Amber is named the replacement nominee

July 28, 2014

The plan to blindside Amber remains in place- Day 38 Recap

5:00-6:00 AM: At 5:26 AM, Caleb was heading to bed in the have-not room. Amber was asleep in the rock room with the covers over top of her. Cody was in bed in the rock room but was awake. Caleb picked up a pillow and motioned to Cody that he was going to throw it at Amber. After about a minute of doing so, Caleb opened the have-not room door and hid around the corner with the pillow still in hand. He eventually threw it at Amber and then hid in the have-not room. Amber then got out of bed, dazed and confused. Victoria was making her way out of the fire room at the same time. Amber got up to change her batteries, thinking that it was time to wake up for the day. Victoria asked Amber why she is awake. Amber said that she got a pillow thrown at her.

9:00-10:00 AM: The plan is still in place for Amber to be backdoored. Frankie told Caleb that he is going to send Amber to Caleb when she comes up to him after the veto ceremony with guns blazing. He told Caleb that he can explain to Amber that this is all a test to see if she trusts them. Caleb told Frankie that it would be best if he told Amber during the ceremony that she needs to see him in the HoH room immediately after the veto ceremony. Caleb then said that Frankie can tell Amber that they have not spoke in five days, so she has to go talk to him. Caleb informed Frankie that he hit Amber in the head with a pillow overnight while she was sleeping, and she doesn’t know who it was that did it. He went around the house bragging to the guys that he had done it. Meanwhile, Amber was telling the girls that someone hit her with a pillow and that she didn’t know who had done it.

10:00-11:00 AM: Part of Caleb’s plan was to have Hayden use the Power of Veto on Jocasta. Nearly everyone else knows that Hayden plans to use it on Victoria. He is going to tell Caleb at the last second so that he doesn’t have a chance to do anything about it. Hayden went to a number of the guys, such as Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Zach, to tell them that they can say that they didn’t know he was using it on Victoria. He did ask them to have his back with Caleb and tell him that it made perfect sense to use it on Victoria. Everyone agreed. Zach pointed out that Caleb is doing all of this just to have leverage over Amber. Hayden felt that it was all to get an apology out of her. Frankie pointed out that Amber has to go home no matter what, cause once he puts her up it would not be good news for his game if she were to stay. The guys agreed. They discussed that Caleb will hopefully get on board with that but that they will need to send her home either way. Caleb again approached Frankie, telling him that it’s so funny that he rocked Amber in the face with the pillow. He then revealed that he planned to, and still has plans to, chop up bananas and put them in Amber’s drink shaker.

12:00-1:00 PM: Hayden used the Power of Veto on Victoria. Frankie nominated Amber in her place. When the feeds returned, Amber was telling Frankie, Derrick and Cody that she can be trusted and that Frankie is still not going to be her target. They had a brief chat before Amber walked out and said that she thinks that this was all planned by all of them. Frankie then went to Zach to express frustration with him that he had told Amber that Frankie cannot be trusted. Zach denied it and said that it would make no sense for him to have told Amber that. Frankie said that it’s fine and that he knows Zach said it, but he cannot go on the offensive with Amber. He warned Zach not to go throwing the Detonators under the bus, otherwise people will think that he wants to be nominated next to them.

Derrick and Cody were discussing that they need to stay on Amber and make her feel safe. Derrick also mentioned that they would benefit by keeping Caleb until everyone else that wants them out is gone. He even pointed out that Caleb would be a good person to be up against in a Final 3 mental competition, as opposed to someone like Christine that knows everything. Derrick also noted that keeping Caleb would make Frankie feel comfortable until they get him out as well. Both agreed that Frankie will be voted out the second that he is put on the block. Derrick said that he doesn’t trust Frankie and that he is likely embellishing things about Zach. Cody was upset about Zach being on his high horse, but Derrick told him to be careful what he says since they still need Zach. Amber rejoined the guys and said that she knew that she would go up since Zach and Caleb were smiling at each other before the veto was even used. Amber said that it is ridiculous that they make it out like she doesn’t have their backs because she wont have a relationship or a showmance in the house. Amber said that she has her reasons for not wanting a relationship. She then began crying and walked out, saying that she lost someone close to her.

Amber was outside speaking to Nicole, telling her that it’s ridiculous if this is all about her not wanting a relationship with Caleb. Nicole agreed. Amber mentioned that the girls need to stick together. Amber said that Frankie better watch out because if it comes down to it she is going to throw them all under the bus because she has enough information to do so. Frankie saw Amber and Nicole speaking, so he went up to the HoH room and told Caleb, Zach, Hayden and Cody that he is pretty sure that Amber is already blowing them up. Caleb said that he is not concerned because Amber is going home if that’s what she actually is doing. Caleb said that they have a Final 6 anyway and that the girls were brought in afterwards by Devin. Frankie reported back a short while later and said that Amber is trying to start the girls alliance up again with Nicole and Christine. Hayden and Cody went off alone and discussed Zach. Hayden revealed that he would rather backdoor Zach than Caleb at this point, because he puts a bigger target on their backs than anyone else.

1:00-2:00 PM: Amber told Cody that she is upset with Frankie because he sat there and talked about trust when he is the one that has nominated her twice. Cody assured Amber that she has his vote. She believed that she also has Christine’s and Derrick’s votes. Cody said that Christine can talk to Nicole and he can talk to Hayden for her. Amber said that this made it clear who her targets are if she stays, Caleb and Zach. Amber felt that they were the ones behind her nomination, seeing as she thought that Frankie truly felt bad about what he did. Amber pointed out that Frankie had even mentioned backdooring Zach, so she could blow that up but she is being loyal and is not saying anything. Hayden joined them, at which point Amber questioned him about know that she was going on the block. Hayden denied knowing that, saying that he used the veto because it was the best move for his game. He clarified that it was nothing to do with getting her on the block. Amber said that she made a promise to the alliance and that she would not vote against them. Hayden admitted that he feels that Jocasta is more trustworthy than Amber, essentially admitting that she has his vote, but he said that lots can change by the end of the week. Amber told Hayden that she has always had his back and has stuck her neck out for him even if he doesn’t know it.

Amber went back to Derrick and told him that Hayden pretty much said that she doesn’t have his vote. She felt that Victoria would then vote against her as well. Derrick said that she is easily manipulated and that they could get her on their side. Derrick pointed out that Caleb must have gotten in Frankie’s ear this morning. Amber thought that Frankie was in on the plan because he had a speech prepared. Derrick said that Frankie looked genuinely surprised and didn’t seem prepared. Amber believed that Frankie, Caleb and Zach knew, but felt that Cody and Derrick were not involved. Amber then expressed her frustration over the whole situation, as it seems like she is on the block because Caleb wanted her to go talk to him. She said that it is all so childish. Amber explained that she took Zach’s advice and didn’t talk to Caleb in order to let things blow over. Derrick reassured her that she should be okay and that she can hopefully smooth things over with Caleb.

Amber approached Frankie to ask why she is on the block. Frankie told Amber to talk to Caleb, because he nominated her because Caleb finds her to be very untrustworthy. Amber said that Caleb is wanting her nominated due to personal reasons and that they are all blind if they think that Zach is trustworthy and she is not. She was frustrated that they nominated her just to get her to run back to Caleb. Frankie said that he didn’t even know that Hayden was using the veto. Amber said that he still had plenty of time this morning to talk to her and let her know that Caleb was saying to nominate her. Frankie again told her to talk to Caleb. Amber pointed out that Frankie is the one that put her up. Frankie said that he is in an alliance with Caleb though, and he can’t have Caleb go against him because he is a big threat to him if so.

2:00-3:00 PM: Caleb told Derrick that Amber apparently told Nicole about the alliance and that they have to go after the guys. Derrick said that there is no saving Amber if that’s the case. Caleb said that you can’t have people on your team that run to the enemy with information. Derrick then left and encouraged Amber to speak to Caleb. Amber said that she was told by Zach not to talk to her, so she didn’t. Caleb said that he didn’t tell Zach to say that. Amber explained that she didn’t want to look like an idiot by approaching someone that ignored her the first time. Amber then expressed that she feels as though Caleb had her nominated due to personal reasons. Caleb denied it. Amber pointed out that Zach is the only untrustworthy one in the alliance. Caleb told Amber that she is the one that has said that she doesn’t trust anyone for the past three weeks. He told her not to think that nobody else in the alliance feels the same way, because they all do.

Caleb questioned Amber about telling Nicole about the alliance. Amber denied it and said that Zach is the one that did it. Caleb revealed that Frankie told him that Nicole said that Amber blew things up. Amber said that they are clearly still trying to stir things up. Caleb told Amber that she has been doing nothing but hanging out with Victoria and Nicole, which contributed to putting her in this position. Amber pointed out that Christine does the same thing and that she has to do it for their games in order to hide the alliance. Amber eventually got up, walked out, and said “thanks a lot, Caleb”. Caleb pulled Nicole inside to question her about whether or not Amber blew up the alliance. Nicole said that Amber did not talk about that at all. Caleb also asked if Zach told her anything about the alliance. Nicole said that Zach called her an outcast and told her that she is outside of the alliance. Caleb said that is all that he needed to know.

Amber was telling Christine that Caleb accused him of blowing up the Bomb Squad. Christine pointed out that it has been out there for weeks and that there is nothing to blow up. Christine also said that she knows that Amber couldn’t have done it because she has been with her since the veto ceremony ended. Caleb told Derrick that he found out that Zach, not Amber, is the one that blew things up to Nicole. Derrick said that he didn’t think so and told him to talk to Frankie. Caleb again spoke to Amber, saying that Frankie is obviously an instigator and wants Amber gone so he is making things up. Caleb said that he never intended for Amber to go home when he suggested putting her on the block. Caleb explained that he brought it up but everyone else went along with it and said that it was a good idea. He told Amber that Christine was the only one that didn’t know about the plan. Caleb admitted that there were some personal reasons behind what he did. He mentioned hearing what she said about the date. Amber denied having said that she went on the date just to not hurt his feelings. Caleb said that Frankie and Zach are the whole problem and that they are lying to him. They agreed that others are trying to turn them on each other. Caleb apologized to Amber.

Frankie was in the bedroom with Nicole and Christine, trying to get to the bottom of things. Nicole said that she told Caleb that Amber did not blow up the alliance to her but Zach did. Frankie was noticeably concerned that his cover story was blown. Nicole said that she needs to know what’s going on because she can lie and say that Amber said something if needed. Nicole clarified that Amber did approach her about making a girls alliance to go after the guys, but Caleb did not ask about that or else she would have said yes. Frankie encouraged her to do that. Caleb then talked to Frankie and called him out about lying by saying that Nicole was told about the alliance by Amber. Amber was still in the room, so Frankie asked her to leave. Frankie then asked Caleb if he has lost his mind. Frankie pointed out that he said that Amber was forming an alliance to go against the boys, not that she blew up the Bomb Squad. Caleb mentioned that Nicole learned of the alliance from Zach. Frankie said that it doesn’t change the fact that Amber is trying to take them out. Frankie told Caleb that he doesn’t appreciate him throwing him under the bus to Amber.

3:00-4:00 PM: Frankie asked Caleb to bring Nicole in to talk. Nicole revealed that Amber said that the girls need to work together to go after the guys or else nobody will take the guys out. As for the date, Nicole said that Amber told her that she has no feelings for him and only went on the date because she didn’t want to say no. Frankie then said that he doesn’t understand how Caleb is getting so easily manipulated. Frankie told Caleb that Amber is now just covering her tracks by throwing everyone under the bus. Frankie pointed out that Amber is now going to go home because she is turning them all against each other. He added that Caleb is now going crazy which his leading the alliance to question him. He said that Amber is clearly lying to him about the date. Frankie defended Zach by saying that all that he was doing was trying to get closer to Caleb since he thinks that Caleb hates him. He also pointed out that Zach is the biggest target in the house, when it should be Caleb, so he is useful to them.

Frankie and Nicole talked things over. Frankie said that everyone obviously wants Amber out. Nicole wanted to just tell her that, seeing as it is going to put her in a bad spot having to keep up with all of these stories. Frankie agreed that they will like have to tell Amber that she is going home. Frankie then informed Cody that Caleb basically blew up the whole plan and now she knows that they all lied to her. Frankie said that they will now have to tell Amber that she is going home. Frankie told the same thing to Derrick. Afterwards, Derrick told Cody that Frankie is messing up and he is irritated with him. Nicole explained herself to Derrick and Cody, fearing that she would become a target due to getting caught in the middle of all of this. She explained that Amber said nothing to her but she had to go tell Caleb things because Frankie was covering his tracks. Nicole was pissed of that she was used like that. Both guys assured her that they believe her and don’t trust Frankie. Frankie went up to the HoH room to fill Zach, Hayden and Christine in on what has been happening. Zach said that it all couldn’t have worked out any better. Cody said that the entire house will be after Caleb. Frankie agreed and said that he has convinced Caleb that he did them wrong so he will not come after them.

4:00-5:00 PM: Nicole told Hayden that she is pissed off that Frankie tried to use her. Hayden said that he knew that Frankie was going to do that and so did everyone else. Nicole then realized that she was worrying for no reason and that nobody will be questioning her. She was still upset that nobody told her ahead of time, saying that she feels like the Danielle of the group. Meanwhile, Caleb told Frankie that the last thing that he wanted was for Amber to go home. Frankie said that he didn’t want her to go home either. Frankie told Caleb that he wouldn’t lie to him about Amber’s thoughts on the date either. Caleb felt that Zach would have. Caleb then discussed that Zach should be the one leaving since he blew up the alliance first. Caleb then went to Christine to tell her that he wishes that it was Zach on the block. Christine agreed.

Amber spoke with Cody, saying that the fact that all of the guys knew hurts her since she has always been so honest and loyal. She felt that everyone will have no problem voting her out if Caleb wants that. Both agreed that Amber should not be the one on the block. They also felt that Frankie feels bad about what has transpired, as Amber pointed out that he can’t even look her in the eye now. Caleb approached Derrick and said that Jocasta is going to do no good for them. He wanted Amber to stay but Derrick said that she needs to go if she said half of the things that people are accusing her of.

Both Nicole and Christine spoke to Donny. First up was Nicole. She revealed that she is thinking about nominating Zach and Victoria, with the goal of backdooring Caleb. She pointed out that she doesn’t want Zach to go home yet even after what he did to her. Donny agreed and said that Zach is a target for another week. Both said that Caleb needs to go first. Donny revealed that he would nominate Victoria and Caleb or Victoria and Cody, in hope of backdooring Caleb. There has been some discussion about Donny, Hayden, Nicole and Christine working together. It was again brought up in both talks. Christine and Donny both agreed that they feel that they can trust Hayden a lot. Amber came by and broke up their talk before they could discuss aligning in the group of four.

5:00-6:00 PM: Caleb told Hayden that he is wondering who really wants to keep Amber, saying that no one probably does. Hayden said that he wants her there on a personal level but not a game level, because it is too big of a risk with her coming after the guys. Hayden informed Caleb that Amber does not talk highly of him and that it is bothersome to all of them. Caleb again spoke with Amber. She explained that she went to the girls to try to make them think that she is with them, otherwise they would be afraid that the Bomb Squad is still an alliance. Amber revealed that she overhead Christine and Donny talking and it sounded like Hayden, Nicole, Christine and Donny are going to vote for Jocasta to stay because they are working together. Amber was frustrated that she is on the block. Caleb told her that she is now in danger because the guys think that she is going against them and trying to work with the girls. Amber said that it’s not true and that Victoria, Jocasta and Nicole are the ones working against them. As for the date situation, Amber explained that she is dealing with personal issues and it has nothing to do with him.

Caleb asked Derrick to speak again. He said that he is trying to look at things from both sides to figure out the truth. He brought up that Amber overhead Christine and Donny talking and that Christine, Donny, Nicole, Jocasta and Victoria are working together to take them out. He then mentioned that Amber was trying to makes the girls feel that she is on their side just to hide the alliance. Caleb told Derrick that he didn’t want to send one of their numbers home if they can send a number home from the other side by evicting Jocasta. Derrick told Caleb that whatever he decides, he needs to go with the majority or else he will lose the trust of the guys that have his back right now. Caleb wanted Zach to go, but Derrick said that he can’t worry about that when Zach cannot be put on the block this week. He also said that everyone is on board to get Zach out next. Caleb offered to go on the block if they kept Amber and she turned on them. Derrick told him that he may not even have a choice if that’s how things play out. Caleb then pointed out that Jocasta will be after the guys anyway. Derrick agreed but said there is less of a chance of Jocasta winning than Amber winning. He also told Caleb that at least part of what Amber is being accused of has to be true.

6:00-7:00 PM: Frankie joined Caleb and Derrick to see what was going on. Derrick explained that Amber feels that she is at the bottom of the alliance so she would be dumb not to come after them at this point. Frankie told Caleb that it is difficult to make a case that Amber did not blow up the alliance. Caleb said that he just wants Amber to make it to jury. He told Frankie about his plan to offer to go up and go home if Amber turns on them. Frankie told Caleb that he is saying that he will give up his game for Amber again, so he will only continue to make the same mistakes over and over if she stays. Frankie reiterated that Caleb scrambling to keep Amber is not helping her and not helping him. Frankie then talked to Amber and told her that Caleb is digging a bigger hole for her by scrambling so much. He said that this all comes down to Caleb’s ego and that is the reason that she is on the block. Frankie revealed that Caleb and Zach collaborated on the speech that Zach made and that Zach does not think that Amber is going home. Amber was happy to hear that and felt that she could get his vote then. Amber offered to be the first one to go to jury next week if they just keep her this week.

7:00-8:00 PM: Caleb informed Christine that Amber has heard things that make her think that she is not voting to keep her. Christine assured Caleb that it would do her game no good to send Amber home. Christine then went to Amber, who asked her how she is voting. Christine said that Jocasta would nominate her if she ever won HoH, so there would be no reason not to vote her out. Christine also noted that she has heard rumours that Caleb wants the six guys to have a Final 6 again, so that scares her and provides more reason to keep Amber in the house. Christine said that Caleb is pissing her off by making the girls sound so weak. Amber figured that she had Cody, Derrick, Zach, Caleb and Christine voting for her. They agreed to talk later with Nicole, who Amber said that she would not target if she stayed in the house.

Caleb continued to campaign for Amber, telling Cody that this whole plan backfired and that Amber deserves to make it to jury. Cody played along and said that he will be keeping her. Next up, Caleb went to Zach who had been sleeping all day. He informed Zach that it is shaping up to be a 5-4 vote with Zach being the deciding vote. Caleb said that Amber did not blow up the alliance, rather just saying that the girls need to stick together in order to keep her cover with the girls. Caleb assured Zach that Amber is not after him and that he will make any deal he has to in order to save Amber. Zach said that he will vote to keep her as long as she is not coming after him.

8:00-9:00 PM: Frankie, Zach and Hayden met up in the storage room. They discussed that they are going to have to put Operation Brittany back in to effect. They planned to make Amber and Caleb feel that Amber is staying. They would then blindside them on Thursday night. Frankie explained that Caleb is being a lunatic and wont stop campaigning for Amber, so it is easier just to make him think that Amber is staying than to fight with him. Frankie pointed out that Amber definitely needs to go since it will weaken Caleb to a point where he will no longer even want to be in the game.

9:00-10:00 PM: Zach let Donny know that he would nominate Caleb and Victoria if he were to win HoH. Donny agreed that that was a good set of nominations. Donny then spoke to Hayden and told him to let Christine and Nicole that they do not have to worry about Zach coming after them right now. Hayden and Donny agreed that Caleb is going if it’s a double eviction. Hayden said that he would nominate Jocasta and Victoria. Donny didn’t know who to nominate next to Victoria, saying that he may just nominate Caleb. Donny pointed out that the whole idea of the eight person alliance blew up with Frankie’s nomination of Amber. Hayden let Donny in on the plan to blindside Amber, in case he is hearing that people are voting Jocasta out.

Hayden brought up that Frankie needs to go at some point. Donny said that he would likely not nominate Frankie in either of the next two weeks but he would vote him out if he ended up on the block. Hayden figured that the next three targets would be Amber, Caleb and Zach, after which they could go after people like Frankie. Donny agreed. Donny said that it would be impossible to beat Frankie at the end. Donny mentioned that Frankie is loved by America and does a lot for the game. He also said that it would be hard to beat Derrick. Everyone else is beatable in the eyes of Donny. Both agreed that they trust Cody, though Donny said that he would not tell Cody as much as he tells Hayden. Meanwhile, Frankie told Derrick that he feels as though Hayden is not 100% with them but that he doesn't think that he would nominate either of them right now. Frankie believed that he was the only one that they need to be concerned about at the moment.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody told Derrick that Donny said that he would nominate Caleb and Victoria, and he believes him. Derrick thought that was good put pointed out that they need to be careful in the long run about how close Hayden and Donny are. Cody mentioned that Donny does not trust Zach as much anymore because he heard from Christine that Zach was talking about their alliance with Donny. Derrick said that Christine doesn’t shut up and is always a source of gossip around the house. Derrick felt that they may be making a mistake by voting out one of their own this week, as it only takes one of the outsiders to win HoH one time to ruin everything. Cody brought up that they have discussed taking Caleb out next but it may be better for them if Caleb won HoH because he would not nominate them unless he blows up after seeing Amber leave 8-1.

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