Fallout from Devin's house meeting

July 3, 2014

Devin called a house meeting last night, which was the topic of today’s discussions. If you missed it, catch up on that here.

10:00-11:00 AM: Devin went to the HoH room to speak with Caleb in order to find out if he had heard about what went down at last night’s house meeting. Caleb mentioned hearing a few things from others that were there and said that they described it as Devin trying to throw him under the bus. Devin was shocked to hear that, saying that it was about him and his daughter and had nothing to do with Caleb. Devin explained that he actually did the opposite, taking the blame for Donny being put on the block. Frankie was in the room, so Devin asked him if that’s how he felt. Frankie said that there were people that interpreted it as Devin throwing Caleb under the bus, since it made it seem like Donny was nominated for being sneaky instead of for being the first male out of the HoH competition.

Devin could not believe what he was hearing and said that he could have thrown the alliance under the bus if he had wanted to. He then said that this is so ridiculous that he should throw the next HoH competition and just go home. Devin later backtracked on that but said that it sucks that people failed to differentiate between personal things and the game. Frankie told him that everything you say has ramifications. Devin apologized to Caleb that his speech came off as throwing him under the bus, saying that it was never his intention to do so. Caleb assured him that he didn’t take it that way. Devin told Caleb, Frankie and Derrick that they are the ones that he cares about most in the house. He said that he would never blow up the alliance, even if he is on the block and knows that he doesn’t have their votes to stay. Furthermore, Devin let Caleb know that he only spoke with Amber because Caleb is his friend and he didn’t want to see him hurting anymore.

11:00-12:00 PM: Devin also made a point to check in with Frankie, Caleb and Derrick about tonight's vote, asking them who they are voting for. They all said that the plan is still in place to evict Joey. Devin said that Joey talked to him this morning and asked for his vote, but he didn't want to lie anymore and told her that he is probably voting for Paola to stay. It was agreed upon that Joey still needs to go. Devin mentioned that Joey seemed confident that she had votes, that's why he had to ask. The other guys said that Joey does indeed believe that she is staying and that it sucks that they cannot trust her not to blow up if they tell her the truth.

Derrick got Christine caught up on what happened in the HoH room, letting her know that Devin was told that he has to watch what he says because they can’t afford to have him naming names when he gives his speeches. Christine was happy to hear that someone told Devin that. Derrick said that it had to be done because Devin is going to ruin their games and then they will be leaving right after him.

12:00-1:00 PM: The feeds went down, likely due to the houseguests being put on HoH lockdown as preparations are made for tonight’s live show.

6:00-7:00 PM: During tonight's live eviction, Joey was evicted by a vote of 13-0. The two part HoH competition saw the females compete first. Amber won to become the first HoH for the week. The males then competed and it was announced that Cody won HoH. However, after reviewing the tapes, that was overturned and Devin was crowned the second HoH of the season.

7:00-8:00 PM: When the feeds returned, Zach was telling Derrick that they now have to suck Devin’s dick all week. Derrick said that he’s not going to. Zach pointed out that he would rather have Devin win HoH than Amber. Derrick wasn’t so sure about that. Zach told him that it’s better that Cody didn’t win, cause now he can win next week. He said that two Bomb Squad members won and that’s all that matters. Derrick said “we’ll see if he (Devin) honours it”. While they were talking, Devin was informing Donny that he meant what he said to him last night. Devin said that he is so sorry and would never nominate him. Devin explained that he wont even backdoor Donny. Devin then spoke with Caleb and told him that he has his mind made up on which two houseguests he wants to nominate. Devin said that he plans to nominate Paola and Brittany if he gets to choose first.

Amber told Frankie that she can’t nominate Paola and Donny as they are her friends. Frankie suggested that she needs to put up weak players so that they lose and she can remain HoH. Amber then brought that up when she spoke to Caleb. He reiterated that she needs to nominate weak people. Amber said that the weak ones are her best friends though. She said that she could nominate one of Donny and Paola but not both. Caleb said that Paola and Victoria would likely lose. Amber reiterated that she didn’t want to nominate girls only. She asked which guy dropped out of the competition first. Caleb said Derrick, a fellow Bomb Squad member. Caleb told Amber that she needs to nominate him next to Derrick or any other male Bomb Squad member to ensure that they win and stay safe. Amber told him that she can’t do that. Caleb and Frankie then compared notes on their talks with Amber. Frankie said that they will really need to work Amber since she still trusts them. Caleb again said that he wants to be nominated if Amber is putting two guys up.

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