Devin wins the PoV, makes a deal with Brittany

July 5, 2014

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8:00-9:00 PM: Devin won the Power of Veto. Devin asked Zach who he will vote out if Paola and Brittany are on the block. Zach said that it doesn’t matter to him. Devin then asked who he would vote out if it were between Victoria and Brittany. Zach said Victoria. Devin told Zach that he can’t trust him right now but doesnt want to talk about it at the moment. ’t asked Cody the same thing. Cody answered Brittany and Victoria to the respective questions. Devin told Caleb that he may have to save Brittany if she is wiling to make a deal. Caleb then went to Amber and said that Devin is considering using the veto on Brittany so that he can backdoor Victoria. Caleb felt that it was a big mistake and that Brittany will not be loyal. Caleb pointed out that Devin can’t make a deal with Brittany unless it is for the whole alliance, but that would blow it.

9:00-10:00 PM: Devin then began talking to Brittany. They had a long conversation, talking out their differences. Both admitted to some mistakes that they made and apologized for them. Devin clarified that he targeted Brittany 50% for personal reasons and 50% because she is a strong competitor that is a threat to his game. Devin revealed that he actually brought Brittany up there to see if he can make a deal with her. Devin wanted Brittany to keep him safe and not come after him. Brittany said that she will remain loyal but wants the same in return.

Devin agreed to that. Brittany gave Devin her word, swearing on her children. They went in circles for a good hour, talking everything over. Devin revealed that Paola had thrown the Battle of the Block competition. Brittany was not surprised. By the end of the talk, Devin had promised to use the veto on her, with the goal of nominating Victoria in her place and sending her home. Devin said that he will protect Brittany and he will make sure that Caleb and other people protect her as well.

Zach was freaking out to Frankie, as he didn’t understand why he is the only one that Devin doesn’t trust when everyone talks shit about him. Zach said that he is not talking to anyone about anything anymore, as being honest is not working. Frankie questioned if he was really surprised. Zach asked what he did that was bad. Frankie said that Zach disagreed with Devin and said that he would vote to keep Brittany.

Zach told Frankie that he didn’t lie, which led Frankie to question why he isn’t lying. Zach wondered if Caleb told Devin that he was talking shit about him. Frankie said that Caleb is 100% with Devin. Zach then told Frankie that he doesn’t want him to screw him over. Frankie said that he is not.

Caleb asked Zach what the heck Devin’s problem is. Caleb suggested that they go against whatever Devin wants to do. Caleb said that Devin is up to something since he is not even asking anybody in the alliance what they think, but is up in the HoH room making a deal with Brittany. Zach said that he feels that they should take Devin out next week but it would be messed up of them to do so. Caleb said that he would not put Devin up himself but it’s a different story when it comes to whether or not he would vote him out when he gets in the diary room. Caleb eventually said that Devin is going home next week.

Caleb again pointed out that he does not lie the fact that Devin is making deals without consulting the alliance. Caleb said that Devin doesn’t know how to use the power that he has. Caleb said that Devin’s deal with Brittany will bite him in the butt. Zach and Frankie spoke alone. Frankie said that Devin and Caleb being enemies is great. Zach said that Caleb has Devin’s back until the end and that he is the worst liar that he has ever seen. Zach feels as though Caleb was lying when he said that Devin needs to go next week. Derrick joined the conversation, at which point Frankie said that he would not be surprised if Brittany comes out of her talk with Devin knowing everything. Frankie figured that she probably now knows that Paola threw the competition. Derrick said that he doesn’t like the idea of having people throw competitions so that others can go home. He also pointed out that Paola is dangerous to all of them. He questioned why they are not sending her home.

10:00-11:00 PM: Frankie told Zach that he has been trying to backpedal cause he is too up in everyone’s business to not be implicated in things when they go crazy. Frankie then went to Christine and revealed that Devin made a deal with Brittany to use the veto on her. Christine was surprised and pointed out that he had already made the same deal with Paola. Frankie said that Brittany was up there doing a great job lying and that she will throw Devin under the bus.

Frankie then said that Caleb clearly said too much to Devin. Christine agreed. She said that Caleb scares her even more than Devin does. Frankie said that Caleb tells Devin everything. Both agreed that they didn’t want Brittany to stay and that they will vote her out if she stays on the block. Christine’s concern with her is that Cody and Zach are getting to close to her. While they spoke, Paola was questioning Devin about whether or not she will be safe. He promised that she will be safe but said that he is not allowed to tell her if he will use the veto on her.

12:00-1:00 AM: Victoria and Zach chatted for a while, and eventually the talk turned to game. Victoria said that she might be put up. Zach revealed that he has heard that she might be as well. She asked from who. Zach then said that Devin has it out for her, as he thinks that she and Brittany are the only two girls that have the guts to go after him. Victoria said that Devin should just tell her to her face that he is scared.

Victoria then went and told Hayden and Nicole to enjoy her now because she is going home. Both asked what she was talking about, but Victoria would not say. Hayden and Nicole then went out to the hammock, where Christine filled them in on the plan. She said that Devin made a deal with Brittany to keep her safe and to vote out Victoria. All three mentioned that they would have liked to see Amber nominated.

Zach told Christine that Devin no longer trusts him and that he is thinking about blowing up the Bomb Squad. She pleaded with him not to, saying that they have his back and will take out Devin and Caleb. Zach then spoke to Derrick about the same thing. He mentioned that he thinks that he will blow up the Bomb Squad. Derrick said that it’s a game and Zach has to do what’s best for him but he hopes that he will leave him and Cody out of it. Zach said that he would. His initial plan was to tell the house that Devin and Caleb approached him about aligning with Frankie and Amber. Zach said that he really needs to think things over. Derrick advised him to be careful with Frankie, but Zach said that he trusts Frankie. Zach believed that Caleb ran to Devin and told him that he was talking shit about him, even though Caleb was doing it too.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach told Derrick that he has been thinking about a plan, saying that he will go to Devin and Caleb and say that they only care about each other so he is going to expose the Bomb Squad. Based on their reaction, he was going to go from there. Zach planned to call a house meeting without Devin and Caleb, telling them that he was in an alliance with Devin, Caleb, Frankie and Amber, but now they need to get together to take out Devin and Caleb. Zach said that Cody and Derrick will be at the meeting but will act as though they know nothing of the alliance. Derrick asked if he will really burn Frankie like that. Zach said yes because Derrick and Cody mean more to him.

Zach then planned to offer to go on the block, looking for another volunteer such as Hayden, so that they can throw the Battle of the Block and then compete in the veto competition. From there, Zach said that they can backdoor either Devin or Caleb. Derrick said that he appreciates Zach talking to him first. He said that he will run it by Cody. Zach said that he will run it by Frankie. Derrick said that Frankie will be opposed to it since he has the most to lose as he is a double agent. Zach said that he would leave out the part where he throws Frankie under the bus. They then discussed that Devin would be nominating Victoria to get rid of her, so they should swing the vote and keep her around over either Brittany or Paola. Derrick said that Victoria may be annoying but he is more certain of her vote than he is of most of the other girls’ votes.

Brittany and Derrick chatted about her talk with Devin. Brittany was giving nothing away until Derrick pushed her. Brittany eventually said that if she is gone, don’t trust Paola. Brittany said that she will be voting to evict Paola if she somehow comes off the block. Derrick then said that there is no doubt in his mind that Devin made or tried to make a deal with Brittany. He said that he hopes that she can see through Devin’s bullshit. Brittany said that she sees right through him and even though she tells him what he wants to hear, she doesn’t want Devin there.

Derrick said that Devin knew that, if Brittany stayed and it wasn’t by his hand, he would be going home. Brittany said that he is good at throwing people under the bus. She mentioned that Devin threw Paola under the bus. Derrick asked if Devin admitted that Paola threw the competition. Brittany said yes. Derrick was unimpressed. He told Brittany that they will have to work to make sure that Victoria stays around, seeing as Devin is plotting her eviction.

3:00-4:00 AM: Zach, Cody and Derrick were talking about the Bomb Squad. Zach and Cody said that they know that they are at the bottom of the pecking order so there is no reason to ride it out. Zach is still planning to blow it all up after the veto ceremony. Cody told Zach not to hesitate to put Frankie as blast, as people will want him out. It was discussed that he has a Final 4 with Caleb, Amber and Christine, a well as a Final 5 with them. They mentioned that they plan to save Victoria if she is nominated, seeing as Devin will want her gone.

Brittany eventually joined the guys. She said that Devin has not played an honest game, which is why she is in the position she is. Derrick suggested that she do whatever she has to do to make a deal this week, then after the veto go back on it. They reassured Brittany that she will be safe if the veto is not used. Zach told her that she will need to campaign as hard as she can, even though Paola is her friend. Brittany said that Paola is not her friend and that she can see right through her. Zach said that Paola signed her soul to Devin, so they need to make sure that she goes home. Brittany said that Paola will sell her soul to anyone.

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