Brittany campaigns

July 22, 2014

The Detonators began to plot against Caleb last night - Click here for details

10:00-11:00 AM: Donny told Jocasta that Cody told him that he and a few others want Brittany gone so bad because she was after them that they put him up because he is so likeable and would not go home. He asked Jocasta if she bought it. She said that she believes it. Jocasta pointed out that Caleb said the same exact thing, so they are definitely communicating. Jocasta then said that Brittany thinks that she has Amber and Caleb’s votes. That being said, Jocasta told Donny that Paola felt the same way about having votes when she didn’t. Donny felt that there was someone in Cody’s ear getting him to nominate him, seeing as Cody once told him that he would never nominate him.

Brittany talked to Jocasta about Amber having said that she can’t guarantee her a vote and will have to go with the house. Brittany said that it’s tough because she doesn’t want to campaign against Donny. Jocasta told her that it’s an individual game and she has to. Brittany said that she understands that Jocasta has to vote for Donny since he saved her last week. Brittany made it clear that she is not mad about it. Brittany expressed frustration with everyone being too scared to speak up and play their own game. She said that people not wanting to just admit that they are voting for her, opting to say they are voting with the house, could end up costing her.

11:00-12:00 PM: Brittany pulled Victoria aside to ask her which way she is leaning. Victoria said that she doesn’t know yet. Brittany told her that Cody wants her there and regrets putting her on the bloc, as he didn’t want either of them to go home. Brittany then said that Victoria was supposed to be the one going up and going home the week that Devin used the veto on her. Brittany explained that she made a deal with Devin to use the veto on her and get Zach nominated in order to save both of them. Brittany encouraged Victoria to keep her around to avoid letting the guys continue to run the house and nominate her week after week until she gets picked off. Victoria said that she has proven that she can save herself and that she will do it again if she gets nominated. Brittany said that you can’t rely on that. Brittany revealed that her target is a guy, though she didn’t want to say who it was. She also said that she is not after Nicole despite what Nicole may think.

12:00-1:00 PM: Brittany spoke to Nicole and clarified that she is not targeting her, even though some people have been saying that she will due to the whole bed drama surrounding nobody wanting to sleep with Victoria. Nicole said that that’s good to know since she was wanting Brittany to go home because she felt that she was targeting her. Brittany said that neither her nor Christine are her targets, as she wants to go after two people that are stirring the pot. Brittany did not want to name names in case she stayed and did not win HoH. Nicole understood and said that she would definitely think things over. Nicole went straight to Donny to tell him that Brittany is campaigning but she will not get her vote.

1:00-2:00 PM: Derrick was next on Brittany’s list. He told her that he plans to vote for her. Brittany said that Donny is a game threat and is always two steps ahead of people. Derrick said that’s why he is voting to keep Brittany. Derrick advised her to work on people like Christine and Nicole because those are the people that she needs on her side in order to really get a landslide vote. Brittany pointed out that Donny can’t stand Christine and it would be dumb for her to keep him around. She said that Donny will nominate Christine and Caleb. Derrick also told her that talking to Cody is good but doesn’t do that much since Cody doesn’t have a vote this week. Brittany felt that the girls are all over Cody so they will go to him to see what he wants them to do.

Derrick pulled Nicole and Christine aside to get them on the same page about what to say to Brittany. He said that he pretended to be voting for her. Nicole told Derrick that Brittany already spoke to her and said that people trust Derrick and Cody and those two guys want her to stay. She also said that Brittany pointed out that people are scared to vote against Caleb. Derrick said that Brittany needs to go since she is clearly after Nicole and Christine, even though she claims not to be after them or any guys. The girls agreed. Brittany then had her chance to speak with Christine. She said that she is not a threat compared to Donny and is not after Christine even though some are saying that she is. Christine noted that Brittany’s play is worrisome since she tends to play too personally, as evidenced by her wanting to come after them due to the bed situation. Brittany said that she was never after them and has other issues to worry about aside from something so minor. Brittany said that all that she can do is give Christine her word that she will not be after her.

Derrick went to the HoH room to fill Cody in on Brittany’s campaign. He was particularly concerned about Brittany telling people that the house really trusts the two of them. Cody said that they honestly have decided how everyone votes each week, so it’s bad that Brittany is telling people that. Derrick said that he knew that this Brittany would come out once her back was against the wall. He said that he thinks that they can get out of it alright since Brittany is also telling people that the house is afraid to vote against Caleb. Cody and Derrick then discussed their frustration with Caleb saying that he and Amber would nominate two alliance members if they got HoH, even though there are four non-alliance members still in the house. Derrick plans to tell Caleb that he would be pulling a Devin by doing that. Cody said that he hopes that Caleb doesn’t win HoH because he wants to backdoor him. Derrick agreed. Derrick said that Brittany would have been able to convince people to vote Caleb out by saying that the three of them were working together, so it’s a good thing that Cody didn’t nominate him.

Cody was still concerned about Caleb nominating him. Derrick felt that Caleb would nominate Zach over Cody, due to Amber and Zach having issues. They discussed that Caleb and Amber are trying too hard to set themselves up to be in a good position once they get to jury. He pointed out that they want to keep Brittany and Jocasta around for that reason. Cody said that even Frankie is getting frustrated with Caleb, seeing as he is a dumb game player. Cody informed Derrick that Frankie said that he would backdoor Caleb in a second. Derrick said that he doesn’t trust Frankie but Frankie is now on Team Cody and Derrick. Cody asked Derrick if he would have a problem backdooring Caleb. Derrick said no but he may want to put him on the block initially instead. He was concerned that Caleb may stay after being backdoored. Derrick felt that it could be easier to convince him that an alliance member needs to go up, get Caleb to agree to it, and then vote him out. Derrick mentioned that they would have to play Caleb the whole time and not let him know that he is going, so that he would only have 30 seconds to blow up on eviction night. Derrick said that Caleb will for sure have to go if it is a double eviction on Thursday.

5:00-6:00 PM: Zach told Frankie that he can’t stand Caleb. Frankie said that he was just practicing his backdoor speech. Zach said that Caleb needs to go next week. Frankie told Zach that he agrees with him more and more every day. Zach mentioned that they are in a great spot, and they will be left with the five Detonators, Victoria, Donny, Hayden and Nicole if they can successfully send home Caleb, Amber and Jocasta in the next three evictions. Zach said that Caleb brings nothing to the table at this point so he has to go. Frankie said that he is on board for sending Caleb home next as long as they get Brittany out this week.

6:00-7:00 PM: Brittany spoke to Caleb to see if he was still on board with keeping her. Caleb said that nothing is changed but they will of course have to go with the house if the house is not keeping her. Brittany began throwing offers on the table, such as offering to let the others choose her nominees if she were to win HoH. She explained that she would throw the competition but she wants to see her kids. Brittany also offered to go on the block. She said that next week should be an easy week with Victoria going home, so she would be willing to be a pawn next to her. Caleb said that he and Amber both feel that Brittany would be better for their games than would Donny. Brittany pointed out that Donny is a bigger threat and that he would nominate Caleb and Christine since those are the only two people that he has ever commented about. Caleb advised Brittany to speak with Derrick, Zach and Frankie to ensure that they are on board, because he and Amber definitely will be if she can get the votes.

Meanwhile, Jocasta was upstairs speaking with Cody. Jocasta was asking what Cody wanted to have happen this week. Cody said that he had wanted to make an attempt at getting Caleb out but he didn’t have the votes behind him to do it. Jocasta said that she thought that he was going to do that. Cody told her that it was very disappointing that it couldn’t happen. Jocasta then said that she cannot vote for Donny to go after he saved her and was so loyal to her when she was sick. Cody told her that that is understandable. He said that he unsure of where people stand right now but does know that a number of them feel threatened by Brittany.

7:00-8:00 PM: After speaking with Caleb, Brittany sought out Hayden to give him a quick campaign pitch. As she did with Caleb, Brittany offered to let the house choose her nominees if she wins HoH or put her on the block if she does not. Brittany made it clear that she is not after Nicole and Christine, especially over something stupid like the bed situation. Hayden asked who her target would be if she stayed this week. Brittany told him that she feels as though Victoria has to go home before her.

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