Zach stirs the pot; Caleb and Amber have a date

July 22, 2014

Brittany campaigns; The Detonators plan to target Caleb - Click here for details

7:00-8:00 PM: Brittany asked Zach where he stands. Zach said that he already told her that he was going to vote for her. He said that his only concern is that Brittany is coming after him. Brittany said that the only thing that she has said is that there are people that don’t deserve to be there. She then explained that she refuses to go home before Victoria and would even be fine with being nominated next to her. Brittany said Victoria would be one of her nominees and the house could choose the other. Zach then told Brittany that it would be best for her to get everyone together for a house meeting in order to tell them that they all want to vote for her contingent on other votes, so speak up. Zach let Brittany know that she wont lose any votes out of it and it can only help her game. Brittany asked Zach if he would speak up and say that he is voting to keep her. Zach said yes but only if she asks Caleb first so that he doesn’t have to stick his neck out on the line.

Zach then went to Cody to tell him that he is such an asshole and had just told Brittany to call a house meeting. Amber then barged into the room and asked Cody to be her date for the night. Big Brother had promised the houseguests alcohol. Cody said that she is smoking but Caleb would rip his head off. Cody declined the date. Zach then told Cody again that he told Brittany to call a house meeting. Cody quickly replied with “Do you understand how stupid that is?!”. Cody explained that Donny will start saying things if he gets paranoid, which will lead to everything blowing up on him.

8:00-9:00 PM: Caleb entered the HoH room, at which point Cody informed him that Zach told Brittany to call a house meeting. Zach asked if that was stupid. Caleb said yes. Cody said that it’s not funny for Zach to be giving Brittany false hope. Cody told Zach that he is making it hell for them. Zach joked that he was only trying to keep Cody’s skills sharp. Frankie then found out about what Zach had done. He told Zach to go let Brittany know that he spoke with people that have actually seen the show and they said that house meetings end with that person going home. Zach didn’t see the downside in the house meeting. He said that he would simply tell Brittany that he is voting for Donny and then she would blow up on him for lying to her.

Cody felt that it will all come back on him. Zach laughed and said “as long as it’s you and not me, buddy”. Cody said that Zach is screwing them over by blowing up their games and making people nervous. Zach apologized and said thaw he gets bored. He then said that he gets it and that everyone is just carrying him to the Final 5 while he makes it harder for them along the way. Cody and Frankie said that that was not the case. Zach then clarified that he would never do anything to jeopardize their games. Cody went directly to Derrick to fill him in on what happened. He said that Zach needs to go. Derrick agreed. Zach then went to Derrick to explain what had happened. Derrick advised Zach to fix things, seeing as he knows how to talk.

Zach pulled Brittany aside to tell her that house meetings are like suicide. He told her that he doesn’t want her to call one and then have it blow up on her and then he becomes the reason that she goes home. Brittany said that she wants to be honest with him. She explained that she did doubt Zach as a person, feeling that he stirs the pot. However, Brittany said that she likes Zach so much more when he is being sincere like this. Zach again told her not to call a house meeting because he just talked to Cody and it sounds like she is in a better spot than he had thought. He told her to keep doing what she is doing and she should be fine. Brittany said that she wont call a house meeting.

Zach reported back to Cody, letting him know that the crisis was diverted and that he told Brittany that he didn’t want to have things backfire and then he comes the reason she went home. Cody told Zach that that was a sick line. Cody asked Zach what he is thinking for next week. Zach said that he 100% wants Caleb to go home. Cody agreed. Zach then expressed concern that The Detonators would vote him out if he was on the block. Cody said that he would never vote Zach out. Zach said that he hurts them sometimes but he got himself out of it. Zach revealed that Frankie says things about him. Cody said not to worry about it because they would still have to convince him

9:00-10:00 PM: Caleb planned a date for Amber without her knowing. Once they got their alcohol, Derrick made a toast. Afterwards, Caleb announced that he set up a date for two lovely people. He then asked Amber if she would go on a date with him. Amber reluctantly agreed. He had set up a table, two chairs and a candle in the backyard. They spent plenty of time discussing both game and personal things. Caleb mentioned that he is planning a date for them outside of the house. Amber questioned if he is ever going to give up. Caleb said no. He informed her that he asked the diary room to take the $5,000 that he won and buy them a pair of cruise tickets for right when they get out of the house. Amber told him that they have only known each other for 33 days. Caleb pointed out that she told him that he can have a date outside of the house. Amber denied it. Caleb said that he was willing to eat an entire jar of pickles to make it happen. Amber told him that she doesn’t go on dates much anymore. The date ended shortly after. Caleb said that it was a wonderful date and that he enjoyed every minute of it. Amber thanked him.

10:00-11:00 PM: While Amber and Caleb were on their date, the rest of the house was having fun socializing and drinking. Derrick asked Victoria which guy she would kiss if she could kiss any of them right now. She said Frank, which is the straight version of Frankie. Minutes later, Frank entered the kitchen and gave her the kiss. Just after that, Frank then kissed Brittany. The houseguests discussed Caleb and Amber’s date. It became the joke of the house, with Christine saying that Danielle and Shane weren’t even that bad. Amber talked to Brittany once it wrapped up and said that she just cannot say no to him. Brittany advised her to use it to her advantage. Zach was telling the houseguests that Caleb was afraid of looking like an idiot on TV, though he is well past that point. Donny said that he feels bad for Caleb. Zach said that the biggest thing that gets to Caleb is that there is someone else, Cody, in the house that can get the girl that he wants.

11:00-12:00 AM: Amber let Cody know that Zach has continued to spread rumours, telling Brittany that he knows that she and Amber are working together. Cody immediately got fired up, though he misunderstood and thought that Zach had said that he and Amber were the ones that were aligned. Cody told Christine that Zach is on his last nerve because he is running his mouth. Cody also said that he is done with Amber. Cody was fed up with Brittany as well, saying that he will not keep her even if it ends up a 5-5 vote. Amber joined Cody and Christine in the HoH room. She told Cody that he needs to stop listening to Zach because he is hurting his game. Cody let her know that Zach has no influence on him. Amber hoped that Victoria would win the next HoH and get rid of Zach, seeing as Victoria has done more than Zach has done in the game thus far.

Brittany was downstairs telling Zach that Caleb is going to backdoor Cody if he wins HoH, seeing as he is in love with Amber. Brittany believes that Amber likes Cody but also likes the attention and follows him around in order to get Caleb pissed off. Amber let Jocasta, Cody and Brittany know that her date with Caleb was just a conversation and another night in the Big Brother house. She said that she does not share the same feelings that Caleb has for her. Outside, Caleb was telling Frankie that the date went very well. He wanted Frankie to ask Amber if she thought that things went well and to ask her if her opinion changed at all. Caleb said that he already knows how Amber feels, based on things that she said. However, Caleb was inaccurately retelling the words that were spoken.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach told Victoria that Brittany hates her and keeps telling everyone that her main thing is that she does not want to go home before Victoria. Victoria believed that it was due to the fact that she wins competitions while Brittany sucks in them. Zach asked what they were going to do about it. Nicole was with the two of them and tried to defuse the situation by repeatedly telling Zach that they can’t do anything about it. Christine joined them and they all compared notes on what Brittany has been telling them. They realized that Brittany told Victoria that she will target Christine and Nicole, told Zach that she will target Victoria, and told Christine and Nicole that she will target Zach. They agreed that Brittany is such a liar and needs to go home. Zach and Christine hung around to bash Amber. They were annoyed that she is always following Cody around which prevented them from getting any one on one time with him. They agreed that Amber cannot be the target next week even though they hate her. Zach wants Caleb out, while Christine said that she would personally like to see Donny or Jocasta go home next.

1:00-2:00 AM: Amber told Frankie that she is beginning to see that keeping Donny around is the best option, as Brittany gets so paranoid and starts spreading stuff. Frankie agreed and said that Donny is more likely to work with the group than Brittany is. Amber was frustrated with Zach telling things to Brittany, particularly that he knew that she and Amber were working together. Frankie pointed out that Zach and Cody are the most dangerous couple in the game and that they will need to be broken up once they get to jury. They discussed that they need to stay true to their Final 4 with Derrick and Caleb. Amber revealed to Frankie that Caleb is nervous about him but she talks him out of it. Amber wanted to make sure that Frankie had her back 100% as well. Frankie assured Amber that he is with her 100%. He mentioned how he has Caleb’s back 100% as well, adding that he keeps Caleb safe with the other guys by telling them that Caleb is 100% on board with them.

2:00-3:00 AM: Amber told Brittany and Jocasta that she is so frustrated with the Caleb situation. Brittany told Amber that she should not lead Caleb on but she needs to be careful for the game because Caleb will likely try to send her home if she totally turns him down. Amber said that Caleb kissed her on the forehead tonight. Jocasta then brought up that Caleb kissed her on the forehead the other night. Amber said not that she knows of, and questioned if she was asleep. Jocasta told her that Caleb said that they were awake and chatting, Amber then recalled that Caleb kissed her after her eyes were closed. Amber said that she doesn’t even want Caleb kissing her on the forehead because she doesn’t want the show to make it seem like she is kissing someone when she is not.

Amber said that she has had enough after tonight and that she didn’t even want to say yes to the date tonight. Amber explained that it is getting irritating because she didn’t come there for a showmance and yet she can’t even be friends with certain people without Caleb thinking things. Amber said that it’s too much too soon. She said that she doesn’t even feel comfortable in the house at times anymore. Amber said that she does not want to lay next to Caleb anymore because she doesn’t want anyone getting the wrong idea. Jocasta said that she is sure that America sees that there is nothing going on.

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