Frankie looks to target Donny after he declines the Team America mission

July 30, 2014

The houseguests discuss their targets for next week- Day 41 Recap Part 1

9:00-10:00 PM: Christine asked Frankie who they should target now that Caleb is back on board. Frankie suggested that they play it safe and take out Jocasta, given that they can’t keep taking out their own numbers. Christine and Frankie if he thinks that Zach is serious about knowing that Cody is someone that cannot make it to the end, which they discussed earlier in the day. Frankie said yes because the two of them have been talking about it for a while now. Christine then said that she will not nominate Zach, opting to go with Victoria and Jocasta instead. They then debated what Christine should do if either of the nominees won the veto. Frankie explained that Hayden and Nicole would be upset if she did not backdoor Caleb or Zach, so she would have to put up Caleb. Christine didn’t want to nominate Caleb unless he was going to go, which he wouldn’t. Frankie said that Cody, Derrick and Zach want to keep Caleb in case Hayden turns to the other side. Christine mentioned that she can backdoor Caleb if necessary, using the excuse that he was against Cody and Zach so it was for the good of the Detonators.

10:00-11:00 PM: Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie were in the HoH room discussing who the replacement nominee should be in the event that Christine nominates Jocasta and Victoria and someone is saved. Frankie felt that the best option would be for her to nominate Caleb because others would be expecting her to, then they can just keep him. He felt that it would cause Hayden and Nicole to flip to the other side. Derrick quickly pointed out that they are screwed if Caleb goes. Cody then pointed out that nominating Caleb and then keeping him is pointless because it shows their cards just as much as not nominating Caleb does.

They agreed not to nominate Caleb. Zach then threw Hayden’s name out there, saying that he is a competition beast and the biggest threat to them that is outside of the alliance. Frankie shot down that and a number of other options. After discussing it for a while, the others agreed that Zach would be fine to nominate Hayden. He told them that there are only 10 people left so it makes sense to get rid of the biggest threat not in the alliance. For those that wouldn’t be comfortable doing so, they could nominate Donny. It was agreed upon that Jocasta will go home as long as she is on the block.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody told Derrick and Zach that Frankie is trying to play the whole house and that he doesn’t like it. Derrick said that the Detonators just need to stay focused. Cody pointed out that Frankie is the only person that he is concerned about. Derrick mentioned that defending somebody outside of the alliance raises a red flag. Zach pointed out that Frankie defended everyone. Cody said that he is questioning both Frankie and Christine now. It was then discussed that Frankie and Christine may have made a deal with Nicole and Hayden, leaving the three of them in the minority. Cody felt that Frankie pulled Christine away from him and is now trying to do the same with Zach. Cody then spoke to Hayden. Hayden again reiterated that if it is a double eviction he plans to just go for it and try to backdoor Frankie. Cody pointed out that it may be tough to get the votes to evict Frankie, which then led to Hayden discussing backdooring Caleb instead.

Frankie and Christine told Zach that they would support him if he decides to make a move, as long as it isn’t a Detonator that is going home. Zach then revealed that he feels as though Hayden needs to go next. Christine and Frankie both said that they will support that. Frankie said that Hayden will be after them if they don’t backdoor Caleb. Zach then said that’s why they backdoor Hayden. He also pointed out that Hayden could rally the troops, while Caleb has no power to do so. After Christine went downstairs, Zach told Frankie that Cody is worrying that Frankie has completely control over him. Frankie had sensed that something was wrong earlier, but assumed that it was that Cody thought he would work with Hayden. Zach assured that Frankie that it was not that.

Zach let Frankie know that he will keep him apprised of anything relevant or threatening to Frankie’s game when it comes to Cody. Frankie began discussing that he is screwed if Christine goes home, seeing as it would leave him on his own while Derrick, Cody and Zach would have each other. Frankie asked for Zach’s help in keeping Christine in a good light with Cody and Derrick. Zach agreed. Frankie also asked Zach to work on convincing Cody and Derrick that his Final 3 with them takes place at Final 5, not now, so they should share all information for the time being. Frankie and Zach again told each other that they will go to the end together, saying that it is Zankie until the end.

1:00-2:00 AM: Hayden asked Nicole who she would nominate. She said that she would nominate Victoria and Zach with the goal of backdooring Caleb. Hayden said that he would prefer to see Zach go over Caleb. Nicole let him know that she would be okay with that and that she wanted to see where his head was at before deciding. Hayden the revealed that if he could pick any one person to go it would be Frankie. Nicole said that she would be on board with that. Talk then turned to Christine, with Hayden saying that Cody doesn’t trust her and that nobody trusts her. Hayden asked what he would have to do to gain Christine’s trust. Nicole said that Christine would never nominate Hayden.

Hayden felt that it could be a wise idea to solidify the alliance with Frankie and Christine. He said that Derrick and Cody will know that it wont be real, as will Nicole, so the only person that will think that it is legit is Christine. Hayden said that his main concern with Christine is that she is so tight with Frankie. Nicole agreed that the Frankie and Christine relationship makes her doubt that Christine would keep her safe and campaign for her. Hayden revealed that he would love to see Christine go. He said that it would make the game so much easier. Hayden pointed out that he wouldn’t even be surprised if Christine were to throw Amber a vote tomorrow. Nicole said that she expects Christine to do just that.

Derrick informed Frankie that their new Team America mission requires them to vote against the house and then have all three members of Team America publicly call out two people for casting those votes. He said that they have to call people out publicly in between the time the person leaves the house and they go outside for the HoH competition. They immediately discussed blaming Zach and Caleb for the votes to evict Jocasta. Frankie told Derrick that he is getting nervous about people not trusting Christine, so he needs Derrick’s help getting Zach and Cody to trust her. The two also agreed that Hayden will have to be the true backdoor target since they cannot backdoor Donny for Team America reasons.

Derrick woke up Donny to tell him about the mission. Donny immediately suggested that they decline it. Derrick told Frankie that Donny will need some convincing. Frankie felt that it would be a simple mission. They wanted to find out if they could joke about it and say stuff like “Amanda’s cousin (Zach) is stirring things up” or if they had to get angry about it. If it was that he latter, they figured that it would be best to decline the mission. Donny spoke to Derrick again and said that he will do the mission if the other two want but he does not think that it is a good idea. Donny explained that the people in the house are not stupid and they will be trying to figure out who did it until they get an answer. Donny felt that it would be so out of character for him to speak up in a situation like that, so it would draw attention to him. Donny was also concerned that Caleb may throw Amber a vote anyway, making there be three votes to evict Jocasta.

2:00-3:00 AM: Team America had a meeting in the HoH room. Donny again explained that the people in the house are smart and that they will see him coming up there are 2 AM and think something of it. He explained that he is always stone faced in situations like the one that he would be forced to speak up in after the vote, so people would figure things out. Frankie said that it’s easily believable that Zach and Caleb voted to evict Jocasta. Derrick agreed but said that Donny is not concerned about the voting aspect of the mission. They agreed to talk again tomorrow before making a final decision. Donny said “I didn’t come to play America’s game”. Derrick explained that he didn’t either but feels a sense of pride in doing these missions. Donny reluctantly said that he will do it if they want him to but he is against it.

Donny noted that it will look suspicious when both he and Derrick speak up, so they votes may be tied to them. Donny then headed back to bed. Frankie told Derrick that Donny just said that he doesn’t want to be America’s Player, so Donny has to go. They discussed that all of the talks throwing Hayden under the bus now have to be redirected to throwing Donny under the bus. Once Cody came up to the HoH room, Frankie immediately questioned why they are trusting Donny. Cody said that he doesn’t know and that he guesses it is because Zach said that he has him in his back pocket. Christine joined them and said that Donny needs to go if she is forced into nominating him as a replacement nominee. Frankie agreed with her. Cody and Derrick also said that they would be on board.

3:00-4:00 AM: Frankie, Hayden and Christine discussed that Caleb isn’t coming for any of them. Frankie said that Victoria is Caleb’s number one target, and he also wants Jocasta, Donny and Nicole out. Hayden said he is fine with Victoria going but she is a vote and will do whatever they say. They discussed that they can get rid of Caleb once it’s time to get rid of Nicole. Frankie said that he has both of their backs, as well as Nicole’s. Hayden agreed and said that he felt that since Week 1. Frankie told them that he feels as though the four of them are the most well rounded group. It was agreed upon that Jocasta leaving is the best option. Hayden pointed out that chances are that Caleb would leave if Donny, Victoria or Jocasta win. They said that they would be fine with that if it happens that way.

Caleb joined them and said that Nicole and Donny are the two strongest people outside of the alliance. Caleb said that he would definitely put Victoria and Donny up, then use Nicole as the replacement if Victoria were to win PoV. Caleb suggested an eviction order of Donny, Nicole, Jocasta and Victoria. The others went along with him. Frankie snuck off to get a conversation in with Derrick. Frankie suggested that they decline the mission because Donny is not on board, then they can get him out and work as Team America just as the two of them. Derrick and Frankie agreed that Donny does not trust them because he is worried about them ratting him out over the votes down the line. Derrick said that Donny is 100% right that he doesn’t make jokes like that and that he would be stone faced if something like that went down.

4:00-5:00 AM: Frankie informed Christine that Zach told him that Cody is getting paranoid that Zach and Frankie are colluding together against him. Frankie said that he told Derrick that he needs to work to calm the distrust when it comes to Christine. He didn’t want them to end up on the wrong end of a 3-2 divide in the Detonators. Frankie said that having Hayden and Nicole will be so important, so it’s great that he got Derrick and Cody on board with evicting Donny before Hayden. Christine said that she would backdoor Donny if she won HoH. She felt that he is untrustworthy and that she has to walk on egg shells around him. Frankie pointed out that Hayden wants to work with him because he is well rounded, while other people find him threatening for that reason. Frankie said that he trusts Hayden more than almost everyone else. He said that he trusts Caleb and trusts Derrick in his heart. Christine said that Derrick scares her for some reason. Frankie said that Zach is so easy to read for him. They agreed that Zach is nuts but said that he is useful. They felt that Zach would prefer to be at the end with the two of them over Derrick and Cody.

Hayden went to Derrick and said that he was just up in the HoH room and Frankie was trying to solidify an alliance with him, Nicole and Christine. Derrick said that he appreciates him letting him know. Hayden mentioned that he does not trust Christine, and that even he and Cody are on the same page with that. Derrick said that he has to put his trust in someone so it will be Hayden and Cody. Hayden the revealed that the person that he trusts the least is Frankie. Derrick said that he sees Frankie going around talking to everybody and trying to work with them all. Hayden implied that he would go after Frankie if he gets the chance. They discussed that there is no reason to get rid of Caleb since he likes them. They agreed that everyone is going to nominate Jocasta and Victoria. If they backdoored someone, Hayden was concerned that Frankie would not go home but he felt that he was the biggest threat to them.

Hayden did not want to work with Frankie even though Frankie approached him. He said that he would prefer to work with Derrick, Cody and Nicole. Hayden said that he trusts Donny more than Christine. He assured Derrick that he is not Donny’s target. Hayden felt that Donny is after Caleb first and then Frankie, because he did not say anything negative about Derrick. Cody joined them, at which point Hayden revealed that he is sketched out by Frankie and Christine. He told Cody that Frankie tries solidifying something with him, Christine and Nicole. They again discussed that they would be sketched out about not having the votes to evict Frankie. Cody and Hayden felt that they could get Caleb on board by telling him that Frankie is starting a new alliance.

Derrick and Frankie got a chance to speak again. Frankie said that they have to lean towards declining the mission at this point. They agreed that what Donny said about not wanting to be America’s Player is disrespectful. Derrick said that it is unfortunate that he will not work with them to do this, as they could pull it off. Frankie said that Donny’s mentality is what worries him more, as he actually cares about the missions and said that he would put Team America ahead of anyone. Frankie told Derrick that there is no one he would rather sit next to at the end than Derrick. Derrick agreed that they have the bond over losing their grandfathers as well. They discussed that their conversation with Donny was terrifying. Derrick figured that Donny was woken up out of his sleep and didn’t have the chance to put the facade on for them. Both agreed that they have to make sure that their allies now stick to targeting Donny. Frankie said that he thinks that Nicole, Christine and Hayden are 100% good. He added that he knows that those people are all coming for Zach first out of anyone in the Detonators.

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