The houseguests deal with the fallout from last night

July 9, 2014

Derrick helps unite the house to save Zach; Devin outs the Bomb Squad - Day 19 Recap Part 2

9:00-10:00 AM: Donny told Frankie that Devin revealed the Bomb Squad to him last night. Frankie said that they were forced into it and that it was a one week deal and not an alliance. He mentioned that it was always Cody/Zach/Derrick and Frankie/Caleb/Devin. Frankie explained that they can keep Donny safe due to those relationships. Frankie felt that Devin was trying to pull Brittany, Donny, Jocasta and Victoria on his side. Frankie told Donny to be the spy on that side, giving any kind of advice to Devin that he can in order to keep Derrick and himself safe.

Frankie said that he has no alliance except for Team America. Donny said that Paola is going home but he would like to give her a vote since she is his best friend. Donny said that he wants Zach to be okay with it though. Frankie said that he understands and thinks that it will be fine. Frankie said that the good thing is that Devin is now public enemy number one and will be gone next week unless he wins the veto.

10:00-11:00 AM: Donny told Derrick about what Devin said to him last night. Derrick said that Devin had come to the Bomb Squad individually and said that he wants Zach gone and would keep them safe if they got rid of Zach and kept him safe next week. Derrick explained that while Devin was up in his HoH room the rest of them agreed that evicting Paola is best for their game. Derrick said that once Devin found out he said that he would try to flip the house on them all, so he went to Donny, Jocasta and Brittany in order to reel them in. They discussed that it will likely cause a divide but they can keep each other safe within each smaller alliance.

Derrick reiterated that no matter what they hear, Team America is the only alliance that he will be honouring. Derrick said that it’s up to Donny if he wants to vote for Paola, saying it’s a personal decision that he needs to make for his own game. Donny mentioned that Frankie still wont want to get rid of Devin. Derrick said that that’s too bad because they are the two out of three majority in the Team America alliance. Donny advised Derrick not to tell Frankie how close he is to Cody and Hayden. Donny noted that Frankie is the loose cannon of their alliance. Derrick said that he can’t see Frankie exposing Team America, as he would become one of America’s most hated players. Derrick and Donny discussed that Frankie cannot contractually expose them anyway, only himself.

Frankie apologized to Derrick for going to Devin and telling him what was going on with the vote. Derrick said that it was going to come out eventually after the vote, so at least they have time to plan before the HoH competition. Derrick said that he is all about Team America and will not go against it at any point. Derrick told Frankie that everyone has to ignore Devin and not even talk to him at this point. Frankie said that he understands even though he hates that it has come to that. Derrick said that Brittany will have to go home since she isn’t coming to him about what Devin too dyer, making it seem as though she believes Devin. Christine came outside, at which point Derrick told her that Devin threw them all under the bus and revealed everything about the Bomb Squad to Donny, Jocasta and Brittany.

Derrick went to Brittany and said that he thought that they had a good understanding and had made a promise that they weren’t going to bullshit each other. Derrick said that he was hurt that Brittany didn’t come to him last night to talk to him. Brittany told Derrick that she just doesn’t want to talk game anymore because she has no idea who she can trust. Derrick explained that there was never an alliance, but rather a one week deal in each of the past two weeks. Brittany said that Derrick needs to understand that she is hurt too.

11:00-12:00 PM: Derrick let Brittany know that he has gone to bat for her and now she is not trusting him when his plan all along was to stay in a larger group until the numbers dwindled. At that point, Derrick said that his plan was to go to the end with Brittany. Derrick explained that he would have revealed that she told him about the deal with Devin. Brittany eventually told Derrick that her feelings towards him have not changed and that she doesn’t want him to feel that she does not trust him.

Nicole told Donny that she definitely wants to work with him and she trusts him. Donny said the same to her. They reassured each other that they will keep each other safe. Donny said that he feels that it would be best to try to infiltrate the eight person alliance, not try to rally the others outside of it. Donny said that there are some good hearts in it, such as Cody and Hayden, that they could align with. Donny feels that those two only joined the alliance because it gave them numbers, not because they actually wanted to. Nicole confirmed that Hayden said no to it at first but was forced into it.

12:00-1:00 PM: Devin brought Nicole up to the HoH room and told her about the Bomb Squad, revealing much of the same things that he did to Donny, Jocasta and Brittany the night before. Nicole had already heard about it from Christine. Devin revealed that Frankie is the only person in the alliance that he can trust. He noted that things with Caleb are done at this point. Nicole listened to what Devin had to say and thanked him for letting her know what was going on.

1:00-2:00 PM: Caleb spoke with Donny and let him know that Amber is guilty by association in all of this. Caleb said that it is his fault, since he was really working with Devin. However, Caleb made it clear that Amber had no part in it and that there was not an alliance. Caleb asked Donny to let Amber know that he doesn’t think that she played a part in it, as Amber has been upset about her friends not talking to her. Caleb pointed out that Devin has now stabbed both of them in the back. He added that Devin will get what’s coming to him.

Hayden then spoke to Donny and said that he is not going to trust Amber. Donny filled Hayden in on what Caleb had just told him. Hayden said that the guys are playing it up that they trust Amber for Caleb’s sake but they really don’t. Donny told Hayden that he trusts him, Nicole and Caleb 100%, while he trusts Jocasta 99%. Hayden said that he also trusts Donny 100%. Hayden mentioned that Cody is someone that he really trusts but Cody is so close to Derrick, and Derrick talks to everyone. Hayden let Donny know that the consensus seems to be that Devin, Brittany and Jocasta will go in the next three weeks, at which point Hayden wants to turn Caleb against Amber. Hayden plans to tell Caleb that Amber really did talk badly about him and say that he is conceited.

Nicole and Brittany said that they feel embarrassed about the Bomb Squad. Brittany said that she let Derrick know that she would never vote against him and will always be on Team Derrick. Brittany said that if they win HoH they need to put Devin and Amber up, then backdoor Caleb.

Nicole said that it sounds good to her. Nicole said that they for sure would need to nominate two people from the Bomb Squad so that the Bomb Squad can’t just evict the other person. Brittany said that she will not be going up to the HoH room to talk to Devin anymore because it makes everyone think that she is working with him. Nicole agreed.

3:00-4:00 PM: Donny and Nicole spoke over a game of chess. Donny said that perhaps Devin and Caleb will battle it out with the guys like Cody and Hayden, allowing them to sit back. Donny pointed out that taking out Caleb would weaken both Devin and Amber. He felt that it would be best to nominate Amber and Caleb on different sides in order to ensure that one leaves. Nicole mentioned that Frankie is playing like Andy, covering himself on all sides.

5:00-6:00 PM: Donny discussed with Derrick that while Devin needs to go, taking out Caleb would hurt both Devin and Amber. Derrick said that either Devin or Caleb will be leaving if he wins HoH. Donny was also concerned about Frankie, as he felt that Frankie has promised something to everyone. Donny thinks that Frankie is still working with Devin, Caleb and Amber and that everything last night was done for show. Donny thought that Devin would have came out of his HoH room and tried to mend things with some people if it all wasn’t done for show. Derrick said that the has the others working for him. Donny pointed out that Frankie wouldn’t want to blow up his powerhouse alliance with Devin and Caleb. Derrick agreed. They said that they will only talk to Frankie about Team America stuff. They also agreed that it will be a majority rules and that Frankie will have to go along with them if they both want to do something that he doesn’t.

6:00-7:00 PM: Brittany and Nicole again spoke. Brittany said that she doesn’t trust Devin so she is unsure of whether or not he is telling the complete truth to them. She thought that it was likely that Devin was exaggerating stories. Nicole confirmed that the alliance did indeed start with the six guys and then they brought in the two girls. Nicole said that what worries her is that the alliance would still be together if not for Zach being on the block. She figured that they were still tight. Brittany pointed out that they will get picked off before jury if so, which makes it nearly impossible to make it. That being said Brittany felt that the alliance has already begun to fall apart. She said that she feels close to Derrick and Cody, who have people in the alliance that they don’t even want there. Nicole agreed.

Victoria spoke with Christine to see if everyone is voting for Zach to stay. Christine said that Donny isn’t because he wants to stay loyal to Paola. Victoria then went to Derrick to chat. Derrick mentioned that Devin made deals with everyone, saying that they need to vote Zach out to stay safe. Derrick explained that there wasn’t an eight person alliance, but rather a bunch of individual deals made by Devin. Derrick mentioned that Brittany must have sold her soul to Devin in order to get him to use the veto on her. The talk made Victoria go from saying that she trusts Brittany to saying that she doesn’t. They discussed that Caleb, Frankie, Amber and Devin may still be working together.

7:00-8:00 PM: Brittany, Donny and Jocasta were discussing how to deal with the Bomb Squad. Brittany was leading the charge and saying that Devin, Caleb, Amber and Frankie are the main part of the alliance. She said that they could possibly rally the rest of the house against them, given that all that those people are doing is voting however the other group of four wants. She pointed out that they just need someone to be willing to flip first. Brittany said that she can’t stand Frankie because he brings all of the information back to Devin and Caleb. Donny suggested that they need to get rid of Caleb since he is the “head of the snake”. Christine then joined them and explained that the Bomb Squad had never told her anything and was just using her. She said that Frankie and Caleb decide everything and the rest have to vote how they are told or else they will be in trouble.

9:00-10:00 PM: The houseguests were given an hour to practice for a competition, which will likely be tomorrow’s HoH comp.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that Brittany is acting like nothing is wrong but he doesn’t trust her as far as he can throw her. Derrick pointed out that she and Jocasta have been talking to everyone. He told Cody that he will have to nominate Brittany if she doesn’t talk to him sometime tonight. Brittany then spoke with Cody, saying that she feels dumb for thinking people were her friends. She said that her time there is now limited due to the eight person alliance. Brittany expressed frustration with the for not standing up for themselves against Caleb, Amber, Frankie and Devin. Cody explained to her that this whole breakup was caused by them doing just that. He told her that they fought for her to stay, or else she would have been leaving. Brittany revealed that she is voting to evict Paola and that she trusts Cody, Derrick and Jocasta the most. Cody said that h wants to go after Devin and then Caleb, while Brittany feels that Caleb needs to go first.

11:00-12:00 AM: Amber and Zach quickly chatted in the storage room. Zach mentioned that people are grouping Amber in with Caleb and Devin, which led to Amber going into a room of people to declare that she has not been working with either of them. Amber has been upset by that assumption. Caleb then saw that Amber was upset and went around the house to tell people that they are not in an alliance or a showmance. Caleb said that he doesn’t want Amber taking the blame because Devin is running his mouth and saying that they are together. He did admit that he will keep Amber safe for as long as possible. Donny told him that saying that makes people think that they are aligned and that they have to take Amber out if they can’t get to him.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach was in the storage room with Frankie and Christine, laughing about how he got Amber all fired up. They talked a little bit of game, with Frankie saying that Brittany is working very hard to throw them all under the bus. Zach said that he would like to see the Final 6 be the three of them, Derrick, Cody and Hayden. He told Christine that she will have to cut Nicole soon. Christine said that she is a superfan and is not there to make friends.

Derrick and Cody were discussing the fallout from the Bomb Squad reveal. Derrick felt that Brittany and Jocasta were withholding information from them. Derrick felt that Brittany is rallying people outside of the eight in order to come after them. Cody said that Jocasta is worth keeping around since she won’t lie. He said that she is easy to read, either telling the truth or saying that she doesn’t want to talk about it. Frankie joined them and asked if he should continue to plead ignorance about the Bomb Squad. The three were a little bit concerned about tomorrow’s vote, but Frankie said that he cannot see anyone in the Bomb Squad voting Zach out. Derrick said yes, because the others don’t know as much as they assume that they know. Derrick and Hayden then spoke, discussing that Devin, Jocasta and Brittany are the main targets at the moment. Hayden said that they need to nominate Jocasta and Brittany on opposite sides so that they ensure one of them or Devin goes home.

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