Judd is the replacement nom and looks to be on his way out

September 9, 2013

A Recap of Day 81 in the Big Brother 15 House

10:00-11:00 AM: Judd went to McCrae and asked if Spencer was on board with keeping him. McCrae said that he thinks so. McCrae then revealed that Andy and Spencer wanted him to use the veto on GinaMarie so that she would throw the next HoH competition. Judd said "and me go home?". McCrae said yeah. McCrae explained that there is no reason for him not to use the veto on himself. Judd then told McCrae that he has his back no matter what he says.

The veto ceremony took place. McCrae used the Power of Veto on himself. Spencer named Judd the replacement nominee. Based on the talk afterwards, it is clear that Judd made some kind of speech after being nominated. Judd seemingly made it clear that he will be after McCrae if he is kept in the game. Given that Judd told McCrae that he has his back no matter what he says and told him last night that he has something up his sleeve (see Day 80 Recap here), it's safe to assume that it was all for show and was part of Judd's plan to get Andy and Spencer to keep him.

11:00-12:00 PM: Judd told his fellow Exterminators that he will not be campaigning against GinaMarie and that what he said at the veto ceremony was his only pitch. When Judd went to the diary room, the rest of the Exterminators discussed that it sucks cause they would rather have Judd stay than McCrae. They also talked about Judd's speech being the first ever by a replacement nominee at a veto ceremony. Andy said that part of him was wondering if Judd is trying to get he and Spencer to keep him while he is really working with McCrae.

GinaMarie told Spencer that she is nervous about Thursday. Spencer told her not to be and that he has her back. As for next week, Spencer said that he is nervous about being nominated against Andy. GinaMarie told Spencer that she would keep him over Andy if it came down to it. They shook on the deal. Spencer said that nobody in the house can beat Andy and that Andy is the only person in the house that can beat McCrae.

Judd went to Andy and said that his speech was made with the goal of putting a bigger target on himself. He asked if Andy was still on board with keeping him. Andy nodded. Judd then went to Spencer and explained that he hadn't really contributed to The Exterminators, so he wanted to put a target on his back to ensure that McCrae would evict him over either Andy or Spencer. Judd asked Spencer if he would keep him if it came down to a tiebreaker. Spencer said yes. Judd explained that it will definitely be a tie now, seeing as McCrae would never vote for him.

Judd and GinaMarie agreed that they will not be campaigning against each other. GinaMarie informed Judd that their luggage is in the storage room. Judd immediately thought that there must be a special eviction episode, seeing as the luggage is usually not place in the storage room until the day before the eviction. Andy said that it would be unfair to the nominees to do that. GinaMarie also dismissed the idea and said that Judd is over-thinking things.

2:00-3:00 PM: The houseguests were informed that there is an eviction episode tomorrow. Judd was nervous that Andy and Spencer were keeping something from him. They reassured him that he will be staying. Judd asked if they were planning on telling GinaMarie that she would be leaving. Both Andy and Spencer said that they did not know how they were going to handle that situation. Judd advised Andy not to surprise GineMarie. He said that that would kill him if it were him being evicted like that. Judd made it clear that his biggest concern is being surprised by his eviction, saying that he would be less upset if people were upfront about it.

3:00-4:00 PM: GinaMarie checked in with Spencer to see if he was still planning on keeping her. Spencer said that he is. Spencer told GinaMarie that he feels bad for Judd because Judd thinks that he is staying. Judd spoke to The Exterminators and said that he is mad at McCrae because the two of them were tight and he didn't give him a heads up when he was in trouble before he got evicted. GinaMarie pointed out that McCrae was crying when Judd left and that it's kind of weird that they are fighting now. GinaMarie said that Judd should be mad at Aaryn for being a little bitch and letting herself be Amanda's puppet.

Andy asked McCrae if he is now thinking that they need to keep GinaMarie after Judd's outburst this morning. McCrae said yeah. The two of them discussed that they have been together since the beginning and that they would love to make it to the end together. Judd eventually joined the conversation and apologized to McCrae for how he went about things earlier in the day. McCrae said that it caught him off guard. Judd explained that it was strictly game and that he still wants to hang out after this is over.

4:00-5:00 PM: Spencer and Andy only got a brief second alone to discuss things. Andy said that he loves Judd so much but feels as though they have to get rid of him or else McCrae will be wondering what's going on. McCrae told GinaMarie that he is likely voting to keep her. He then told GinaMarie that they all know that they cannot beat Andy. He proposed that the two of them take each other to the Final 3 if they win the Final 4 veto. GinaMarie agreed. McCrae also said that it would be wise of her to take him over Spencer, seeing as he has a better chance of beating Andy than Spencer does. McCrae said that he would definitely take GinaMarie to the Final 2. McCrae noted that Spencer and Andy are clearly working together, so it would be best if he and GinaMarie worked together against them, especially since they are both good competitors. GinaMarie agreed and they eventually shook on it.

5:00-6:00 PM: Andy asked Spencer if he thinks that Judd should go. Spencer said yes. Andy told him that he thinks that they need to tell Judd tomorrow. Andy said that he didn't want to tell Judd that he was voting him out but felt that he needed to out of respect for him. Andy mentioned that he can tell Judd that he has had a deal with GinaMarie all along. Spencer later said that it concerns him that Andy will take GinaMarie to the Final 2 over him for that reason. Andy reassured him that there is no way that he would pick GinaMarie over him.

Spencer pointed out that all that GinaMarie will have to do is stand up and say that she was the only one that had the balls to nominate McCrae and Amanda and she got Amanda out. They agreed that Judd's speech at the veto ceremony did more harm than good. Both believed that McCrae would have kept Judd prior to that. That being said, they still feel as though Judd has a better chance of getting McCrae to keep him over one of them than GinaMarie does, thus making it more beneficial to take him out. Spencer also pointed out that GinaMarie's knee is so messed up that he can beat her in part two of the final HoH. Andy later checked in with McCrae and they agreed that they are on the same page and will be voting to evict Judd.

7:00-8:00 PM: Judd went to GinaMarie to let her know that he would be rooting for her if he is the one that is evicted tomorrow. He said that he will do whatever it takes to make sure that people know how good she is. Judd then made his rounds to check in with everyone and see if they were still on board with keeping him. Andy said that he is and that Spencer seems fine as well. Judd then got a quick word in with McCrae, telling him to make sure that he votes to keep him no matter what. Judd said that he didn't want what he did at the veto ceremony to all be for nothing, or else he will look like a douche.

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