Frankie reveals that Ariana Grande is his sister

August 8, 2014

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9:00-10:00 PM: Frankie and Caleb won the Battle of the Block competition, even though Caleb had planned to throw it. Frankie said that he won it on his own. It was later discussed that Caleb even helped Frankie a couple of times because he saw how hard Frankie was fighting to win. Donny and Zach remain on the block as a result of it. Nicole has been dethroned and Christine remains the HoH for the week. Caleb, Frankie and Christine won a trip out of the house and will get to go to a football event of some sort. Zach began shouting at Frankie, calling him out for talking shit about him the entire time that they have been there. He also called out Christine for being a liar. Zach told Frankie that he has had his back the entire time. Frankie told Zach that he had his back as well. Zach told him that he hasn’t.

The two continued to shout back and forth, with Zach making it clear that he had Frankie’s back the entire time and feels betrayed by him. Zach told Frankie that he gave him his Big Brother life on a platter and got screwed over, so he is done with Frankie. Cody then began yelling at Frankie as well, calling him out for trying to get him on the block next to Zach. Frankie denied it. Zach then called Frankie out for lying to Nicole about the Detonators and telling her that it was formed just three days ago. Zach said that he will have to hope that his bros Caleb, Cody, Derrick and Donny will have his back, because Frankie clearly doesn’t. The back and forth continued until Frankie asked if they could all go speak in private in the bedroom.

10:00-11:00 PM: Frankie pulled Caleb, Cody, Zach and Derrick into the bedroom. He revealed that he has been lying to them the entire time about who he is. Frankie said that he is a YouTuber and social media mogul. He said that he walked into the house with 1.5 million followers and has been hiding that fact from all of them since the beginning. He then said that his sister is a mega pop star. Cody felt that it was a joke. Frankie then asked them what his last name is. He then said that it is Grande and that his sister is Ariana Grande. Frankie said that he has been playing very paranoid and it started to eat away at him. He told Zach that he told him too much about his game to make him trust him. Frankie explained that he knew about the Final 3 that Zach, Cody and Derrick had, so then he began to second guess everything that Derrick and Cody told him. Frankie told Zach that he did go to Hayden in order to form a fake alliance in order to secure his vote to get Zach out of the house. Frankie explained that Hayden blew his cover so he had to save Zach. Derrick clarified that it was he and Cody that saved Zach. Frankie admitted that they convinced him to do it.

Frankie then revealed that he is playing the game for a charity that he represents, looking to build schools in Africa. Derrick asked why Frankie is telling them this all now. Frankie said that he wants to tell the truth because he is sorry and he freaked out. Zach said that all that he is getting from it all is that Frankie wanted him out of the house and wanted to work with the other side. Frankie denied that and said that he did want Zach out at one time but he never wanted Cody next to him. Caleb told Frankie that he is one of the most amazing men that he has ever met but it’s tough to know that Frankie would look him in the eye and give him his word when he was lying the whole time. Derrick said that he is also upset cause everyone was upfront about who they are. That being said, Derrick told him that he would not hold it against him. Frankie explained that he had to hide it since they would have wanted him out and also because he has to protect his sister. Caleb said that he doesn’t even know who Frankie’s sister is. Donny had joined them at this point and told Frankie that he is alone in the game and needs some help. He told Frankie that it doesn’t matter who they are, as all that counts is who they are in the game.

Frankie apologized to the guys for screwing them over. They asked Frankie who he wants to work with now. Frankie said that he still wants to work with the guys in that room. Caleb asked if Frankie can give him a shoutout once they get out of the house. Frankie said that he will bring him to Justin Bieber’s house. Frankie told Cody that he cannot go near this sister. Cody said that he doesn’t even know who she is. Derrick wondered if Frankie was ever concerned that someone would recognize him. He said that Victoria will shit herself when she finds out and that it all may click for her. Frankie then pulled the girls aside to reveal his story to them. Victoria’s jaw dropped when she heard the news. Victoria mentioned that she had just spoken about Ariana the other day. Frankie said that he cannot believe that she didn’t recognize him. Victoria said that she would never put one and one together. Victoria told Frankie that he owes her and that she wants to meet Ariana. Frankie said that she will hopefully be at the finale. Christine pointed out that this is the reason that Frankie’s HoH pictures were all very old. She also said that there wasn’t an America’s Player this year because Frankie definitely would have won it.

Meanwhile, Derrick told Cody and Caleb that Frankie may a strategic move by revealing all of this, as he now owns Victoria. Cody said that it is all insane but he told the guys that he will not go against them. Caleb was wondering if Ariana would be interested in him. Derrick promised him that he has no shot with her. Caleb said that if she met him and he was himself with her, she would be telling Frankie that he is amazing dude. Cody then spoke to Zach and said that Victoria will have to go on the block if Donny wins the veto. Zach was annoyed by what had went down. He felt that people will now just want to give Frankie the money since he is playing for a charity. Zach said that he is so pissed off since he loves Frankie and got screwed over by him. Derrick joined them and said that he is getting pissed off that everyone is so star struck now. He pointed out that he has told them who he is since Day 1. Derrick felt that certain people would now love Frankie, including Victoria and Caleb. Derrick said that he didn’t come there to finish in 3rd place because Frankie’s sister is famous. Derrick felt that Frankie shouldn’t have even been allowed to play the Battle of the Block on his own.

11:00-12:00 AM: Zach was still heated about the whole Frankie situation, pointing out that none of them have a chance at winning America’s Favorite. Zach also felt that there was no chance that anyone would keep him over Frankie now that they know that Frankie is playing for schools in Africa. Zach was quite down about the whole situation, feeling that he would be heading home unless he wins the veto. Derrick told him that he still has him, Cody, Caleb and Victoria. Derrick said that there is even hope if Donny wins the veto, as Nicole or Victoria can be put up. Cody was wondering who it is that is lying to them. Derrick said that he believes that Frankie is being honest, so it’s either Nicole or Christine that is lying to them. Frankie came by the room to check on the guys. He asked Zach if he would hug him yet. Zach said no. After Frankie left the guys told Zach that he will need to start playing a little nicer with Frankie since he may need his vote and since Christine is HoH. They continued to reassure Zach that they have his back and need him in the game.

Derrick spoke to Victoria and said that Zach is upset since he thought that he had a good shot at winning America’s Favorite, just like she thought that she could win it. Victoria said that they don’t stand a chance now. Victoria said that it sucks because she is there just trying to make a living for herself, while Frankie is playing for charity and will be treated differently. Derrick told Victoria that Frankie wont be taking her to meet Ariana and may not even talk to her again after this game is over. Meanwhile, Nicole was upset with the news because she felt that everyone would now hate her for nominating Frankie and putting him on blast, seeing as he is famous. Victoria told Cody about it and said that she does not want the game to change because of what Frankie said. She told Cody that Frankie is still a target of hers. Cody said that they are still playing the same game.

Nicole continued to be upset, telling Victoria that the game has now changed and that she never would have nominated Frankie if she had known about this. Nicole questioned if Victoria knew how many people now hate her. Victoria said that they probably love her for doing what she did because she is a game player. Victoria said that she is obsessed with Ariana but bashes Frankie in the diary room, so she will look stupid but it’s just a game. She told Nicole that Frankie is a normal person just like the rest of them, and that they are all equals. Victoria pointed out that it was convenient that Frankie said that he didn’t want to mention playing for charity. She implied that she thought that Frankie said it just so that people would keep him around, pointing out that it wouldn’t have just slipped out. Victoria said that Ariana can donate money to Africa. Nicole said that she is no longer going to be the same person in the diary room. Victoria told her that if she changes her game then she is letting Frankie win cause he is getting exactly what he wanted out of it.

12:00-1:00 AM: Nicole went to Christine and informed her that she had no plans to backdoor her this week, so she hopes that Christine will do the same. Nicole said that they need to start over with a clean slate and work together in this game. Nicole told Christine that she is someone that she would love to go to the end with. They agreed that they need to stick together since the guys are picking the girls off. Christine said that she is praying that Donny wins the veto so that Victoria can go on the block in order to secure the votes to evict Zach. She said that Nicole, Donny and Frankie would then vote Zach out. Christine said that Cody and Derrick completely played her and that those two will be alone, except for having Caleb, if they get Zach out. Frankie then had a chat with Christine. He told her that the guys are worried that she is going to backdoor Cody. Christine said that her plans is to vote Zach out. Frankie agreed that he needs Zach to go home too. Frankie advised Christine to blame everything on Nicole in order to regain the trust of the guys in the alliance. Frankie explained that Nicole is a huge liability since she tells the guys everything that the two of them say.

1:00-2:00 AM: Cody told Zach that he needs to stop acting defeated, because it is getting old. He said that Zach is not going home, even if he doesn’t win the veto. He advised him to mend things with Frankie, but Zach refused to since Frankie tried to get him out of the house. Derrick and Caleb joined the two, reassuring Zach that they will vote to keep him. Zach was still concerned that he would be going home if he doesn’t win the veto, as someone would use it on Donny to put one of them up. Derrick said that they could still throw Nicole under the bus to Christine by saying that her plan was to backdoor Christine, though he didn’t want to do that until he saw how things played out tomorrow. Derrick then talked to Nicole about what went down tonight. He said that Frankie made a great decision since he knew that he had lost the trust of the house. Derrick pointed out that Frankie created a level of fear in the house by essentially saying that he is loved by millions of people. Nicole said that she is so scared of being backdoored by Christine if someone goes and tells her that she was Nicole’s backdoor plan. Derrick advised her not to throw Caleb under the bus, whatever she does, because he is a vote for her to stay over Donny. Nicole said that she has no plans to do so.

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