The houseguests plan to target Brittany and then Amber

July 18, 2014

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10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick told Victoria that he is pretty sure that she is going to stay. He said that he definitely wants her to stay. Victoria was concerned that Zach told Brittany that she will have to play dirty and throw her under the bus if they remain on the block. Derrick pointed out that the fact that Brittany told her that proves that she doesn’t plan on throwing her under the bus. He also said that Zach is not going to vote her out since he will vote the way that he votes. Derrick also said that Hayden would vote the same if he and Zach are voting one way. Victoria was also hearing that she will be used as a pawn in order to get people out. Victoria said that she is not down with that. She pointed out that Brittany even thought that she made a deal in order to throw the competition. Derrick suggested that they tell Cody later on that Brittany is saying that he is making deals, then he will for sure want Brittany out.

11:00-12:00 AM: Frankie told Amber that he feels terrible for putting her up without talking to her. Amber said not to. She said that she was just shocked when it happened. Frankie told her that it went down as simple as Cody saying that she was okay with being a pawn. Amber was concerned that people within the alliance are doubting her. Frankie let her know that he loves the position that she is in. Amber pointed out that he is in the same position. Frankie asked if she is still good with Caleb. Amber said that she is and that he is a very loyal person. Frankie said that he believes that Caleb is still invested in them. Derrick joined them, at which point Amber told him that she put herself on the line today and didn’t throw anyone under the bus. Amber hoped that it would settle the doubts that people have about her. Amber added that Derrick, Frankie and Caleb are the three people that she has 100% trust in. Derrick said that he doesn’t doubt her one bit.

Derrick said that he is fine with the four (Amber/Caleb/Derrick/Frankie) going to the end together. He told her that no one would suspect that the two of them are working together. Cody told Derrick and Frankie that he wants to call Amber out about trying to rally the girls against the guys. Derrick asked Frankie if he thinks that Amber truly is trying to make an all girl alliance. Frankie said absolutely. Amber rejoined them and said that she is getting close to Brittany but her concern with Brittany is that she would nominate four guys. Cody said that Brittany needs to be the one to go for his game. Derrick asked Amber how she plans to maintain her cover next week if she wins HoH. She said that she would likely nominate Donny and a guy from the alliance or would put a plan in place to backdoor Donny. She suggested putting Victoria and Nicole on separate sides, possibly nominating Christine with one of them. Amber admitted to having trust issues with Zach, wondering if he would nominate her if he won HoH.

12:00-1:00 AM: Caleb had entered the HoH room when Cody and Amber were on the couch together and Cody had his hand on Amber’s. Caleb then went to play pool with Zach. The two vented about Amber. Zach told Caleb that Amber doesn’t care and just follows Cody around like a puppy now. Zach suggested that they evict Amber next week. Caleb questioned if it was smart to do that so soon. He suggested that they wait until jury because they don’t want to be a Devin. Zach wasn’t worried about her blowing up the alliance. Caleb wanted Zach to pull Amber aside and tell her that they all see her following Cody around and don’t get what she is doing. Caleb felt that Amber is unappreciative after all that he has done for her. Hayden joined in on the talk, telling them that he too believes that Amber needs to go next. Caleb then said that Amber better not try to be nice to him after being spread out all over Cody. He said that Amber is gong home next week.

Hayden made his way back to the HoH room to speak to Derrick. Both agreed that Brittany has got to go home this week. They agreed that Victoria is not coming after them and that she loves the two of them. Hayden then changed the subject to next week. He was excited that Caleb is now on board with evicting Amber next week. Hayden called Amber the biggest liar in the house and the biggest threat to them. Derrick said that she is also a huge competitor. Derrick asked who they should nominate if Brittany wins the veto. Hayden suggested Donny. Hayden said that he has heard that Derrick has a three person alliance with Cody and Zach but it doesn’t even matter. Derrick said that he doesn’t trust Zach in the long run. Hayden told Derrick that he trust him and Cody the most. He feels that Zach and Frankie are “leaky faucets”. Frankie joined them and reiterated that Brittany needs to go, even if Donny ends up on the block next to her. In the even that Donny uses the PoV on Brittany, Frankie said that Caleb may have to go up.

1:00-2:00 AM: Caleb told Zach and Derrick that it’s quite possible that Amber has an alliance with Jocasta, Donny and Brittany. He also said that he believes Zach that Amber is basically spitting in his face. Derrick asked what Caleb is going to do about it. Caleb said send her home next week. Derrick then told Caleb that they can’t do it like Devin did, but they can go to the whole alliance and explain why she needs to go. They reiterated that Brittany needs to go home this week. Meanwhile, Amber was chatting with Christine. She said that she is about ready to tell Caleb that she is done working with him, cause she can’t even talk to Cody. Amber said that she cannot trust Zach and he has to be one of the first to go at jury. She then discussed that she wants to tell Nicole that they need another girl to get the guys out and that she is not a target for them for the next few weeks.

Amber then got Nicole and told her that she has been close with Christine and now wants to be the same with Nicole and keep her safe as well. Amber said that she is at a point where she wants to get the guys out of the house, making any kind of bold move she can make. Amber said that she trusts Derrick 100% and did trust Caleb 100% until she just walked in on him with Zach and joked that they are talking about her, and Caleb said that they are. Amber suggested that they need another guy and the only other one is Frankie but he plays both sides. She said that she trusts Derrick but he will go with the guys. Amber mentioned that Nicole is close to Hayden. Nicole said that she is but not game wise, pointing out that it is scary to bring things up to them. Amber then said that they can make it through this with the three of them. Amber revealed that she would like to backdoor Donny if she wins HoH. Christine said that is exactly what she wants to do as well.

2:00-3:00 AM: Cody told Zach and Frankie that Caleb is pissing him off. Zach told Cody that Caleb said that Cody is putting a target on his back by what he is doing with Amber. Cody said that he will backdoor Caleb then. Zach clarified that Caleb said that it would be a target from the whole house, not from him personally. Cody still said that he would backdoor Caleb if Brittany wins the PoV or if Donny wins the PoV to save Brittany. Cody was concerned that Brittany will still be after them. They backed off of the backdoor plan a bit but Cody said that now he knows that Caleb will be after him. Cody was annoyed that Caleb was pissed off at him due to being “creepily obsessed” with Amber. Cody said that he will regret passing up this chance if Caleb gets him out down the line. Derrick joined them. Cody mentioned that he is going to put Caleb up if Donny wins the veto and uses it on Brittany. Cody said that he still wants to get one of the girls out that would nominate all guys. Derrick said that the good news is that Caleb really wants Amber out now.

Christine joined the guys in the HoH, meaning that the entire Detonators alliance was present. Christine revealed that Amber wants to work with her and Nicole to destroy the boys and make sure that a girl wins the season. Christine said that Amber doesn’t trust Caleb anymore and said that she would like to work with Frankie but cannot trust him. Christine told them that she went along with it but told Amber that she would have to backdoor the guys and not put them up initially. Derrick said that anyone but Amber can win HoH next week. Zach said that next week Christine could convince Amber to put up Caleb or to put him up on his own as a pawn, as he would take one for the team and still stay in the house. Derrick told Cody that he no longer needs to call Amber out on working with the girls since they know it is true. Zach pointed out that Amber is an alliance with every single person in the house. They all agreed that Amber needs to go.They mentioned that Amber wants Brittany to go. Frankie said that she is lying through her teeth because Caleb is trying to keep Brittany, which means that Amber told him to. All in all, they agreed that Brittany needs to go. They agreed that Donny will go up if Brittany wins the PoV, and Caleb will go up if Donny wins the PoV and saves Brittany.

Amber told Caleb to let her know what he is thinking. Caleb said that she doesn’t want to know what’s on his mind. He said that "every day I wake up, I feel like you can just kick me in the balls and spit in my face”. Amber said she is sorry he feels that way. Caleb said that what he has to say is all personal and will not change anything. Caleb mentioned that he and Zach were talking about her but it was in a personal way. Amber said that they were obviously talking bad about her cause his whole mood has changed. Caleb said that his mood will remain this way until he goes home. Caleb told Amber that they all find it awkward that she is following Cody around like he has something that she wants, and calls him her best friend.

Amber said that Zach is just getting into his head. Caleb said that he feels the same was as Zach does. Caleb mentioned that Cody and Amber are all over each other and then stop when he walks in the room. Amber told him that he is overthinking and that she is not there for any of that stuff. Amber said that Cody acts that way with all of the girls and is just a friend. Caleb told Amber that the difference is that she is not that way with everyone else, just with Cody. Amber said that she has close guy friends outside of the house and that Caleb should not take it personally. Caleb said that he did all of these things for her and at the end of the day it was all for nothing.

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