Caleb, Jocasta, Amber and Donny are nominated for eviction

July 11, 2014

8:00-9:00 AM: Nicole and Donny talked game, agreeing that Caleb is their number one target. They said that Caleb could potentially go home if he throws the Battle of the Block. Donny said that Nicole could potentially nominate Caleb instead of letting Derrick do it, as Derrick and Caleb could be working together. Donny said that he would prefer for Nicole to remain HoH, but she will lose it if Caleb throws the competition. Nicole was debating who she should put up as her second nominee. Donny said that the two girls the Bomb Squad were Christine and Amber. Nicole said that she cannot nominate Christine. Donny told her that if they don’t deal with the eight person alliance soon, they will not be there much longer. Donny said that he didn’t vote his buddy out but Nicole has to consider if her buddy (Christine) is really her buddy.

9:00-10:00 AM: Donny was speaking with Nicole and got her thinking that “the eight”, also known as the Bomb Squad, are still together. He even suggested that she should consider nominating Christine. Nicole called Hayden in to chat with the two of them. Donny said that they need to ensure that one of the eight leaves. Hayden said that Derrick does indeed want Devin gone, but he will also want Caleb and Amber gone eventually.

Hayden explained that as long as Caleb and Amber are nominated on different sides, one of them can go home if they cannot get Devin out. Nicole was having trouble deciding who to nominate next to Amber, as she did not want to nominate her friend Victoria. Hayden told her that nobody would care if she nominated Brittany. Nicole said that she is also friends with Brittany.

Nicole then spoke with Derrick about people getting in her ear and making her think that they are protecting people from the eight and possibly she is getting screwed over in all of this. Derrick said that there is nothing that he can do to convince her that there is no plan to protect the eight. Derrick asked her who is telling her that there is still an eight. Nicole said everybody that is not in the eight, which led Derrick to say that they may be conspiring against them. Derrick then called Brittany in and asked about her thoughts on the alliance. She said that she thought that they were together but doesn’t know if they are any longer. Derrick mentioned that he was considering putting her up, which led to Brittany crying. She said that Derrick is the person she has told everything to and if he is that dumb to think she believes in the eight and is rallying people, she doesn’t know what to say. Derrick then told her that she will not be going up.

Nicole then decided that she needs to nominate Victoria next to Amber. Derrick said that he will nominate Caleb and Jocasta but said that he still needs to talk to Caleb. He did that and Caleb confirmed that he is okay with going up. He said that he feels that it is the best way to ensure that the plan goes through and Devin goes home. Caleb informed Frankie of what he is doing, throwing the Battle of the Block to save Amber. Nicole asked Victoria how she would feel about going up as a pawn. She said horrible because pawns go home. Derrick and Nicole worked on Victoria, telling her that she is not going home and that Devin is the target.

They explained, without going into too much detail, that the person that is going up as one of his nominees (Caleb) will never compete against the person next to her (Amber), so she will come down when they play the Battle of the Block. When the feeds were cut, Nicole was going around looking to find Donny in order to speak with him again before nominations.

1:00-2:00 PM: Derrick nominated Jocasta and Caleb for eviction. Nicole nominated Amber and Donny for eviction. Devin questioned why Nicole would nominate Donny. He said that he was upset about seeing Donny and Jocasta nominated. He said that anyone could have went up since he is the target. Nicole said that she would use the veto on Donny if she won it. Nicole said that they had to put up four pawns since Devin is the target, so tough decisions needed to be made. Devin said that it is a brilliant game move and is the safest move that they could have made. Nicole said that it is a compliment to Devin. Devin said that he will never hold any grudges.

Nicole revealed to Hayden that she was upset with Donny, as she had confided in him that Caleb would be throwing the Battle of the Block and then Donny started telling people. Hayden said that Donny told Brittany, who then told Jocasta. Nicole said that Donny was pushing for her to nominate Christine. Nicole pointed out that Donny is so paranoid about “the eight”. Nicole explained that she felt that Derrick wanted Donny, not Victoria, nominated so she did it to try to gain trust. Nicole also said that it would have felt like a wimpy move to nominate her friend Victoria. Nicole then spoke to Christine and revealed that Donny had been trying to get her nominated. Nicole said that Donny had her so convinced that Christine was after her, as he is super paranoid about the Bomb Squad. Christine mentioned that Donny, Jocasta and Brittany pretty much told her that they thought that she was the head of the Bomb Squad.

Team America met up to discuss their task. Frankie’s idea was "Pao said, as she was leaving, to you (Donny) that Zach is related to Amanda”. Donny said that they should start spreading it to the dumbest people first. They thought that Victoria, Amber and Caleb were people that could be useful for spreading the rumour.

They reiterated that they needed to stick together. Frankie said that he believes that there is a reason why they were all chosen for Team America and that he will tell his reason sometime if they wish to share theirs. They agreed to go with the rumour that Zach is Amanda’s cousin.

Derrick told Donny that Nicole was planning on nominating Victoria until someone came up to them and said that Donny was talking to others and revealing what Nicole's plans were. Derrick emphasized that Donny was not one of Nicole’s original nominees. Derrick said that he knows that Donny is concerned about the eight person alliance but that there is nothing that he can say that will change Donny’s mind on it. Donny was wondering why Derrick didn’t include him in his decision making process. Donny noted that he wouldn’t have been scrambling around like everyone else had he been involved. Derrick took the blame for it and said that there is no excuse for it. Derrick then said that he will have to respect it if Donny wins HoH and does the same to him in the future.

2:00-3:00 PM: Cody told Nicole and Christine that Donny has been spreading things that he has said that would be kept between the two of them. Cody felt hurt and said that he wanted to call Donny out. Nicole said that it would not be a good idea as Donny had already been crying today. Derrick, Frankie and Victoria joined the conversation in the HoH room. They discussed the Day 1 alliance between Devin and Donny. Derrick said that Donny is likely upset about being nominated since he can’t be a vote for Devin if he is on the block next to him come Thursday. Later in a one on one, Derrick said that Donny will be a problem for him and Nicole. Nicole agreed and said that Donny will start twisting things.

3:00-4:00 PM: The feeds went down for the Battle of the Block competition.


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