Jocasta, Zach, Caleb and Victoria are nominated; The Battle of the Block takes place

August 1, 2014

Donny and Nicole win HoH and formulate a plan- Day 42 Recap

8:00-9:00 AM: Donny told Nicole that it would be nice if her people dethroned him. He said that there may not be another opportunity to do what she wanted to do (backdoor Frankie). He felt that it would be great TV. Nicole said that he doesn’t want people to think that Zach isn’t her target. Donny said that he wants Caleb to think that he is his target, but he wants him to understand that they have nominated each other now and are square if Caleb is there next week. Donny mentioned that he doesn’t understand why people would waste their energy targeting him when he has been on his own.

11:00-12:00 PM: At the nomination ceremony, Donny nominated Caleb and Victoria for eviction and Nicole nominated Jocasta and Zach for eviction. Frankie immediately went to both Caleb and Victoria to give them advice on working with each other. Frankie told Caleb to be patient and work with Victoria. He told Victoria that Caleb is military so she cannot take his tone as yelling at her. He also advised her to use this as an opportunity to get closer to Caleb in the game, seeing as you know how protective he is when he is close to someone. Victoria then approached Caleb and told him that even though they have had their differences, he is her best friend and her everything right now. She said that communication is key in these competitions and they need to work together. Victoria told Caleb not to be afraid to give her directions. She also said that they can use this opportunity to get closer in the game. Caleb agreed. Zach and Jocasta spoke out how crucial communication will be in this competition. Zach said that he hopes that it is a mental competition because they would definitely beat Caleb and Victoria then. He told her that they are going to win and save themselves for the week.

12:00-1:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that the worst case scenario for the Hitmen is to have Donny stay HoH, so they need Caleb and Victoria to win. Derrick said that he would like to get Zach off of the block somehow because he would never vote the two of them out. Cody said that he would like to see Zach come down and Frankie go up. Derrick agreed and told Cody that they can play up the angle that Nicole is being played by Frankie in order to make it happen. Cody mentioned that he had already planted seeds with Nicole about how dangerous it would be to be sitting next to Frankie at the end. They discussed that they need to solidify something with Hayden and Nicole before Frankie gets the opportunity to. Cody felt that they are wearing themselves thin. Derrick felt that they would be alright since they are never initiating the alliances. He said that they are just agreeing to them.

Hayden let Victoria know that she does not have to worry because she is not the target even if she remains on the block. Donny told her the same, letting her know that he is hoping to be dethroned today so that she can be safe. In the event that Victoria stays on the block, Donny said that he would do what he can to get her the votes to stay. Zach asked Cody who Donny would put up as the replacement nominee if Caleb wins the veto. Cody said that it would be him and that he would be the target even if Donny says that he is not. Zach told Cody that the good thing is that he would have the votes to stay, even though they don’t want Cody on the block. Cody admitted that he wants Nicole to stay HoH because she would not nominate him. He assured Zach that he would not go no matter who he is up next to. Zach said that the best case scenario is that he and Jocasta win the Battle of the Block and then Cody wins the veto.

3:00-4:00 PM: Caleb and Victoria won the Battle of the block, meaning that Donny has been dethroned and Nicole is the HoH for the week. Jocasta and Zach remain nominated. There were punishments involved in the competition. Caleb has to shave his head and is on slop for two weeks. Victoria is on slop as well. Caleb and Victoria have to walk around together as “Adam and Eve”. Caleb was quite irritated at the thought of having to shave his head. He has been wondering what would happen if he refused to do it. He told Zach that he should have just let him win. Zach said that it will work out in the end since they want Jocasta out more than Victoria anyway. Zach went to Cody and Derrick to ask them to let him know if anyone, such as Frankie or Caleb, bring up his name in a negative light. They said that they have his back.

4:00-5:00 PM: Zach was talking to Caleb about how crucial it is for him to win the Power of Veto. He said that the worst case scenario would be Donny winning and saving Jocasta, as an alliance member would have to go up then. Caleb told Zach that he is as safe as him as long as Jocasta is nominated next to him. Zach and Derrick and Caleb if they would use the veto on him if they were to win. They explained that it would be pointless since an alliance member would have to go up anyway. Derrick then backtracked a little and said that he would use it if he knew someone like Christine or Donny were going up in Zach’s place, though he doubted that Nicole would do that.

5:00-6:00 PM: Frankie spoke to Zach and told him that he is trying not to pull Zach aside as much anymore after hearing that Cody thinks that Zach runs to him to tell him everything. Frankie told Zach that he needs to win the PoV and then they can convince Nicole to nominate Donny. Frankie wanted to send Jocasta home even if that happened. Zach thought that Donny should go. Frankie mentioned that everyone would be so happy if the veto wasn’t used this week. He told Zach that he wouldn’t go home anyway. Zach agreed and said that there is no chance in hell that he would go, as he would have Frankie, Derrick, Cody, Caleb and Hayden voting for him. They agreed that everything will work out and that it’s better for them to have Jocasta go over Victoria anyway.

8:00-9:00 PM: Hayden told Nicole that he would be afraid that Jocasta will go home if the nominations stay the same. Both agreed that it would be such a waste of an HoH. Nicole mentioned nominating Frankie next to Zach. Hayden said that Frankie would go home and that it would at least guarantee that one of the two leaves. Hayden pointed out that Jocasta would vote with Donny if she was safe, and Donny would definitely want Frankie out. Nicole said that she would like Frankie to go over Zach. Hayden then noted that Zach has been saying that Nicole is his target, which led them to temporarily change their minds and say that Zach needs to go and that they could pretend to work with Frankie. They quickly switched back to saying that Frankie needs to go and that he is so paranoid. Nicole said that it scares her that Frankie is so conniving and is with Christine.

Hayden and Nicole also agreed that Frankie is the better competitor of the two. Nicole said that she didn’t know yet if she would want Hayden to use the PoV. Hayden told her that his best case scenario if he uses the PoV would be to save Zach and have her put up Frankie. Nicole felt that that would be scary. Hayden pointed out that they could explain to Zach that he was not the target and thus they are saving him, in order to minimize the chances of him coming after them. Nicole felt that Zach would then try his hardest to keep Frankie around if he was safe. They agreed to talk about it with Cody and Derrick later. Meanwhile, Cody and Derrick were discussing that it would be risky to use the PoV because the other may go up. Derrick said that it would likely be Frankie. Cody told Derrick that he would use the veto if that were the case.

9:00-10:00 PM: Cody and Derrick met up in the HoH room, hoping to get a chance to speak to Hayden and Nicole in order to solidify an alliance. While they waited, Cody said that he is so sketched out by Frankie now that he knows that he went to Hayden and Nicole to make an alliance with Christine. Derrick and Cody discussed that they need to solidify their own alliance tonight so that they aren’t used as a replacement nominee. Nicole joined them and said that Frankie is showing his cards way too much right now and is trying to get her paranoid and scared about Cody using the veto on Zach and about them not voting Zach out. She said that the worst case scenario would be if Frankie wins the veto and uses it on Zach. Cody and Derrick told her that they would leave her nominations the same unless she wanted to backdoor someone. Nicole said that she is down to backdoor Frankie if they decided that it is the best option.

Nicole said that Frankie wants Jocasta to go home because she is after him, and he tries to get every HoH to do what he wants. Nicole brought up that Frankie said that he is ready to stab people in the back and get blood everywhere. Cody said that he will put Frankie up next week. Nicole was unhappy that he tried to make an alliance with her and then threw her name under the bus last week like it was nothing. Nicole pointed out that Frankie has won three HoH competitions already so there may not be another opportunity to get him out. She asked Cody and Derrick if they could protect her from Zach in the event of a double eviction. Both said yes. Derrick pointed out that Zach could be used because they can manipulate him to vote how they want, while he isn’t sure that they could do the same with Jocasta. Nicole told him that she would want Frankie and Zach on the block together though. Hayden could not sneak away to join them, so they came up with an alliance name on their own. Derrick named the four person alliance the “Quad Squad”.

11:00-12:00 AM: After joining yet another alliance, Cody and Derrick laughed about how many alliances they are in. Derrick was irritated that Frankie seems to be setting them up. Neither was impressed about hearing from Nicole that Zach is ready to backstab his friends. Cody said that Frankie will be out of there. Derrick made a gun firing motion with his hands towards Frankie. A little later, Frankie asked Zach why he keeps telling Nicole that she is his target. He said to get her rattled. Frankie explained that she is going to think that he is serious if he keeps it up. Zach said that he is serious. In any event, Frankie let him know that it may hurt his chances of staying if he keeps acting like that towards Nicole. Derrick then told Frankie that Zach may need to do some damage control. Frankie agreed and said that the last thing that they want is for Nicole’s objective to be to get Zach out this week.

12:00-1:00 AM: Frankie spoke to Hayden and discussed that if Zach or Jocasta don’t win the Power of Veto themselves there will be an opportunity of everyone to have to choose a side. Frankie said that it was coming soon either way, but he was hoping for one more calm week where everyone is on the same page. Frankie felt that people are either 100% on board with Zach or are totally the opposite because Zach is such a big personality. Hayden said that he loves Zach. Frankie said that he loves him to death but there are going to be people that want him gone if he keeps doing what he is doing. Frankie didn’t want it to end up where all of the girls ended up coming to them and wanting Zach out.

1:00-2:00 AM: Zach got out of bed and made his way to the bathroom where Derrick and Hayden were. He told them that he has his eviction night speech planned and that it is a poem. It goes as follows:
Roses are red, violets are blue.

Nicole is my target. I'm coming for you.

I love all of you and I am so grateful.

Maybe I'll change my ways and not be so hateful.

You all made it jury, you're on the right track.

Fans at home, please hashtag Zach Attack.

This ceremony is important. If you make the wrong choice, it may cost ya.

So when you go into that diary room, please vote to evict Jocasta.

The guys laughed but told him that he should still focus on winning the veto. Zach said that he definitely will since his back is against the wall. Derrick and Hayden agreed that Zach will be gone if he throws the veto competition. Derrick said that it sucks since Zach would never vote them out. Hayden agreed but pointed out that Zach leaving would weaken Frankie. They also agreed that Zach would never intentionally burn them but said that he talks way too much.

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