Devin is nominated; Team America finishes the mission

July 14, 2014

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10:00-11:00 AM: Donny and Cody were discussing the Caleb and Amber situation. Donny said that Caleb will do anything in the world for Amber. Cody agreed and pointed out that Caleb’s game is so blurred by Amber that he doesn’t make proper decisions. Cody asked Donny if he thinks that they should get Caleb out sooner or later. Donny said sooner because it is essentially two people, as he would die for Amber. Donny elaborated, saying that Caleb already told them that he would do anything to protect her, making them essentially one person with two votes.

Derrick asked Victoria if she had spoken to Brittany about the Zach and Amanda being cousins rumour. Victoria said that she will right now. She then went to Brittany and asked her if Paola had mentioned that Zach and Amanda are cousins. Brittany said that she heard nothing about that. The girls then discussed that Paola made up a lot of things while she was in the house, so she probably made that up too. This gave Team America their third and final required instance in which the rumour was passed along. Previously, Nicole had spread it to Christine and Caleb had spread it to Amber. Caleb went to Derrick and told him that he spoke with Amber about it and she said that she had not heard anything about it.

11:00-12:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, Donny used the Power of Veto on Jocasta. Derrick nominated Devin in her place. The houseguests discussed that it was an emotional veto ceremony, as Jocasta broke down crying when Donny saved her.

Zach, Cody and Derrick discussed that Donny will definitely be America’s Favourite after that, if he wasn’t already. Devin told people that he wants to enjoy his last couple of days and hopes that everyone will make it a good time. Devin went to Jocasta and told her that he believes in his heart that the veto is with it’s rightful owner, as he feels that she would have killed it in the veto competition. Devin gave her a hug, told her he loves her and said that he will come visit her in Georgia after this is all over.

12:00-1:00 PM: Zach and Frankie discussed that Devin will be leaving by an 11-0 vote this week. They then began planning for next week. They agreed that the targets for the next three weeks should be Victoria, Jocasta and Brittany. Donny was also discussed as a potential third option. Frankie said that he knows that Zach, Cody and Derrick don’t want to take Brittany out, so leave it for Christine and Nicole to do. Frankie said that Nicole is a strong competitor and is smart. Both guys noted that they have been trying to get close to her lately. They were debating whether or not they should throw the upcoming HoH competition. Both felt a sense of safety at the moment. Jocasta is someone that they felt uneasy about winning HoH, as they had no idea what she would do. Frankie said that she hates the both of them.

Derrick spoke to Zach. They discussed that they are sitting pretty right now. Derrick mentioned an unwritten alliance between the two of them, Cody and Hayden. Zach asked if they should solidify something with Hayden. He didn’t want to bring him in to the alliance with Cody but rather create a new one. Derrick told Zach to talk to Cody and make sure that he is on board first. They decided that they could call the alliance “The Quad Kings”.

It was discussed that Caleb needs to be the first to go once they get to jury. Zach mentioned that keeping Victoria around would be smart since she is not a threat. Derrick agreed and said that she likes all of the boys. Zach said except for him, but Derrick told Zach that he is growing on Victoria and that she even voted to keep him. He told Zach that being nice to her has reeled her in. Zach plans to keep that up.

1:00-2:00 PM: Christine and Nicole talked about the Amanda and Zach rumour. Christine pointed out that it totally sounds like an America’s Player thing. Nicole said that that’s the first thing that she thought as well. She said that they need to be careful if Donny is America’s Player. Christine then wondered if America told Donny to try to get Nicole to nominate her, which means that she is hated by everybody.

Nicole said that it makes so much sense now as to why Donny tried to get her to nominate her best friend, though she wondered how America would dislike them. After thinking about it, Nicole mentioned that Donny didn’t push too hard for her to nominate Christine, so she doesn’t think that that part was an America’s Player task. She did, however, still think that the rumour spreading was part of a task.

Donny approached Brittany in hope of getting her to spread the rumour about Zach being Amanda’s cousin. He informed her that Paola told it to him on the way out the door. Brittany said that she heard about it from Victoria already. He mentioned multiple times that he didn’t get a chance to talk to Jocasta about it. Brittany was brushing it off and changed the subject to next week. They agreed that they are likely to be nominated, along with Victoria and Jocasta. Donny pointed out that Jocasta got nominated for being a floater but Christine is the same floater that she is.

It was also discussed that it is imperative that they do not target other outsiders, otherwise they will never get the numbers. Donny said that he hopes that they can trust Cody. Brittany agreed and mentioned that she really likes Derrick too. Devin joined Donny and Brittany and told them that he would do some things different if he got another chance. He said that he is resorting to hoping for a miraculous twist at this point. Devin noted that when Derrick said that he nominated him “for the house” it was for the 8 person alliance because they are pissed that he ratted them out.

2:00-3:00 PM: Donny and Derrick met up to discuss Team America’s mission. By this point, both had found out that Victoria did indeed pass on the rumour to Brittany. That was the third of their three required people. They then got Zach to come up to the HoH room so that they could let him know about the rumour. Derrick explained to him that Paola told it to Donny on her way out. Zach jokingly questioned how Paola figured it out, before admitting that he is not her cousin.

Zach said that it was a good move by Paola and that she is smarter than she looks. Zach mentioned that they even look alike. He didn’t want to call a house meeting to address it. Zach said that he kind of even wants to pretend that he is Amanda’s cousin. Donny and Derrick told him that it probably wouldn’t hurt his game to do so. Zach intends to think it over before deciding how to go about it.

Zach started going to the houseguests and telling them about the rumour. Nicole said that she had already heard about it from Donny. Zach couldn’t believe that Nicole didn’t tell him about it. She said that she didn’t want too look like she was spreading rumours. Zach told her that he would have trusted her more if she came to him so that he could squash it. Nicole explained that she thought that America may have had someone come tell her that. Zach and Frankie then cracked up laughing, with Zach saying “Oh my God, she thought America did it!”.

3:00-4:00 PM: Everyone continued to discuss the rumour, as they were unsure of whether or not it was true. Zach continued to play it up that he was Amanda’s cousin. Even when he would say no, he would backtrack a few minutes later and play along with it. Zach told them that he let Paola know about it on night one because they were both up late at night and couldn’t fall asleep. Nicole. Christine, Frankie, Brittany and Victoria were all cracking up about it and trying to figure out if Zach was just messing with them. Zach continued to play it up that he was mad that no one told him about the rumour. Nicole pointed out that he told Paola but didn’t trust her enough to tell her, so “screw you, Zach!”.

Nicole and Zach then went to lay down together. Derrick and Brittany said that they think that Zach is messing with them. Christine told them that Zach will get in Nicole’s pants if he keeps it up.

5:00-6:00 PM: Devin asked Jocasta if she thinks that it would be pointless for him to even campaign. She said it would look like he gave up if he didn’t. Devin said that he doesn’t want to beg, and that’s what it would look like to him. Jocasta then told him not to do it. Devin next pulled Donny aside, asking the same question. Donny said that he thinks that it would be pointless for him to campaign. Devin said that he could only get six votes if he is trashing someone, so it’s not worth it to him. He said that he wants to go out peacefully and happily. Devin then went to Frankie and Zach, saying that he is catching a lot of heat for not campaigning. It was implied that production is pushing for him to campaign. He said that he is not going to do it because he cannot do it without looking poorly. Devin also said that you need to know when to concede. He pointed out that he met his match in the form of 13 houseguests. Finally, Devin went to Caleb and told him that the only way to campaign would be to trash him and talk bad, but there is nothing bad to say about Caleb, so he will not be doing it.

7:00-8:00 PM: Derrick told Frankie that they got the whole house talking about Zach being related to Amanda. He mentioned that he knew that Zach would tell everyone. Frankie then said "could you imagine if I guessed correctly?”, wondering if the two really were related. Derrick said that Zach’s initial response to the rumour had him thinking that the rumour was actually true for a minute. Frankie then wondered if it was actually true and it was their job to figure it out and stir things up.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie asked Zach who he would vote out if Brittany and Jocasta were on the block. Zach said Jocasta. Frankie wondered if Zach would ever vote Brittany out. He said yes, over people like Frankie, Cody and Derrick. Frankie believes that Jocasta is using her religion as a strategy, making people feel as though they will be sinning if they nominate her. Frankie told Zach that he is most worried about Brittany and Jocasta getting HoH, because they don’t know what they are doing. Zach mentioned that he is probably going to throw the HoH competition. He felt that the main targets in the alliance were Amber and Caleb, followed by Cody and Christine.

11:00-12:00 AM: Devin went to Derrick and revealed that he is no longer just going to roll over and give up. He explained that he would regret it down the line if he didn’t at least try to get some votes. Though Derrick doesn’t have a vote, Devin worked on campaigning to him. Devin explained that he is good at both physical and mental competitions, while Caleb is only good at physical. Devin said that there is a lot of fight left in him, which could be beneficial to some. He let Derrick know that he would never nominate him and that he would have nominated Victoria over Zach if he had the chance to do things over. Derrick encouraged Devin to fight, saying that he would not be surprised at all if Devin were able to get the votes to stay. After Devin left the room, Derrick and Zach discussed that he has no chance of getting the votes. Derrick then informed Caleb that Devin was campaigning to him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Cody, Zach and Derrick talked game over a game of pool. Cody thought that it would be good if Donny won HoH, so he can go after Caleb for them. Cody explained that Caleb is in a Devin situation, thinking that he has the numbers when he really doesn’t. The others were unsure of what Donny would do. There was then talk about whether or not Brittany needs to go. Derrick was pushing for her to, while Cody was to a lesser extent. They feel that she has lost trust in them. Zach, on the other hand, wanted to see her stay. Derrick explained to Zach that Brittany has the balls to nominate any of them, while someone like Victoria would not put any of them up. Cody and Zach agreed that they would nominate Victoria, Jocasta and Amber. Zach mentioned that he was thinking about throwing the HoH competition, which did not please Cody nor Zach. He said there was no upside to winning it. The others pointed out that he can keep them safe like Derrick did this week. Zach eventually said that they are right.

2:00-3:00 AM: Cody and Derrick spoke alone. Both noted that they were frustrated with Zach for saying that he would throw the HoH competition. They also vented about Brittany, as they do not feel that she trusts them 100%. They believe that she should trust them after they saved her last week and then Derrick did not nominate her this week. Derrick told Cody that they need to trust each other because they are going to the end. Both agreed that they wanted to find one person to trust the whole way, and they found that in each other.

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