The plan to blindside Amber remains in place

July 27, 2014

Caleb grows frustrated with Amber and says to put her on the block - Day 37 Recap

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach had a lengthy discussion with Amber. The majority of the conversation consisted of Amber and Zach trying to reconcile their differences. Amber explained that Zach sometimes takes things too far and that she has not said anything personal about him. Zach admitted to being really sarcastic and acting like an ass, though he pointed out that he is always kidding at the end of the day. He assured Amber that he had not said anything bad about her personally, only calling her a flip flopper. He said that things get misconstrued in the big game of telephone that Big Brother is. They ultimately agreed that they went wrong by communicating through middle men instead of talking to each other directly. Zach then asked Amber if she is going to talk to Caleb. Amber said that she doesn’t know because she has already tried. She said that she doesn’t even know what she has done wrong. Zach told her that she did nothing wrong and that she should just wait it out because time heals everything. Zach pointed out that Caleb clearly likes Amber. He said that it’s bad for her game but he is protecting her.

3:00-4:00 AM: Zach told Caleb that the conversation with Amber did not go well. He explained that she again said that he is making a big deal out of nothing. Zach mentioned that Amber said that she is there to play her own game and doesn’t really need Caleb. Caleb then said that it’s cool and that Amber can play her own game in the hot seat on Thursday. He added that he will send her home if that’s how she really thinks. Zach brought up that Amber believes that she feels that she is the reason that Devin is gone, because she stood up to him and said that she wanted him out. Zach then told Caleb that the date went well but she doesn’t like him like that and doesn’t want to hurt his feelings. Caleb’s response was “great”. Zach let him know that Amber found it messed up and disrespectful that Caleb hasn’t come to talk to her. All in all, Zach reiterated that the conversation did not go well.

Caleb said that things were misconstrued the last time that he took someones word. Zach said that he can go talk to Amber, but Caleb refused. Zach told Caleb that Amber said that she already tried to talk to him but he straight up ignored her. Caleb pointed out that Amber is the reason that this is all happening and that she will have to sit in the hot seat for it. Caleb claimed that he will tell her that they can’t talk even if she comes up to him. Caleb felt that it was so funny that Amber says that she doesn’t like him, because she is different once everyone goes to bed. Zach said that he is pissed because Amber treats Caleb like shit. They agreed that everyone sees it. Zach told Caleb that he has done more than enough for Amber. Both agreed that Amber does not deserve Caleb at all and that the whole house can see that. Caleb said that Amber is going to have to play the game on her own from now on. Frankie joined them and said that they cannot let any of this get out tomorrow, as they need to make Amber feel safe.

Zach and Frankie spoke in the HoH room. He told Frankie that Amber hates Caleb with a passion and only went on the date because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. They discussed that it is amazing how this all unfolded, as Zach made Caleb turn on Amber which is letting Frankie get out of this without getting blood on his hands. Frankie pointed out that Caleb and Amber cannot talk or else the plan may be at risk. Zach informed him that he covered his bases by telling Amber that time heals everything and that she should not talk to Caleb. Frankie said that Christine is working on getting Amber to distance herself from Caleb as well. Zach was impressed with himself, saying that he went on a date with Amber and then spilled everything to Caleb and crushed his heart to secure Amber’s eviction. Frankie warned him not to get too far ahead of himself, as there is plenty of time left. Zach plans to follow Caleb around all day and he wants Christine to follow Amber around all day, so tha that they cannot talk to each other.

9:00-10:00 AM: Caleb told Frankie that he wants to get Cody to speak to Amber in order to find out if Zach is lying about what Amber said. Frankie told him that it is not going to change his decision about nominating her, so it’s best not to do anything until Monday in order to avoid freaking her out. Caleb said that he knows how close Cody and Amber are and he knows how Zach is, so he wants to know. He mentioned that it’s possible that Zach is lying about everything. Frankie said that it is not the case. He confirmed that Amber only went on the date with him to avoid hurting his feelings. Frankie said that he didn’t have the heart to tell Caleb because he didn’t want to hurt him. Caleb said that stuff like that does not hurt his feelings. As for the other things, Frankie said that he did not know what was true, but he said that Caleb can air it all out on Monday and get to the bottom of it.

Frankie added that it is no secret that Amber treats Caleb like crap and that he doesn’t deserve that. He told Caleb that based on everything they know, she should go on the block tomorrow. Whether or not she goes home can be decided afterwards. Frankie then went back to the HoH room to report back to Zach. He told Zach that Caleb has yet to sleep and that he does not trust him. Frankie cautioned Zach against saying anything more to Caleb, as it will only make him lose more trust. He informed Zach that Caleb wants to talk to Cody to get to the bottom of things. They agreed that they cannot let that happen. Zach couldn’t believe that Caleb would not trust him. Frankie pointed out that Amber will always win out in Caleb’s mind, so he does not want to believe anything bad about her. They agreed that things need to be left alone until Monday.

1:00-2:00 PM: Donny gave Jocasta advice as to how to handle being on the block. He told her that today is a chill day and that the only person that she needs to talk game to is Hayden, because nothing else matters since she doesn’t even know if she will be on the block or who she will be against come tomorrow. As for everyone else, Donny said just to be social with them and laugh. Jocasta pulled Hayden aside to hear his thoughts on what he wants to do with the veto. Hayden said that his mind is still not made up as to what to do, but he wants to do whatever is best for his game and whatever will make the fewest people mad at him. Jocasta said that she would love it if he used it on her and that she would return the favour at some point down the road. Jocasta said that she likes Hayden and that he is not a target of hers. Hayden didn’t want to commit to anything but he told her that he truly doesn’t believe that she is a target. Hayden said that he is confident that Jocasta will be safe whether he uses the veto on her or not.

Donny spoke to Derrick about the Team America mission. Derrick felt that Frankie will indeed go through with blindsiding Amber, as it will give them the best shot at completing the mission. They figured that it’s possible to get Zach to go off on Amber. Donny said that Zach is a good liability to have in the house, since people would target him over them. Derrick said that he doesn’t trust Frankie completely but also doesn’t think that he would throw either of them on the block. Donny agreed. Derrick said that he would like to talk to Donny about working with him long term, as he feels more comfortable with him than with Frankie. He said that he hopes that Donny feels the same way. Donny said that he does but he hasn’t wanted to talk about it because it’s too early. They agreed to talk about it down the road. Donny then pointed out that Frankie is the best all around competitor in the house and is liked both inside and outside of the house. Donny said that no one would suspect that the two of them were working together because Derrick stays up all night and he stays up all day. Derrick said that he would like Jocasta to be involved too. Donny told him that Jocasta is a friend of his but America put him in a situation where he doesn’t want to build outside of that alliance.

2:00-3:00 PM: Donny and Derrick continued to chat. Derrick mentioned that it would be huge if they could pull off getting Amber out of the house, especially doing so without getting a target on their backs from Caleb. Derrick said that Amber is a stronger competitor than Caleb. Donny agreed and pointed out that Caleb can’t even think for himself. Both felt that they would be safer with Caleb in the house than with Amber in the house. Derrick and Donny discussed that it is critical that Team America stays together, even if a mission comes their way to take out one of their own. Donny said that Frankie is their #1 man and is also the #1 man in the house at the moment. Donny said that he and Derrick are pretty likeable and should be able to survive a potential double eviction. Derrick said that the worst case scenario would be the two of them going up together, though he doesn’t think that it would happen right now. Donny noted that the only way that they may be associated is if two people see them as the most likeable. That being said, Donny felt that the young people would like each other more than they like the two of them.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb told Derrick and Zach that he cannot wait until Amber is sitting in the nomination chair tomorrow. He said that he will tell her that he cannot save her and that he has done enough. Caleb informed Derrick that Amber is saying that she is where she is because she has done everything on her own. He was also frustrated that she is telling people that she only went on the date to not hurt his feelings, meanwhile she did not act that way when on the date. Caleb then went to Jocasta and talked the whole situation over with her for over an hour. Caleb said that he is over the whole situation and that he is focused on the game. Jocasta pointed out that may both be being a little bit stubborn by not talking to one another. Caleb said that it’s always him going to her, so he is not going to do it.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody told Zach that he plans to target Caleb next week, especially in the event of a double eviction. Cody questioned why they are even keeping Caleb around this week. Zach said that it’s because of Frankie, but he assured Cody that Caleb will be on his way out in the next couple of weeks. Zach revealed that he wants Christine to be the first Detonator to go home. He told Cody that she is in the alliance but not really in the alliance. Cody said that he is fine with her going out first. Zach and Frankie then prepped Cody for the likely talk that awaits him, as Caleb wants to confirm what Amber has said about him. Both guys told Cody to be honest with Caleb. Frankie advised Cody not to do it until after the veto ceremony. Zach and Frankie also filled Cody in on Zach’s plan to make a speech after the veto ceremony, standing up for Caleb in order to gain his trust back. Frankie and Cody gave Zach his props for putting this whole plan in to action and successfully turning Caleb on Amber in such a subtle manner. Frankie revealed that Christine will tell Caleb that Amber blew up the Bomb Squad to Nicole, then he will want her out.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody again brought up that he is taking Caleb out of the house next week, this time in a talk with Derrick and Zach. He mentioned that he doesn’t care that Frankie doesn’t want Caleb out. Zach said that he plans to go after Caleb also. Derrick assured Cody that they are all on the same page. Meanwhile, Caleb told Frankie that he is still down to nominate Amber if Frankie is on board. Frankie said that he is good to go. Caleb asked what Frankie will say to Amber. Frankie explained that his nomination speech will be all about trust and how this person has been asking everyone if they can trust them. Frankie said that he doesn’t want to make it seem like he is making this decision for Caleb. However, Frankie said that he would tell Amber one on one that he can’t stand what she is doing to Caleb. Caleb wanted Frankie to tell her that he had Frankie nominate her. Frankie said that he will tell her just that and that he felt the need to have Caleb’s back. They both agreed that Caleb is the only one actually keeping Amber safe. Frankie told Caleb that he can say that to Amber afterwards as well. He also pointed out that Zach may say it in front of the whole house during his speech.

6:00-7:00 PM: Caleb told Cody about what is going on between him and Amber. He said that Amber didn’t want to go on the date and only did so because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings. Cody acted shocked to hear that. Cody pointed out that they know how Zach is, so it may not have actually been said. Caleb told Cody that both Zach and Frankie had the exact same stories though, so it likely happened. He said that the only words that he will say to Amber if she tries to talk to him are that she has been playing by herself anyway, so good luck. Caleb then brought Cody up to speed on the plan to nominate Amber tomorrow, thinking that he didn’t already know. They agreed that it frustrates them when Amber always says that she doesn’t know if she can trust anyone in the alliance. Caleb mentioned that Amber needs to realize her spot in the game and see who truly is protecting her. Caleb then went over a few points with Zach, in hope of him using them in his speech tomorrow. He wants Zach to make it clear that he has done everything possible for Amber and yet she hasn’t even thanked him for any of it.

7:00-8:00 PM: Team America met up to discuss the plan for their current mission. Frankie said that they are going to try to get Zach to blow up on Amber tomorrow. Frankie explained that the plan is to backdoor Amber as long as the veto is used. He said that Zach has already been primed about making a speech and he is ready to go to battle. Donny said that he is on board with sending Amber home. He felt that Caleb would not be a threat at all once Amber is gone. He pointed out that Caleb hasn’t done that well in competitions and isn’t the brightest guy. Donny said that he will vote to evict Amber over either Jocasta or Victoria.

8:00-9:00 PM: Hayden told Frankie that he has been telling everyone that he doesn’t know what he will do with the veto, so everyone is likely assuming that he will not be using it. Hayden confirmed that he will be using the veto on Victoria. Caleb wanted Hayden to use it on Jocasta, but Hayden will explain that it would look too suspicious to do that. He plans to explain to Caleb that Victoria is a vote and is someone that is predictable, while they have no clue what Jocasta will do. Frankie told Hayden that he will let Amber know that Caleb told Hayden to use the veto and told him to nominate her, as Caleb wants all of the credit for this move. Hayden also revealed that he would like to nominate Jocasta and Victoria, with a plan to backdoor Caleb. If nominations remain the same, Jocasta would go home.

10:00-11:00 PM: The houseguest held a memorial service for both Frankie’s and Derrick’s grandfathers. Afterwards, Cody and Frankie spoke. Frankie asked Cody how he feels about Zach. Cody said that he makes him very nervous, especially because they are linked to Zach. Cody pointed out that Zach has done nothing but make their games tougher. Cody said that he is done with Zach the next time that he throws them under the bus. Frankie mentioned that he does believe Zach when he says that he would sacrifice his game for theirs. Cody agreed that he would do so for the two of them and for Derrick. Cody told Frankie that the two people that make him most nervous are Caleb and Donny, with Caleb making him a bit less nervous since Derrick and Frankie are in his ear. Frankie said that if two alliance members win HoH they need to nominate Hayden, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria and Nicole, as they cannot keep putting their own people up like Zach did this week.

Derrick, Cody and Frankie discussed that it is imperative that they make Amber feel that she has the votes to stay so that she does not blow things up. Zach said that he is going to tell her that she is going home. The guys were fine with that as long as Zach didn’t tell her that everyone was planning on voting her out. Zach then began practicing the speech that he will use at the veto ceremony. Caleb even joined in and encouraged Zach. The points that he plans to cover include that Caleb put his game on the line for Amber, he took the $5,000 in the veto competition so that he could take her on a cruise, he gave her his blankets in the cold have-not room and so forth.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derrick and Cody discussed the potential fallout from Amber going on the block. Derrick felt that it would be best for the two of them to immediately pull Amber aside and tell her that it is ridiculous that she is on the block and to assure her that she is not going home. They wanted to minimize the chance of her blowing anything up. Derrick noted that it would be dumb of her to do so, as she would be turning on the very people whose votes she needs to save her. Cody continued to voice his frustration with Caleb. He said that he can’t wait to cut him at the knees. Derrick felt that taking Amber out will do just that.

1:00-2:00 AM: Cody, Zach and Christine were discussing their plans for the week ahead. Cody said that he would probably put up Caleb and Jocasta. Zach said that he would nominate Jocasta and Victoria, planning to backdoor Caleb. Zach pointed out that Caleb brings nothing to the table because he has no social game and doesn’t win competitions. Christine and Cody laughed that Caleb thinks that he is running things. Cody asked Christine if she would put Caleb up or backdoor him if it was a double eviction. Christine said backdoor him. Cody felt that it was best to put him up originally. Zach said that Cody has a vendetta against Caleb. Cody pointed out that Zach was so gung-ho to get Caleb out last week, yet now he is backing down. Zach said that it just made sense to evict him last week when Cody decided to get rid of Brittany who trusted him. Cody and Christine disagreed that Brittany trusted Cody. Christine pointed out to Zach that this is a week where she is doing something for the alliance because Amber is not coming after her. Cody agreed and said the same thing. Cody wondered why Frankie wanted Amber out so badly. Zach said because Frankie wanted Caleb in his back pocket.

2:00-3:00 AM: Hayden told Nicole that he has something to tell her and that she might be mad at him. He then revealed that he knew what Zach was going to say to Christine and Nicole during the nomination ceremony. Nicole said that she is so mad at Hayden. Hayden told her to know that she tried talking him out of it. Nicole was upset that Hayden knew that she was going on the block and didn’t even tell him. Hayden explained that he couldn’t tell her or else he would get in trouble. Nicole told Hayden that it is so horrible of him not to have warned her and that she hopes that America is pissed at him. Hayden let Nicole know that it was always a joke and that Zach didn’t mean any of it, so it’s not that big of a deal. Hayden said that she has to understand where he is coming from and that it solidifies the fact that he tells her everything. Nicole disagreed and said that it makes her not trust him because he knew everything beforehand.

Hayden told her that it wasn’t that big of a deal since she was safe the whole time. Nicole asked what the point of nominating them was. Hayden explained that Zach didn’t care if he got dethroned and that he had nobody else to put up and just wanted the air time. Hayden revealed that Cody, Derrick and Frankie were also in the room when Zach was planning his speech. Nicole said that she understands why Hayden didn’t let her know but she was annoyed that everyone knew and that she looked stupid in front of America. Hayden also stood up for Cody and Derrick, saying that they all tried to defend Nicole and Christine, but Zach went ahead with the plan anyway. Hayden said that it should not give her a reason not to trust Derrick and Cody. Nicole thanked Hayden for letting her know but she said that she would have told Hayden before the nomination ceremony happened if the roles were reversed. Nicole apologized for getting pissed at him earlier.

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