Hayden wins the Power of Veto; A new plan develops

July 26, 2014

Nominations, The Battle of the Block, and more sad news from home - Day 36 Recap

9:00-10:00 AM: Frankie told Victoria that he thinks that he has convinced Zach that it is in his best interest to sleep for the rest of the week. Frankie said that Zach is just trying to be a memorable character. Victoria felt that it wasn’t working. They then discussed scenarios for the veto competition. Victoria was most concerned about Jocasta winning the veto. Frankie assured her that he can still put someone up that will go home over her even if that happens. Frankie said that he plans to take everyone in a room after the veto competition to get their opinion on what should happen, and then he will do what the house wants.

10:00-11:00 AM: Zach and Frankie discussed the long term game. Zach told Frankie that he feels as though the only two people that have a shot at walking out of there with the $500,000 are Frankie and Derrick. Frankie said that he hopes that other people aren’t seeing it that way too. Frankie asked Zach who else he thinks is actually focused on the game past this week. Zach said Cody, Christine, Nicole, Donny and maybe Hayden. Frankie wasn’t so sure about Hayden and Nicole. The ideal order of eviction was then discussed, with Frankie listing off Amber, Caleb, Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Hayden and then Donny. At that point it would be down to the Final 5 with only the Detonators remaining. Frankie mentioned that Caleb would for sure be following Amber out the door if she goes this week and then he doesn’t win HoH in the second half of a potential double eviction. Zach pointed out that Amber wouldn’t be in jury then. Frankie said that it would be best for Caleb to have time apart from her, given that she is not in to him.

11:00-12:00 PM: The houseguests picked players for the veto competition. Frankie, Jocasta, Victoria, Christine, Donny and Hayden will be playing. Amber will be hosting the competition. Frankie and Zach discussed that it was a perfect draw. Amber went to Frankie and said that she hopes that the group has each other’s backs. She added that they have all had their differences but they made a promise to each other so they need to stick to their promise, in reference to the deal that the Bomb Squad made that they will get to jury before turning on each other.

4:00-5:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Hayden has won the Power of Veto. Hayden was speaking to Frankie in the HoH room. Frankie said that he is only comfortable backdooring Amber, not Caleb, because Caleb is not coming after him. That being said, Frankie said that he wants Caleb on board with taking Amber out, otherwise Caleb will be coming after him. Frankie said that he will lay it all on the line and tell Caleb exactly how Amber feels about him. He also plans to point out that Caleb is of no use to him if all that he worries about in this game is Amber, so he will put him up. He doesn’t want Amber to get to jury and then have Caleb mope around and want to follow her there. Hayden said that he will use the Power of Veto on Victoria, seeing as she picked him to play and they are friends. Hayden said that they can get Caleb out at any point. He pointed out that everyone else that is not with them will want Caleb out before everyone. Hayden said that he will tell Amber and Caleb that he doesn’t know what he is doing yet.

Zach asked Hayden if he is using the veto. Hayden said 100%, and that the only question is whether they send Caleb home or send Amber home. Cody said that it will be hell if Caleb is on the block. He also said that it would be hell with Amber on the block. Frankie told him that it will be controllable hell if Amber is on the block. Frankie explained that his plan is to get Caleb on board with evicting Amber. He added that the only way that Caleb will go on the block is if he blows up during his talk with him. If that happens, Caleb goes home. Frankie warned Zach that he needs to be on his best behaviour, because he can’t have the whole house saying that they want Zach gone. Frankie wants everyone to be on the same page and say that they want Amber to go. Cody was concerned that Caleb and Amber would blow everything up. Hayden pointed out that everyone but Victoria and Jocasta already know it all so there is nothing to lose at this point.

Frankie then asked everyone but Zach, Christine and Nicole to leave the room. He wanted to get them all back on the same page. Nicole said that she doesn’t care that Zach put her up but she didn’t like being called a “froot loop dingus”. Christine also said that she didn’t like how Zach went about it. Frankie asked Zach if he was doing it all to be theatrical. Zach said that he obviously was. He also told them that he had no other options. Nicole and Christine said that it’s fine and that they don’t care. Nicole then left. Zach clarified to Christine that he had not told Nicole that she should not trust Christine, rather that she should be careful about who she trusts. Christine said that Zach got power hungry and threw everyone under the bus because he runs his mouth. Zach said that’s who he is. She questioned why he went to Caleb about Amber coming after him. Zach explained that it was done so that Caleb would understand if he nominated Amber. Zach also explained that he had never said that Cody wanted Christine and Nicole nominated because he took one for the team for them the week prior. Christine said that she is glad that they cleared the air. Zach also pointed out that him being the way he is only ensures that he will go home over Christine. She agreed.

5:00-6:00 PM: Caleb began retelling the story of him and Amber not talking for two and a half days to numerous houseguests, including Nicole, Christine and Zach. He mentioned that Amber only talked to him while walking by him, so he just ignored her. Caleb believes that he has done everything he possibly can for her, yet she hasn’t even thanked him, so she needs to be a woman and come talk to him. The others fed into it all, making Caleb believe that he is right and that Amber is totally in the wrong and is unappreciative of all that he does. Amber entered the HoH room, at which point Caleb left. Zach asked Amber what’s going on between the two of them. Amber explained that she tried to talk to Caleb but he just walked by her, so she is done trying. She said that there is nothing else that she can do unless she tries to corner him in a room. She mentioned that it is not even a big deal.

Zach then went to Caleb to inform him that Amber said that he is blowing things out of proportion when it is not a big deal, especially when she tried to talk to him already. Caleb told Zach that he should have told Amber that she needs to talk to him. He also said that he would advise her that she should be worried if Caleb wins a competition. Caleb said that it would not bother him one bit to nominate Amber. Derrick then joined in on the conversation and told Caleb that Amber had also said to him that she tried to talk to Caleb. Derrick suggested that Caleb pull her aside and talk to her. Zach said that he shouldn’t even have to since he has already gone over and back for Amber. He said that it’s getting to the point where you just have to cut Amber loose. Caleb later backtracked on saying that he would nominate Amber, as he believed that there were other people that he would have to put up first.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach told Cody that Amber needs to go. He said that he is going to get Amber to say something slightly bad about Caleb, then misconstrue it and run back to Caleb with it. Cody still wanted Caleb to go. He said that he will be trying to send Caleb home if there is a double eviction. Cody questioned if Caleb would actually be cool with Amber going home. Zach said yeah, cause he is going to hate her before she leaves. Zach then told Derrick about his plan to misconstrue everything that Amber says. He explained that it would make it so much easier if Caleb is on board with evicting Amber. Derrick said that Zach is a beast and he is gaining fans right now because he is a terror.

Zach spoke to Caleb about the talk that he should have with Amber. Zach said that he plans to tell her that Caleb is 99% of the reason that she is still there and is the one person that she can truly trust. Caleb wanted Zach to explain that she was going on the block until he begged Zach not to put her up. He also wanted her to know that he has been nothing but good to her. Caleb told Zach that he would not be afraid to put her up if he wins, cause she doesn’t deserve not to be put up. Zach asked why Caleb doesn’t just want Amber out. He said because Amber is only part of the problem, and Cody and Hayden would have to go too if she goes home. Caleb added that he trusts Cody so he doesn’t want that to happen.

Frankie asked Nicole what she would like to see happen this week. Nicole said that she would be fine with a number of options, as she wouldn’t mind seeing Jocasta, Victoria, Caleb or Amber going home. Both agreed that they don’t feel safe with Amber. Frankie said that he would be shooting himself in the foot if he sent Caleb home, since Caleb would definitely have his back. Frankie explained his plan to tell Caleb that Amber hates his guts and is using him to get further in the game. Frankie said that he will point out to Jocasta that she could go home if she is up against Victoria, so he will ask her for safety if he puts up a bigger target.

8:00-9:00 PM: Frankie told Derrick about his plan for the week. He said that Amber will be going home if Caleb gets on board with it, otherwise Caleb will be going home. Derrick expressed concern about Amber blowing things up. Frankie said that she definitely will but there are not many people left that can gain anything from hearing it. Frankie also said that he would do damage control during his talks, preparing them for what Amber will do so that they do not believe it. Frankie mentioned that the only other option is nominating Donny, which they cannot do for Team America reasons. Derrick said that it’s possible that they are not high on Donny’s list of friends. They did agree that they would look terrible if they took Donny out, so they are not going to turn on him.

They also discussed the Team America mission. Frankie mentioned that he has been planting seeds with Zach, saying that he can make a speech at the veto ceremony. They discussed that it could work if Zach goes after Amber, while sticking up for Caleb and telling Amber that she has treated him so poorly. Frankie asked if there was any benefit to leaving nominations the same. Derrick said that he cannot see a negative. He pointed out that Caleb and Amber’s votes are locked in with them at the moment. That being said, Derrick said that he will support Frankie’s decision either way. Frankie told him that his gut is telling him that he can pull this off and send Amber home.

Next up, Frankie filled Christine in on the plan. Christine said that she totally agrees that Amber needs to go. She did mention that she would be totally fine with Jocasta going home as well. Christine felt that that would be the safest move for her game. Frankie agreed that it is safer but didn’t feel that it was necessarily the best move. They also discussed Zach. Christine was worried about him winning again. Frankie told her not to be and assured her that Zach does not want her to go home. Frankie did tell her to go ahead and nominate Zach if she wins though. They discussed that the Detonators have a legit shot at making it to the end together. Frankie revealed that he thinks that Cody is more dangerous than Zach in the long run. He explained that Cody is the only Detonator that wouldn’t target Zach first at the Final 5.

9:00-10:00 PM: Caleb went to Derrick and told him that he and Amber were in the kitchen together for about 15 minutes but not a word was spoken. He mentioned that he is over it and is almost to a point where he would put Amber up or backdoor her. He then said that they should put her up this week in order to scare her. Caleb felt that it would not be best for his game to send Amber home, but he wanted to show her that he has the power to put her up and wanted her to know that she needs to respect him. He expressed concern that people may flip and send Amber home, though he figured that it would not happen. Derrick told him that Frankie would likely do it for him if that’s what he really wanted.

10:00-11:00 PM: Caleb told Frankie that he came up with a huge plan. He revealed that he would like to have Hayden use the veto on Jocasta so that they can nominate Amber. He explained that Amber has been floating over to the other side, so they need to scare her into thinking that she is getting backdoored. Frankie agreed that she is floating to the other side. He also said that his allegiance is to Caleb so he will do what is best for their games. Caleb felt that Amber would see that she has to come back to them for safety, so she will know who really has her back. He felt that it was necessary to scare Amber back into her place, given that she has forgotten it. In the event that Amber runs her mouth and blows up the alliance, Caleb said that she would then have to go home. Frankie told Caleb that it is a brilliant plan and that he is on board.

11:00-12:00 AM: Caleb spoke to Hayden to fill him in on his plan, saying that they are about to make a huge move. Caleb told him that they want the veto to be used on Jocasta so that they can backdoor Amber. However, he clarified that it was just a test to see how Amber would react. If she passed the test, she would stay. If she blows up, she would go home. Caleb figured that Amber would come crawling back to him for safety. Caleb believes that ratings will go up because the cowboy put his girl on the block to test her loyalty. Hayden said that he was not opposed to the idea and that they can talk to Frankie.

Derrick informed Cody that Hayden pulled him aside each of the last two days and said that he wants to start an alliance with the two of them, Christine and Nicole. Cody laughed about this being the season of alliances. He said that they are in all of them. Derrick mentioned that Hayden and Donny seem to have something going on, so he doesn’t say anything about Donny to Hayden. They discussed the plan to send Amber home. They felt that Amber would not come after them but they cannot afford to stick their necks out for her. Moving forward, Cody said that he would like to target Caleb and then Frankie. Derrick told Cody that Frankie will likely stay true to the Detonators until the Final 5. He added that with Zach on their side they could get Frankie out at that point. Cody mentioned that Frankie will use Caleb as his side alliance as well, so they have to consider that.

Hayden informed Donny that he is planning to take Victoria off of the block. He said that everyone is 100% on board with getting Amber out of the house. Donny felt that Frankie may need some convincing, but Hayden said that Frankie is on board as well. Hayden told him that the only thing up int he air is whether to target Caleb or target Amber. Hayden and Donny discussed that Frankie is the best all around competitor in the house. Donny said that Frankie will likely only get nominated once this entire game. Hayden agreed and said that will have to be the time that he goes home. Hayden assured Donny that others are on the same page. Donny also expressed interest in working with Nicole through Hayden, rather than directly, because he is concerned about Christine.

After Hayden was done talking to Donny he spoke to Frankie. Frankie wanted to know if Hayden was on board with using the veto on Jocasta. Hayden said no, he is using it on Victoria. Frankie brought up the possibility of making a deal with Jocasta, but Hayden was set on saving Victoria. He said that he had already promised her and that it would look questionable to everyone if he were to save Jocasta. Hayden assured Frankie that he could speak to Caleb and do damage control to explain why he had to use it on Victoria. Frankie plans to tell everyone that Hayden is not using the veto, as he wants Amber to be completely blindsided. They discussed that they will not let Caleb know that Amber is going home until later in the week, perhaps the night before the vote.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick went to Donny and said that Frankie mentioned that he may backdoor Amber. Derrick and Donny agreed that they may be able to get Zach to go at Amber for their Team America mission. Donny mentioned that he is fine with either Amber or Caleb going, but he admitted that he would have difficulty beating Amber in any competitions. As for Caleb, Donny said that he is an idiot and talks about being a competition beast even though he has done nothing. They agreed that it may even be possible to pull Hayden in if needed.

Hayden let Victoria know that he is going to use the veto on her. He then went to Zach to discuss how great it is that Caleb brought up nominating Amber, because now he will believe that this plan was all his. Hayden told Zach that he did his job by turning Caleb and Amber against each other, so now he just needs to lay low. Zach did say that he plans to go off on Amber once she is on the block. Zach thought that it would be a good idea for the two of them to solidify an alliance with Donny and then work both sides of the house. Hayden was on board with that.

Upstairs, Frankie filled Christine in on Caleb’s plan. He mentioned that he would give the okay on sending Amber home if she were to blow up the Bomb Squad. Christine told Frankie that they can pretend that Amber blew it up to Nicole. Frankie then talked to Jocasta. He told her that she would be safe is she remained on the block with Victoria. He also said that he could nominate someone that would go home over her if Hayden were to use the veto on Victoria.

1:00-2:00 AM: Cody and Derrick share a concern that they could go home over Hayden if they are nominated next to him. Cody then brought up that he still wants Caleb to go home. Derrick agreed but said that they cannot rock the boat with Frankie in power. Derrick said that Cody will feel better next week once Caleb goes home. Cody pointed out that they said the same thing last week and now Amber is the one going home. They agreed that Caleb is Frankie’s Final 2 option, so he will try to keep him in the game. On the positive side, Derrick told Cody that he doesn’t think that Caleb has what it takes to nominate him.

3:00-4:00 AM: Frankie informed Zach that he is working with Jocasta now. Zach told Frankie that he is the man and that he has no one in the house coming after him. Frankie agreed and said that is true for now anyway. Zach mentioned that he is working on trying to reel Donny in. Zach believed that it was a guarantee that both he and Frankie will make it to the Final 3 together. Frankie disagreed, saying that people will get wise to things. Zach let Frankie know that Hayden called him the strongest competitor in the game. They discussed plans for the rest of the way. After Amber goes, they had agreed that they should backdoor Caleb. Shortly thereafter, they changed their minds and said that Caleb is not necessarily after either of them and likely trusts them the most. It was decided that sending Jocasta home next would likely be better.

Down the line when it is just the Detonators, Zach said that they will want Frankie out but he will say that they have to send Christine home. Once down to the Final 4, Zach said that he will slit Cody and Derrick’s throats. He then realized that all it would take is a veto win by Cody or Derrick to send one of them home at the Final 4. Zach said that Cody or Derrick need to go before Christine. Frankie suggested that Cody should go first and that they should look to make the Final 3 with Christine. Zach said that the Detonators will make the Final 5 and then the two of them will make it to the end and reveal that they had a Final 2 deal since Day 3.

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