Nominations and the BoB take place; Derrick receives some sad news from home

July 25, 2014

Zach had the entire house on edge last- Click here for a recap

9:00-10:00 AM: Zach and Frankie were preparing for the nomination ceremony. The plan remains for Frankie to nominate Victoria and Jocasta. He said that he will tell them that he is taking the safe way out. Zach still plans to nominate Christine and Nicole. He rehearsed his speech for Christine, saying “Christine, if we pulled out the Big Brother dictionary today and looked up the word floater, there would be a picture of you and Jenn City holding hands, never being called to the diary room. Basically irrelevant”. As for Nicole, he plans to say something along the lines of “Nicole, you claim to be a superfan. Bet you didn’t see this coming!”

Team America discussed trying to create a heated argument between Zach and Christine for their mission, so Frankie suggested that Zach stand around after the meeting to see if Christine will come at him. Zach said that he doesn’t care if she does come at him, because he is just trying to put on a show. Frankie then added that Zach should even ask her if she has anything to say for herself. Other houseguests did some last minute scrambling before nominations. Derrick let Donny know that Frankie is definitely not putting him up. He said that Zach didn’t say that he is putting Donny up either, though he didn’t say that he wasn’t. Jocasta then spoke to Zach. He assured her that she is good on his end of things. Jocasta read between the lines to assume that Frankie was going to nominate her. Zach assured her that she is not the target for either of them.

11:00-12:00 PM: The feeds returned after the nomination ceremony. Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria for eviction. Zach nominated Christine and Nicole for eviction. The nomination ceremony was full of fireworks, as Zach went through with his speeches as planned. He called Nicole a “froot loop dingus superfan” that didn’t see this one coming. Nicole was crying when the feeds returned. She, Christine and Hayden were talking about how mean Zach was. Hayden told the girls that Zach is targeting Amber and Caleb so he is just being a dick for no reason, even though he is going after the right people. Christine and Cody discussed that Zach may be the saboteur. Nicole thought that Amanda may get to enter the game if Zach lasts long enough. Victoria was also crying. Frankie tried to comfort her, telling her that she is not the target. Frankie told Victoria that he will go on the block for her if she wins HoH. Frankie also comforted Jocasta. He apologized to both and said that he just has to remain HoH because Zach is losing it and he does not know what Zach would do.

Jocasta went to a crying Victoria and pleaded with her not to throw the competition. Victoria said that every time she competes she kills it, so she would never throw the competition. They agreed that they are going to win and save themselves. Elsewhere, Frankie was telling Amber, Christine, Hayden and Nicole that they need to try to convince Jocasta and Victoria to throw the competition. Frankie said that he cannot do it himself. Zach, Frankie and Derrick spoke in the HoH room. Zach said that Christine now hates him because he may have started a rumour that Nicole cannot trust Christine. He pointed out that he didn’t directly say it but he questioned Christine to Nicole. He said that Christine approached him and said that she his mad at him for telling Nicole not to trust her. Zach said that he felt that he made the right move. He said that even if the girls win HoH and nominate him they will not have the votes to get him out. Derrick agreed. Zach informed Derrick that Donny threw him under the bus a bit by pointing out that he immediately put him up in the HoH competition. Zach felt that Donny thinks that Christine and Derrick are working together.

12:00-1:00 PM: Frankie told Zach that he feels as though Zach will be screwed if he ends up sending Nicole or Christine home, as everyone would be after him. Zach didn’t think that was true but said that his target is Amber. Zach then brought food downstairs to offer it to Christine and Nicole, knowing full well that they are have-nots and cannot eat it. Cody talked to Frankie about Zach, calling him the Devin of the group for nominating a member of The Detonators. Cody pointed out that everyone is going to want Frankie to put Zach on the block. Frankie agreed and said that he is concerned about thoughts of the house, as he does not want everyone to pressure him in to nominating Zach. Cody said that they would also want Zach voted out if he were put on the block. Frankie agreed.

Frankie made it clear that he does not want to backdoor Zach. He said that he would like to backdoor Amber. They discussed that they need to calm Zach down so that everyone doesn’t want him out, seeing as they need the house to want Amber gone. Cody spoke to Zach and told him that he needs to be nicer to Christine and Nicole. He said that it’s imperative that those two do not despise him, as they need those girls on board with sending Amber home. Cody said that Zach can explain to Christine that he is just stirring things up so that people do not realize how close they are. Cody was concerned that Christine would rally the rest of the house together against them. Zach said that nobody likes Christine and that her social game sucks, so nobody would listen to her. He pointed out that all that Christine has done is follow Cody around for the past 35 days.

1:00-2:00 PM: Cody told Amber that he wants Christine off of the block. He said that he will save her if he wins the Power of Veto. Amber agreed and said that she would do the same. Amber also plans to save Jocasta if she is one of the two people that remain on the block. Amber said that it all may look suspicious but there are only five girls left so she can use that as her reasoning for saving one of them.

4:00-5:00 PM: Christine and Nicole won the Battle of the Block, meaning that Zach was dethroned. Frankie remains HoH. Victoria and Jocasta remain on the block. Victoria was upset, crying to a couple of people because of the loss. She pointed out that Jocasta was being negative before it even started, so she knew that this would be the outcome. Christine told her that she will not be going home, as Frankie’s targets are Jocasta, Caleb and Amber from what she has heard. Frankie told Zach that things worked out well, seeing as they now have two weak people competing in the veto competition. Frankie had earlier said that he would choose Zach to play if he got houseguest’s choice. He now backtracked and said that he will pick Hayden. Zach said that he was fine with that. Frankie suggested that Zach go to Christine and Nicole to say that they are on the same page and that he was just putting on a big show. Zach agreed said that that is clearly all that it was.

5:00-6:00 PM: Nicole and Hayden discussed Derrick and Cody. Nicole said that she definitely trusts Derrick as someone that she can work with until Final 4. They mentioned that they could try to solidify something with Cody and Derrick. Nicole pointed out that Zach sketched her out last night with all that he said about Christine, so she was worried that Christine would throw the Battle of the Block when she kept saying how sick she felt. Hayden mentioned that Christine has a target on her back, basically because of all of the reasons that Zach listed. He explained that Christine just sits around and listens to them talk, agreeing with everything while not contributing anything of her own. They then discussed that they would love to see Amber go, though Hayden wondered if it would be best to send Caleb home first.

Frankie spoke to Nicole and Hayden. They asked who his target is. Frankie said that whoever blows up the most will go home. Frankie told them that he doesn’t want to make a gigantic move that is not going to be supported by the group. Hayden suggested that Amber or Caleb should go home. Nicole said that she would love to send Amber home. Hayden said that it wouldn’t be worth it to send Zach home because he is not after them. Frankie told them that he will babysit Zach this week to keep him in line. He explained that Zach just thought that he was making a good show with his nomination speech today. Hayden also said that it would be pointless to send Victoria home because she is on their side and will do what they want. He planned to try to keep Victoria calm so that she would stay. Upstairs, Caleb and Zach discussed that Victoria will go home this week. Frankie told Caleb that he would love it if Caleb would win the veto and keep the nominations the same.

6:00-7:00 PM: Hayden spoke to Victoria and let her know that she 100% is not the target this week. However, he pointed out that everyone sees that she is a wreck and is stressing out at the moment. Hayden said that it is always the person that freaks out that goes home, so she needs to be sure that she stays calm and then she will be golden. Elsewhere, Christine told Frankie that she will pretend that she is working with Zach but she has no desire to. Frankie said that it would be fine if Christine nominated Zach during a double eviction. He told her that him, Hayden, Nicole and Derrick would all be okay with it, and that Cody may be the only person against it. Frankie said that the boys likely wont be on board with backdooring Zach this week if he can behave himself, though Frankie wasn’t so sure that Zach could actually behave himself. Frankie revealed that he would like to see Jocasta go home if the nominations stay the same. Christine agreed. Frankie said that he is counting on Amber scrambling once the veto is around someone’s neck, though he believed that Brittany really was Amber’s problem. He mentioned that Amber has done a good job keeping her cool up to this point.

7:00-8:00 PM: The feeds were down for a brief period of time. When they returned, the scene was extremely similar to that when Frankie learned of his grandfather’s passing. Shortly thereafter we found out that Derrick’s grandfather passed away today. The houseguests all sat around in silence and disbelief. Derrick was given the opportunity to record a message to be played at his grandfather’s funeral. Derrick said that this puts everything in to perspective in terms of how much they are missing by being in the house.

8:00-9:00 PM: Frankie and Derrick spoke about how they are both going through something similar. Derrick said that he knows that his family is strong enough to handle this on their own but he feels bad that he cannot be there for his father. Frankie said that what Derrick did for him by letting him get HoH to see photos of his grandfather allowed him to make peach with everything, so he will now be that rock for Derrick. Frankie said that he requested to take slop for the week in place of Derrick. Derrick said that Frankie does not have to do that but he respects Frankie offering. Derrick let Frankie know that he just wants him to be there for him.

10:00-11:00 PM: Frankie told Zach that he can only put Amber up if he has the blessing of the house, including Caleb. Frankie said that he will tell Caleb the honest to God truth about how Amber feels about him. If the nominations stay the same, Frankie and Zach agreed that Jocasta needs to be the one that goes home. Frankie said that the worst case scenario is that Amber wins the veto and saves Jocasta, then Donny would go on the block and Victoria would be evicted. Frankie said that Amber would have to go home if he puts her on the block. Zach assured him that it would not be an issue. They discussed that Zach needs to remain calm or else people could force Frankie’s hand by coming to him and saying to backdoor Zach. Frankie suggested that Zach could go off on Amber at the veto meeting, trying to bait him in to it for his Team America mission.

Frankie told Zach that he has to make up with Christine. Zach explained that Christine thinks that he told Nicole not to trust Christine, even though he didn’t say that. Frankie pointed out how crucial it is for Zach to have Christine on his side, as she controls Nicole’s vote and Nicole controls Hayden’s vote. Zach agreed. Frankie told him that he can explain to Christine that he knew that her and Nicole paired together would make an indestructible team, and the rest was just theatrics. Frankie even suggested that Zach tell Christine that he is the saboteur, as she would believe it. Zach said that he would talk to her. He then pointed out that Amber will be going home as long as Caleb or Amber do not win the veto.

2:00-3:00 AM: Derrick asked Cody if he should let the whole Donny thing slide. Zach had mentioned to Derrick that Donny said a few things about him the night prior. Cody said yeah for right now, cause Donny can’t do anything at the moment. Derrick said that his biggest concern is that Donny would have reason to put both of them up, which is the worst case scenario. Cody didn’t think that Donny would nominate them together. He also said that Hayden is in Donny’s ear. Derrick said that it’s clear that Donny lost some trust in him. Cody pointed out that the information came from Zach, who he doesn’t trust at all. Derrick is nervous that Zach would let Christine and Nicole that they knew about the two of them going on the block. Cody said that he will have no problem turning on Zach if he does one more thing.

Derrick asked if the plan this week is to go after Caleb or Amber. Cody brought up that the others think that Amber is more of a threat and needs to go, but he doesn’t agree. Derrick noted that Amber has already said that she would blow everything up if she is nominated, so the two of them would be exposed. Derrick said that keeping Amber for a couple more weeks would make it less damaging for her to blow things up. Derrick wasn’t sure how Caleb would react. Cody figured that he would blow things up too, seeing as he would be sent home before jury. Derrick was concerned that it is too soon to send someone from the alliance home since there are enough people outside of the alliance left in the house that it can be damaging. Derrick said that the worst case scenario would be that Caleb goes up, Amber flips to the other side and the other side keeps him and takes over the majority. Cody said that he doesn’t think that Caleb is bad for his game. Derrick said not until jury, at which point he has no numbers. Cody believed that Caleb would fight even harder if he knows that Amber is not in jury. Cody then said that Caleb is a vote for Frankie, while Amber is a vote for the two of them. Derrick agreed.

Amber spoke to Cody. She was concerned that Frankie had told her to let Jocasta know that she is safe, because she didn’t understand who else Frankie would nominate unless it was Zach. They discussed that Frankie is paranoid and nosey, which Cody said that could lead to an irrational decision. Cody said that he has no idea what Frankie is planning to do. Amber said that Zach is worse than Devin because he has been stirring things up since Week 1, yet he keeps being given chance after chance. Both agreed that they trust Frankie but question him at the same time. Amber mentioned that she would be the only girl left to nominate this week. Cody assured her that Frankie likely wouldn’t do that to her, just because he put her up last week. Amber said that if she goes up then people are trying to get her out. Cody said that he would not vote against her. Cody told Amber that Caleb was mad that she would not talk to him the other night, after he had protected her all along. Amber explained that she was hearing so much stuff about everyone that it was overwhelming.

3:00-4:00 AM: Cody and Victoria were whispering in bed. Cody said that he doesn’t know who Frankie’s targets are or what is going on in his head. He pointed out that Frankie loves Caleb. Cody asked if Victoria would nominate Frankie if she won HoH. Victoria said that she probably would. Victoria mentioned that it’s frustrating that Derrick had to give HoH to Frankie, cause she wouldn’t be in this position if he hadn’t. Cody said that he isn’t as close to Derrick as Victoria is, but he doesn’t think that he would lie to him. Victoria agreed. Cody brought up his frustrations with Zach of late, seeing as he talks too much. Cody didn’t want to be linked to Zach anymore. Victoria asked if he would vote Zach out. Cody said that it would come down to what the house wants but he would not stick his next out there for Zach again. They then discussed Caleb. Victoria said that she doesn’t trust him. Cody said that he doesn’t trust Caleb in the game because he is so loyal to Amber that it makes it tough to rely on him doing anything for anyone else.

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