Elissa, Amanda and McCrae agree to work together

September 3, 2013

A Recap of Day 75 in the Big Brother 15 House

Last night, Elissa went to Amanda and said that she wants to keep her. For the background story on how we got to this point, read our Day 74 Recap.

1:00-2:00 PM: Elissa told Andy that she thinks that Judd and Spencer are working together and that Judd won't want to take either of them to the Final 2. Elissa explained that Judd has been mentioning that Andy is liked by everyone in jury house, so he won't want to take him. As for her, Elissa explained that Judd will not want to take her because he wants to work with guys. Elissa said that she trusts Amanda and McCrae more. She then asked if they are voting Spencer out. Andy said yes. Elissa was excited and said that she is freaking out.

2:00-3:00 PM: Andy went to McCrae and said that he is worried that Elissa is trying to frame him, saying that she is keeping Amanda but really planning to vote her out. Andy noted that Elissa had told three people that he was her number one target. Andy said that he is willing to keep Amanda but needs to be sure that Elissa isn't setting him up. Elissa went to McCrae and asked if he and Amanda would definitely have her back if she saved Amanda. McCrae said yes and swore on everything. Elissa asked if they would take her to the Final 3. McCrae said that they will go to the Final 3 and that he may even take her to the Final 2 over Amanda.

McCrae told Elissa that she needs to give Amanda her wedding rings as collateral, proving that she is voting to keep her. McCrae said that Andy is afraid and that giving up the ring would calm his fears. Elissa agreed and said that Amanda is giving her something too. They eventually exchanged Elissa's wedding ring for Amanda's gold earrings. McCrae told Amanda that it wouldn't make sense for Elissa to be lying to them, seeing as she gave up the wedding ring. Amanda agreed and said that the ring is indeed real. They then discussed that they just need to get Andy on board. Amanda said that Andy better vote for her after everything that she has done for him.

In the event of a double eviction, Amanda told McCrae that they would nominate Judd and GinaMarie. Amanda said that Andy, not Elissa, would be the replacement nominee, cause Elissa is the one that is saving her. Amanda said that she will take Elissa to the end if this works. McCrae said that it scares him. Amanda said that going home scares her more. Amanda went to Elissa and swore that they would nominate Judd and GinaMarie with Andy being the replacement nominee. She also swore that they will take Elissa to the end. McCrae told Elissa that Andy is still worried that she is setting him up. They agreed to do what they can to make Andy feel confident. McCrae thinks that Andy will be on board and said that it would be a slap in the face if he didn't vote to keep Amanda.

Andy and Spencer discussed what was going on. Andy is still on board with The Exterminators and is planning to vote out Amanda. Andy told Spencer that Elissa's plan would be brilliant if she is indeed trying to frame him and if he wasn't working with The Exterminators. He said that everyone would be pissed off at him if they didn't know what was really going on. Andy said that he can go to Elissa and say that McCrae framed them and voted to evict Amanda. Even if Elissa votes to evict Spencer, Andy and Judd plan to vote to evict Amanda. GinaMarie would break the tie and send Amanda home.

3:00-4:00 PM: Amanda went to Andy and showed him the ring that Elissa gave her. Amanda compared it to a ring of hers and said that it's 100% real. Andy said that he believes her. He was still worried that Elissa would frame him and that she has been telling everyone that he is her target. Amanda told Andy not to worry and that the plan will work and that McCrae and herself will have his back no matter what. Andy said that it's "done" then.

Amanda went back to Elissa and told her that Andy is 100% on board. Amanda said that she will be loyal to Elissa until the Final 2, as she is the one that saved her. Amanda informed Elissa and McCrae that she is going to get Andy's "organ shirt" as collateral. Andy was going around telling Judd, Spencer and GinaMarie that Amanda showed him the wedding ring that Elissa had given her as collateral. He mentioned that they want his organ shirt as collateral. He said that he will give it up and that he doesn't care if he gets it back cause it's only a $20 shirt. Spencer told Andy that if Elissa wins HoH, they will need to tell her that McCrae wants an all boys alliance. The goal would be to try to ensure that she still targets McCrae.

4:00-5:00 PM: Amanda went to Andy and said that they have to nominate GinaMarie and Judd. Amanda explained that they need to keep Elissa safe, even as the replacement nominee. Amanda told Andy that he could nominate her or McCrae if someone wins the veto, cause it wouldn't even matter. Amanda, McCrae and Andy later met up. Andy continually reiterated that he concerned about Elissa flipping. Both Amanda and McCrae said that it would make no sense for Elissa to flip and that she wouldn't have given up her wedding ring if she planned to flip. In the event of a 2-2 tie, McCrae wants Amanda to make it clear that Elissa voted for her to stay even though they assume that she would be the one to flip. Amanda said that she would show Elissa's wedding ring and say that Elissa voted for her, hoping that everyone would then target Elissa. Amanda told Andy that she would act mad at him to make it seem as though he didn't vote to keep her. McCrae and Andy agreed that they could then act separated and stay off of people's radars.

7:00-8:00 PM: Spencer was beginning to get a little bit nervous about Elissa plotting to save Amanda. Andy told him not to worry and said that there is no chance in hell that he will go through with a Final 4 with Amanda, McCrae and Elissa. As for Judd, he told McCrae that he thinks that it could be beneficial for the two of them to work together, especially because nobody would ever suspect it. McCrae agreed. As he did last night, Judd fished around to see if McCrae is going to hold it against him if he votes Amanda out. Judd said that he was leaning towards evict Amanda because it is the best game move. McCrae said that he won't take it personally and that he understands.

12:00-1:00 AM: Amanda showed Elissa the organ shirt that Andy had given her as collateral. Elissa told Amanda that she can give her ring back to her after the eviction and then Amanda can get her earrings back after the double eviction. Amanda agreed with that. Almost immediately after, Elissa then suggested that they hang on to each other's stuff until the Final 3. Amanda said that that's fine with her, as she is confident in their deal. Elissa felt the same way. McCrae quickly checked in with Elissa to make sure that they were still good. Elissa said that they were. Both agreed that Judd returned and tried to play the exact same game, playing both sides and attempting to make deals with everyone in the house.

1:00-2:00 AM: McCrae told Amanda that he was feeling unsure about whether or not Andy would go for this and vote to keep her. Amanda told him not to be pessimistic. Amanda said that Andy was 100% down once he saw that Elissa gave up her wedding ring. McCrae said that he thinks that Elissa will vote to keep her but he isn't sure about Andy. McCrae said that Andy would have to imagine that if the two of them went on the block together and one came down, he would surely be the replacement nominee and wouldn't survive.

Amanda is currently confident that both Andy and Elissa will be voting to evict Spencer. Given that Andy and Judd plan to vote to evict Amanda, the best that Amanda can hope for is a 2-2 tie if Elissa follows through with evicting Spencer. GinaMarie would then break the tie and send Amanda home in order to preserve her Exterminators alliance.

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