Things are not looking good for Zach

August 3, 2014

Power of Veto results - Day 44 Recap

1:00-2:00 PM: Nicole told Donny not to worry about going on the block, as she will not put him up even if Christine uses the veto. Donny thanked her and said that he was a bit worried. She pointed out that Christine is pretending that Zach would not go home over Jocasta, hoping she would nominate Donny so that they could flip the vote and evict Donny. He said that the fact that they are talking about trying to get him nominated means that they have the votes to get him out. Nicole told him that Caleb, Christine and Frankie are after him. Donny said that they may have Derrick as well. Nicole wasn’t so sure about that. Nicole told Donny that Christine is no longer her friend, as of yesterday, because she is trying to get her mad at Hayden by making up lies such as that Hayden and Victoria were making out. Nicole asked if Donny would vote Zach out over Jocasta. Donny said that he will absolutely do so, provided that he, Hayden and Nicole decided that it’s best for their games.

Donny asked if the plan to backdoor Frankie is still on the table. Nicole said that she would not be able to tell Christine about it. Donny agreed and said that he is will to have her tell Christine that Donny will go up, in order to get her to use the veto, then she can nominate Frankie. Nicole said that it would put a lot blood on her hands but she would do it. Nicole asked if Donny would definitely vote to evict Frankie. Donny said that he would 100%. Nicole let him know that she is secretly hoping that Christine feels that she is pulling a fast one on her by using the veto without telling her, cause then she can nominate Frankie. Nicole pointed out that Christine tried to get Cody or Donny on the block, but why not Frankie? Donny felt that the “they” that is always spoken of consists of Frankie, Cody and Derrick. He noted that he is less concerned about Derrick since Hayden is with him. Donny let Nicole know that she was the first person he had his eye on from the second they entered the house, cause she was so scared. He said that he likes Cody but doesn’t trust him 100%, while he trusts Hayden nearly 100% and would sacrifice himself for Hayden and Nicole.

2:00-3:00 PM: Hayden told Nicole that no matter what either Frankie or Zach are going home this week, which is awesome. Hayden said that everyone assumes that Zach is staying over Jocasta if the veto is not used. He told her that even they would have to play it off as though Zach is staying. Hayden let her know that Frankie came to him this morning and asked how to get Nicole on board with keeping Zach. Nicole then said that she wants Frankie out so bad. She mentioned that she could pretend that Donny would be the replacement nominee, baiting Christine in to using the veto, so that she could nominate Frankie. Hayden advised her not to pretend because you don’t want Christine to be pissed off, as they want to make sure that she focuses on going after Donny before the two of them. Nicole said that she thought that Christine was going to be the one person that she could trust, but she can no longer and will have to pretend. Hayden said that he would prefer to have Frankie go home but said that Zach going home is good as well. Hayden let Nicole in on Zach’s eviction night speech, including the line about Nicole being his target. Nicole said that he needs to go and that Hayden better not change his mind. He assured her that Zach will go home.

3:00-4:00 PM: Derrick spoke to Christine and mentioned that Nicole is going to want Zach to go home. Christine agreed and said that it’s not going to be good and that they will have to convince her otherwise. Derrick said that Nicole will not have any of it. Derrick questioned if it will hurt them mathematically if they let Zach go. Christine said that she doesn’t think so because each of them have their people outside of the alliance as well. Christine told Derrick that she will respect the alliance’s wishes. She pointed out that he is a good target to keep in the house. Derrick agreed. Frankie joined them and asked if Christine had talked to Nicole yet. Christine said no but she plans to tell Nicole that Zach is not coming after her and that he is a good target to keep around. Frankie wanted to tell her that a jury member will for sure come back so it is not a good idea to send Zach out this early when he can just come back. Derrick asked if they have the votes to keep Zach. Frankie said yes, pointing out that they have Caleb’s vote. Frankie thought that Hayden wants Zach to stay as well.

4:00-5:00 PM: Cody told Christine that it looks as though she is avoiding him and is now attached at the hip to Frankie. Christine didn’t think that it was the case and pointed out that she has a hard time getting away from Frankie at times. They then discussed that Nicole wants Zach out really badly. Christine said that she will tell Nicole that she is not using the veto because she does not want Nicole to get any more blood on her hands. Christine warned Cody that he needs to be careful with what he says to Zach, because Zach isn’t good with words and is scaring Frankie about him. She explained that Zach made it seems like Cody is questioning Frankie talking to everyone in the house.

Christine also said that Zach told Frankie that Cody is jealous of their relationship. Cody told her that Frankie also needs to watch what he says to Zach, because he has heard that Frankie wants him out first. They agreed that Zach is stirring the pot and wants to break up the Detonators. Christine noted that she has contemplated voting Zach out do to him stirring things up. Cody said that he is skeptical of Frankie and Zach’s relationship. Christine let him know that Zach told her and Frankie that Zach revealed that he has a Final 3 with Cody and Derrick. Cody said that Zach approached them about it. Christine then mentioned that losing Zach costs them a number but gives them the opportunity to have a silent alliance.

Hayden asked Christine what she was thinking of doing. Christine said that she will not be using the veto. He then asked her if she wants Zach out. Christine explained that she does but does not want to be the lone vote against him if the guys want to keep him. When asked if she thinks that Zach is really going after Nicole, Christine said that she is 99% sure that Victoria is Zach’s target. Hayden felt that Zach was not after him and that he would want to keep him if he is not after anyone important to them. Christine informed Hayden that Zach had previously mentioned him as a big target but she and Frankie talked him down from it. She said that she will try to convince Nicole that Zach is not after her, because she really doesn’t think that he is.

Christine went to Nicole and informed her that she will not be using the veto. She said that as of now all of the boys want Zach to stay but she has information that can change that. She revealed that Hayden is Zach’s next target. She also said that Zach talks crap about Cody all the time, so she can turn him on Zach as well. Nicole said that the information that Zach is targeting Hayden is good ammo to use against him. Christine asked Nicole to keep that from Hayden until she can let him know on her own. She wanted to speak to Zach again in order to get exact quotes. Nicole said that she does not want Zach to stay, but he is so confident that he is. She did admit to be surprised that Zach has been nice to her even though he feels safe. Christine said that they would need to blindside him. Nicole questioned if Frankie had tried to get Christine to use the veto on Zach. Christine let her know that nobody has tried to make her do that. Nicole was concerned that Frankie would be upset with her for taking one of his allies out.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody quickly filled Derrick in on a few things that he had heard from Christine, including that Zach told her and Frankie that the two of them and Zach have a Final 3 deal. Cody was now wanting to send Zach home. Derrick pointed out that they could easily be on the bottom if they vote Zach out. Derrick said that the fact that Christine is telling all of this stuff to Cody shows that she trusts him and doesn’t want him out. He explained that it would make no sense for Christine to be telling this to Cody if she had planned to backdoor one of them like Nicole has said. Cody still felt that they needed to lean towards evicting Zach at the moment. He said that Zach is the reason that the alliance is cannibalizing themselves. Derrick eventually said that Cody has sold him on it and that he is down to send Zach home. However, he did say that they cannot team up with Hayden and Nicole. Cody pointed out that Caleb can slide in to Zach’s spot in the five and be their ride or die guy.

Frankie spoke to Nicole and she told him that Christine is not planning on using the veto. Nicole said that it doesn’t matter anyway, because if Zach is not going home as is, he wouldn’t go home against anyone. Frankie said that she would have to nominate Cody or maybe Derrick to ensure things. Frankie then said that someone is likely going to return from jury, so it would be smart to send the weak players there for now. Nicole said that Zach telling her that she is his target is not making her want to keep him at all. Frankie said that it would not make sense for Zach to target her, since he has to target big players. Nicole didn’t want Frankie to feel as though she was taking a shot at him by taking out his friend. Frankie said that he completely understands and won’t take it personal. He added that Zach has a number of people that outrank him in his hierarchy, so even though he may not target him now he will eventually. Nicole said that Zach’s game is scary good and that is why she wants him out of the house.

6:00-7:00 PM: Frankie went to Derrick to quickly fill him in on his talk with Nicole. He said that Christine set things up perfectly, as Nicole knows that Zach is staying. He also told Derrick that Hayden let Nicole know that it doesn’t make sense to get rid of Zach. He thought that all that they needed to do now was get Zach to go to Nicole to tell her that he is just putting on a show and is not really targeting her, even though she may need to go back on the block if he were to win again at some point. Nicole then went to Derrick and told him that Frankie said that Derrick is Zach’s second target and Cody is his number one target. She said that Frankie tried everything in the book to convince her to keep Zach, but Christine is going to campaign agains him and has information to use in order to make everyone turn on him. Nicole was happy that they would not have to come up with an excuse to evict Zach.

Frankie asked Cody who he wants out next. Cody said Donny because he is such a schemer. Frankie agreed and let Cody know that he may put up Hayden next week so that he wins the veto and he can backdoor Donny. Cody asked if he would send Hayden home if nominations were left the same. Frankie said no, he would send Victoria home. Frankie and Cody discussed that Zach likely gives Donny way too much information, as Zach wrongfully thinks that Donny trusts him when he really wants him out. Frankie then discussed that Christine did a great job going up to Nicole and covering for Zach, as Nicole is now fine with him staying.

7:00-8:00 PM: Nicole spoke to Cody and told him that she heard from Christine that Zach’s next target is Hayden, while she heard from Frankie that it is Cody and Derrick. She also told Cody that Christine wanted Cody or Derrick to go on the block if she used the veto, but didn’t want Donny or Frankie to go up. She explained that Cody is definitely Frankie’s next target and that Frankie would nominate him next to Derrick. She then talked about how Donny had told her that the only guys that he trusts are Hayden and Cody, while he has lost trust In Christine. They discussed that it is odd that Christine is having mixed feelings about Cody now. Cody attributed it to Frankie being in Christine’s ear. Hayden and Derrick joined them at the hammock and they continued to discuss what Frankie and Christine had told to Nicole. They mentioned how the stories were all different as to who Zach’s next target is. Derrick said that he guarantees that Zach didn’t say any of those things. Hayden said that Christine wants Zach out and is trying to flip the vote so that he goes. Nicole again told them that it’s a good thing since they don’t have to make up an excuse to evict him, and it will look like her plan.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick and Cody were discussing that Zach told Frankie and Christine about their Final 3 deal. Derrick was asking for Cody’s permission to speak to Christine about it in order to clear up that they just said yes when approached by Zach around the pool table one night, and that there was never anything to it. Cody was fine with it. Derrick suggested that Cody even go to her and let her know that Derrick wants to talk to her so that it doesn’t look like he is hiding anything. Derrick said that he does agree with Cody that Zach has to go. He mentioned that Zach just cannot shut up. That being said, he feels that both Hayden and Nicole and Frankie and Christine are stringing them along. He didn’t know who exactly was trying to turn on them yet, but he agreed that Zach should go.

Derrick said that it is troubling that Nicole keeps going to bat for Donny. Derrick noted that he always observes Donny talk alone with Hayden and with Nicole. Cody said that he will go after Donny next week. Derrick told him that if Nicole is adamant that Frankie go next, it will show her cards. Cody said that then yanked Christine away from Frankie now, as she is fully on board with evicting Zach. He also told Derrick that he got enough information from Nicole to turn Christine on Donny. Cody told Derrick that they are in the middle and can keep chipping away at both sides in order to get to the end. He didn’t feel that they needed to pick a side at the moment. Derrick was on board for going that route.

10:00-11:00 PM: Victoria and Derrick met up for a chat in the hammock. He has been skeptical of Nicole and did not believe that Donny trusted Cody like she said he did. Victoria had previously told Cody that Donny was debating between nominating him and nominating Caleb. The subject came up again and Derrick asked how she knew that. Victoria said that Donny straight up told her. They then discussed Cody. Victoria said that she does not trust him at all, as he is putting on an act and is not being the real him. She mentioned that Christine and Cody appear to be aligned. Victoria questioned Derrick about having a Final 2 with Christine, because she told her that Derrick mentioned that they are both married and need to go to the end together. Derrick said that Christine cannot be trusted because he did not by any means make a Final 2 with her. Victoria also does not trust Frankie, pointing out that he made up a bunch of lies about Amber when she was on her way out last week. Derrick said that Frankie just wants the money so he is after everyone, but doesn’t specifically want her out at the moment. Derrick also told her that Zach is not after her, seeing as he is focused on getting Nicole out.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick let Cody know that Christine told Victoria that Derrick made a Final 2 with her, which is completely untrue. He said that Christine is trying to indirectly put a negative spin on the two of them for the long run, as she sees them as the best social players. Cody wanted to call Christine out on telling Donny to nominate him. Derrick said that she also told Nicole to nominate both of them, but they can’ t call her out on that one. Cody said that Christine wants to talk to the two of them. Derrick pointed out that it’s weird because she never wants to talk to the two of them together. He said that she knows that what she is saying is getting back to them, so she has a guilty conscience.

1:00-2:00 AM: Hayden, Derrick and Nicole were outside discussing that Christine was wanting Zach to stay, yet now she is all about getting Zach out. Nicole said that it was because Cody talked to her. Derrick asked Nicole what her plan is with Christine. Nicole said that she wouldn’t want to be the one to take her out but Christine has done a lot to lose her trust. Hayden said that he would have no problem taking her out. Hayden revealed that he would nominate Jocasta and Victoria, then try to get Frankie out. He believed that Christine talks a lot but Frankie is the one that could act on it. Derrick pointed out that he could read Frankie but not Christine. They then discussed Christine’s lies from the day before, including her saying that Hayden made out with Victoria. Hayden felt that Christine is trying to get him after Zach by saying that Zach is target him, Cody and Derrick. Derrick pointed out that Zach is good because he can be manipulated so easily, but Christine created such a persona about him, so that’s why he is going home.

Derrick asked Hayden if Donny would ever go against him. Hayden said no but he would go against Christine. He also didn’t think that Donny would go after Nicole or Cody. His concern was Donny going after Derrick, but he told Derrick that his name has never been brought up in a negative light. Hayden said that if Donny has to name specific targets it is always Frankie and Caleb. Cody joined them. Hayden revealed that he is more sketched out by Christine than anyone else in the house. He said that she goes around and plants the seeds. Nicole mentioned that Frankie and Caleb are close, but the guys downplayed it and said that Caleb knows that he cannot trust Frankie. Nicole let the guys know that Frankie told her that the sides are Frankie, Caleb, Nicole, Hayden, Christine vs. Zach, Cody, Derrick, Victoria and Donny.

2:00-3:00 AM: Hayden, Derrick and Cody discussed what they should say about the vote. Derrick said that they will tell people that Zach is staying, then they they will tell Caleb at the last minute that the script was flipped and that Zach is going home. Derrick didn’t want to tell Frankie anything until Thursday, because Zach would freak out if he knew that he was going home. Cody said that this week is pretty much locked down, with Christine not using the veto and Zach going home. Hayden agreed. Hayden felt that next week they could try to get Christine or Frankie to use the veto next week by telling them that Donny would go up, then they could just nominate the other one, Frankie or Christine.

Cody and Derrick had a quick chat alone. Derrick said that if they screw Caleb, Frankie and Christine over, they will all still be there and can easily turn on them. Derrick said that he doesn’t know what to do. He didn’t think that sending Zach home would impact anything, but he didn’t want to burn bridges on the rest of the Detonators. Cody told Derrick that Zach is playing them and is playing Christine and Frankie, but little does he know that Christine is telling them everything.
Derrick did not feel that Hayden and Nicole were telling them the complete truth about everything.

Cody said that it’s because they are embellishing whatever Donny, the mastermind puppeteer, is telling them to say. Cody told Derrick that Donny has the perfect excuse to stay out of it, saying that he is never awake late so he can’t be talking, yet he tells them stuff early in the day and they spread it. Cody said that Donny has Jocasta on lock, then got Nicole and Hayden, who brought the two of them in just for votes. Derrick noted that neither Nicole nor Hayden wanted to put Christine up but they said that they would vote her out. Cody said that that is Donny’s game, as he has said the exact same thing about Jocasta.

3:00-4:00 AM: Hayden told Cody that the next few days are going to be tough since Frankie is so on board with Zach staying and is 100% sure that he is safe. Hayden wondered what they should tell Christine. Cody said that Frankie will find out if they tell Christine anything. He also mentioned that Christine plans to tell people things in order to turn them on Zach. Hayden was hoping that it gave them an opportunity to pin everything on Christine so that Frankie is mad at her. For the time being, they planned to tell Frankie and Christine that Zach is good.

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