Brittany remains the target; Victoria wins the Power of Veto

July 19, 2014

Nominations and Battle of the Block results - Day 29 Recap

Caleb and the others plan to take out Amber next - Day 29 Recap Part 2

9:00-10:00 AM: Amber approached Cody and informed him that she was up all night talking to Brittany. Amber said that Brittany is not mad at Cody at all and wants to talk to him but asked her to speak to Cody for her first. Amber told Cody that Brittany said that he will not be her target if she stays and she will not put him on the block. Cody said that he will definitely talk to Brittany but he does not know where her head would actually be at if she were to win HoH. After Amber left, Derrick spoke to Cody. They agreed that Brittany is going home. Cody said that Brittany sealed her own fate and that Amber should be the next to go. Derrick said that she will be. Cody then went to Frankie and filled him in on what Amber had said. Cody told him that he is not a Devin and will not allow Brittany to stay after she turned her back. Cody suggested that the eviction order should be Brittany, then Amber, then Jocasta or Caleb. Frankie agreed.

Derrick and Brittany talked things over, with Derrick suggesting to Brittany that she needs to go talk to Cody because there are people there, including himself, that didn’t know that she was going up. Brittany told Derrick that he never has to worry about her not trusting him. She said that Derrick and Cody are her two favourite people in the house. Brittany said that she feels that she deserves to be there more than both Zach and Victoria, so she will be mad if she leaves at any time before they do. She also noted that she talks game with nobody but Derrick, so she is getting tired of being grouped in with Donny and Jocasta. At the end of the day, she wanted Derrick and Cody to know that her feelings about Cody have not changed. Derrick informed Brittany that all that Cody said to him was that he didn’t know where her head was at. Brittany admitted that she somewhat saw it coming due to a falling out that they had the morning of nominations.

10:00-11:00 AM: Cody told Derrick and Zach about Amber pulling an all nighter with Brittany and now deciding that she wants to play in, not host, the veto competition. Cody figures that Amber now plans to save Brittany. Derrick pointed out that there will be only two people left that will come after the guys if they get rid of Brittany this week. Cody and Zach discussed that Caleb will likely continue to push for Brittany to stay, as he feels that Victoria does not deserve to be there. Zach pointed out that they only need the four votes from the Detonators, plus Hayden’s, in order to allow Cody to cast the tiebreaking vote and send Brittany home. They then discussed that Amber has to go next week. Cody mentioned Caleb as another possible target but felt that Caleb would not come after the guys, while Amber would. Cody knows that he is a target of Caleb’s but thought that he would be safe even if he goes up, as long as his allies don’t turn on him and he is not up next to Hayden, Zach or Derrick. Cody didn’t think that Caleb would do that to the other guys.

Cody told Zach that it is crucial that they do not let anyone know that Christine is working with them, seeing as she would be screwed if she gets caught. Cody pointed out that it would in turn screw them as well, is she finding out everything for them. Zach agreed, likening her to Ian. Cody said that there is not a single girl that he would protect over Christine for that reason. Zach and Frankie then spoke, with Zach asking Frankie if he has talked to Caleb yet. Frankie said that he hasn’t but he knows that Caleb will say that Brittany deserves to be there. Both mention that Caleb already told them that yesterday. They agreed that Brittany needs to go either way. Frankie let Zach know that he is Brittany’s number one target because she feels that he does not deserve to be there. Zach said that he is tired of Brittany using the excuse that she has kids so she deserves to be there more than people. He added that Victoria deserves it just as much as Brittany does.

11:00-12:00 PM: Players were picked for the veto competition. Cody pulled Zach’s chip, Victoria pulled Nicole’s chip and Brittany pulled the houseguest’s choice chip. Brittany chose Caleb to play in the veto competition. Frankie is hosting the competition. Nicole was talking to Christine about how hard she should try to win. Nicole said that she definitely wants to ensure that Brittany stays on the block. She was worried that Victoria may expect her to use it on her if she won. Christine said that she did not think that that would be the case, and that Nicole can earn some points with the guys if she wins the veto and keeps nominations the same. Nicole then spoke to Derrick and informed him that Amber said that she will definitely be nominating two guys if she wins HoH. Nicole specifically mentioned Zach and Donny as Amber’s targets. Nicole said that she will go along with Amber’s girl alliance with Christine but will not stick to it. Nicole plans to target Amber if she wins HoH next week.

Amber was talking to Derrick at the same time as Caleb was talking to Cody. Both Amber and Caleb were making their pitch as to why Brittany should stay in the house. Amber told Derrick that Brittany said that she would not nominate Cody even though he nominated her. Amber said that they can use Brittany in order to nominate people in their alliance that they themselves cannot put up. She pointed out that Brittany is willing to make any type of deal to ensure that she stays until jury. Derrick said that he has trusted Brittany since Day 1 and that he will talk to Cody about it. Caleb’s pitch centred around the fact that Victoria is doing nothing in the game and doesn’t deserve to be there. He said that people will just keep dragging Victoria along and then will be wondering how she ended up winning the money. Caleb said that Brittany is well aware that it would be dumb to go after the guys when they would just save themselves. He did reveal that Brittany is targeting Zach because he just sleeps all day. While Caleb was in favour of keeping Brittany, he did say that he would not use the Power of Veto on her if he were to win it. Cody said that Donny will have to go up if Brittany wins the veto. He said that he does not want Donny to go home though.

Amber and Brittany had another chat. Brittany swore that she would not nominate Cody if she were to win HoH. Brittany admitted that she was upset with Cody but she said that she understands why he did what he did, as he did not believe that he could fully trust her. Brittany believes that she has Caleb, Jocasta, Derrick and Amber’s votes. Amber encouraged Brittany to make the deals that she needs to make in order to stay at least until jury. Brittany was unsure about Christine and Nicole, seeing as she feels that they would be quick to throw her on the block and not care about her. Brittany encouraged Amber to keep Caleb on her good side, telling her that it doesn’t mean that she has to tell Caleb that she likes him.

12:00-1:00 PM: Derrick and Cody were discussing that Brittany is going home no matter what if she does not win the Power of Veto. Derrick believes that Caleb wants her to stay because it would be another person that is going after Cody. He felt that Donny, Jocasta, Caleb and Amber will be voting to keep Brittany. Derrick noted that Amber’s campaign against Victoria proves that she doesn’t have a deal with Victoria, which is all that they need to know. Derrick advised Cody not to talk game in front of Zach anymore. Derrick explained that he likes Zach and does not want him to leave but he is talking too much.

3:00-4:00 PM: Victoria won the Power of Veto. The others got prizes and punishments. Zach won a trip to Germany. Caleb won $5,000. Nicole is going to be in a unitard. Cody has to kick himself 10x whenever a whistle blows over the next 24 hours. Brittany has to kick a soccer ball into the net 2400 times over 24 hours and cannot come inside until she completes it. If she does not score the 2400 goals, she cannot compete in the next veto competition. Cody was mad that Caleb had the chance to take the veto from Victoria but decided to take $5,000 instead. He was considering nominating Caleb in Victoria’s place. Frankie told Zach that they cannot let Caleb go, otherwise Zach will be the one out the door next week.

4:00-5:00 PM: Derrick and Hayden were talking things over in the storage room, trying to decide who should go on the block. They were irritated at Caleb and Zach for taking prizes. They agreed that Brittany still needs to be the one to go. They said that Caleb will go home if he is on the block, and then Brittany and the girls will be coming after them. Both agreed that Donny would for sure stay over Brittany. Hayden was concerned that Donny would come after them. Hayden said that he wouldn’t even care if Zach went up and went home, but Derrick told him that they need Zach for a vote. After much debate, they agreed that putting Donny up is the only way to ensure that Brittany goes home.

Nicole took the Power of Veto rather than taking the trip away from Zach, so Zach went to her and said that he owes her the biggest favour ever and will do anything she wants. Nicole asked if she can wait to use it later in the game. Zach said that she has it forever. Meanwhile, in the HoH room, Frankie was telling Cody that Caleb is a really stupid player but he is not going to put any of them on the block. Frankie also noted that Caleb will go ballistic and could blow things up like Devin did. He also pointed out that Brittany would 100% nominate Zach and probably Cody if she stays in the house. Derrick joined them and said that the girls are not wanting Donny to go up because they know that Brittany would for sure go home then. Cody said that he is okay with putting Donny up but next time he wins HoH he will not nominate Nicole and will nominate Caleb. Everyone said that was fine. Cody plans to tell Donny that Brittany has to go home for his game, so he has to nominate Donny as a pawn because any other guy has a chance of going home over Brittany. Derrick, Frankie and Christine agreed that Amber will come running back to them if Brittany is gone.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amber and Caleb discussed that Brittany is a competitor and deserves to be there. They mentioned that Brittany is targeting Christine and Nicole, not them. Both agreed that they also trust Brittany more than they trust Zach. Amber said that Brittany could stay around and nominate Zach for them. Amber told Caleb that she will be voting Donny out if he goes on the block. Caleb told her to do what she wants but realize that there will be repercussions and she will be going on the block next week if she votes against everyone else. Brittany and Jocasta were then talking. Brittany believes that the smart move for Cody would be to take out Zach, seeing as Zach is bad for Cody’s game because he talks way too much.

Brittany went to Cody and told him that she feels like she is playing this game by herself. Cody said that he does’t understand how she could feel that way after they saved her in Week 2. Both told the other that they need to get it out of their heads that they are questioning each other. Brittany said that she always had Cody and Derrick’s backs and that she was planning to go after Nicole, Christine and Victoria. She mentioned Zach a potential fourth nominee. Brittany told Cody that Zach is bad for his game. Cody told her that he is friends with Zach but does not tell him much game information. Brittany said that she wishes that she had trusted Amber earlier on. Cody questioned how she could trust Amber. Brittany asked him how he trusts Amber. Cody said that he doesn’t and he sees that Amber is using him to distance herself from Caleb. Downstairs, Hayden, Derrick and Nicole were discussing that Amber is trying to play everyone and is aligned with them all. Derrick pointed out that she hates Brittany and is now trying to keep her but it’s not going to work.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach came upstairs to break up the Cody and Brittany talk. He was telling her that he was going to laugh in her face every time that she misses the net during her punishment. He was messing with her and told her that he would vote to keep her. After she left, Cody told Zach that that was messed up and asked him to stop. He said that Brittany knows that she is going home so leave her alone. Zach said that Derrick, Frankie and Nicole told him to go up there and be an ass to Brittany but he would stop. Derrick and Frankie made their way up to the HoH room and said again that Donny needs to go up as it will ensure that Brittany leaves. Cody was worried about what he would say to Donny. Derrick told him that Donny will still have bigger targets, suggesting that he will nominate Caleb and Christine.

7:00-8:00 PM: Caleb asked Zach if he would be willing to exchange prizes, as he would give up the $5,000 for the trip to Germany. They made a “verbal agreement’ that they would make the trade if production allows it. Zach did say that he would want to hear the complete details of the trip before confirming it 100%. Caleb revealed that Amber said that she would have went with him if he had won the trip, so he will take her. It was discussed that Amber was born in Germany. Derrick said that it’s a good deal for everyone. Caleb said that hopefully he will win the girl in the process. At 7:50, Brittany and Cody began their punishments. Each will last for 24 hours.

8:00-9:00 PM: Amber spoke to Frankie about the vote, asking if they will be sending Brittany home. Frankie said yes because she is not in the alliance and it is an easy move to make. She was concerned that those in the alliance are doubting her and that the guys would just pick her off once the made jury, even though she is protecting them. Frankie said that it’s not likely to happen. They noted that there is a divide within the group of eight. Frankie mentioned that Zach, Cody, Hayden and Christine are together, while the two of them and Caleb are together, with Derrick in the middle. Caleb then spoke to Frankie and mentioned that Amber is getting paranoid. Frankie said that Amber will get her head on straight once Brittany goes home. Caleb asked if Donny is going to be going up. Frankie said that he doesn’t see any other option.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie informed Zach and Christine that he let Amber know that she needs to calm down. Zach didn’t understand why he would do that, pointing out that it is best to let her sink her own ship. Frankie said that the damage is done and that people already don’t trust her. Frankie and Christine agreed that it is beneficial to make Caleb and Amber feel safe so that they do not realize that they are on the bottom of the alliance. Zach then relayed information to Cody. Cody was pissed off at Frankie for having told Amber that he was the reason that she was nominated. Cody said that it is making him looking like the Devin, even though all that he said was that Amber mentioned that she would understand if she were nominated as a pawn next to Victoria.

12:00-1:00 AM: Cody asked Frankie why he threw him under the bus. Frankie asked what he was talking about. Cody said that he is hearing that he is telling people that he is the reason that he nominated Amber. Frankie denied that, saying that he told people that Amber told him the same thing that he told Cody, that being that she was okay with being a pawn. Cody said that Amber is lying to Caleb then and is telling him that she had never offered to go up. Frankie then let Cody know that he called Amber out on putting together a group outside of the alliance and she did not deny it. Frankie explained that he tried to calm her down so that she wont see it coming when they evict her. They agreed to try to get Amber out next week, though Frankie noted the importance of making Amber feel that they are eight strong in case she wins HoH. It was discussed that they could take her out without angering Caleb if they use the correct information. Frankie suggested that Cody tell Caleb that Amber tried to kiss him. He said to use that as damage control after Amber leaves.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie filled Derrick in on his talk with Amber. Derrick asked how he thinks that this week will play out. Frankie said that they likely have a lot of coddling to do with Cody. They discussed that Cody feels really bad for Brittany. Both agreed that it would be the biggest mistake thus far if Cody flipped and kept Brittany. Both agreed that Donny has to be the one that gets nominated. They went over the votes and figured that Christine, Victoria, Nicole, Zach and the two of them were locks to evict Brittany, which is all they needed. The said that the only possible votes that Brittany could get are Jocasta, Amber, Caleb and Hayden. They discussed that they cannot take Caleb out at this point, given that he wont vote them out or nominate them. Zach joined the discussion and they again reiterated that Brittany needs to go, followed by Amber next week.

2:00-3:00 AM: Frankie asked Derrick if he said anything to Donny about being the replacement nominee. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that they should, only going to him after he goes up and telling him that he is good. Derrick explained that Donny already doesn’t trust them 100% so he cannot find out that they had any part in him being nominated. They discussed that Donny can’t go home. Derrick said that he would like to see Donny make it to jury. He also pointed out that Donny being there will make the missions easier. Frankie then mentioned to Derrick that Amber has said that the two of them are with Caleb and Amber at the Final 8. Derrick said that Caleb mentioned that as well. That being said, Derrick and Frankie agreed that they are with The Detonators and Team America until the end, so Caleb and Amber need to go well before the Final 4.

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