Donny wins the Power of Veto; Team America begins their mission

July 12, 2014

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9:00-10:00 AM: Donny and Hayden had a quick chat. Hayden mentioned that he was pulled into the Bomb Squad and was told that it wasn’t really an alliance but now it seems to be since it is under new leadership. Hayden confirmed that it is still run by someone whose name starts with a “D”, implying that Derrick took over for Devin. Hayden said that he has enough info to blow up the Bomb Squad but it is not useful to do so this week seeing as Devin is the true target and it would benefit everyone if he left.

11:00-12:00 PM: The houseguests chose players for the veto competition. Devin’s chip was pulled by Caleb. The other two randomly selected players are Christine and Donny. Jocasta will not be playing due to illness, so there will only be 5 players competing. Jocasta was told yesterday that she had dehydration and heat exhaustion. Derrick was speaking to Donny, letting him know that Devin is bad for everyone’s game and that the plan is still to target Devin. Derrick was hoping that the veto would be used on Caleb, seeing as no one would vote out Jocasta over Devin. Donny told Derrick not to worry about him working with Devin, as he could never trust him after finding out that Devin is the reason that he was nominated. Derrick let Donny know that Team America will make a collective decision on what to do in the event that Devin wins the Power of Veto.

12:00-1:00 PM: Derrick told Frankie that it will come down to him, Caleb and Christine against Devin. Derrick believes that Donny would use the veto on Jocasta. Derrick then went to Caleb and told him that Donny would probably not use the veto on him. They discussed that it would still okay as long as Donny used the veto, seeing as people would vote Devin out over Caleb. Caleb said that Donny would likely be responsible for sending Jocasta home if he were to not use the veto, and it would also expose him as working with Devin. Caleb mentioned that he would go for the money if there is a $10,000 prize, seeing as he has seven guaranteed votes. Derrick questioned that decision and said that he would never rely on that. Caleb then backtracked a bit and said that he wants to win it. Derrick told Caleb that he will be using the PoV on him if he happens to win it.

1:00-2:00 PM: Donny went to Jocasta and told her that he will be saving her if he wins the Power of Veto. He told her that she has nothing to worry about either way because the guys are butting heads and will try to take each other out. Derrick then entered the room and told Joacasta that she is not going home regardless of what happens today. He said that he did what he had to do in order to get Devin out of the house. The houseguests were told that the competition would begin in roughly an hour and have been getting prepared for it.

They have discussed strategies for various competitions in order to ensure that Devin loses. Caleb spoke to Donny and told him that he expects him to use the veto on Jocasta. Caleb said that that is fine since he knows that he would have the votes to stay over Devin. Donny reassured Derrick. Caleb and Christine that he will not be saving Devin after Devin burned him in Week 1.

4:00-5:00 PM: Donny won the Power of Veto. Donny plans to use the Power of Veto on Jocasta. The plan is then for Derrick to nominate Devin in her place. Donny said that he does not feel bad about doing that to Devin after what Devin did to him in Week 1, getting him put on the block. Caleb and Cody talked things over. He said that things went according to plan, even though he didn’t win the veto himself. They discussed that Donny plans to save Jocasta. Caleb said that that’s fine with him because Devin is going home. Cody said that they should keep Donny safe next week. Caleb said that Brittany or Jocasta will go home before Donny. Caleb then went to Zach and said that everything is good and that he will be staying by an 11-0 vote.

6:00-7:00 PM: Derrick chose the have-nots for the week. He chose Caleb, Devin, Amber and Hayden, though all of them had volunteered. The have-not food for the week is "Offal Burritos".

7:00-8:00 PM: Devin told Derrick that he is not going to campaign this week. His reasoning was that he knows how people feel about him and he knows that he is a strong competitor. Devin said that he didn’t want to have to beg, as he believes that the houseguests will do what they want to either way. Derrick then went to Donny and told him that he still expects Devin to come to him to try to get him to not use the veto. Minutes later, Devin went to Donny. Devin said that he is not going to talk to Donny about the veto at all. He said that he doesn’t beg. Devin let Donny know that he would rather have lost to Donny than anyone else. He asked for Donny’s forgiveness again for having doubted him in the beginning. He let Donny know that he is in a good place and is grateful for the opportunity.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick began the Team America mission. He told Victoria that apparently before Paola left she told Donny a secret that Zach had told her. He said that Paola whispered to Donny that Zach told her that she is Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin. Victoria was confused why Zach would tell Paola that. Derrick said that he is trying to figure out if it is true or not. Derrick told Victoria to ask Brittany if she has heard anything about it, saying that she heard that Zach is Amanda’s cousin.

Derrick said it makes a lot of sense. Victoria replied that it does because both Amanda and Zach are annoying as hell. Derrick asked Victoria if she is close to any other girls other than Brittany. She mentioned Nicole. Derrick said that she could run it by Nicole also, but not at the same time as she runs it by Brittany.

9:00-10:00 PM: Donny pulled Nicole aside and told her that before Paola left she told him “Donny, you watch out for that douchebag (Zach). He told me he was Amanda Zuckerman’s cousin”. Nicole was surprised to hear that. Donny said that Christine is a smart person, so share that with her if she gets alone time with her in order to see what she thinks. Nicole asked Donny what he thinks. Donny said that Zach may have made it up to see what Paola would do with the information. Nicole said that she could see it being true since they have the same lines on their faces and look similar. Nicole then headed straight out to the hammock, where Frankie and Christine were chatting. She said that she feels that there is an America’s Player. Frankie questioned why she thought that. Nicole didn’t say much other than that she figured America would play a big role in the game. She eventually backtracked and said that there probably isn’t one.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie went to Zach and asked him if there is another play this week. Zach said that there is and that they both know it. Zach asked if Frankie means if the veto is not used. Frankie said yes. Zach said that he has talked about it with Cody already. Frankie asked who is in on the plan to evict Caleb if the veto isn’t used. Zach said that everyone is on board because it is a good move and a big move.

Zach pointed out that they don’t need Caleb when they have Hayden and Cody on their side. Frankie agreed. Frankie brought up that Devin told him that Donny isn’t using the veto. That made him question if there was a plan in place to evict Caleb all along. Zach didn’t think that there was anything put in place as of yet. Frankie asked Christine who goes home if the veto isn’t used. She said Caleb. Zach and Frankie agreed to wait until they see how the veto ceremony plays out before talking more.

Nicole was at the hammock with Hayden, Victoria and Christine when she said that Donny told her something and said that she could only tell one person, Christine. Nicole said that she doesn’t understand why Donny told her what he did. She said that it is something that wont get out unless she spreads it. Nicole and Christine then went off to speak in private. Nicole told Christine that this is why she thinks that there is an America’s Player.

Nicole then revealed that Donny told her that Paola came to him and said that Zach told her that he is Amanda’s cousin. Nicole said that he does but why would Zach tell anyone. Christine said that is so weird and bizarre. Christine brought up that Paola mentioned being really good friends with Nick from BB15, so perhaps that led to Zach revealing his secret or led to Paola making up the rumour. Nicole again said that Zach and Amanda look a ton alike. She told Christine to watch for his face and mouth. Christine said that she will keep an eye out for it.

Frankie went to Derrick to ask him if there is a plan to get Caleb out. Derrick said 100% no. Frankie asked again. Derrick said that there is absolutely not a plan in place. Frankie said that if there is, it would be smart. Derrick disagreed, saying that Devin is a stronger mental player than Caleb and is better in competitions. Derrick said that Devin is the best player in the house right now. Frankie informed Derrick that Devin told him that Donny is not going to use the veto. Derrick explained that it would make no sense for him not to save Jocasta after he went to her crying after winning it and told her that he would be. He added that Donny would look like a hero for saving her as well. Frankie said that he has heard that there is a plan in motion. He explained that it came from Amber. Derrick told Frankie that Amber is using this game to build on her career and would not risk looking like she used Caleb and was cut throat. In the event that the veto is not used, both agreed that Caleb would go home. However, Derrick does not expect that to happen and convinced Frankie that it will not happen.

2:00-3:00 AM: Zach joined Derrick and Frankie in the HoH room. Zach brought up the potential plan to evict Caleb. Derrick explained that there is no way that Donny will not use the PoV. He said that Donny won it, brought it into the room where Jocasta was laying down, and told her that she wont be going home this week. Derrick felt that there was no way that Donny would go back on that now when he can look like the hero. Derrick also pointed out that Donny would get the biggest player out, and the one that turned on him. Derrick said that Devin is also the strongest player in the house, even ahead of Caleb. Zach wondered if they could go to Donny and get him not to use the veto. Derrick felt that it was too risky because they would have to reveal too much or make Donny too suspicious. He also pointed out that Devin was embarrassed by Zach on national television, so he will be after Zach if he stays. Zach agreed and said to send Devin home.

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