Christine wins the Power of Veto

August 2, 2014

Nomination ceremony and Battle of the Block results - Day 43 Recap

10:00-11:00 AM: Christine told Frankie that Zach needs to win the veto. He agreed. She explained that if they don’t vote Zach out then Nicole, Hayden and that whole other side of the house is going to hate them. Frankie believed that Hayden is on board with keeping Zach but wasn’t sure that he would be able to convince Nicole to do so. Frankie did not want to stick his neck out to try to convince Nicole to keep Zach. Christine pointed out that Zach is the only person that is after Nicole. Frankie mentioned that they could possibly broker the peace accord between Nicole and Zach, but he otherwise did not want to get his hands dirty by getting involved in the situation.

They later said that they need to figure out a way to convince Nicole that Zach should stay. Frankie thought that Nicole may backdoor Donny, seeing as that was the conversation that they had before nominations. Christine pointed out that she has enough information to be able to turn Cody, and thus Derrick, on Zach when needed. Frankie agreed but said that he would rather turn Zach on Cody down the line. They then briefly discussed Derrick, as Frankie pointed out that there is always a strategy going on in his head and that he is working for his own game. Christine agreed, saying that he is scary and is using everyone.

11:00-12:00 AM: Christine spoke to Nicole and told her that Zach has no idea that she knows about the Bomb Squad. Christine implied that that was the reason that Zach questioned if Nicole can trust Christine. Nicole asked if Christine wants Zach gone. She said yes but pointed out that it will completely divide the house if it comes down to Zach vs. Jocasta. Christine said that she would like to see Jocasta win the PoV so that someone goes up that would ensure Zach leaving. Nicole wondered who would keep Zach. Christine said that Derrick, Cody and Caleb would 100%. She mentioned that she feels as though there is definitely a guys alliance between Frankie, Cody, Derrick, Caleb and Zach. It was discussed that it would be a 4-4 tie if the guys alliance keeps Zach. Nicole said that she would love nothing more than to break the tie to send Zach home.

Frankie noted that Nicole hates Zach, but he asked Christine if Nicole really thinks that sending him home can happen. Christine said yes, which led to Frankie saying that that’s a problem. Christine felt that it is not worth it to show her cards over Zach. Frankie agreed. They also agreed that it would be too early to drop the bomb on Cody and Derrick with regards to all of the info that they have on Zach. Frankie pointed out that keeping Zach would give them someone to nominate week after week as long as he was in the house, seeing as he would have to accept that new role. Christine felt better after hearing Frankie’s thoughts on that. They agreed that either Zach or Jocasta have to win the veto to make things simpler. Both said that they would likely throw the veto competition to Zach if they had the opportunity to do so. Frankie felt that they could convince Nicole that backdooring Donny would not be a waste of her HoH.

Players were picked for the veto competition. In addition to the HoH, Nicole, and the nominees, Jocasta and Zach, Caleb, Christine and Victoria will be playing for veto. Frankie is hosting the competition.

12:00-1:00 PM: Frankie went to Nicole and told her that she would have to nominate someone that would for sure stay if she wants to ensure that Zach would go home. He said that it would be a big move but would be the only way to secure Zach leaves if that is what her goal is. He said that it is not a sure bet that Zach would go home if he were to stay nominated next to Jocasta. Frankie said that Zach is super tight with Cody and Derrick, and seems to have gotten closer to Caleb after Zach stood up for him last week. They agreed that Zach has been playing a sloppy game but that it has not caught up with him yet. Nicole said that Zach is very smart and that she could see him doing well in the game.

1:00-2:00 PM: This week’s have not food, as voted on by America, is “Pea Lime Pie”. The have-nots will get canned peas, limes and pie crust, in addition to slop. Nicole was told that she had to select three houseguests to be have-nots this week. Hayden had volunteered. Nicole asked Frankie if he was okay with being one the night before and he agreed. Cody also volunteered when the time came, so Cody, Hayden and Frankie are this week’s have-nots.

2:00-3:00 PM: Nicole, Hayden and Cody had a quick game talk. Nicole revealed that Frankie said that she needs to put a likeable person on the block next to Zach if she wants him to go home, because Cody and Derrick will for sure vote to keep Zach. Cody said that Frankie and Christine want he or Derrick to be nominated next to Zach so that they can send one of them home over Zach. Cody said that Zach had informed him that Frankie said “I want Cody out”, so he is trying to keep Zach who is wrapped around his finger. Hayden revealed that Christine told the houseguests that Cody, Derrick and Nicole were up in the HoH room last night and were talking game. They were not impressed that she would throw that out there for no reason. Derrick joined the room for a quick “Quad Squad” meeting before Frankie broke it up. Cody let Derrick know that Frankie and Christine are trying to get one of them on the block so that they can flip the script and send them home over Zach.

Once Frankie left the room, Hayden pointed out that taking away Zach takes away a piece of Frankie. Derrick pointed out that Frankie not loyal to anyone. They continued to discuss who Frankie may be trying to get on the block next to Zach. Cody felt that it was him, while Hayden and Derrick felt that it would be Donny. They agreed that Frankie and Christine would try to send Donny home over Zach. Hayden said that he would love for Zach or Jocasta to win the veto so that Nicole has the opportunity to nominate Frankie. Nicole said that it would get a lot of blood on her hands but that Frankie will be the replacement nominee and has to be the one to go if he goes on the block. Cody said that Zach will be a lost dog without Frankie and that he can convince him not to go after Nicole. The alliance formerly known as the Quad Squad has now been renamed to “The Rationale”.

Meanwhile, downstairs Frankie and Christine were discussing the possible scenarios. Frankie said that the best case scenario would be that Zach wins the Power of Veto and that Donny goes up and goes home. Christine agreed that that would be perfect. The next scenario that Frankie brought up is that the nominations stay the same and that Zach still likely stays. The final scenario would be that Nicole is really scared of Zach and feels the need to nominate someone else next to him in order to make sure that Zach goes home. He suggested that Zach would go home over Cody. Christine said that they could potentially scare Nicole in to using the veto.

4:00-5:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that they only have each other in this game. Cody said that he is unsure if they are getting played by Nicole. Derrick said that they are in his opinion. Derrick pointed out that they have caught Nicole in multiple lies, such as that Frankie had made something up about her last week when they know that Amber went to her. He also said that Cody heard from Victoria that Donny was going to put Cody up if he didn’t nominate Caleb, yet Nicole said that Donny didn’t even consider it. Derrick said that Nicole, Hayden and Donny are working together and are exaggerating stories about Frankie to them in order to reel them in. Derrick also felt that he and Cody could beat everyone in the Detonators, while both Hayden and Nicole are downplaying their abilities. He explained that they will be losing a number if they vote out either Frankie or Zach. Derrick continued on by saying that Zach would never put them up, while Christine and Frankie might. They agreed that nothing can be said until after the veto ceremony. Cody said that he would be willing to call Frankie out on playing them.

Cody said that he wants Zach to come off the block and Frankie to go up. Cody told Derrick that he would vote Frankie out if needed but would never vote Zach out. Derrick agreed. Derrick felt that Zach and Caleb would never put them up or vote them out. He did add that Frankie always talks about the Detonators to him and wants to ride it out with them. Derrick said that his main concern is that Frankie is a number for them, not that he cares about him as a person. He explained to Cody that Frankie could not mathematically get either of them out if they were to send Jocasta home this week. Cody was a bit worried that Frankie was after him, but Derrick pointed out that Frankie has been HoH and has never even considered nominating Cody. He told Cody that they could get Frankie out over Caleb if they ever got down to the Final 6 with the Detonator intact. He said that if they believe in their hearts that Christine and Frankie are still on board with them then they would have to nominate Nicole and Hayden or Nicole and Donny to backdoor Hayden next week. Derrick felt that Frankie was still with them since he didn’t make an alliance name with Nicole and Hayden.

Christine told Nicole that she doesn’t think that Zach will go home if he is up against Jocasta. Christine said that Hayden wants Zach to stay. Christine said that she is now scared and wants Jocasta to win the veto so that she can put someone up next to Zach that will ensure that Zach goes home. Christine felt that Derrick, Cody, Frankie, Hayden and Caleb would vote to keep Zach. She pointed out that the girls would be severely outnumber if another one went home. Christine told Nicole that she is scared that there really is a plan to pick off all of the girls. Nicole asked who Christine would want her to nominate if she didn’t put up Donny. Christine said Derrick or Cody because it would be a guarantee that they would stay. Christine told Nicole that she doesn’t think that either of them, or even Frankie would be nervous and be mad at her after. Christine also told Nicole that Zach said that Hayden made out with Victoria.

Frankie joined Cody and Derrick. Derrick asked Frankie who he thought that Nicole would nominate. Frankie said that it would like be Cody but possibly him, both due to their relationships with Zach. Frankie said that he wants to keep Zach if the nominations stay the same, but would prefer not to show his cards to Nicole and Hayden because they trust him. He suggested making it a 5-3 vote instead of a 6-2 vote, so that they could throw them off. Frankie then pointed out that they would have total control if they can survive the double eviction, as the Detonators would then be the majority. After Cody left, Frankie told Derrick that the best situation for Team America would be to have Zach win the PoV, Donny go up and Jocasta go home.

Nicole told Cody that she swears to God that Christine told her to nominate Cody or Derrick. She also said that Christine brought up that she should be mad at Hayden because he made out with Victoria and wants Zach to stay. Cody then went and reported back to Derrick. Cody believed that Frankie and Christine are the ones playing them, while Derrick believed that Nicole was playing them. Cody said that his gut tells him that they need to get Frankie on the block and get him out. He told Derrick that if Frankie goes up it would show that Nicole is not playing them. Derrick asked what their next move would be if Frankie were to go. Cody said that he would nominate people from the other side to lower their numbers, such as Donny and Christine.

5:00-6:00 PM: Nicole informed Hayden that Christine told her that she needs to put someone up next to Zach because he wont go home over Jocasta. She said that Christine suggested Cody or Derrick. She then told Hayden that Christine told her that Victoria and Hayden made out. Nicole said that is a bad friend to play with her emotions like that. Hayden said to put Christine up. Nicole told him that she was just thinking that Christine better hope she wins the veto. Hayden told Nicole that it was not at all true about him and Victoria making out. Hayden felt that it was definitely Christine that made up that rumour even though she said that Zach did it. Nicole said that the fact that Christine left Frankie’s name out as a potential replacement nominee tells them everything.

Nicole also told Hayden that Christine said that he wants Zach to stay and that Victoria will do whatever Hayden does. Hayden said that Zach thinks that he is staying but he did not tell Frankie that he wants Zach there. Hayden told Christine that if the veto is used she should put up Christine and she will go home. Nicole felt that they were making up all of these lies so that they can get Nicole and Hayden to turn on each other so that Hayden will go on the block. Nicole and Hayden said that they are so unhappy with Christine. Nicole called Christine a horrible friend and said that she is worse than Amber. Hayden asked Nicole who she would nominate right now. Nicole said Frankie or Christine but she is more afraid of Frankie. Hayden said that Christine is way more manipulative but Frankie has a better chance of doing something.

10:00-11:00 PM: After a long feed outage for the veto competition, we found out that Christine had won the Power of Veto. It was a timed competition and she beat Nicole by 30 seconds.

11:00-12:00 AM: Derrick advised Zach not to do anything Zach like for the rest of the week. Cody told him kiss Nicole’s ass. Cody explained that if Nicole wants Zach out and they keep him, their cards are shown. He wanted to make it easier on the group by having Nicole warm up to the idea of keeping Zach. Cody said that Zach should let Nicole know that he is not after her and that he understands that she nominated him because he put her up. Zach said that he will tell her that Victoria is his target. Derrick and Cody then spoke alone. Derrick said that if Christine doesn’t use the veto it will show that they can work with her and Frankie. Derrick and Cody agreed that they need to keep Zach. Cody pointed out that they can fill Zach in on what has been going on so that he will flip on Frankie. Cody said that he would like to target Frankie or Christine next week. He mentioned nominating Donny and Frankie, with Christine being a replacement nominee.

Derrick thought that it would be best to keep Frankie and Christine around since they are unlikely to turn for a couple of weeks. Cody didn’t want to sit back and give them the chance to stab him in the back first. Derrick agreed that he doesn’t trust Frankie and Christine together but said that he also doesn’t trust Hayden and Nicole totally either. Derrick plans to use the next couple of days. Derrick also felt that they could blow up the whole Nicole and Hayden thing in order to show Frankie that he can’t trust them and then he would coming running back to their side. Christine and Frankie joined the guys and said that she will not be using the Power of Veto. She said that she now just has to convince Nicole that it is okay that Zach stays. The whole Detonators alliance met up and discussed that they would be really stupid not to stick together at this point. They again mentioned that they will have the majority if they can make it through the double eviction intact. Later on, Derrick brought up to Frankie that they will be screwed for the tough Team America missions if Zach were to leave. Frankie agreed.

3:00-4:00 AM: Derrick told Nicole that Zach is not expecting Christine to use the Power of Veto on him. Derrick said that he had been talking to Hayden and it sounds like Christine is not planning on using the Power of Veto. Derrick said that Christine is playing a very low key game so she likely wont use it. Nicole asked Derrick what she should ask Christine to do. She said that Christine will want her to nominate Donny but that is not what she would do. Derrick said to just leave things the way they are then. Derrick explained that it would show Nicole’s cards. Nicole plans to nominate Frankie if the veto is used. Nicole pointed out that Christine doesn’t seem to want Zach to go home. Derrick said that Victoria is Zach’s target anyway. Nicole brought up that Zach told her to her face that she is his target. Nicole felt that getting Zach out is good for all of their games since he could snap at any time. Nicole also wants Frankie to be the next one to go. Derrick said that they will need to find reasons not to nominate each other, in reference to “The Rationale” alliance of Hayden, Nicole, Derrick and Cody.

4:00-5:00 AM: Zach asked Christine if Nicole wants her gone. Christine said that she is pretty sure that Nicole does. She wanted Zach to be on as good of terms with Nicole as possible, so that Nicole would not be mad at her. Christine said that she will let Nicole know that she is voting with the house. Zach advised her to say that Zach is not after her, while she has no idea where Jocasta’s head is at. Zach said that they are in such a good spot right now. Zach told Christine that she is the only girl that has a chance at winning this game. Christine pointed out that all that they have to do over the next four week is make sure that two Detonators are not nominated together. Zach said that he feels as though everything will go according to plan and it will be the five Detonators and Victoria at the end. Zach said they will make it to the Final 5 and then it’s all about the circle, in reference to the circle of trust deal that he made with Christine and Frankie.

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