Houseguests plan for a potential double eviction

August 6, 2014

The houseguests plan for a potential blow up from Zach - Day 47 Recap

11:00-12:00 PM: Nicole asked Donny if he is voting out Zach. Donny said that he is. Nicole was happy with that, saying that Zach is not good for her game or for Donny’s or Hayden’s, since Zach tried to start some kind alliance without involving any of them. Donny called Zach entertaining but said that he is a liability. Nicole agreed and said that he needs to go for game purposes. Donny said that he wishes that there was a way that someone could talk to Caleb, so that it would appease their minds if he won. Nicole said that Caleb always stresses that he wants the four outsiders out, so they agreed that they would both end up on the block if he were to win. Nicole mentioned that there were definitely people that felt safe enough to throw the last HoH competition. She said that they were just waiting for the Battle of the Block to be over before they started winning and getting some blood on their hands.

Nicole asked Donny what he would do if he won HoH and it was a double eviction tomorrow. Donny said that if there was only one HoH he would probably nominate Caleb and Christine, with Frankie as a replacement nominee. Nicole said that’s good. If there was a Battle of the Block, Donny said that he would nominate Christine and Victoria, so that they could put Caleb up on the other side and split up he and Christine. Donny asked Nicole what she would do if she won the second HoH. She said that it’s too far ahead to think about it but she would want to target the same three that Donny had just mentioned. Donny pointed out that Frankie, Derrick and Christine seldom even talk to him. Nicole told him that Hayden had been trying to repair the relationship between Donny and Christine but she is still saying that she would backdoor Donny. Donny said that it’s too late for anything to work between the two of them. Nicole told Donny that Christine did not play her cards right with her, taking her trust and rubbing it in the dirt. Nicole said that Christine’s game is so ridiculous that she must be a saboteur or something.

Hayden told Donny that he is hearing from Frankie and Christine that he should vote Zach out because he is Zach’s target and that Zach tried to form an alliance with them. Hayden said that it’s really weird that they would start saying this out of nowhere, so it’s possible that they found out that Zach was leaving so they now want to make it seem like it was their idea. The other possibility that Hayden suggested is that they want everyone to vote Zach out so that they can throw a couple of votes the other way and pin the votes on certain people. Hayden said that they were trying to make it sound like it would be a tie even though it definitely wont be. Hayden said that he can guarantee that Zach has never said that Hayden is his number one target, but they are just trying to secure his vote to evict Zach even though it is already locked in. Hayden said that it is comedic and that Frankie and Christine are just digging themselves a hole. Donny then told Hayden about his plan to nominate Caleb and Christine if there is just one HoH.

12:00-1:00 PM: Frankie told Christine that Hayden loves Donny and Jocasta. Christine told Frankie that Zach told Cody last night that they better not be blindsiding him. Christine then laughed about it. Frankie spoke to Christine about the possibility of backdooring Donny next. He said that he wouldn’t put him up and then would beg him to not use the veto if he were to win, hoping that he would not save Jocasta. Frankie said that everyone seems on board with that plan. Christine said that she is nervous about getting Nicole out and hopes that she doesn’t have to be the one to do it. Frankie said that she wont have to be and that he is sensing right now that the two of them, Hayden, Derrick and Nicole should be the Final 5. He suggested that the 6th person may have to be Caleb. Christine said that she doesn’t like that and would backdoor Caleb this week if not for being in an alliance with him. Frankie said that it will all come down to what happens with Cody once Zach leaves. Christine was concerned that she and Nicole would be screwed if Caleb were to be around at Final 5 and win HoH. Christine pointed out that Caleb is so obvious about preferring guys to the girls. Frankie told her that he has convinced Caleb that she is awesome.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christine told Nicole that she is so scared for Caleb to win HoH. Nicole said that she is as well. Christine said that she would want to backdoor Caleb this week but she would not have the votes. Nicole asked if anyone is going to tell Caleb that Zach is leaving. Christine said that Frankie told him last night and that Caleb is now on board. Nicole was surprised that Caleb was on board and wondered what Frankie told him. Christine said that she isn’t sure what Frankie said, but mentioned that he didn’t even have to tell him that Zach is coming after him. Elsewhere, Hayden was warning Jocasta that Frankie and Christine have been up to a lot of things this week and have been acting very weird. He explained that they have been saying weird things, lying, going back on things and trying to turn people against each other. Hayden then told her that Frankie is the bigger competition threat but Christine is really good and really manipulative.

3:00-4:00 PM: Derrick and Frankie discussed that Team America is sitting pretty. Frankie said that he would try to avoid taking Donny out by nominating Victoria and Jocasta, then hoping that the veto is not used so that Jocasta can go home. Derrick said that hopefully they don’t find out that Donny isn’t with them when it’s too late and he has a chance to take them out. They wondered who else Donny could be working with. Frankie said maybe Hayden. Derrick said that is definitely possible and also mentioned Nicole as one of his potential allies. Derrick said that the only bad thing for Frankie in terms of nominating Victoria and Jocasta is that neither of those girls would ever be after him if they were to win. Frankie agreed but said that there is no one else to put up. He asked Derrick who he would nominate. Derrick said that he would likely nominate Victoria and just try to sugar coat it with her. Frankie said that the worse case scenario would be that Donny wins the veto and saves Jocasta, then he is forced to put someone else up. Frankie said that he would have to try to beg Donny not to use it, and pray that nominations stay the same and Jocasta goes home.

5:00-6:00 PM: Derrick let Hayden know that Caleb is now on board with evicting Zach. He told Hayden to let Frankie know that Hayden has convinced Derrick to get Zach out. Hayden asked Derrick if they should convince Caleb not to trust Frankie and Christine if he wins HoH. Derrick said that Caleb will likely run to Frankie so it would be risky. Derrick did not think that Caleb would nominate either of them, suggesting that he would put up Victoria and Jocasta. Hayden said that he would like to nominate Christine and Frankie. Derrick said it gives you the best shot at sending one of them home. Hayden said that it would be a waste if Jocasta were to go home. Hayden agreed. Derrick said that Christine is talking a lot and would not see it coming at all if she were to go. Derrick again told Hayden that it’s too risky to tell Caleb anything about targeting Frankie and Derrick, because he could tell Frankie and then everyone will be after Hayden.

Hayden said that everyone but Frankie, Christine and Caleb are on the same page now and want to target Frankie and Christine. Hayden asked Derrick if he thought that Frankie, Christine and Zach set up the meeting to form an alliance the other night in order to trap them. Derrick said that it felt planned but he didn’t want to speculate on who was behind it. Derrick again said that Christine was not out there when it was first mentioned. He said that she is full of shit when she claims to have been out there. Hayden informed Derrick of Donny’s targets. He said that Frankie, Christine and Caleb are the top three, with Derrick being the fourth. Derrick asked how Donny is with Cody. Hayden said that Donny is good with Cody and that he would nominate him if he had to but would not send him home.

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