Amber plans to target Caleb; Caleb find out

July 29, 2014

The house debates whether or not to blindside Caleb/Amber- Day 40 Recap

11:00-12:00 AM: The feeds were down and/or not on the action for a short while. When they got back to the game talk, Amber was telling Christine that she really enjoyed the four days that Caleb wasn’t talking to her. She revealed that she has no problem putting Caleb up. Amber told Christine that the two of them and Nicole can dominate everyone once they make it to jury. Amber wanted Derrick to speak with Zach in order to let him know that he isn’t her target, as she is now after Caleb. Christine immediately went to Derrick and told him that Amber will be coming up to him to tell him that she wants Caleb out and that he is the only one that she trusts. Christine also told Zach, advising him not to say anything. Amber then went to Cody to and explained the same things to him that she did to Christine. She revealed that Caleb is her target and that he is hurting her game. Amber told Cody not to tell anyone because he is the only one that she is telling. She said that she will backdoor Caleb so that he knows how it feels. She added that Caleb is doing nothing but hurting her game. Amber also said that she feels that Zach could grow on her, seeing as she now knows that the things that he says are not personal.

Christine, Frankie, Derrick and Zach were discussing what to do with this new information that Amber wants to target Caleb. There was some debate as to whether or not they should now keep Amber. Derrick told Zach that Amber is not after him. Zach wasn’t buying it. Christine pointed out that if they blindside Amber they can go tell Caleb that he was Amber’s target. Zach said that they cannot keep Amber. Frankie said that the unpredictability factor is too large with Amber, so they cannot keep her around. The debate then shifted to when they should tell Caleb. Zach wanted to tell him immediately. The others felt that they should hold off until just before the eviction. Frankie suggested that they work on fuelling the fire with Amber, getting her to treat Caleb poorly. After Zach left, Christine, Frankie and Derrick discussed that Amber may not be the best person to go, even though Zach will never vote to keep her. They all agreed that Amber will not be after any of them. Frankie eventually pointed out that they will have to deal with this same issue again and again because Caleb will never be okay with letting Amber go.

12:00-1:00 AM: Cody went up to the HoH room with Frankie and Zach. They all discussed that Amber is targeting Caleb. Cody laughed that Amber just told him that he is the only one that she is letting know that, so it’s so clear that she is still trying to play them all. Cody and Zach talked some game after Frankie left the room. Cody pointed out that Nicole is doing a lot of running around lately. Zach said that it’s because he told her that she is an outsider. They were questioning why Frankie was so concerned about Nicole’s name being cleared, felling that he might be working with her. Cody pointed out that Nicole has also been talking to Donny a lot lately. Both guys agreed that Hayden is a huge threat that would dominate them at the end, so he needs to go soon. Cody warned Zach to watch what he says around Christine, because she talks a lot. He revealed that Christine told Donny that Zach thinks that he has Donny in his back pocket. Zach was upset and felt that Christine was trying to cover herself because she knows that Donny is after her. Zach told Cody that Frankie also seems super tight with Christine, so they will have to do something about it. Meanwhile, Hayden was outside telling Derrick that he feels as though Christine would burn them if she got the chance.

1:00-2:00 AM: Amber continued to tell people about her plans to target Caleb. She told Nicole that she is very ticked off at Caleb because he is running her game. Amber explained that she is in this position because Caleb wanted her to come running back into his arms. At that point, Amber revealed that Zach is no longer her target because she is going after Caleb. In the HoH room, Zach was telling Caleb that he feels more comfortable with Jocasta staying than Amber staying. Caleb said that Zach will vote how he wants and he cannot change his mind. Zach said that Amber is fake, conniving and lies through her teeth. Zach felt that he would be putting his game at risk by keeping Amber. Caleb said that he can talk to her and tell her that she cannot nominate Zach or else they will vote to keep him and then send her out next. Zach told Caleb that he doesn’t think that he has as much control over Amber as he thinks. That being said, Zach told Caleb that he did not want to be the vote to send Amber home. He told Caleb that he will go with the alliance and vote to keep her.

2:00-3:00 AM: Frankie, Zach, Derrick, Cody and Caleb continued to chat. Frankie eventually told Caleb that he has to tell him something. Caleb said “Let me guess. I’m her (Amber’s) target”. Frankie confirmed that Amber is going around telling everyone that he is her target because he is ruining her game. Caleb was dumbfounded as to how Amber could feel that he was ruining her game. He looked to Cody for confirmation that he is Amber’s target. Cody gave it to him. Caleb stormed off out of the HoH room, even though the guys tried to stop him. The guys followed him in fear of a blow up, but Caleb simply kept to himself. Derrick told Cody that Caleb’s heart was broken when Cody gave him confirmation of the news. Derrick let Cody and Zach know that they cannot get rid of Caleb because he would never put them on the block. The guys continued to talk game, with Zach revealing that he thinks that Christine and Frankie have a Final 2, since Frankie squashes any bad thing that Zach says about her. Derrick went downstairs to tell Caleb that he has his back. Meanwhile, Cody and Zach continued to talk. Cody said that Frankie is running around starting alliances. Zach said that they need to send Frankie home the first shot they get.

Caleb rejoined the guys up in the HoH room. He sat there in silence as the guys told him that they have his back and feel so bad that he is in this position. Cody told Caleb that he didn’t know that Frankie had heard about Amber targeting him until just then because she said that she did not tell anyone else. Cody said that he had planned to pull Caleb aside and talk to him one on one about it but hadn’t yet got a chance to. Hayden eventually joined them, at which point he was filled in on what had gone down. Caleb finally broke his silence by saying “Dude, I ate the pickle”, which led to plenty of laughter. Caleb told the guys that he wants to go hit Amber in the face with a banana. He said that there will be plenty of pranks being played tonight for sure. Caleb asked what he should do about Amber for the time being. Derrick suggested that he play it cool and not let Amber know that he knows what’s going on. Caleb then came up with the idea to stand up in the middle of the live show in order to call Amber out and tell her that he knew the whole time that he was her target. Frankie rejoined everyone in the HoH room and told them that he lied to Amber and said that Zach and Caleb had a fight, so she has no idea that Caleb knows everything.

Caleb questioned Frankie one on one about who knew that he was Amber’s target, because he needs to know who withheld the information from him. Frankie initially resisted naming names, but he eventuality told Caleb that Amber said it in front of him and Christine and that he later confirmed things with Cody as well. Caleb told Frankie that he should have came to him immediately if he is going to be his main man in the house. Frankie explained that he didn’t want to cause a riot and didn’t want to hurt Caleb. Caleb said that he can handle it and that their trust would have been gone out the window if Frankie had waited until tomorrow to tell him. The talk ended with Caleb saying that he is not mad at Frankie and that he still has his back. He also asked if she should talk to Christine to let her know that he is not mad at her. Frankie said that would be a good idea.

3:00-4:00 AM: Zach let Frankie know that Christine told Donny that Zach is saying that he has him in his back pocket. Frankie pointed out that Christine pulled a Zach by doing that. Zach said that Christine doesn’t like him, which prompted Frankie to tell Zach that he is wrong and that Christine wants to go to the end with him. Frankie explained that Christine has admitted that they have no way of beating Cody and Derrick unless Zach is on board with them. Frankie said that Zach should drop the Donny thing and perhaps even approach Christine about going to the Final 3 with the two of them. Frankie let Zach know that he is always calling him a lunatic to people. Zach didn’t mind because he knows that Frankie has his back. Frankie said that Cody and Derrick always jump to his defense as well. Outside, Caleb spoke to Christine and said that he knows what's going on now. Caleb told her that it will be a 9-0 vote to evict Amber. Christine apologized to Caleb for things playing out like this, but Caleb said that he is fine.

5:00-6:00 AM: Caleb spoke to Frankie, Zach, Cody and Derrick about his plans. Caleb was going over his speech for Amber for during the live show. He said that he will say “Princess, I am the king and the slipper don’t fit”, amongst other things. He said that he could wish that he could come up with a poem, starting it out with a love poem and then slam her at the end, making her feel safe before having her realize that she is going home. Frankie suggested “roses are red, violets are blue, you’re a bitch”. Derrick and Caleb went off to talk in the living room. Caleb said that he was unsure of what was going on due to all of the he said, she said. Derrick pointed out that the whole thing was a wrap when Cody confirmed that Caleb is Amber’s target. Caleb questioned when his boys were going to tell him how Amber felt. Derrick said that it’s a tough thing to deal with and it had to be the right time. Caleb noted that Cody said that he didn’t know that Frankie knew, though Frankie said that he had confronted Cody about it earlier. Derrick said that it’s semantics and just something minor. Caleb agreed.

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