Everyone begins scrambling after the veto competition

August 24, 2013

A Recap of Day 65 in the Big Brother 15 House

Late last night, Elissa and Aaryn cut a deal to try to get Amanda out. Catch up on that in Part 2 of our Day 64 Recap here.

1:00-2:00 PM: Amanda won the Power of Veto, sending the whole house scrambling. Aaryn revealed to Amanda and McCrae that Elissa had asked her to work with her and had planned on taking out Amanda this week. Aaryn said that she would be loyal to whoever keeps her safe this week. Amanda said that Aaryn will be staying and that she just hopes that Andy is not nominated. Meanwhile, upstairs in the HoH room, Elissa told GinaMarie that she is getting so annoyed with Andy and that he will be the replacement nominee. Andy was well aware that he was in danger.

Both Aaryn and Andy were pacing around and looking for reassurance from Amanda that they would be safe. Amanda let both know that there is no way that they will go home. She told Andy that he has been with them from the start and told Aaryn that she will tell McCrae that no one will ever nominate Andy, so he needs to go now. Judd went to Elissa and suggested that she nominate Andy in order to ensure that Aaryn leaves, since he is also with McCrae and Amanda. Elissa agreed. Aaryn went to the HoH room and told Elissa that she would not target her if she stayed.

2:00-3:00 PM: Amanda began plotting to find a way to get Elissa to nominate GinaMarie so that they could vote her out and save Aaryn. If Spencer were to go up, Andy and McCrae both stated that they would keep him over Aaryn. Amanda is less certain that that is the right choice. The guys agreed that they would have to tell Amanda that it is time to cut Aaryn. McCrae reassured Andy that he has nothing to worry about in the even that he is nominated.

GinaMarie went to Elissa and said that everyone leaves her out of everything and that Amanda and Aaryn get quiet whenever she is near. Elissa told her that they, including Aaryn, are trying to get her nominated. Elissa said that she really wanted Aaryn to stay but has a gut feeling that she will not go against Amanda. Elissa told GinaMarie that 100% she will not be the replacement nominee. GinaMarie said that she would vote Aaryn out and would have Elissa's back for as long as she is good to her.

Amanda advised Aaryn to get close to GinaMarie and get all of the information that she could out of her, then bring it all back to Elissa as proof that GinaMarie is not loyal to Elissa. Of course, Amanda's goal is to get GinaMarie nominated. While they plotted downstairs, Elissa was speaking with Spencer. Spencer promised to vote out Aaryn over whoever goes up as the replacement. He also promised not to vote against Elissa next week or to nominate her. He later told Andy that it was all a lie. Elissa asked Spencer who would go home if Andy were to be nominated. Spencer said that Aaryn would for sure go home over Andy. Aaryn cut in on the conversation to tell Elissa that GinaMarie is lying to her and will vote for her to stay if she is not on the block. Elissa told Spencer that GinaMarie is not an option to go up, as that would be dumb.

3:00-4:00 PM: Andy began crying that he has worked his ass off so hard and didn't do it to get taken out at the hands of Elissa. Spencer went to him and told him that there is no way that he is going home even if he is nominated. Spencer explained that Elissa just wants to ensure that Aaryn leaves. Andy told Spencer to know that he trusts him more that Amanda and Aaryn, if anyone tries to slander him. Andy and Spencer agreed that Amanda is dangerous. Spencer revealed that McCrae told him that he wants Amanda gone and that he personally wants to do it at the Final 4 or Final 5. Andy revealed the whole 3AM alliance to Spencer in attempt to gain his trust and to ensure that Aaryn couldn't reveal it first.

4:00-5:00 PM: Amanda went to the HoH room and told Elissa that she had heard that she, GinaMarie and Aaryn had plans to make sure that Amanda didn't win the veto. Elissa sarcastically said "yes, cause I'm working with GM and Aaryn". Elissa told Amanda that Aaryn talks about her every single day. She said that Aaryn is not loyal to Amanda at all and is not even loyal to GinaMarie. Elissa told Amanda that as smart as she thinks she is, she is being dumb. Amanda wanted GinaMarie to be nominated. Elissa shot that down and said that she isn't stupid but Amanda is. Amanda told Elissa to think of it from hers and McCrae's perspective. Elissa said "no, I'm not going to think of it". Amanda then tried to make Elissa believe that she would vote Andy out in order to scare her into not nominating him. She said that she, McCrae and Spencer would all vote Andy out over Aaryn. Amanda said that she wants Aaryn to stay no matter who goes up next to her and that no one else will nominate Andy, so it's a good time to take him out.

Amanda informed McCrae and Andy that she is trying to make Elissa believe that they would vote Andy out, hoping that it will keep him from being nominated. Amanda told Andy to act like he is pissed at her and McCrae. Elissa came outside and asked Amanda if she was telling Andy about her plan to vote him out. Amanda said that she was. Andy angrily got up and stormed off, saying that he doesn't want to talk about it. Elissa then told Amanda that she will be happy to watch Aaryn take her out of the game, cause it will be pretty comical. McCrae chimed in by saying that Andy has so many friends in jury that it will be great to have him out of the house.

Andy was fake crying when Elissa went to see him. He said that he can't believe that this is happening. Elissa told him that when you a trust a snake, they will eat you alive. She then said that they will not vote him out over Aaryn. Andy pleaded with Elissa to keep him safe, noting that he is a sure vote to evict Aaryn. Elissa said that she is unsure of whether or not Andy is faking all of this because he is working with Amanda and McCrae. Andy said that he was not. Elissa stuck to her guns and told Andy that she doesn't think that it is possible that he will go home, as McCranda sees him as their second puppet.

McCrae was again reiterating to Amanda that Spencer needs to stay over Aaryn. Amanda did not seem to want to commit to that. Amanda explained that Aaryn was only trying to save herself when she went to Elissa's side. McCrae believed otherwise, thinking that Aaryn was trying to save GinaMarie as well. McCrae thinks that Aaryn had GinaMarie get close with Elissa and concocted the whole plan. Once Amanda left, McCrae and Spencer agreed that Aaryn needs to go. Spencer was getting annoyed that Amanda is fighting so hard to keep Aaryn. McCrae agreed. Spencer told McCrae that he is loyal to him, to Andy and to Amanda by default. McCrae said that he is 110% loyal to Spencer and that he really does want to take him to the Final 2.

5:00-6:00 PM: McCrae played it up in front of Judd that Andy would get sent home if he were to be nominated. McCrae said that Andy just has too many friends in jury. Judd agreed that everyone there does like Andy. Judd mentioned that he can't believe that Amanda ended up being so scary to everyone. McCrae relayed that bit of information to Amanda, saying that it sounded like Judd was coming after her. Amanda told McCrae that she still wants GinaMarie to be nominated, as she wants Aaryn to stay. McCrae does not. Amanda told Aaryn to act like she is GinaMarie's best friend in order to scare Elissa into thinking that they are working together.

7:00-8:00 PM: Judd told Elissa that he, Spencer and GinaMarie should make McCranda feel that Aaryn is staying and then freak them out by voting her out. Judd and Elissa still agree that Andy is the best bet to go up to ensure Aaryn's eviction. Elissa and Judd want McCrae and Amanda broken up next week, with Judd hoping that Amanda is the first to go. Elissa and Judd decided that they would mess with Amanda by saying that everyone threw the veto to her. Judd started it off by going to McCrae and saying that he wanted Amanda to win and that he tried to make it look like he was trying because he didn't want to be nominated.

Elissa then told Amanda that they were trying to help her. Amanda said that it's hilarious if Elissa is going to say that they threw the veto to her. Amanda told Elissa to stop being a sore loser and just take it. Elissa said that she was having fun with it and that today was the best day ever. Amanda said that she is sorry that she kicked everyone's ass and that she has been throwing competitions up until now. Amanda followed Elissa out to the kitchen, saying that she wasted her HoH and that her sister must be so proud. Things go personal throughout the night, with Amanda calling Elissa plastic and making a comment about her husband. In retaliation, Elissa brought up that Amanda found out that she was pregnant during the casting process.

Elissa told Andy that they are letting Amanda run the show and that they will lose the game if Aaryn does not go home this week. Andy said that he knows. Elissa told him to talk to GinaMarie and to start campaigning against Aaryn. Andy asked if he would be nominated. Elissa more or less said yes. Andy then left the room and Judd and Elissa decided that it was best to blindside McCranda and not give them time to prepare, so Elissa went and told Andy that she would not be putting him up. Elissa told Judd that she trusts GinaMarie 100% and that people just lie about what GinaMarie says. Elissa believes that GinaMarie will vote to evict Aaryn. Elissa and Judd also agree that Spencer will vote to evict Aaryn.

8:00-9:00 PM: Spencer told Andy that Amanda is trying to get GinaMarie nominated. Andy said that he doesn't want to keep Aaryn and that he would keep GinaMarie over her in a heartbeat. Spencer agreed. Spencer feels that Aaryn and GinaMarie are pulling a Moving Company and are trying to get both sides separated and acting like they are not a duo. Spencer told Andy that him being nominated is the best thing, as it seals the deal and ensures that Aaryn goes home. Amanda jumped into the conversation and said that she wants Spencer to go tell Elissa that GinaMarie is with Amanda, McCrae and Aaryn so that GinaMarie will be nominated. She explained that she wants to keep Aaryn for another week or two. Spencer told Andy that Amanda needs to stop that shit and quit pushing for Aaryn to stay.

Judd was trying to get a feel for where GinaMarie's head was at. He asked her if she was definitely keeping Aaryn. GinaMarie said that she doesn't know yet and that it depends on who is going up. Judd told GinaMarie that he doesn't want to push McCranda to the finish line and that anyone that is with them needs to go. GinaMarie agreed.

10:00-11:00 PM: Amanda told Aaryn that she needs to get out of bed and start walking around like she runs the house and has the numbers. This, again, was another ploy to try to scare Elissa into nominating GinaMarie. Amanda said that she, Aaryn and GinaMarie will be the three stooges over the next 24 hours and that it will work. A short while later, Judd went to Elissa and said that GinaMarie needs to be nominated if she won't agree to evict Aaryn. Judd said that he was unsure of whether or not they had GinaMarie's vote. He told Elissa that he, Andy and Spencer would all vote Aaryn out over GinaMarie. Andy then came by and swore that he would vote to evict Aaryn if he stayed off of the block.

The Zingbot made a visit to the house for the veto competition. Andy's zing insinuated that he is a floater. Judd told Andy that he wants him to open his eyes and let what Zingbot said be a lesson to him. Judd was pushing for Andy and Spencer to side with he and Elissa in order to go against Amanda and McCrae. Elissa joined the conversation and Judd, Andy and Spencer all guaranteed that they would vote Aaryn out if GinaMarie is nominated. Andy told them that today made it clear that Amanda does not care about him. He said that he is done with Amanda and McCrae. Elissa went along with it and said that they really need Aaryn gone or else they are all in trouble.

12:00-1:00 AM: Andy later went to Judd and said that he was so happy that Judd returned. Andy said that he means it when he says that he has Judd's back until the end. Judd said the same back to Andy. Andy explained that he has been telling the diary room that he knows that it's time to make a move against Amanda and McCrae. Andy then went back to Spencer and said that he can't believe that this is working to keep him off of the block.

Andy and Spencer agreed that Aaryn needs to go. Andy said that he is thinking of telling McCranda that he is voting Aaryn out and that Spencer and Judd are too. He thinks that Amanda will be pissed off. Spencer said that there could be a way around it by revealing the whole plan to backdoor Amanda, including Aaryn's involvement. Andy told Spencer that the lines are starting to be drawn and that it's McCrae and Amanda vs. Judd and Elissa. Andy said that he is leaning towards going with Judd and Elissa. Spencer said that they need to continue to play the middle. Andy agreed. Andy said that he almost feels like he would nominate Amanda and McCrae if he won HoH. He was unsure which of the two that the would prefer to see leave.

Judd told GinaMarie that he has her back. He also said that Spencer likes her. GinaMarie is concerned that people will keep Aaryn over her. Judd and GinaMarie agreed that they would put up Amanda and McCrae if they won HoH. GinaMarie asked Judd to tell that to Elissa. Judd then went to Elissa. Elissa told Judd that she isn't sure that she can trust him. She thinks that Judd went right back to the other side and is working with the same people that got him out in the first place. Judd said that he is with Elissa. Judd explained that if GinaMarie is nominated, Aaryn will go home. If Andy is nominated, Judd believes that Amanda, McCrae and GinaMarie will vote Andy out. Elissa trusts GinaMarie to vote Aaryn out. Elissa said that she wishes that Judd would be on board with her. Judd said that he is and he proceeded to give Elissa something that his mom had sent him. He said that he carries it around in his pocket all the time and that Elissa can keep it if he lies to her.

1:00-2:00 AM: Judd told Andy and Elissa that Aaryn told GinaMarie to go tell Elissa that she will vote Aaryn out. Judd explained that they want Andy to go home, so they are trying to get him on the block. Andy told Elissa that Amanda and McCrae will be nominated if he wins HoH. Judd said that he is all about getting Amanda and McCrae out, even if it means putting a huge target on his back. Judd and Andy explained that it will be all five of them against Amanda and McCrae next week. Elissa said that she trusts them but doesn't know what to do, but knows that she has to make the right move.

Elissa spoke to GinaMarie and told her that they are trying to make another Moving Company, with Judd/Spencer/Andy working together, so Judd is trying hard to get GinaMarie nominated. Elissa told GinaMarie that they will all be shocked when she nominates Andy. GinaMarie said that she came into the house by herself and that she will vote Aaryn out if she has to, even though she doesn't want to. Elissa told GinaMarie to pretend that she might be going up. GinaMarie promised that she will not nominate Elissa if she gets HoH. Elissa explained that Judd and Spencer will vote Aaryn out regardless, so she is the deciding vote. Elissa said that she cannot let anyone change her mind cause everyone is trying to get GinaMarie nominated.

2:00-3:00 AM: Aaryn spoke with GinaMarie and tried to convince her that Elissa needs to nominate someone that is mutually agreeable, like Spencer. Aaryn was concerned that she may go home if Andy is nominated. GinaMarie did not reveal that Elissa had just told her that Andy would be nominated. Aaryn then said that they should push for Judd to go home again, saying that they can do it for Helen. GinaMarie went along with it and said that they can try to get Elissa to take out Judd. GinaMarie told Aaryn that she would lie to Andy and say that she would keep him if he is nominated, seeing as he lied to her about keeping Nick. Aaryn told GinaMarie NOT to push for Andy to go up.

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