Amber, Jocasta, Brittany and Victoria are nominated for eviction

July 18, 2014

12:00-1:00 PM: The nomination ceremony took place. Cody nominated Brittany and Victoria for eviction. Frankie nominated Amber and Jocasta for eviction. Amber was venting to Christine, as she was disappointed that she had to take one for the team again and go on the block. She questioned why none of the guys could step up and go on the block, naming Zach and Derrick specifically, and called them all “too chicken”. She mentioned that people that don't need the money, such as Zach, should go. Amber understood that Brittany was the main target but felt that it was still risky. Brittany told Amber and Jocasta that they have nothing to worry about, as it’s clear that she is the target and that Victoria was nominated next to her in order to throw the Battle of the Block competition. Brittany said that Victoria is the next Paola, so they will keep her around to nominate her next to the true target each week.

Meanwhile, Cody and Derrick were chatting in the HoH room. Cody said that Victoria was definitely confused about being nominated, seeing as he had just finished talking to her and she said that she trusts the hell out of Derrick and likes him. Victoria then pulled Derrick aside and asked him why he didn’t tell her that she was going on the block. Derrick said that he didn’t know. Victoria told him that she doesn’t trust Christine and feels that it was her that put the idea in Cody’s head to nominate her this week. Victoria questioned why people think that Christine is a strong player, cause she is not. Derrick advised Victoria to stay strong and keep calm, like she is, cause he will not let her go home this week.

1:00-2:00 PM: Caleb vented to Cody about Amber. It was discussed that Amber told Frankie that she was okay with being a pawn. Caleb was upset that she didn’t talk to him about that decision, seeing as he talked it over with her when he went on the block for her. He also didn’t like that Amber said that she would be fine with being a pawn and then said the next morning that she was just kidding. Furthermore, he said that he is irritated that a bunch of information has been leaked to Amber that she has not shared with him. Caleb said that it would be best for his game if Amber was gone, but he will not vote her out since she is in the alliance. He pointed out that he is blinded by her half of the time and he would probably vote her out if not for her being in the alliance. Caleb said that Amber needs to stop worrying about people like Brittany and start worrying about those that she made a pact with. Meanwhile, Brittany and Victoria talked things over before the Battle of the Block competition. Victoria said that she feels that Brittany is upset with her. Brittany said that she thinks that people try to make deals with Victoria, implying that she made a deal to throw the competition. Brittany pointed out that Victoria cries over everything but is perfectly fine when she gets nominated, thus she knows it will be one of them going home. Victoria questioned why that would be the case, saying that they can win. Brittany told her that she better fight hard today unless she wants to be the next Paola. Victoria explained that she is done crying over things that she cannot control. She assured Brittany that no one has guaranteed her safety by making a deal with her, and that she is playing on her own.

2:00-3:00 PM: Brittany spoke with Amber and voiced her frustrations about how the game is going. She said that it's as if the game hasn't even started yet, as people are making it a popularity contest. She noted that certain people are able to sleep through the game and not get nominated. Brittany revealed that she hadn't trusted Amber over the past few days but she feels that she can again do so at this point. Amber said that she felt the same way about Brittany. Brittany told Amber that if things don't change, she will probably outlast her but she will just get picked off as well.

2:13 PM: Feeds went down for the Battle of the Block competition.

4:00-5:00 PM: Amber and Jocasta won the Battle of the Block and are now safe for the week. Frankie has been dethroned. Cody will be the lone HoH for the remainder of the week. Zach mentioned to Cody that obviously Brittany is going home if she doesn’t win the veto. He asked if the play is to backdoor Donny if Brittany does happen to win. Cody said that he thinks so. Amber then joined them. Cody asked why she was mad at him this morning. Amber said that she was not mad but was frustrated at being a pawn again when there were numerous guys in the alliance that could have went up. Cody said that he had heard that she volunteered. Amber clarified that she said that they are getting to a point where alliance members will have to go up, but she did not say that she wanted to go up. Amber told him that she was alright having to take one for the team but she didn’t offer to go up.

5:00-6:00 PM: Brittany told Jocasta that she is happy for her. Jocasta said that she will still bust her butt if she gets picked to play in tomorrow’s veto competition. Jocasta told Brittany that she doesn’t think that she will be going anywhere. Brittany disagreed. Brittany mentioned that she is starting to think that they can trust Amber a lot more. Jocasta agreed. Brittany noted that she had just told Cody the other day that she is his and Derrick’s biggest fans and loves them to pieces, now Cody is the one that put her on the block. Elsewhere, Victoria was venting to Hayden about the high school atmosphere in the house. She was upset about everyone being fake and talking bad behind her back, only to smile to her face. She added that the girls are so catty that it’s ridiculous. Hayden encouraged her to stay strong and hold out for as long as possible. Victoria told Hayden to watch his back because someone brought his name up today. Hayden asked who it was. After some hesitation, Victoria revealed that it was Amber who said that Hayden is just chilling and may not deserve to be there as much as though that are playing the game hard.

In the HoH room, Christine informed Frankie, Cody, Derrick and Nicole that Amber is rallying everyone to go against the guys next week. Christine said that Brittany, Jocasta and Victoria are with Amber, and she is serious about doing this. Nicole diffused the situation some, saying that Brittany is the one that is most responsible for doing so. There was some discussion that Amber is only saying that to Brittany but doesn’t really mean it. In the bee hive room, Caleb was questioning Amber about why she did not tell him that she wanted to be a pawn. Amber emphasized that she had not agreed to be a pawn and had only pointed out that she would take one for the team but there are guys that need to step up. Amber said that she didn’t even talk to Frankie about it. Caleb told her that she was put up because she said that she didn’t mind. Amber told him that it’s fine and that it’s her game. Zach had been considering keeping Brittany until Derrick informed him of what Christine had said. Zach then said that Brittany needs to go.

Caleb was also questioning Amber about Jocasta, seeing as Frankie told him that Jocasta went to Amber in order to try to convince her to vote him out. Caleb pointed out that people are having their doubts about Amber because she is always hanging out with Brittany and Jocasta. Amber said that Frankie was likely just talking about what Paola had said before she left, telling her to work with Brittany and Jocasta. Caleb was confused and irritated that Frankie would try to stir stuff up and totally jumble the story. He did bring up that Brittany needs to go since she has an alliance and they are trying to break it up. All in all, Amber pointed out that it’s best for her game to hang out with the girls and stay on good terms with them. She said that she will be able to help out if and when they ever get HoH. Amber believes that Jocasta truly is honest with her and does want to work with her. She also told Caleb that she would like for her and Christine to be able to keep Nicole close, seeing as the guys all have each other. Caleb said that he would be fine with that.

7:00-8:00 PM: Brittany and Victoria talked about how bad of a position they are in. Brittany said that she doesn’t trust Christine, which led Victoria to rant about how Christine hasn’t done a thing in the house. Brittany then mentioned that she feels as though Frankie is stirring the pot with a lot of people. Both agreed that they do not trust him anymore. If the nominations stay the same, Victoria said that she will tell the others to keep Brittany, as she feels like she is in hell and she cannot do this anymore. Brittany told her not to do that and not to give up.

Caleb spoke to Frankie about his discussion with Amber. Caleb said that Amber claims that she did not volunteer to go up as a pawn. Frankie said that she told three people, those being Cody, Derrick and himself. They then discussed that Amber is playing the middle and is trying to protect herself with the girls as well. Frankie said that Amber is conflicted and her heart is not 100% with the eight person alliance. Caleb said that Amber is still loyal to them but will protect herself on both ends. Caleb then mentioned that Amber said that she will nominate two guys if she wins HoH. He told Frankie that she laughed about it like she was kidding, but she will for sure put a guy up. Frankie told Caleb that Amber’s obsession with Brittany and Jocasta has cost her some trust. Caleb agreed.

Hayden and Zach were discussing that they want to call Amber out in front of everyone for talking badly about them. Hayden heard from Victoria that Amber said that he is just chilling and is not playing the game, so Brittany deserves to be there more than him. Zach heard about Amber telling people that he is sleeping through the game and also does not deserve to be there more than the girls do. Thought they wanted to call her out, Hayden said that they cannot do so until next week since Amber is safe. Zach asked Hayden who he plans to vote out if the nominations stay the same. Hayden said Brittany. They agreed that there is no reason to vote Victoria out unless Brittany cannot be voted out, seeing as Victoria can go at any time.

Donny and Jocasta were playing a game of chess when Jocasta told Donny that she had a question for him. She asked if she should use the Power of Veto on Brittany if she were to win it. Donny said that he hopes so since Brittany is on their team. Jocasta said that she was thinking that as well. Donny advised her to talk to Cody beforehand though, as he would have to put someone else up and it could just create another enemy for her if she angers the others. Donny then mentioned that Cody may even nominate him if that were to happen. Jocasta said that she won’t be able to do that then.


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