Derrick convinces Frankie that Zach is playing them all

August 4, 2014

Zach's allies turn on him after Christine reveals some info - Day 45 Recap

11:00-12:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, the veto went unused for the first time this season. Christine decided to leave Jocasta and Zach nominated for eviction, and one of them will be evicted first in Thursday night’s double eviction.

12:00-1:00 PM: Frankie told Caleb that at least now they have a big target in Donny that the whole house is after. Caleb was irritated that they didn’t take the opportunity to get Donny out this week. Frankie said that it’s okay since they would have been going after each other next week if they did that. Caleb noted that there are still other people to go after outside of the main six, who he said need to stick together. The six are Caleb, Frankie, Cody, Derrick, Hayden and Zach. Caleb told Frankie that he will protect Frankie, Derrick and Hayden the most. He suggested that those four could be the Final 4. Frankie agreed. They went back to discussing that the only outsiders that can keep them from being in power this week are Donny and Victoria, seeing as Nicole can’t compete and Jocasta is going home.

Victoria told Derrick that she is pretty sure that people want Zach out. Derrick said that he thinks that she is right cause Nicole definitely wants Zach out. Derrick told her that he is trying to figure out who is forming groups, cause the last thing that he wants is to end up being an outsider. Derrick pointed out that even though they think that they are working with the house, it’s possible that there is a smaller group that is selecting who goes home. Victoria told him that she believes that Cody, Hayden and Christine will be voting Zach out. Derrick said that they will need to do the same if so, as they cannot be the only ones voting for Zach to stay. Victoria thinks that Christine will step up her game once Zach goes, as she wants to be viewed by America as the person that everyone trusts before she throws them all under the bus. Derrick told her that it’s good that she is seeing that, because it means that others will be on to Christine. Derrick let Victoria that his main goal is still to get the two of them to the end together.

3:00-4:00 PM: Donny wanted to discuss who to send home this week. He pointed out to Hayden that there are benefits with both options. If they keep Zach, Donny believed that he would not be after either of them in the next few weeks. He then said that Jocasta would not win HoH, which gives them a better chance of winning but also leaves them with one less friend in their corner that could win. Hayden agreed that Zach had a better chance of winning but he said that Zach is wrapped around Frankie’s finger and is a number for him. He told Donny that Zach agreed last night to nominating Donny and Victoria, cause Frankie and Caleb want the non-Bomb Squad members out. Donny mentioned that Jocasta would never vote either of them out if she were to stay. Hayden agreed. He let Donny know that he feels that it is best to send Zach home, as does everyone else but Frankie.

Hayden told Donny that Frankie and Christine are definitely working together, and he thought that he could trust Christine until seeing the things that she did this week. Donny said that he sees Frankie, Christine, Caleb and possibly Derrick working together. Hayden wasn’t sure about Derrick being involved. Donny said that Derrick sure does shun him. Hayden felt that Derrick was more involved early on, with Frankie and Christine being the two that are most responsible for things at the moment. Donny mentioned that those two and Caleb were for sure hoping to get him backdoored this week. Hayden agreed. Donny said that they will need to decide who to send home. Hayden pointed out that both Frankie and Christine are manipulative but Frankie is easier to read, though Frankie has a better chance of winning competitions.

Donny told Hayden that if there are still two HoHs he would want to nominate Christine and Victoria. Hayden said that he would love to see Christine on one side and Frankie on the other so that one of them would go home. Hayden told Donny that he would likely nominate Jocasta and either Christine or Frankie, likely Frankie, if there are two HoHs. Hayden mentioned that he would likely nominate Frankie and Christine if there was only one HoH. They agreed that Caleb would target Donny. Hayden mentioned that Caleb would love working with Donny if not for the eight person alliance that he made in the beginning, cause he will not break his word no matter what. Hayden figured that Zach and Frankie would be the first two people that Caleb would target from within the alliance. Hayden told Donny that Christine suddenly began saying that Zach needs to go, spreading information to them in order to sabotage Zach. Hayden mentioned that Christine told him that he is Zach’s target, but he doubts that Zach actually said it. Hayden wanted to pin everything on Christine when Zach goes home.

6:00-7:00 PM: Derrick told Cody that they will need to talk about things because the diary room is asking questions. A short while later, Derrick asked Cody where his head is at now that the nominations are locked in. Cody said that he has been thinking a lot about the benefits of each option and of calling out Christine and Frankie. He said that he wants to go to them and tell them that he knows that they are playing he and Derrick. Derrick told him that there is a small possibility that Frankie and Christine are really with them and that they are just covering their tracks by talking bad about them to the others, but are doing it so well that it’s getting back to them. Cody did not feel that that was the case. He said that he thinks that Christine legitimately views the two of them as being at the centre of the house and thus wants to take a shot at them. Their talk was then broken up before they could discuss things any further.

7:00-8:00 PM: Frankie had seen Derrick and Cody speaking together. They stopped talking once Frankie came by, which led to Frankie questioning Derrick. He was worried that things are happening, particularly because Hayden said that he would nominate Victoria and Jocasta next week even though Jocasta is supposed to be going home. Frankie said that they are getting to a point where they need to choose sides. Frankie wanted to stick with the Detonators and keep Zach there. Derrick said that his biggest concern is with Team America because Donny doesn’t care about them. Frankie said that they may need to get rid of Donny, but Derrick felt that they would look bad if they did so. Derrick explained that it would be poetic if Team America could make it to the Final 3 after America chose them, yet it really hurt his feelings when Donny said that he is there for Donny Thompson, not for Team America. Frankie didn’t feel that it was feasible to get to the Final 3 with Donny. Derrick and Frankie agreed that they would never nominate or vote against each other because America would hate it.

Frankie questioned how the two of them will make it to the end together. He put it out there that he knows that Derrick, Cody and Zach are a thing. Derrick told Frankie that Zach approached them and said that he wanted to go to the end with them, so they could not say no. Derrick said that Zach was the sole person to initiate it and that Cody does not think that it is real either. They agreed that having Zach say that he wants to go to the end with them doesn’t mean much because he says it to everyone. Derrick continued to push Frankie, sensing that there is something wrong. Frankie said that he has Derrick’s back totally but feels as though Cody doesn’t trust him with information. Frankie was also worried that nobody knows where Hayden is at, and everyone is vying to get on his side at the moment. Derrick suggest that they try to clear the air with Cody, because he may have heard something about Frankie that is not true. Derrick eventually got Frankie to think that Zach is the one that may be playing Frankie and Cody against each other.

Frankie went back to questioning if there is a Final 3 agreement between Derrick, Zach and Cody. Derrick said that there absolutely is not. Frankie told him that Zach his very good at lying then. Frankie asked if they had a name. Derrick revealed that it is “LTA”. Frankie was immediately relieved, as he knew that Derrick was being honest with him. He said that a huge weight is off his shoulders and that that is the only thing that was worrying him. Derrick told Frankie that Zach may need to go if the two of them and Cody can mend something perfectly. Derrick pointed out that Zach could be smarter than they all think and could be playing them because he would never suspect that Derrick and Frankie have the Team America bond that they do. Derrick said that they will still have Caleb and Christine on their side and will be more solid without Zach. Frankie agreed. Before the talk wrapped up, they also agreed that they could likely send Donny home without angering America, seeing as Donny would come after them and didn’t even want to try to complete the last mission.

8:00-9:00 PM: Derrick went to Cody and told him that all of their prayers have been answered. He said that everything worked out perfectly because Frankie knew about LTA and now wants to vote to evict Zach. Derrick said that he even knew the name, so Zach has been playing all of them. Derrick told him that Frankie wanted to trust Cody but was being played by Zach. Derrick let him know that they can now save face with both the Detonators and with Nicole. Derrick then went to Nicole to let her know that everything is working out perfectly, seeing as Frankie now wants to get rid of Zach. Nicole said that she thinks that Christine has been working on Frankie. Derrick said that she must be working some magic. Nicole told Derrick that Frankie still needs to go soon. Derrick agreed. She warned Derrick that Cody is Frankie’s target, but Derrick said that he expects Frankie to try to smooth things over with him now. Nicole also said that she now regained some trust in Christine once she didn’t use the veto, but she is sketched out by the things that Christine said on the couch the other day.

9:00-10:00 PM: Cody and Frankie met up to clear the air. They discussed that Zach is pitting them against one another. Cody said that Zach told him that Frankie wants him out first, while Frankie said that Zach revealed the LTA alliance to him. He explained that Zach told him that the three of them were together, so he was on the outside and would have to go after Cody. Frankie clarified that Cody is not one of his top targets and is not a target of his at all. Frankie then said that Zach took the five person alliance and split it up into three and two, then threw all of them under the bus to each other. Cody agreed and said that if Zach told Christine about the Final 3, then why wouldn’t she go with Frankie and turn against them. Cody said that even through all of this, his targets haven’t changed. He said that he feels as though Donny is masterminding the other side with Hayden and Nicole. They agreed that Zach cannot catch wind of the situation, otherwise he will blow up.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody and Derrick had a quick word. Cody said that he is concerned that Zach can blow up their games. Derrick asked what there even is to blow up. Cody said that he could blow up the Detonators and that he could do it all in 30 seconds. Derrick said that hopefully Zach is so blindsided that he goes out quietly. Cody told him that he wont change his mind about voting Zach out out of fear of Zach blowing up. Derrick then explained to Cody that Frankie was talking bad about them since Zach was telling him that they had a three person deal, which made Frankie feel like he had no choice but to make some moves. Christine then spoke to Frankie and Cody, who informed her of what has been going down with Zach. She talked about a plan to make it a 4-4 vote so that Zach would not blow things up. They felt that it could be pretty risky to do so. Christine then pulled Nicole aside to let her know that her plan seems to have worked since Frankie and Cody now want to vote Zach out.

12:00-1:00 AM: Derrick spoke with Christine to clear the air on his Final 3 with Zach and Cody. He explained that it was not a real deal and that Zach made it up himself so they had to go along with it. Derrick said that he was oblivious to the fact that Christine and Frankie felt that they were being left out. Christine told him that she wasn’t concerned about it or else she wouldn’t have aligned with them. She then brought up her plan to make it a 4-4 vote. Derrick said that Nicole would be pissed if that happened. Christine told Derrick that she would like to backdoor Caleb next. Derrick explained to her that it would force them to have to win back to back HoHs in order to get the numbers back if they went that route, but he would go along with her. She then changed her mind and said that she could backdoor Donny. Christine, Frankie and Derrick continued to discuss a potential plan to make it a 4-4 vote so that Nicole could break the tie. They felt that Zach would be less likely to blow up. Frankie said that he could go straight to Zach and hug him, distracting him for long enough that he would have no time to blow things up. Christine is still under the impression that Hayden is voting Jocasta out, so Derrick told her to speak with Nicole to figure out exactly how the voting will play out.

4:00-5:00 AM: Cody discussed that he doesn’t understand why Christine would resent him, other than if Frankie told her that they were all in the room when Zach said that he would nominate her and was working on his speech. Derrick told Cody that Christine should not be trusted fully, as she is playing hard and is the female version of Frankie. Derrick also said that Cody will have to be careful with Donny, as Donny has a reason to put him up. Derrick said that his game will be done if Cody leaves, cause he would then be crippled without him. Derrick and Cody agreed that they will have to get to Caleb before Frankie does if they decide to make it a unanimous vote. They knew that Frankie would want to be the one to tell him so that Caleb would trust him most.

5:00-6:00 AM: Derrick told Cody that he plans to nominate Victoria and Jocasta, then hope that someone will use the veto so that he can backdoor Donny. Cody wondered if Hayden and Nicole would question why they aren’t targeting Frankie. Derrick said that it’s easy, they can justify it by saying that they just crippled Frankie by taking Zach out. Derrick said that if Hayden wins and wants to get rid of Frankie they may not have a choice. Alternatively, if Frankie went after Hayden he said that they also may not have a choice but to go with it. They discussed that they can reel Caleb in eventually for a Final 3 deal, even telling him that Frankie was making things up about Amber. Both agreed that they cannot let Caleb go home.

Derrick pointed out that Donny has Hayden and Nicole in his back pocket. Cody agreed. Cody caught Hayden studying the days with Donny earlier in the day, feeding him all of the information. Cody said that Donny is the mastermind out of those three, and that Christine is likely working with Frankie but is playing everyone. Cody threw it out there that it’s possible that Christine and Nicole still could be together and are working two separate sides of the house. Derrick said if they are doing that they are playing a better game than anyone and they will have to take their hats off to them. Derrick said that he may nominate Nicole and Hayden next to each other if they survive the double eviction and he wins the next HoH. He said that Donny would be the replacement nominee. Derrick felt that Hayden would be the toughest guy in the game to get out of the house. Cody disagreed, but Derrick said that he will win competitions. Cody didn’t think that it was justified to consider him a beast based on how little he has done to this point.

Derrick said that the Hitmen are in the best situation they could have right now, in the middle of two alliance and being able to send Zach home without showing any cards. Derrick said that in a perfect world he would like to see them in the Final 3 with Caleb, Victoria or Jocasta. He said that they would be golden then, and that it would be amazing if they could get to the Final 5 with those three. Cody said he doesn’t care who the third person is. Derrick said that he wont look like an ass clown on TV, cause he is going to do exactly what Dan did by making a promise to one person and letting the jury decide things. They discussed that both Nicole and Hayden will send them home over Donny, but they wont get the shot to. Derrick said that they will have no one to blame but themselves if they let that happen, because it would mean that they didn’t win HoH.

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