Zach plans to blow things up; Frankie begins to turn on Zach

July 6, 2014

Veto competition results - Day 16 Recap Part 2

11:00-12:00 PM: Zach told Frankie that he is so pissed, mostly at Devin, a lot at Caleb and a bit at Paola. Zach let Frankie know that he is blowing everything up at the veto ceremony, saying that he had an elaborate plan to say that he was in an alliance with Caleb, Paola, Amber and Devin and that he no longer wants to associate himself with any of those people. Zach said that was his plan 10 hours ago, but now he is thinking about blowing up Paola’s game and possibly personally attacking Devin in hope of Devin punching him in the face. Frankie said to tell him that he’s a bad father. Zach said that’s where he was going with it. Frankie revealed that Victoria also plans to get Devin to punch her so that he is thrown out.

Zach explained that the whole house wants Devin out but someone has to say something about it. Zach could not believe that Devin told him that he does not trust him. He added that he wouldn’t be thinking about doing this if Devin had not said this. Zach said that he cannot wait for the veto ceremony and that the fans are going to get what they paid for. Frankie asked what he is actually going to say. Zach said that he will definitely call him a terrible father, so he should go to the diary room and let them know to have the tranquillizer gun ready. Frankie agreed that he should put Devin on blast if Brittany is pulled down, as he would be going back on his word to Paola. Frankie said to comment on the lack of honestly, loyalty and integrity. If Paola is saved, Frankie said to call him out on being a liar and a bully for making a deal with her to throw the competition.

Frankie told Zach that the smartest thing for them to do will be to have two strong players nominated, and make a deal with them to throw the Battle of the Block. They would then fight their hardest for the veto so that they could backdoor Devin. Zach again said that he cannot wait to speak his mind and finally stand up to the “bully”. Frankie said that Zach will then have the army behind him.

10:00-11:00 AM: Amber and Zach chatted about Devin wanting everyone to be on the same page but not listening to anyone else’s thoughts. Amber said it is awful that Devin pulled Brittany up there without speaking to any of them first. Zach agreed. Zach told Amber that Devin has it out for her and wants her gone immediately. He then said that Devin is leaving next week regardless, but someone has to say something to him.

Zach told her that the someone will be him and that it’s happening today (Zach is assuming that the veto ceremony will be today). Zach revealed that he has a speech planned out and said that he will not throw Amber, Cody, Derrick or Frankie under the bus. Devin asked Zach if he can speak with him. Zach said yeah but in a bit. Zach then told Amber that he is not going to talk to Devin.

Devin told Frankie that he thinks that it is time to dwindle the alliance down to 7. He added that Zach would be the first to go. Cody’s name was also thrown out as a possibility. Frankie said that Derrick is the leader, though Devin said that nobody would vote him out. Devin mentioned that Zach is a loose cannon. Frankie said that he would be someone that Devin could put up and everyone would understand. Frankie then told him that there are only two people in the house that would have the balls to put him up next week, and Devin knows exactly who they are.

They then began counting the votes to see if they would have enough to evict Zach. Frankie seemed sure of it. Frankie explained that it would be a big move but Zach would blow up in Devin’s face if he tried to talk to him right now. Devin was concerned about going back on the word to the alliance. Frankie said that Cody and Derrick would be the only one that get upset. Devin told Frankie not to talk about this to anyone. Frankie said the same goes for him, as he needs to be able to collect the information from everybody. Frankie said that he trusts Devin and Caleb.

Devin then asked Frankie to go find Victoria and have her come up to the HoH room. Devin had Victoria promise not to nominate him if she won HoH. She did. Devin also asked if Victoria would vote Zach out. She said yes, if that is his decision. Devin revealed that Zach wants Victoria nominated but that Zach may be going on the block because of how he acts and how he treats the girls.

11:00-12:00 PM: Frankie asked Zach if he plans to talk to Devin. Zach said “hell no!”. Zach then said that he has nothing to say to Devin and is already planning his eviction speech. Zach asked Frankie if he is being irrational. Frankie told Zach that he is not and that every point that he has made has been correct. Zach said that Devin is dead to him. Frankie advised Zach not to talk to Devin until after the veto ceremony. Amber told Zach that he will have the votes to stay even if he goes on the block. Zach told her that he would feel bad for Brittany if that happened. Zach mentioned that he would say to please vote him out, as he is going out a hero (for calling out Devin). Amber, and to a lesser extent Frankie, again said that Zach would not go home.

Devin talked to Christine and told her that some things are going to happen in the next few days and he wants her to know that she will forever have his trust. Christine said that she trusts him as well and got thrown under the bus to him the other night when people said that she is scared of him. Christine said that it wasn’t true. Devin then said that he is going to do some things that may surprise people. He pointed out that it’s a five person alliance to him, those people being himself, Christine, Frankie, Caleb and Amber.

Devin said that the other three aren’t as trustworthy. Devin also said that he will protect Donny at all costs. He asked Christine to make sure that she gets Hayden and Nicole on board with whatever decision he makes, as they cannot miss if he does what he is thinking of doing. After leaving the HoH room, Devin asked Zach if they are going to talk. Zach said he is not in the mood. Devin then said to himself that Zach will be going right into the nomination chair.

Christine went to Frankie and said that she assumes that Zach is going up. Frankie said that they will really need to have a conversation if that happens. Frankie pointed out that Devin is a huge ally. Christine agreed and said that she trusts him but not Caleb. Frankie said that Caleb can’t be trusted with information but he is good for his word.

She was unsure of whether or not she should try for the next HoH. Frankie advised her to do so, as he said that they need to shape things in a way that best fits their games, seeing as the alliance is crumbling.

12:00-1:00 PM: Devin spoke to Caleb and was very vague about his plans. He asked Caleb for his support in whatever he does, as it may not be what people think. Devin said that he doesn’t know how he is going to use the veto, going so far as to say that he likely wont use it. He said that he doesn’t see himself taking Brittany off of the block, then lying to Caleb by saying that he and Brittany did not even talk about the veto at all. Caleb said that the best option, in his opinion, would be to get rid of Victoria because the majority wants that. However, Caleb said that he will have Devin’s back. Devin explained that he has a lot to think about but he will never put up Caleb or go after Amber. After Caleb left, Devin said to himself that “I know exactly what I am going to do with the veto”.

2:00-3:00 PM: Outside, Brittany was telling Christine, Cody and Amber that she would rather stay on the block than jeopardize the safety of one of them, seeing as she feels that she would have the votes anyway. She explained that they don’t deserve to go home. Inside, Derrick and Frankie were talking about the state of the Bomb Squad. Derrick said that he is very nervous about the veto ceremony, as he thinks that Devin will put up one of their own. Frankie agreed. Derrick said that if Devin backdoors Zach, everything will get blown up. Frankie again agreed and they both admitted that that will not be good for their games. Derrick and Frankie discussed that they are both in the middle and need to unite the alliance once again. Frankie pointed out that whatever Caleb told Devin is going to influence Devin’s final decision.

Caleb joined Frankie and Derrick. Caleb and Derrick both agreed that the best move would be to nominate Victoria. Derrick said that they need to just stick to the plan. Caleb questioned if they think that Zach will be nominated. Derrick said that he is worried about it. Caleb told him that it aint happening. Cody then joined the three guys, at which point Caleb reiterated that they are guaranteed to make it to jury if they stick to the alliance. Caleb said that Zach will not be going home if Devin puts him on the block. The others agreed. Derrick said that it will be bad for all of them if Devin tries to scold Zach by nominating him, as they don’t need Zach putting things on blast. Caleb said that Zach is nothing but good for the alliance. Caleb said that it would be dumb and childish for Zach to be nominated, seeing as it would be throwing the other Bomb Squad members under the bus.

3:00-4:00 PM: The guys agreed that Devin and Zach need to mend things before the veto ceremony. Derrick went to Zach and told him to keep his eye on the prize and go fix things with Devin. Frankie also went to Zach, letting him know that they need to try as hard as they can to get the alliance to jury. Frankie made his way outside to talk to Christine, telling her that Caleb threw Zach under the bus to Devin. He added that Zach then confirmed what Caleb told Devin, to Devin, yesterday. Frankie believes that Cody and Derrick are being sketchy because they are trying to cover for Zach without saying it. He let Christine know that Zach had revealed that Derrick doesn’t trust him.

Meanwhile, Devin and Zach were talking things over. Devin said that Zach brushed him off twice and has been acting weird, so it makes it seem like he has some kind of side deal. Zach made it clear that he has always been honest with Devin, even though it is has put him in this position. When Devin said that he doesn’t trust Zach, Zach told Devin to go ahead and take Brittany off the block and put him up there. Devin said that it is out of this world to think that he would do that. He told Zach that he is digging his own grave at this point. Zach said that he doesn’t care. He explained to Devin that it heated him up when he said that he doesn’t trust him. Devin said that he was just being honest. Zach said that all that he was doing was being honest when he said that he talked shit with others about Devin in order to go along with them. The back and forth continued.

Caleb joined them to be the mediator. He emphasized that they need to stick to the alliance. He asked Zach if he would nominate Devin. Zach said no. When Devin was asked the same question about Zach, he just walked away. Zach let Caleb know that he is going to go down swinging if he is nominated. He said that he has been true to everyone, while Devin is the one that is ruining everything. Zach questioned how Caleb can’t see that. Caleb says that he sees it all but gave his word and plans to get the alliance to the jury. Zach said that he just wants to be nominated and go home at this point. Caleb let him know that that is selfish, as it makes it worse for the alliance.

4:00-5:00 PM: Frankie told Devin that Derrick will for sure go along with evicting Zach if Zach gets nominated and then proceeds to explode. Devin was concerned that Caleb would take things to heart and mention that they agreed to never put each other up. Devin began counting the votes that he would have to evict Zach. He thinks that he could get Frankie, Christine, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria and Brittany, which would be enough to force a tiebreaker. Devin told Frankie that he still has no idea what he is going to do but he wants to plan for that possibility. He asked Frankie to make sure that Christine gets Hayden and Nicole on board. Derrick and Frankie later spoke. Derrick said that Zach seems depressed. Derrick said that if Zach is determined to blow things up and go home, there is not much that they will be able to do for him. Frankie agreed and said that Zach was planning his eviction speech this morning.

6:00-7:00 PM: Derrick checked in on Zach. Zach said that up until two hours ago he was going to put Devin on blast at the veto ceremony. Derrick questioned if Zach actually wants to go home or if it’s because he is having a bad day. Zach said that he is hungry and tired, and that he would really be pissed if he actually went home. Derrick encouraged him not to give up, saying that things can change quickly after the next HoH competition. Zach said that he is not a pushover and will not let Devin and Caleb run him. Derrick said that that’s fine but don’t throw the opportunity away. Zach admitted that Derrick is right and that he should keep his cool.

Cody then spoke to Zach and talked a bit of game, saying that Frankie is going to be his target when he gets the chance, because his social game is too strong and everyone would vote for him to win. Furthermore, Cody explained that Frankie has now shown his true colours. Cody believes that he is jealous that he and Zach have become close. Cody said that Devin is his other main target, along with Frankie. Cody cautioned Zach to be careful what he says to Brittany, as she seemed to be running back to Amber with information. Finally, with regards to nominations next week, Cody said that he would not nominate Hayden, Nicole or Brittany, so he would be left with Jocasta and Paola.

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