Devin continues to crack; Caleb makes his move on Amber

June 29, 2014

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7:00-8:00 PM: Devin spoke with Frankie in the HoH room, letting him know that the game has been getting to him and that he feels bad because he said that he wouldn’t compromise his morals but now he is. Devin said that $500,000 isn’t worth the shit that he is doing. He explained that he doesn’t want his daughter to watch this but now he will have to sit down and explain it all to her one day that it was just a game and that what he is doing in the game is wrong. Frankie told Devin not to worry, as he is not doing anything that would let him be vilified on television.

Devin also said that he is basically just sitting back and waiting for someone in the Bomb Squad to break. Devin said that it will not be him though. Frankie mentioned that he, Devin and Caleb were the ones that started this all, and he would love for them to be the ones sitting there at the end together. Devin told Frankie that it would do him no good to tell anyone about the Bomb Squad, seeing as they would all get picked off and he would be the first one to go.

Meanwhile, Derrick and Cody had a quick chat. Cody said that the thing about Frankie is that you don’t know which side he is actually on. They also discussed concerns with Caleb, as Cody brought up that Caleb had said that he would nominate someone from the Bomb Squad before he would nominate Hayden. Cody said that he knows that he would be that person. Derrick told Cody that it would be unacceptable and that the will not let that happen because he would be the next one out the door.

9:00-10:00 PM: Joey went to Caleb and asked him if she could talk to him privately. Once in private, Joey told Caleb that she needs to apologize to him for being a shitty person to him. Joey said that she was sorry for being so mean. Caleb said that he accepts her apology and knows that it all stems from Joey not knowing the game. Later on in the conversation, Joey pointed out that Caleb is wearing Amber’s dress around his neck.

Caleb said that he has been wearing it all day. He then began to talk about how he wants to tell her how he feels about her. Caleb said that Amber is the type of person that he would take home to his mom as soon as he got off of the show. Caleb explained that other people just see her as a hot girl and don’t look at her the way that he does, so he wants Amber to know what that look means.

10:00-11:00 PM: Frankie and Zach met in the HoH room. They discussed that there are a lot of bad game players in the house. They said that Derrick is a strong player and Christine is a genius. Zach felt that it would be a cake walk to the end for he and Frankie. Frankie disagreed, saying that everyone in the alliance is insane. He noted that the only stable ones are the two of them, Christine and Derrick. Frankie said that Devin keeps hinting that he will crack and blow everything at any moment now. Zach mentioned that Caleb could fall apart once Amber breaks his heart. Zach then turned to complimenting Frankie, telling him that he is so composed, smart and has everyone’s hearts in his hands.

11:00-12:00 AM: Frankie told Cody that Devin has been really down today. Cody said that he wants to talk to him. Frankie said that Cody should because Devin is actually a good guy. Frankie suggested that now would be a good time since Devin is in a better mood. He said that all that Cody needs to say is that he will have Devin’s back. Cody said that he will empathize with Devin over the whole incident with Joey and let him know that they will have his back through it. Derrick than spoke with Frankie, saying that Devin needs to just keep doing what he’s doing tonight, which is nothing. He pointed out that Devin played way too hard too fast, and it almost blew up in their faces.

Hayden and Nicole were having a chat on the hammock. Hayden told Nicole that he is thinking about speaking with Caleb about looking out for his friends. Hayden said that he would offer protection to Caleb and his boys. Nicole as unsure of whether or not it would be a good idea for Hayden to reveal his allies. Hayden then said that the person that he is most worried about in the game is Derrick, likening him to an Enzo. Nicole mentioned that Derrick has been saying that she is playing a great social game, and knows that she is a big fan of the show, so he will be targeting her. Nicole told Hayden that she will backdoor one of the guys the first chance that she gets. She said that she would rather go down making big moves than float by. She then backtracked a bit and said that she doesn’t know if that would actually be the case.

12:00-1:00 AM: After midnight the houseguests celebrated Nicole’s birthday. Big Brother gave the houseguests cake mix earlier in the day. They surprised Nicole with cupcakes. Big Brother also gave the houseguests wine and beer. They hung out in the kitchen for a while before heading into the backyard, where a number of houseguests began dancing. Zach and Frankie were leading the way.

1:00-2:00 AM: Jocasta was talking to Caleb about Amber. She asked him when he is going to tell her how he feels. Caleb said that he would do it the next time that he sees her. Paola then joined them and told Caleb that she would not have the talk with Amber. Paola said that it is just too soon. Jocasta asked Paola if she has inside information. Paola said yes. Caleb and Jocasta then discussed that the guys are after Nicole tonight. While Hayden and Nicole have been connected for a while, the houseguests noticed Cody trying to get close to her today. Caleb said that he saw Cody go and put his arm around her earlier today.

2:00-3:00 AM: Caleb asked Amber to talk to him in the HoH room. He then told her that he likes her. Amber said “okay”. Caleb explained that he knows that neither of them want a showmance and he is fine with that. He said that showmances are something that happen for a short time and that’s it, but that’s not how he sees her. He mentioned that he would like to get to know her outside of the house and possibly go on a dinner date and see a movie once they get out. Caleb added that he finds it really attractive when he sees Amber reading her bible. He then mentioned that she looks at him a lot. He asked her if he was wrong about that. Amber said that she didn’t know that she looked at anybody. Caleb replied by saying that everyone sees it.

Amber told Caleb that all of this is news to her and that it was unexpected. Caleb said that he just thought that he would let her know how he feels. She thanked him and told him that she is just looking to get to know everyone in the house as a friend. Amber then pointed out that Caleb is being so awkward. He said that she is the one that’s being awkward. Caleb brought up that he had heard through the grapevine that she had mentioned going on a date with him after the show was over. There was an awkward silence before Amber said that she had never said anything like that. Shortly after, Amber ended the conversation and left the room. Caleb was immediately called to the diary room. Afterwards, he went straight to bed without anyone knowing that he had even gotten out of the diary room.

Amber went down to the kitchen with Victoria, Jocasta and Nicole, letting them know about what had just happened. She said that she was caught off guard by it all and doesn’t feel the same way about Caleb. Victoria said that they are cute together though. Amber quickly said “No!”.

Nicole let Amber know that Caleb had been saying that he wants to have the first showmance of the season. Amber again said that she does not like him in that way. Nicole said that she feels that she is in a similar position when it comes to Hayden, feeling that everyone else in the house is trying to make something out of nothing.

Christine filled Frankie in on some news that she had heard. She found out that Hayden thinks that Derrick, Caleb, Devin and Amber are working together. She also said that Hayden mentioned a possible alliance could be made between himself, Christine, Frankie and Nicole. Both agreed that it’s perfect that Hayden is thinking like that. Frankie and Christine said that their ultimate dream would be to be in the Final 2 together.

Frankie said that Caleb and Devin don’t think of him as much and wont take him to the end, while he has wanted all along to be there with a strong female player. They discussed that it could be a tough road to get there but hopefully America likes them enough that they will help them out and give them an opportunity to take out some players that will otherwise be nearly impossible to evict. Frankie said that he has Zach and Cody on lock, and Christine said that she has both Hayden and Nicole wrapped around her finger.

3:00-4:00 AM: Amber continued to think about what had just happened with Caleb. She talked it over with Jocasta, Victoria, Paola and Nicole. Amber said that she feels really bad but she didn’t know that Caleb felt that way and sees him as nothing more than a friend. She didn’t realize that Caleb had been talking about her with everyone. Jocasta pointed out that Caleb had even referred to Amber as his wife. Amber mentioned that she had indeed been leaving the room when Caleb was around, seeing as she had heard others saying that he likes her.

Meanwhile, Devin and Frankie joined Caleb in the HoH bed. They asked Caleb how things went with Amber. Caleb told them his version of how things went down. He said that Amber didn’t really say much and opted to just take it all in. Caleb told the guys that there is not a doubt in his mind that Amber likes him. He noted that everyone in the house sees it. Both Frankie and Devin encouraged this train of thought, playing it off as though it’s the circumstances of being in the house that they are in that made Amber react in that way.

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