The plan to evict Zach remains in place

August 5, 2014

The Detonators Plan to Turn on Zach - Day 46 Recap

11:00-12:00 PM: Hayden and Donny were discussing that the plan is still for Zach to go home this week. Hayden pointed out that Zach is very smart. Donny said that he is confident and quick, and noted that he plans a lot of things out but can’t do that with his anger issue. Hayden said that once Zach gets riled up he gets too excited and wants to tell people everything, and doesn’t think before he says stuff. They then began discussing others in the house. Hayden said that he would really love to see Frankie go. Donny said that Frankie is beginning to act like Amber, as he is being very paranoid. Donny added that Frankie doesn’t want to be around him whatsoever. Donny said that Derrick is a smart one and is likeable and that people don’t see him as a threat in competitions but he is very persuasive even without being HoH.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christine told Victoria that the last she heard Hayden didn’t want Zach out, and neither did the guys. Victoria asked why Hayden didn’t want Zach out. Christine said because he believes that Zach would never be after him, even though she had heard Hayden’s name come out of Zach’s mouth. Victoria said that Zach is so hot and cold that nobody can know that he will not be after them. She said that you have to be the person in his ear at the very last minute in order to stay safe. Christine pointed out that Jocasta would be so easy to get out at any time. She also said that Jocasta would be someone to nominate easily without getting blood on your hands. Victoria argued against keeping Zach by saying that there are other big targets in the house even if he goes. Christine said that she has heard that all of the guys plan on voting Jocasta out, which is weird. She told Victoria that they will have to turn the guys on one of their own. Victoria agreed and said that they will just pick the girls off one by one if not.

4:00-5:00 PM: Victoria spoke to Frankie to see where his head is at. Frankie said that even though people are associating him with Zach, he will do what is best for his game. Frankie pointed out that Zach is volatile and that it is not good for his game. Victoria asked if he would be voting Zach out then. Frankie told her that he is entertaining it and that he will see what everyone else is doing. Victoria told him that Nicole put Zach up for a reason and that it would be a waste if Jocasta were to be the one to go home. Frankie agreed. They also discussed that it would be boring to America if they were to take her out this week. Victoria suggested that Frankie speak to the guys about the vote. Frankie informed her that they have talked a little bit and that they are starting to see that Zach needs to go.

5:00-6:00 PM: Victoria told Derrick that she talked to Christine earlier today and Christine told her that there is a guys alliance that wants to keep Zach. Derrick said that he isn’t buying it. He told Victoria that he will be voting Zach out, so she should do the same if she trusts him. Victoria mentioned that Christine said that she wants to vote Zach out. Derrick therefore said that Victoria will see that Christine was lying to her if they are the only two votes to evict Zach or if all of the guys vote to evict Zach. Victoria asked why Derrick is now so certain about which way he is voting. He said that Jocasta has not done anything to him and she will not win anything, so he will vote Zach out if everyone does. He added that he does expect everyone to vote Zach out.

Frankie spoke to Christine and said that they should tell people that Zach attempted to start the Detonators last night with the sole purpose of getting Hayden and Caleb out. He explained that everyone knows that they were all up together last night and people know that. Christine was on board with doing that. Frankie planned to run it by Cody and Derrick before moving forward with it. Frankie said that they can tell Hayden and Nicole to gain their trust, then Caleb will be the last person that they tell. Frankie wanted to be the one to tell Caleb. Frankie mentioned that it will now be the four remaining Detonators and Caleb against the rest of the house. Christine agreed that that’s how it is but she hates Caleb. On Zach’s way out the door, Frankie wants to get up and hug Zach and tell him that he has no one to blame but himself and that he owes him a vote.

Frankie then went to Derrick to run the plan by him. Derrick felt that it would make Frankie look great for telling Caleb but would make the rest of them look suspicious for not going to Caleb about it. He said that he would prefer if they did it as a group. Christine told Nicole that Zach came up to her, Derrick, Cody and Frankie last night to say that they should start an alliance. She told Nicole to act surprised when Frankie tells her, as Frankie said that he wants them to tell Nicole together but she wanted to tell her anyway. Christine informed her that the alliance is called the Detonators. She explained that the goal of the alliance was to get Hayden and Caleb out, and that Hayden is Zach’s number one target. Christine also said that it made Frankie, Cody and Derrick even more mad Zach, so they are now all 100% on board with evicting Zach.

6:00-7:00 PM: Frankie went to Cody to fill him in on the plan to say that the Detonators were formed by Zach last night, as it would do damage control in the event that Zach blows them up. Cody said that he is on board with it. Derrick overheard Frankie talking to Cody. He spoke to Cody once Frankie left and said that Frankie wanted to tell Caleb on his own, but he is not letting that happen. Derrick said that all three guys need to tell him together or else Caleb will be upset with them. He also told Cody that the two of them need to get to Hayden and Nicole before Christine does, not knowing that Christine had already told Nicole about it all. Cody let him know that Christine already went to Nicole. Derrick did not want to mention the name Detonators either, but Christine has already told Nicole the name.

Cody went to Nicole to mention that Zach approached them about starting something last night so that they can take out Hayden and Caleb. Nicole informed Cody that Christine had already told her about it. She was glad that Zach actually said that he would target Hayden, because she previously didn’t believe that it had came from Zach’s mouth. Cody then said that Zach didn’t mention anything about a name. Nicole said that Christine told her the name and that it was a weird one. Cody told her that he didn’t even want to be around when Zach was trying to do that, as it was so sketchy. He said that everyone is now even more on board with evicting Zach after all of this.

7:00-8:00 PM: Victoria told Nicole that Christine is saying that Hayden wants to keep Zach. Nicole said that she doesn’t think that that’s true. She also said that Christine is saying that there is a guys alliance that will keep Zach. Victoria asked Nicole how close she is to Christine. Nicole told her that she is not as close as she use to be. Nicole promised Victoria that she is working with her and that Christine isn’t. She also said that she can be trusted more than Christine can. Victoria said that they will need to start talking more if she wants to work together. Nicole agreed but didn’t want to make it obvious. Victoria then said that she is making people think that she is in la la land, but she is not as stupid as she seems and knows what is going on in the house.

8:00-9:00 PM: Nicole asked Cody what he thinks that Christine was trying to do when she told her that Hayden and Victoria hooked up. Cody that she is just planting seeds. Cody pointed out that she is setting herself up to have other people put people up so that she doesn’t have to do it. Nicole told him that Christine was trying to get her to nominate Cody and Derrick already. Hayden then came upstairs and told them that he got Donny to name his targets. He listed off the targets in order as being Caleb, Frankie, Christine and then Derrick. Cody then took the opportunity to tell Hayden that Zach said that he is his target. Derrick had joined them and told Hayden that Zach tried to form an alliance with them. Nicole said that Christine had already told her but she can’t remember the name of the alliance. Both Cody and Derrick denied knowing anything about a name. Cody also pointed out that Christine wasn’t even outside, so Frankie must have filled her in on everything. Elsewhere, Hayden was informing Jocasta that she 100% has his vote this week.

Hayden informed Victoria that he will be voting Zach out. Victoria mentioned that Christine told her that Hayden is not voting Zach out. Hayden told her not to trust Christine at all, as both she and Frankie cannot be trusted. Hayden said that Christine has been trying to plant seeds all week, even spreading a rumour that he and Victoria hooked up. Victoria was shocked to hear that. Hayden told her not to worry because nobody believes Christine. He said that she is doing all of this in order to try to break up the two of them and Nicole. Hayden said that Frankie is the only one that trusts Christine anymore. Victoria then mentioned that Frankie has been her target because she does not trust him. Hayden said that he would love to see either Frankie or Christine go home next.

9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie, along with Christine, informed Nicole about the alliance that Zach supposedly made the night before. He was unaware that Christine had already told Nicole. Frankie said that it is now almost better for his game to vote to evict Zach. Nicole said that she cannot believe that Frankie would actually say that. Frankie said that Zach is just so erratic that he is not good for his game. Frankie then said that Zach plans to nominate Donny and Victoria with the goal of backdooring Hayden. Both Nicole and Frankie said that that is not good for their games. He pointed out that Cody and Derrick were also pissed off by it as well, as Zach has been talking crap about all of them to each other, so everyone is likely to vote to evict Zach. Outside, Derrick told Cody that Christine is playing everyone because Frankie didn’t even know that she had already told Nicole about the Detonators. Cody said that he tried to push Nicole and Christine apart by telling Nicole that Christine said a while back that Hayden and Nicole were hooking up. He also pointed out that they have told Nicole and Hayden that Christine was not outside when Zach proposed the alliance, but rather that Frankie insisted that she be brought in.

Hayden joined Nicole, Christine and Frankie in the HoH room. Frankie told Hayden that Zach approached him, Christine, Cody and Derrick to work together in order to backdoor Hayden next week. Hayden said that he does not want Zach in the house if he is coming after him. Frankie said that Zach definitely is after him. Frankie said that they would be idiots to let this opportunity to slip away and leave Zach in the game. Christine pointed out that Zach will make it to the end. Hayden questioned if Christine was there when Zach formed the alliance last night. Christine said yes. They ended the talk with Hayden saying that he will speak to Derrick, Cody and Donny to make sure of how they are voting so that he is not on the outside or the deciding vote.

10:00-11:00 PM: After Frankie and Christine left the room, Hayden and Nicole discussed that those two think that they are so stupid. Hayden revealed that he purposely asked Christine if she was there last night in order to catch her in a lie. Hayden laughed that Frankie thinks that he is the mastermind behind this whole plan, likening it to Caleb thinking that he was behind the Amber plan last week. Nicole told Hayden that Christine was telling Cody that they hooked up and were a power couple. She couldn’t believe that Christine would have done that when they were working together. Hayden said that he would prefer to see Christine go over Frankie since she is more manipulative. Nicole said that she is scared that Cody trusts Christine. Hayden didn’t think that Cody actually did.

Derrick joined Hayden and Nicole in the HoH room. They filled him in on Christine and Frankie’s chat with them. Hayden pointed out that Frankie thought that it was all his master plan and that he caught Christine in her lies, which is amazing. Hayden noted that he does not believe what they have been telling him about him being Zach’s #1 target. Derrick agreed that he cannot see that being the case. Hayden then said that he would prefer to see Christine go over Frankie. Derrick pointed out what Hayden had told him earlier in the week, that Frankie will be crippled without Zach and will be unable to do as much damage. Hayden asked who Derrick would nominate. Derrick said that he would likely nominate Victoria and Jocasta. Nicole questioned if he would really want one of them to go. Derrick said it’s a backup plan, and then questioned if they should backdoor someone. Hayden said that he would likely backdoor Frankie since he has a greater opportunity to win than does Christine. Derrick tried to talk him out of that and put his focus back on Christine. Before their talk was broken up, Derrick told Hayden that he can tell Frankie that he is on board with evicting Zach because Hayden informed him that Zach is after him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Victoria spoke to Cody, having much the same conversation that she had with each Derrick and Hayden earlier. They discussed that Christine cannot be trusted and that she is stirring the pot. Cody revealed to Victoria that Christine had told him earlier on in the game that Hayden and Nicole were hooking up. Cody asked Victoria who she would like to get out first. She said that Frankie is a good competitor but Christine is really manipulative. Cody said that they are both trying to play the whole house but Frankie is doing it in an “in your face” way, while Christine does it more subtly. Cody said that the closer that Christine gets to Frankie the more he distances himself from her.

2:00-3:00 AM: Zach went to Cody to ask if he is still good. Cody said yes. Zach said that they are going to kill it and that the two of them and Derrick will be the last three there. Zach said that even though there are the five Detonators, it’s all about the three. He then said that he hasn’t been worried about this week but also wouldn’t be surprised if everyone was lying to him. He told Cody that he trusts him to the fullest. He pointed out that Amber got blindsided so bad, so it wouldn’t surprise him if they did the same to him since Jocasta is not a threat. Zach told Cody that he should never doubt that he doesn’t have his back over Frankie’s because he does. He said that he trusts both Cody and Derrick with his life.

3:00-4:00 AM: Derrick and Frankie asked Caleb what his opinion of Zach is. Caleb said that Zach could throw any of them under the bus or vote any of them out at any moment. Derrick then told him that they are voting Zach out. He explained that last night Zach tried to hint at them working together, along with Cody and Christine, leaving Caleb out of it. Frankie added that Zach planned to backdoor Hayden next. Caleb said that if the crew is down to evict Zach then he is down. Derrick said that they are down. Caleb said that he is ride or die with them until the end. Caleb said that Zach is definitely going to blow up. He said that he will scream at the top of his lungs if Zach tries to say anything, given that he has very little time. Frankie said that his plan is to go to Zach, hug him, and tell him that he brought this on himself and should not make it any worse.

They continued to discuss Hayden. Derrick said that they need to be careful about him since he is doing his own thing on the side and has Nicole and such. Caleb said that he knows that Hayden is down with the Final 6 and would not vote him out over Nicole. He said that he could not say the same for the other guys, but he knows that he and Hayden have that bond. Derrick pointed out that even without Zach they have the three of them, Cody and Hayden. Caleb said that they also have Christine. They then discussed the week ahead. Derrick told Caleb that sending home Jocasta and Victoria would be a waste because they are not threats to them. Caleb said that Nicole and Donny should be the first people gone, and those would be his two nominees. Frankie said that he would rather backdoor Donny. Caleb said that they should take the chance to nominate Donny whenever they get it, as odds are Donny can still be picked and then could save Jocasta too. He also said that they don’t want someone to win the veto and then not use it.

Elsewhere, Hayden and Cody were in bed discussing targeting Frankie and Christine. Hayden said that the whole house is now on board with them and is going against those two. Hayden said that he would like to see Christine go first since Frankie would have no one once she goes. Cody wasn’t so sure about that, saying that Frankie has Caleb. Cody said that he wants them to get Caleb in their back pocket but said that they will need to be careful with how they go about it. Hayden agreed. Cody felt that a group approach would be best, with the two of them and Derrick all talking to him.

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