Amber is evicted 9-0; Donny and Nicole win HoH

July 31, 2014

Donny tells Frankie and Derrick that he wants to decline the mission, making him a target for them- Day 41 Recap

10:00-11:00 AM: Donny spoke to Derrick this morning, again addressing his concerns about the Team America mission. He pointed out that Frankie so easily threw Nicole under the bus this week, so who’s to say that he wont do the same to them down the line with regards to this vote. He was concerned that Zach could win HoH and then nominate both he and Derrick because they would be speaking up against him after the vote tonight if they accepted the mission. Derrick said that Donny is a grown man and that he is not going to try convincing him one way or the other, so he is down with throwing the mission. Upstairs, Frankie was telling Caleb that having Hayden with them would be a formidable three. The both also agreed that Derrick can be trusted, making it a four. Caleb then said that he trusts Cody so he could be the fifth. Frankie said that Zach should be the first to go out of their group, as he would rather take Christine. Caleb was on board with that as well. Frankie felt that the eviction order should be Amber, Donny, Jocasta, Victoria and then Nicole, as that would be something that Hayden is comfortable with.

Donny and Derrick got another few minutes to speak about the mission. Derrick said that he is not going to give a sob story but the $5,000 would be huge to him. That being said, Derrick felt that he could not go on in the game having it on his conscience that he put someone else’s game in jeopardy over it. Therefore he said that they will not do the mission. Donny told him that they came in to this game without the $5,000 missions even existing, as they came there to win Big Brother. Derrick agreed. Donny noted that these very people that they will have to accuse are there for the same thing and will take it very seriously when their names get thrown out there. Donny also felt uncomfortable with the potential backlash that he would get if something drastic went down today that he was involved with, especially after people gave him weird looks when he came down from the HoH room last night at 2 AM. In the end, he felt that winning this $5,000 is not worth it when it could end with them being evicted and not having the chance to win $5,000 any more times down the line. Derrick understood but said that his fear is that he may even go home tonight, assuming that there is a double eviction.

6:00-7:00 PM: During the live eviction show, Amber was evicted by a vote of 9-0. Julie announced that next Thursday is a double eviction. When the feeds returned we found out that Nicole and Donny are the two HoHs this week. Frankie quickly went to Nicole and said that she should nominate Jocasta and Victoria so that she can remain HoH. He figured that Donny would go after Zach and Caleb. Nicole and Donny had a brief chat but did not name many names. Donny said that Christine may have to go up but he does not want her to go home. Nicole said that there are a couple of people that she would be fine with Donny nominating that would surprise people. Both agreed that they would like to speak with Hayden in order to figure things out. They agreed to talk more later.

7:00-8:00 PM: Zach went to Nicole and told her that she can put him up if she needs someone to nominate. He said that can be the favour that he owes her. He owed her something because she didn’t take the Germany trip away from her in the veto competition. Nicole said that she would thinking about it because she would be dethroned if she nominated him. Nicole told Zach that he is not her target. She discussed that nominating Victoria and Jocasta would make sense too since she would remain HoH that way. Zach said that would be smarter. That being said, Nicole told Zach that she may need to put him up. Nicole then went to Cody and told him that he is safe on both ends. Cody said that he doesn’t want Derrick to get a target on him. Nicole said that she will try to protect Derrick big time. Cody thinks that Donny sees Derrick, Frankie and Caleb as the ones running the house, so he may go after them. They discussed potentially solidifying an alliance this week with Hayden and Derrick.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick and Nicole spoke about nominations. Derrick said that people will be expecting Jocasta to go up, especially after her being the first one out of the competition. Nicole said that she really doesn’t want to nominate Jocasta. Derrick pointed out that Donny wont do it. Nicole asked Derrick if he would be on board for backdooring Frankie. Derrick said only because of the “Bottom Feeders” agreement that they made when they were HoH together. Nicole questioned if that means that Derrick would not want Frankie out. Derrick said that he would because he is not working with Frankie. Derrick again confirmed that he would be on board if that plan were to come to fruition.

Donny told Zach that he is hoping to stay HoH. He mentioned that he cannot nominate Jocasta since it would look bad to the people on the outside. Zach suggested that he nominate Victoria since she is the weakest by far. Zach figured that Donny would have to nominate a guy, but Donny mentioned that he could nominate Christine. Donny alluded to the fact that he would want to backdoor Caleb. Nicole and Hayden had a quick chat, with Hayden suggesting that she nominate Zach for sure. Nicole told him that Zach already volunteered. She again noted that she does not want to nominate Jocasta, but Hayden felt that it was a good idea. Hayden’s ideal nominations were Jocasta and Zach, with Frankie going up if the veto is used.

Donny told Derrick that he will not nominate him or Frankie. He said that he does not want to nominate Jocasta either. Derrick said that it could raise red flags if he doesn’t nominate her and wants people to believe that they are not aligned. Frankie joined them, at which point Donny asked who the target should be. Derrick said Victoria is the safe bet. Derrick suggested that Donny make a deal with Nicole where she can nominate Jocasta if he can nominate Victoria. Frankie said that Zach and Caleb’s names are always brought up as well. He told Donny that Nicole is likely nominating Zach. Donny said that he would be able to nominate Caleb. Donny then said that the best case scenario would be Victoria, Jocasta, Zach and Caleb on the block. Donny asked Derrick if that was good for Team America. Derrick said yes and said that he and Frankie would vote the way that Donny wanted them to. Donny and Derrick agreed that they are better off with Zach being there because he can be used for other things.

Next up was Cody’s turn to talk to Donny. Donny asked who the targets are. Cody said that someone like Caleb is a target now that Amber is gone. He also pointed out that Frankie is playing the whole house and is trying to form an alliance with everyone. Donny said that everyone loves Frankie and that he will be impossible to beat at the end. Donny mentioned that he would like to trust Christine but Frankie has too much pull with her. Cody said that Frankie hanging out with someone makes him confide in that person less. Both said that they saw Frankie and Christine together all the time. Donny told Cody that he still trusts him and wants to work with him even though he nominated him. Donny said that he originally thought that Cody was put up to it by someone else but then once he saw the unanimous vote he realized that Cody had made the right decision.

9:00-10:00 PM: Christine was next up, immediately telling Donny that she would nominate Victoria and Zach with the goal of backdooring Caleb. She felt that it was best not to nominate Caleb originally because then you can’t have the opportunity to backdoor him. Donny brought up that he would be able to nominate Caleb and Victoria without getting any blood on his hands. He asked Christine if she had any issue with Zach or Caleb going. She said no. Donny told Christine that he hopes that they can continue to work together because he really likes Nicole and likes her as well. Christine said that she was intimidated by Donny at first but likes him a lot. Donny pointed out that there aren’t a lot of smart people in the house, so it would be nice to work together.

Caleb spoke to Donny and told him that even though he was nominate, he has never been the target. Donny said that Caleb would have a hard time convincing him that Paola was the target over him in Week 1. Caleb said that if Donny wants to nominate him for nominating both he and Paola for being the first people out of the competition then so be it. Donny told Caleb that he should not hold it against him if he nominates him. Caleb then made an offer to Donny, saying that he will not nominate Donny if Donny does not nominate him. He also offered to use the veto on Donny if he ever needs it. Caleb later told Frankie and Derrick that he would not keep his word on that deal.

10:00-11:00 PM: Jocasta told Donny that Frankie is the common denominator in everything, as he has a great social game and is a good competitor. Donny said that he cannot nominate Frankie or else he would save himself and then Frankie would get his people to take the two of them out. Donny revealed that he is thinking about nominating Caleb. Jocasta then went to Nicole to see what she is thinking. Nicole said that she may need to use Jocasta as a pawn, depending on what Donny does. Nicole made it clear that Jocasta is not her target and that it would break her heart to have to nominate her. She also revealed that Zach will likely be one of her nominees since he offered to go up. Nicole said that she would use the PoV on Jocasta. Donny let Victoria know that he may need to put her up, but it would be alongside Caleb. He said that it would give her a great chance of coming off of the block and keeping herself safe for the week. He also said that she would never go home over Caleb. Victoria felt that it was getting old for her to be on the block every week. Donny assured her that she will be safe.

11:00-12:00 AM: Hayden, Donny and Nicole talked things over in the HoH room. Hayden said that Frankie is the root of everything. Nicole agreed. Hayden then informed Donny that both Christine and Frankie said that they would nominate Jocasta and Victoria and then backdoor Donny. They quickly agreed on Nicole nominating Zach and Jocasta and Donny nominating Victoria and Caleb. Caleb would be the target if Donny remains HoH. He was not willing to go after Frankie personally but said that he would vote him out. Nicole’s goal would be to send Frankie home is possible, nominating him next to Zach. Hayden and Donny felt that Frankie would go home over Zach. If nominations stayed the same, Nicole would want Zach to go home over Jocasta. They all agreed that he would. Nicole and Donny agreed not to backdoor each other.

1:00-2:00 AM: Nicole informed Jocasta that she may need to use her as a pawn. Nicole said that it hurts her to do so but she doesn’t have many options and everyone is telling her that she would be dumb not to do what the others have been doing. Derrick and Nicole then discussed solidifying their alliance with Hayden and Cody. Both agreed that it would be good for their games. Nicole pondered the idea of bringing in a fifth member. She said that she no longer trusts Christine 100% due to how close she is with Frankie. Derrick ultimately felt that a five person alliance is too big this late in the game anyway. Nicole mentioned that she would like to see Zach leave over Jocasta. If the veto were used, Nicole is considering backdooring Frankie. She made it clear that she would only want to nominate him if she had the numbers to send him home. Derrick pointed out that she doesn’t have many other options either way. Nicole agreed because Caleb and Victoria would be safe, and she wouldn’t nominate Christine, Hayden, Derrick, Cody or Donny, leaving only Frankie to go on the block.

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