are 100% real, but Emmett was my bromance. Emmett and I, we would have went Final 2 and that was the plan. By now you're aware that the other members of your Quattro alliance were behind your eviction. Did you have your suspicions that they were planning on getting you out before Gary put you on the block?

Tom: I honestly had no idea. I was totally blindsided. I thought that, regardless of what happened in the house, that Quattro would have my back. The move in which I was told, was to get Liza out of the game and the only way that they could ensure her leaving was to have me on the block. It was a lose-lose situation for me. I had really no idea and Alec and Peter did a really good job at lying to my face about the whole situation, so I had no idea. Do you think that had you gotten wind of it sooner, you would have been able to save yourself this week?

Tom: Honestly, I don't think I would have been able to save myself. They had the votes and they got me. They hands down got me and they did a very big, strong move. I'll admit when I'm beat, and they got me good, so hats off to them. I don't think I would have been able to stop it cause their plans were in motion. If I won the Power of Veto, that's the only way I would have been safe. Why did you waste so much energy trying to evict Suzette during your reign as HoH?

Tom: Honestly Suzette, to me, was a big threat because she was not only a ticking time bomb, but she was not loyal to any side. Just like Gary, she is a person that will align with anyone to get her through the week. To me, that's a threat because that's a vote. I'm okay with people in alliances and strong players cause, at that time in the game, I thought I had a strong alliance. Going after single people that would just jump from alliance to me, I want to target those people to protect myself in the game. For sure, if Suzette got power again, she would put up Emmett and I again. I knew she would do it, I had the feeling, so when the house really was pushing for Suzette to leave, I thought it was the easiest thing for me to do. Last night, they really told a lot of the story about Alec in the shower. Going into that, were you just in the mindset that this is just a guy and this is a joke that I would pull in a locker room sort of situation? It didn't seem like you wanted him to have that sort of strong emotional reaction to it.

Tom: Totally, man. It was just for me, it was messing around with one of my boys. I wanted to have fun and joke around. When it seriously offended him personally, it tore me up. It felt like I just hit my little brother or something. It was really hard for me how he reacted. It was very unfortunate. I don't think it had a true role in him evicting me. I think that was the plan the whole time, to get strong players out of the game. At the same time, I think you know what, if you walk around half naked throughout the whole show and you present yourself in that manner, you're susceptible to a little pranking. I feel bad doing it on a personal level, but I don't regret doing that if it makes sense.

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