The houseguests discuss who to target next

July 30, 2014

Caleb found out that he is Amber's target - Day 40 Recap

6:00-7:00 AM: Cody brought up that Frankie would be a great option for a target in the event of a double eviction. Hayden said that he hadn’t thought about it until today, but feels that evicting Frankie would be a better option than evicting Zach. Hayden and Cody agreed that Zach wouldn’t care if Frankie left, cause it isn’t him. Hayden said that it’s weird that Frankie approached him about working with Nicole and Christine, yet left out Zach who is clearly his best friend. Cody believes that Frankie has Zach in has back pocket. Cody said that Frankie made him feel like an idiot for telling Frankie that Zach threw him under the bus to Amber. It made Cody wonder what Zach is saying to Frankie about Cody in order to make Frankie find it so hard to believe that Cody was telling him the truth. They wondered if Zach was planted in to the game by production in order to do what they say and stir things up.

8:00-9:00 AM: Cody and Hayden were still up after the long crazy night. Cody pointed out that Nicole seems to be getting jealous of Victoria hanging around Hayden. Hayden said that he really doesn’t mind hanging around Victoria. Hayden said that it’s also probably good for his game that it’s happening because it now takes the spotlight off the whole Hayden and Nicole thing. They both agreed that they do not like how Zach treats and talks about Victoria, given that she is naive and is always just looking to see the best in everyone. Hayden said that he thinks that Nicole likes both of them. Cody figures that Nicole just likes him because he flirts with her, but genuinely likes Hayden.

11:00-12:00 PM: Jocasta told Donny that the others told her that they were trying to figure out how to tell Caleb that Amber is going, because he was crying. Jocasta said that Caleb was indeed crying but that she doesn’t want to get involved because she knows that Amber doesn’t like Caleb. Jocasta pointed out that Caleb is 26 years old but still doesn’t get it. Jocasta explained that she simply throws it back at Caleb when he asks her about Amber, asking him all of the questions instead of giving any responses. Jocasta told Donny that Caleb believes that Amber is the one that God has sent him.

2:00-3:00 PM: Nicole told Christine that she feels as though there is no reason to blindside Amber now that Caleb knows that she is going. She pointed out that the guys are just afraid that Amber will blow up their games. Nicole said that she will tell Amber that she is going home if her name gets dragged in to things again, as she is still concerned that Frankie got her involved in the whole mess with Caleb. Christine mentioned that if she had 100% trust in Amber she would let her know that she is going and have her blow up everyone’s games. They then discussed that it pisses them offer that people don’t want Victoria out of the house. Nicole figured that Hayden is the only one that wants her there, but Christine said that Zach does as well. Christine said that she doesn’t know who would go home between Victoria and Zach, though Victoria would go over both Cody and Derrick. Nicole figured that either her or Christine would have a good chance of going home over Victoria.

3:00-4:00 PM: Cody and Zach agreed that it is likely to be a double eviction. They also agreed that they should send Amber and Jocasta home if it is. Cody said that he has been thinking about how Jocasta has been allowed to skate by. Zach pointed out that Nicole is just as big of a floater. Cody said that Christine is hand in hand with Nicole too. Zach told Cody that he explained this to them all last week when he was HoH. Cody said that Zach was right and that Derrick is questioning Christine now as well. Cody felt that the three biggest floaters were Christine, Jocasta and Nicole. He pointed out that Victoria has at least saved herself. Zach questioned what Christine does for them. Cody said that she does nothing and that he is now coming to the same realization that Zach already came to. Cody noted that Christine wont even be able to bring them information now that Amber is going. Cody told Zach that he was also right about Christine just sitting there and listening whenever they talk game. The guys agreed to keeps their thoughts on Christine between the two of them. Frankie came by and said that the Detonators need to stick together. He pointed out that they are now basically the Detonators plus Caleb, which is a formidable thing. Frankie felt that they can do whatever they wanted.

Donny spoke to Derrick and said that people likely Christine and Nicole are likely to target Zach, which is good for them. Derrick said that Zach has a good heart and is just playing a character. Donny agreed and said that Zach is good to have around. Donny revealed that he is thinking about nominating Caleb and Victoria if he wins HoH tomorrow, with the goal of sending Caleb home. Frankie joined them for a brief Team America meeting. They agreed not to nominate each other. Frankie said that Donny’s logic behind nominating Caleb because Caleb nominate him is sound. Frankie brought up that Zach is useful for Team America because he will do absolutely anything. Derrick explained that he is especially useful since the missions seem to be centred around causing problems. He felt that they would be in trouble if Zach were to leave. Donny also agreed that keeping Zach around for two or three more missions would be ideal. Derrick and Frankie said that Zach is not going anywhere. After Donny left, Derrick asked Frankie if he is really planning on sending Caleb home. Frankie said no but you can’t defend Caleb to people like Donny.

Inside, the memory wall shifted from pictures of the houseguests to a message that read “TIME TO GET LOOPY”. Shortly thereafter, sixteen clips of the houseguests began playing on a continuous loop. The houseguests gathered around and have been watching the memory wall ever since, as they expected the clips to be used as part of tomorrow’s HoH competition.

5:00-6:00 PM: Amber talked to Derrick and Caleb in order to see if she is still safe. She felt nervous about Zach. The guys assured her that Zach admitted that it would be foolish to go against the alliance and have Caleb after him. She then questioned if they are telling her that she is safe just because she is afraid that she will say something if not. Both guys said “no”. Caleb said that he has yet to lie to her in this game and has no reason to do so now. Amber then began to wonder if she can trust Frankie, because Frankie nominated her without giving her warning. She also said that Zach told her not to trust Frankie. Derrick said to look at her source and not let Zach impact her game. Amber continued to discuss that she has stuck to the alliance, not nominating Derrick when she had the chance and not complaining when she was used as a pawn. She was unhappy that people are getting paranoid over her. Caleb told Amber to go into the vote with confidence.

Hayden asked Donny if he thinks that Caleb should definitely be the target. Donny questioned if Caleb is bitter towards Frankie about him nominating Amber. Hayden said yes and that Caleb isn’t mad but he doesn’t trust Frankie. Donny suggested that Caleb could then be targeting Frankie. Hayden informed Donny that he and Cody had a talk about targeting Frankie. Donny said that it is probably too early for either of them to make that move. He said that the line would then be drawn and they would be in trouble if it didn’t work out. Hayden agreed and said that it’s likely safer to go after Caleb first, but he felt that Caleb is so easily manipulated that he isn’t a threat. Hayden said that Caleb can be take out at any time. Hayden said that he gets the feeling that Caleb is after both Jocasta and Victoria before Donny and Nicole, as he respects the latter two as competitors.

Frankie, Christine and Zach had a lengthy game talk. Last night, Frankie suggested to Zach that they should propose a Final 3 to Christine. Today the three of them discussed that they have no other option but to make it to the Final 3 together. Frankie and Zach felt that Jocasta needs to go before Victoria. Christine pointed out that that’s a good move because keeping Victoria around will help break Hayden and Nicole apart. Their ideal eviction order was Amber, Jocasta, Victoria. Frankie said that Caleb should go after those three girls. Zach figured that Hayden would have to go next because he would win near the end.

There was debate as to who should be the last person left outside of the Detonators. Zach suggested Nicole, while Frankie wondered if Donny would be the better option. Christine assured them that Nicole has the backs of everyone in the Detonators. Zach agreed but pointed out that Nicole has Hayden’s back more than anyone else’s. Christine agreed with that. Frankie told Zach that he is one of the most important people for him to keep in the house. Christine said that it’s amazing that Zach is no one’s target. Zach pointed out that he tries to get everyone to hate him but they all love him. Christine told him that nobody is after him because they want to keep a target around.

6:00-7:00 PM: Caleb told Zach that he was just reassuring Amber that she is safe and that Zach wont vote against her because he would know Caleb would be after him. Zach said it’s true that he never would have went against the alliance. Caleb also said that he would have been after Zach if he was the only one to vote against Amber. Caleb then informed Zach that he redid his goodbye message to Amber and used Zach’s line, saying “I bet you didn’t see this coming, you froot loop dingus”. He also said “I’m the king of this castle and quite frankly, princess, the shoe don’t fit”. Caleb is also planning to say something to Amber during the live show. He said that he wants to make Amber look dumb, acting like he is getting on a knee to propose then getting up and saying “BUT….” or pull a sword out of his back. He said that he will not call Amber a bunch of names or anything like that.

7:00-8:00 PM: Frankie and Cody agreed that the Detonators need to stay five strong and that they do not know where Hayden’s head is at. Frankie, Cody and Derrick then discussed that Caleb is talking about throwing the HoH competition. They did not feel that that would be a good idea. Cody was concerned that the others would think that it’s weird if they didn’t nominate Caleb, even though they don’t actually want him gone. Derrick said that they shouldn’t even nominate him because Caleb would then feel as though something was up, and there is no chance that Caleb would ever nominate the three of them. Frankie felt that Hayden and Donny are the only guys that may nominate Caleb. He wanted to bait Nicole, Victoria, Jocasta and Donny in to nominating Caleb so that Caleb could win veto to save himself.

After Frankie left, Derrick told Cody that something is up if Hayden is adamant about targeting Caleb. He is worried that Hayden could be with the other side. Cody revealed that Hayden talked to him about targeting Frankie or Zach in the event of a double eviction. Derrick expressed his concerns about Hayden and Nicole being tight and about Nicole lying to their faces. Cody said that he doesn’t trust Nicole either. Frankie then rejoined them and said that Nicole was covering her own ass when she said that Frankie made her lie to Caleb. Frankie said that he was aware that she would be using that story, but that it was not a lie. Frankie then spoke to Derrick alone and said that he feels pretty good with Hayden and Nicole, so Derrick should also be good with them. That being said, Frankie noted that he would not be surprised if Hayden tried to turn on Caleb or Zach.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick spoke to Caleb and let him know that throwing the HoH competition is not a good idea, as it could result in one of them going home. Derrick told Caleb that he needs to be certain that everyone outside of the alliance has been eliminated before he drops out. Caleb agreed to that. Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Zach and Frankie discussed nominating Jocasta and Victoria. Cody and Zach suggested targeting Jocasta because it would weaken Donny.


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