Caleb senses that Amber is being set up

July 29, 2014

Caleb pushes for Amber to be nominated, but the plan backfires - Day 39 Recap

12:00-1:00 PM: Christine let Victoria that “Operation Brittany” has been put in to place, as they are making Amber feel that she is safe when she is not. Christine and Caleb then had a chat outside. Caleb revealed that he feels as though Frankie is trying to set Amber up. He pointed out that Nicole changed her answer about what Amber said from the first time that he talked to Nicole alone to the second time that he talked to her in front of Frankie. Nicole had originally told Caleb that Amber didn’t talk about the game with her at all, while the second time she said that Amber told her that they need to rally the girls to go against the guys. Christine said that Nicole may have been scared to say anything the first time. Caleb still felt that something was not right, figuring that someone in the alliance was behind it. He suggested that Frankie is the most likely one since he nominated Amber already once before, so he likely wants her out because he is scared that she will come after him. Caleb told Christine that he will talk to Nicole again to get to the bottom of it and figure out the truth behind what Amber said.

2:00-3:00 PM: Nicole spoke to Donny to let him know that Amber is saying that she thinks that he is in an alliance. She mentioned that Amber said that Zach and Donny are definitely together and that Donny has been talking to a lot more people of late. Donny, Nicole, Christine and Hayden have discussed working together, so Nicole thought that it was a good thing that Amber felt that she could approach her about this, cause she must not know that they are together. Donny agreed. Donny feels that Amber’s motive is to make people think that Jocasta leaving will weaken him. Donny said that he will show everyone how tight he is with Zach once someone puts him up on the block. Donny did mention that Zach spoke to him last night and said that he would nominate Victoria and Caleb. Nicole was happy to hear that Zach was not after her or Christine.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb has continued to campaign for Amber today. He was talking things over with Zach and said that he is hoping for an 8-1 vote, because he figures that Donny will vote to keep Jocasta. When nominations for next week were discussed, Zach slipped up more than once and mentioned nominating Jocasta, though Caleb didn’t seem to catch on. Caleb told him that they can nominate Donny and Victoria. He said that Donny is the bigger threat to the alliance since he can win competitions. Afterwards, Zach spoke to Derrick. Derrick told him that blindsiding Caleb may not be the best idea. He had heard part of Zach’s conversation with Caleb and knows that Caleb would not nominate anyone in the alliance as of now. If they blindside him, Derrick thought that Caleb may be more open to coming after them next week. Zach agreed, so they thought that it would be best to tell Caleb that they are still hearing about Amber starting things up with the girls, then they will let him know that she is going home on Wednesday.

4:00-5:00 PM: Hayden told Cody that Caleb will be super pissed at them when he gets blindsided. Cody agreed. They discussed that they will need to tell Caleb beforehand that Amber is going home. They said that they can tell Caleb that Amber is playing both sides and ran straight to the girls after being nominated because of that. Hayden then brought up that he would like to make a Final 5 with him, Cody, Derrick, Nicole and one other. He had originally wanted it to be Christine but he said that he is nervous about her. Cody agreed that he feels that way too because Christine runs her mouth too much. Both guys said that they trust Donny more than Christine, so they wondered if working with him would be the better option. The concern was that Donny had previously been skeptical of Derrick, so he may question if they have been working with him all along if they suddenly want to work with Derrick. Hayden’s plan involved making two side alliances that they can take advantage of to shift the target off of the main alliance. Hayden let Cody know that Frankie already approached him, Christine and Nicole about an alliance. Both agreed that Frankie makes them nervous.

Derrick told Hayden, Cody and Nicole that they may need to inform Caleb as a group that Amber is going, because he wont take no for an answer if they do it individually. Upstairs, Christine, Frankie and Zach were debating the same issue. Christine felt that it would be more entertaining to blindside Caleb and that it would also be beneficial not to tell him since he has a big mouth. Frankie also said that he felt that the blindside was the way to go. Frankie felt that Caleb would be after them anyway. Zach brought up that they really need to think it over because it may be more fun as a fan, but they need to consider the repercussions of blindsiding Caleb. He thought that it may benefit the Detonators to slowly lay Caleb down and tell him what the plan is. Christine also informed Frankie that Caleb finds it fishy that Nicole changed her story yesterday once Frankie was in the room.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody informed Derrick that Frankie approached Hayden, Nicole and Christine about creating an alliance. Cody was not happy that Frankie was creating alliances behind their backs. He also noted that the fact that Hayden revealed that shows where his loyalty lies. Cody and Derrick debated whether or not to get rid of Caleb next. Cody said that he keeps going back and forth on it, but he felt that Caleb would work with them but he didn’t like that Caleb threw them all under the bus by saying that they were in on the plan. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that they should want Caleb out. Derrick figured that Caleb would go after everyone else and can be used as long as he remains calm and collected. Derrick also mentioned that Jocasta and Victoria may burn them and come after them if they are left in the game.

Caleb and Amber spoke about how things are going. Cody and Hayden had given Caleb the impression that they are up in the air about things because they don’t like that Amber immediately ran back to the girls after her nomination. Amber clarified that she just went to the people that had not nominated her, though she didn’t talk to them about the girls sticking together or aligning. Caleb said that he believes Amber because he feels that Frankie made a deal with Nicole to lie about what was said. Afterwards, Caleb pulled Nicole aside to again confirm what was said. Nicole told him that Amber did say that the girls have to stick together to go after the guys. Nicole expressed her frustration with her name being thrown out there and with her being caught in the middle of this. Caleb questioned why Nicole’s story changed with Frankie in the room. Nicole said that the first time she thought that Caleb was asking if Amber blew up the Bomb Squad, which she didn’t. The second time she thought that Caleb wanted to know if Amber suggested that the girls work together to go after the guys, which she did.

Nicole went straight to Frankie and Derrick to discuss that Caleb continues to question her. She confirmed to Frankie that she is still sticking with the same story. Frankie said that he feels as though Amber and Zach are trying to convince Caleb that there is a conspiracy going on. Nicole said that she doesn’t care who it is as long as they drop it. Frankie told Nicole that he will have to clear the air with Caleb. After Frankie left, Nicole told Derrick that she is frustrated by this all because Frankie is using her in order to cover his own tracks. She didn’t know if she should continue to cover for Frankie. Derrick told her that she may have to expose it if it’s best for her game. He suggested that she talk to a couple others before making the decision, but cautioned her that telling the wrong person could hurt her even more. Nicole talked it all over with Christine, asking her for advice. Christine suggested that Nicole cover her own butt rather than Frankie’s. Nicole began crying and said that it is not fair that she was used by Frankie in order to cover himself.

Frankie and Caleb had a chance to talk things over. Frankie told Caleb that Nicole was so upset and nervous that she got dragged in to things that she didn’t want to say anything the first time that Caleb talked to her. Frankie clarified that Amber did not say that she wanted a girls alliance but she did say that she wants the girls to stick together. He apologized for getting flustered and not saying it correctly. He added that everything that both he and Nicole said was true but it all got messed up due to Big Brother paranoia. Caleb said that his main concern is that everyone in the alliance knows that Amber does not deserve to be in this position. Frankie said that he will go to everyone and clarify what was said. Frankie pointed out that Amber going to the girls is still working outside of the alliance. Caleb understood. Caleb broke down crying at the thought of Amber going home. He said that he is 95% sure that she will not go home but even the thought of it upsets him. Caleb said that if the alliance members don’t save Amber he will be working on his own and will tell the others that they can just send him home first.

6:00-7:00 PM: Caleb approached Zach and told him that it eats him up every time that he talks to Amber, because she keeps pointing out that he is the reason that she is in this situation. Zach assured him that he has no reason to worry because Amber will be safe. Caleb noted that Hayden and Cody are questioning things. They agreed that they should still be able to get five votes to save her. Zach talked to Frankie and said that Caleb is such a mess. He figured that it is just because Caleb wants to be in the jury house with Amber. Frankie agreed. Frankie said that they will have no other option but to blindside Caleb and Amber. Zach said that it will be epic. Frankie then told Cody that he feels as though they have no option but to go with the blindside. Cody said that he is on board to do that but Derrick wasn’t. Frankie said that he will talk to Derrick about it later.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie informed Cody and Zach that he cleared things up with Caleb for both he and Nicole. Zach said that he shouldn’t feel bad for Nicole being dragged into it, seeing as she is the biggest floater in the house. They discussed that Caleb will go crazy and start pulling everyone in to a room if they tell him that Amber is leaving, therefore it is best not to tell him that she is going until the last minute. Zach said that Caleb will be crying and they will have nothing to worry about. Zach even suggested that Caleb may self evict to leave with Amber. Derrick joined them and asked what exactly it is that Amber did. Frankie explained that she went to the girls and said that they need to get together since the guys are all working together. Frankie felt that it may even be best to blindside Caleb and then have plenty of stories ready to tell Caleb about why she is untrustworthy. Cody revealed to Zach that Caleb feels that Zach, not Amber, is the one that blew up the Bomb Squad to Nicole. Zach was not impressed.

Derrick pulled Cody aside and said that Amber has to go but they will be losing their numbers if they send Caleb home next, as the outsiders would then have the majority if Hayden is with them. Derrick believed that Jocasta, Victoria, Nicole, Donny, Hayden and possibly Christine could be aligned to make it 6 on 6. Derrick said that he would even be willing to save Amber if he finds out that that is true. Derrick told Cody that he does not trust Christine that much because he is pretty sure that she tells Nicole everything. Derrick was also concerned about Nicole since she lied by saying that she didn’t tell Frankie that Amber wanted the girls to align. Derrick and Cody agreed that Nicole has to be nominated if they find out that she is lying.


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