Brittany completes her punishment; Zach pushes for Caleb and then himself to be nominated

July 20, 2014

Power of Veto Results (Prizes and Punishments and game talk) - Day 30 Recap

Veto Competition Prizes and Punishments Summary: Victoria - Power of Veto, Zach - Trip to Germany, Caleb - $5,000, Nicole - Must wear a "Germitard", Brittany - Must score 2400 goals in 24 hours or else she cannot compete in the next veto competition, Cody - Must get up and kick himself in the ass 10 times whenever the whistle blows over the next 24 hours.

8:00-9:00 AM: After sleeping for a few hours, Brittany got back to work on her punishment. She had left off with 1002 of 2400 goals scored. She has until 8:13 PM tonight to complete it, or else she will be unable to compete in the next veto competition.

10:00-11:00 AM: Brittany reached 1238 goals, at which point she said that she gives up. Donny encouraged her to take a little break and think about it. Brittany said that her feet hurt so bad and she wasn't sure if she would be able to make it to 2400 in time. She also felt that she would be evicted regardless of whether or not she finished. Donny said that the voters don't think the best, so you never know. Brittany said that they just vote however they are told. Donny explained that the voters may hold it against her that she quit, saying that she doesn't want to be there. Donny said that he thinks that she will get a second wind and can complete this. He also told her that you never know what can happen, noting that Julie Chen mentioned "twisted twist". Even if she failed to complete the 2400 goals, Donny said that she will at least know that she did the best that she could in the time allotted. Brittany decided to get back to work on completing the punishment.

11:00-12:00 PM: Brittany asked Donny if he thinks that Cody would nominate him as the replacement nominee. Donny said that there are four people that cannot go up, so that doesn't leave many options. Brittany figured that they would put up a guy in their own alliance in hope of throwing people off about who they are working with. She pointed out that they have the numbers to send her home regardless.

3:00-4:00 PM: Donny told Cody that Brittany has had it rougher than anybody, being nominated three times and on slop two times in a row. He then pointed out that Caleb is the lone person responsible for the nominations being changed, as he passed up the veto for $5,000. Donny said that a team player wouldn’t do that, yet he is not sympathetic or anything. Donny pointed out that Caleb would save Amber if she was ever on the block next to Cody. On the other hand, Donny pointed out that Brittany wont be able to do anything to anyone. He said that they will still be left dealing with Caleb if Brittany goes home, so it would be great to backdoor the two biggest guys two weeks in a row.

Donny explained that Cody would not be saving Brittany or voting Caleb out, as that would be up to the rest of the house, but he can easily justify nominating Caleb after he was the one that put Cody in this predicament. Cody said that his biggest concern is not knowing what Brittany truly would do if she were to stay. Donny advised Cody to talk to her. Cody also expressed concern about Caleb going up and not going home, then coming after him. Donny guaranteed Cody that they would get him out and that Brittany will not come after Cody if she stays. Cody let Donny know that he is seriously considering it.

Cody then spoke to Christine and mentioned that Donny was trying really hard to get him to nominate Caleb. Cody said that his biggest concern is that Brittany stays and goes after her. Christine pointed out that they would be safe if Caleb wins next week, and then they could get him out the following week. Cody pointed out that keeping Caleb is putting his own game at risk, while keeping Brittany is putting the games of his allies at risk. Christine told Cody that he is in an alliance but he is there to play for himself and this HoH is his. She told Cody that he will have her support if he decides to nominate Caleb. She did mention that it would be tougher to get the other guys on board, those being Frankie, Derrick and Zach.

Cody expressed concern that Brittany would not even work with him if he saved her. He didn’t want her to go after Christine and Nicole. Christine mentioned that Brittany tells everyone different things, so it is best to trust whatever Donny told him that Brittany would do. Cody continued to go back and forth on the issue, saying that he doesn’t want to look back on this and regret not taking his shot only to later be evicted by Caleb. At the end of the discussion, he said that he should probably just send Brittany home and trust in the alliance. Christine noted that he would have the votes to stay even if Caleb were to nominate him. Cody said that that is only the case if he is not up against a fellow Bomb Squad member.

5:00-6:00 PM: Brittany successfully completed her punishment, scoring 2400 goals. Amber spoke to Derrick and Cody. Cody asked her what she thought that he should do in terms of the replacement nominee. Amber said that there are not many options and the only person that there is a reason to put up is Donny. She said that someone likeable from the alliance could go up as a pawn but it’s risky so she wouldn’t do it. Amber and Cody felt that their names were being thrown around for no reason. Amber didn’t like that her name was being thrown out their by her allies, or that she was not talked to before going up on the block. She felt left out. Derrick said that it is not the case but he can see where she is coming from. Amber revealed that Brittany came to her yesterday and said that Cody told her and others that Amber is going to put all guys up and is gunning for them. Cody said that he told Brittany that she was going to do that, not Amber. Amber was concerned that the alliance was talking about evicting her behind her back. The guys reassured her that that was not the case.

6:00-7:00 PM: Caleb was telling Christine that Brittany is a huge competitor and deserves to be there. Christine said that she would have no reason to vote Brittany out if she wasn’t coming after her. Christine asked if she should talk to Brittany to see if she would not come after her if she kept her. Caleb said that there is no point since Brittany is leaving no matter what. Both agreed that they don’t want someone like Victoria there, since she doesn’t do anything, so they want to nominate her next week. Caleb said the same thing goes for Zach, given that he sleeps and lets them carry him through the game. As for Jocasta, Caleb sad that she just does bible study and eats. They also discussed that Amber is trying to work both sides of the house, fighting for Brittany and Jocasta to stay around so that she is safe on both sides. Caleb said that Amber is thinking too far ahead, trying to set things up for jury when she hasn’t even made it there yet. He admitted that Amber is setting herself up to be the next one out if she keeps this up.

7:00-8:00 PM: Amber told Cody that she doesn’t trust Zach, especially after he told Nicole that he plans to lie his way through the game. She was concerned that people in the alliance have been throwing her name around as a target. Cody changed the subject to the replacement nominee. He noted that nobody helped out in the veto competition, so now he is forced to put up Donny who is someone that could have worked with him in the game. Elsewhere, Frankie was talking to Caleb about Amber being overly paranoid about things. They discussed that they each told her that she has to stop trying to work both sides of the house. Caleb said that Amber plans to vote for Brittany to stay no matter what, which he told her would give the others reason to send her home next. Both agreed that she needs to just sit back and let them carry her along for now.

8:00-9:00 PM: Donny, Zach and Hayden had a discussion about getting Cody to nominate Caleb tomorrow. Donny said that he had already made the pitch to Cody, so now he needs whoever is closest to Cody to do the same. Donny felt that he was most likely going on the block tomorrow if not. He believed that Cody would be pressured into it and would not even necessarily want to do it. Donny then began ripping into Caleb, saying that he is the dumbest person that has ever played the game. He pointed out that Caleb is the type of guy that would go to the end with Amber and then tell everyone to vote for her to win. Donny also pointed out that Derrick is always up in the HoH room and is setting things up for himself. For example, he said that Derrick will not let Victoria go home since he has her in his pocket. All in all, Zach agreed to go talk to Cody about putting Caleb on the block. Donny advised Zach to remind Cody that he is in this bad position because of Caleb. Zach, Donny and Hayden agreed that they trust each other and have a good trio.

Zach talked to Nicole and asked her who her targets are. She named Brittany and Amber at the top of her list. Zach also said that Amber is his top target. Nicole asked Zach if she knew who Cody was planning to nominate. Zach said that he knows but is not happy with it and wants to change it. He admitted that he doesn’t really want Brittany to go home. Nicole pointed out that Brittany admitted that she will be targeting her and Christine. Nicole also believed that Zach would be near the top of her list. Zach asked if Nicole would vote Caleb out over Brittany. Nicole said no. She explained that she is not Caleb’s target but she is Brittany’s target. She said that she would listen if the house wanted Caleb out but she does not think that that is the case. Nicole then went to Christine and told her that they have to make sure that Brittany goes home, as Caleb leaving would not be good for their games.

9:00-10:00 PM: Zach went up to the HoH room where Cody, Derrick and Frankie were talking. He said that he thinks that they need to send Caleb home. Zach explained that Caleb put Cody in a terrible spot and is not working for the team, so he will take a swing at Cody before Cody can swing at him. Zach explained that they don’t need to worry about numbers, seeing as they have all of them, Nicole, Victoria, Hayden and even Donny to some extent. Zach was met with much resistance. Frankie pointed out that Caleb may not even go home if he is on the block, seeing as the girls will vote Brittany out. Derrick said that voting Caleb out might look good now but it is not bet for their long term game.

Nicole and Christine made their way up to the HoH room to voice their opinion that Brittany needs to go. They both said that she is the biggest threat to their games. Cody pointed out that he is not sending Caleb home even though he is the biggest threat to his game, so the alliance needs to have his back. Zach again spoke up and told Cody to send Caleb home, make a big move and worry about himself. Zach told everyone that they are being selfish and are not doing what’s best for Cody’s game. Frankie again said Caleb would not go home. Zach told Frankie that he just knows that he has Caleb in his back pocket. Frankie called Brittany the head of the snake, saying that she is manipulating Amber who is then manipulating Caleb. Nicole said that she would be sacrificing her game if she voted Caleb out for Cody. Zach pointed out that there is a double standard, as everyone is forcing Cody to sacrifice his game by keeping Caleb.

Amber made her way up to the room, at which point Zach left. Amber began venting about Zach. She said that the fact that Zach wants to send her home next week is not okay with her. She was not impressed that he is trying to stir things up. Frankie told Amber that she will be fine and that she will not be targeted next week. Amber felt that Zach was doing nothing but hurting her game and those of the others in the alliance. She said that it is a Devin situation all over again.

10:00-11:00 PM: Zach told Frankie that he doesn’t know if he should apologize to him. Frankie said that he is not mad at him but think that he is a lunatic. Frankie called Brittany the devil and the source of all of the drama. Frankie revealed that he wouldn’t even necessarily vote Caleb out if he were on the block. Frankie pointed out that his time will come but it likely isn’t this week. Frankie told Zach that Caleb has no secrets and is easy to read. He felt that keeping Brittany in the house would hurt Christine, Nicole, Cody and the two of them. Cody and Victoria discussed the plan for tomorrow. Cody said that he cannot nominate Zach or Caleb because they would go home over Brittany. Victoria mentioned that she is unsure of why Caleb feels so safe. She pointed out that he said it with such confidence that he was not taking the veto.

11:00-12:00 AM: Hayden, Cody and Derrick discussed the plan for tomorrow. Cody informed the guys that even Victoria found it odd that Caleb didn’t take the veto and feels so safe, so that means that the whole house caught on. Cody felt that he had no option but to nominate Donny, even though it puts them in a bad spot. Hayden suggested that they could use Caleb as a pawn and not send him home. Cody and Derrick agreed that Caleb cannot go up unless he is going home, otherwise he will come after Cody even more than he already is. It was decided that the best move is to nominate Donny and try to do damage control. Hayden felt confident that he could work on Donny for Cody.

Frankie and Christine discussed that they would try to make a move to keep Caleb if he ends up on the block. They mentioned that Caleb reiterated that he wants to go to the Final 4 with the two of them and Amber. Zach joined them, at which point Frankie joked that Zach should have Cody put him up and then he can freak out at the veto ceremony. Zach quickly jumped on board with the idea and said that it could take the heat off of them. Zach said that he could tell everyone that Cody is his target and then just throw the competitions. Frankie and Christine cautioned Zach about actually doing it, because he may go home. Zach felt that the risk was minimal.

Zach made his way to the HoH room to pitch his idea to Derrick and Cody. Zach told Cody that he could throw him on the block and then he would cause a scene, then act for the rest of the season like they are not friends. Zach would then approach Donny and tell him that he is the only person that he can trust, so they could make a Final 2. Cody pointed out that it’s a lot to do just to get a Final 2 with Donny. Cody felt that it would do more harm than good. Zach said that he is bored and wants to go on the block. Cody again said that it would not be best for their games. Cody wondered what Zach would do if he won HoH after this happened. Zach said that he would tell Donny that he is backdooring but he could then backdoor Donny and they could go back to being friends. Zach told the guys to think about it.

After Zach left, Cody immediately told Derrick that there is no chance that he will nominate Zach. Derrick advised Cody to go with his gut. Cody said that he will be nominating Donny. Derrick discussed the importance of not pissing off Christine and Nicole, as they cannot afford to have those two turn on them. Cody wondered if Christine would actually evict Nicole. Derrick said that they will find out soon but Christine is going to throw HoHs until they get down to the Final 5.

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