Frankie finds out that his grandfather has passed away

July 23, 2014

Caleb and Amber had their first date - Click here for details

10:00-11:00 AM: Donny and Amber were raising the awnings in the backyard when Donny mentioned that they were at the scene of Amber and Caleb’s date. He joked that they can tell their kids about it one day. Amber told Donny that it will be her first and last date in the Big Brother house. Amber explained that she would have felt bad if she had said no, so she sucked it up. She added that she is not interested in Caleb and that it sucks because she has said that several times.

11:00-12:00 PM: Nicole asked Christine if she thought that Amber was after her. Christine said that she really doesn’t think so, seeing as Amber hates Zach with all her heart. Nicole was happy to hear that. Nicole said that she would never nominate Zach. Christine said the same, feeling that it would be dangerous to do so. Nicole also felt that Zach is not coming after her, so there would be no point in going after him. They then began discussing the week ahead. Christine said that Donny and Jocasta are the two people that she is terrified of having win HoH. She asked Nicole if Victoria would be mad to be used as a pawn. Nicole didn’t think so since Victoria had said yes to her. Christine then said that she would nominate Victoria and Jocasta because she does not want to give Donny a chance to save himself. Nicole felt that she would have to nominate Donny again, even though she hated to do it the first time. She listed off a number of people that she would not nominate, including Zach, Christine, Hayden, Cody and Derrick.

Brittany told Caleb that his date with Amber was so cute. Caleb agreed, saying that it was awesome and perfect until they started talking about game at the end of it. Caleb mentioned that he had to eat a pickle, something that he hates, in order to get a date with Amber. Bananas are a food that Amber hates, so Caleb wanted to find a way to bring the two things together. He told Brittany that he plans to put a pickle inside of a banana peel, then seal it up and give it to Amber. He expects that she will not want any part of it, but he will encourage her to give the banana a chance by opening it and seeing what’s inside. Caleb discussed the symbolic meaning behind it as well, pointing out that people always judge each other based on outside appearance instead of what’s inside. Brittany told Caleb that it sounded like a cute idea.

3:00-4:00 PM: Derrick and Cody were discussing how odd it was that Brittany slept in the HoH bed with Cody and Zach last night. They pointed out that she didn’t even leave when Frankie came up there to get in to bed. Derrick said that Brittany really does believe that Cody controls all of the votes and that everyone will do whatever he says, so all that she has to do is convince him to keep her. Zach joined them and they all discussed that Brittany will be totally shocked when it’s a 10-0 vote to evict her tomorrow. Cody wondered if Brittany will stay quiet today. Derrick told everyone that they need to keep doing what they are doing in order to make Brittany feel safe, otherwise she will blow everything up.

5:00-6:00 PM: Frankie got a letter from his family, informing him that his grandfather passed away yesterday. His family encouraged him to stay there and stay strong, as his grandfather did not want him to be taken out of the game. His family told him that his grandfather watched him even though he had no clue what was going on. Frankie shared the letter with his fellow houseguests, telling them how great of a person his grandfather was. He shared a number of stories with them. Frankie was crying and said that he is so happy that he got the chance to call his grandfather just before coming into the house. He said that his family must think that he is doing okay, otherwise they would have told him to come home. Frankie told the houseguests that he is glad that his family told him to stay, or else he probably would have went home.

Frankie said that he will play the game for his grandfather. Frankie said that he had somewhat prepared himself for this, knowing going in to the house that his grandfather was battling cancer at 90 years of age. The houseguests were all very supportive of Frankie. Many of them took the news hard, including Zach who went to the have-not room alone and began crying. Numerous houseguests, including Amber, Nicole, Zach and Derrick said that they hope that Frankie wins HoH tomorrow so that he can get a picture of his grandfather. Frankie wanted to write a eulogy and also do something to explain himself so that people don’t think that he is abandoning his family by staying. Derrick assured Frankie that everyone will see the moment when he shared the news with them and will completely understand. Frankie revealed that he plans to do a eulogy during tonight's Big Brother After Dark, by himself, in the HoH room.

Click here to read Frankie's letter from his family.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach and Derrick discussed that they are in a good spot, though Derrick said that they will have to see how things play out tomorrow. Zach said that they need to send Caleb home, backdooring him by nominating Amber, Donny, Victoria and Jocasta. Frankie came and asked them if they have to get together as a group to explain the plan for tomorrow’s vote. Zach said no because it’s going to be 10-0 to evict Brittany. Frankie then had a one on one with Caleb, as Caleb was sleeping when Frankie revealed everything about his grandfather to the rest of the house. Frankie read his letter to Caleb. Caleb then comforted Frankie for a while before he went on to talk about his plans to surprise Amber with a pickled filled banana peel.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie planned to prepare a eulogy to record in the diary room, which would then be sent home to his family. One Big Brother After Dark came on, he went up the HoH room and talked to the cameras. Frankie first read his letter for everyone to hear. He then began talking about how difficult of a time this is since he is not with his family. Frankie said that he wanted to honour the wishes of his grandfather, staying and being a fighter in order to try to win the game. He said that his grandfather believes in what he is there for. Frankie revealed that he wants to win the $500,000 so that he can build schools in Africa.

Frankie said that if they can successfully complete one more Team America mission he will have made enough to open one school, which will name after his grandfather. Frankie continued on, giving background on his family and their upbringing. He asked that the people watching look after his sister, mother, Nonna and other family members, as he can’t be there for them at this time. Frankie thanked everyone for their support and said that he hopes that they understand and respect his decision to stay there. Frankie pledged to play even harder now. He wrapped things up and said that it’s time to go win Big Brother.

11:00-12:00 AM: Zach spoke to Caleb and Frankie, discussing who they should nominate if two of them get HoH. He named off Victoria, Donny and Jocasta. Frankie threw Nicole’s name out there as the fourth, seeing as that is who he and Caleb had discussed two days prior. Zach reiterated to Caleb that they need to finish the mission, getting the Bomb Squad to the end together. Caleb agreed and said that means that Donny, Jocasta, Victoria and Nicole have to leave after Brittany does. Caleb guaranteed that he will be one of the HoHs if there is an endurance competition tomorrow. After Caleb left, Zach told Cody that Caleb seems really sketchy lately. Cody figured that it was because he could tell that he was on the outs with the group. Zach, Cody and Christine discussed that they will have to get the four non-Bomb Squad members nominated if Caleb and Amber win HoH. Cody said that he would like to see Hayden and Nicole win HoH, so that The Detonators have five votes and can be responsible for sending Caleb home.

4:00-5:00 AM: Derrick, Caleb and Amber were up late. Amber revealed that she is concerned about Brittany because she has been telling different people different things in terms of who her targets will be. Derrick thought Victoria was Brittany’s target. Everyone kept going in circles about how to vote and not wanting to vote against the group. Derrick knew full well that Brittany is going home in a landslide, but the Detonators agreed not to tell Caleb that they are voting Brittany out in case he runs to Brittany to tell her. They didn’t want Brittany to blow things up if she finds out that she is going home. Caleb and Amber wanted Brittany to stick around at one point, and possibly still do, but acknowledged that they do not have the votes to do so. Therefore they play to evict her.

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