The house plots against Frankie

August 8, 2014

Click here for HoH results and the plan for the week - Zach says Frankie is dead to him - Day 49 Recap

8:00-9:00 AM: Nicole asked Christine how her talks went last night. She said that they were okay. Christine said that hers were more confusing than ever. Christine said that she is worried about Frankie and does not trust him. Nicole and Christine both said that they have no idea who to trust anymore. Nicole said that the game is so dirty right now. Christine said that it’s unbelievable. She then told Nicole that Derrick and Cody both said that she was never their target, yet Frankie and Zach had told her that she was. Christine said that Zach is going to murder her for nominating him. Christine did not know what else to do. She also felt bad for planning to nominate Donny. Nicole pointed out that Frankie first threw her under the bus with the Amber situation, when she was an innocent bystander. Christine said that Frankie is dirty and she does not like him.

Caleb spoke to Donny and said that Frankie came up to him and Derrick last night and said that everything that they tell to Victoria is getting back to Nicole. Donny asked if Frankie knows that Caleb will throw the Battle of the Block. Caleb said no but he will know when the time comes. Caleb said that the only people that know are Nicole, Derrick, Cody and Zach. Caleb told Donny that he just hopes that the competition is something where he and Frankie are connected so that Frankie has to drag him through the course in hope of winning. Caleb said that Frankie has done this to himself and it caught up with him. Caleb explained that he feels okay with his numbers and his people having his back over Frankie. Caleb said that even if he wins the veto he will not use it and will look Frankie in the face and tell him that his game is over and that he is choking him out. Caleb believes that everyone wants Frankie out and will take him out because he is the biggest snake and liar. Caleb said that he wants to figure out what he can do to humiliate Frankie. Donny advised him to wait until they are nominated together.

9:00-10:00 AM: Nicole checked in with Caleb to see if he still plans to throw the Battle of the Block so that Frankie can stay on the block. He said yes. Nicole thanked Caleb and told him that she owes him so much. Nicole then told Christine that she is thinking about nominating Frankie and Caleb instead of Victoria and Caleb. Nicole said that she doesn’t feel safe putting up Frankie and Caleb but she is trusting Christine not to backdoor her. Christine said that if she nominates Donny and Caleb they will probably lose to Frankie and Caleb, and she doesn’t want those two being safe for the week. Nicole suggested that they give Victoria a break from being nominated this week and then let her be a backdoor option if needed. Nicole said that she doesn’t want Frankie winning and being safe for the week but he has never been on the block. She also said that Victoria is a waste of her time and she wants to make a big move. She explained that she doesn’t want to waste an HoH like she did with Jocasta going home last week. Both agreed that having Victoria as a replacement nominee option would be ideal since it would not get blood on their hands.

11:00-12:00 PM: At the nomination ceremony, Nicole nominated Caleb and Frankie for eviction. Christine nominated Zach and Donny for eviction. Christine pulled Frankie aside and said that Nicole didn’t mention putting him up until the last minute. Frankie said that it was okay. He then went to Caleb to discuss how badly they need to win. Caleb went along with it. Caleb then reported back to Zach, Cody and Derrick. He still plans to throw the Battle of the Block competition. Zach said that the plan is guaranteed and that either Zach or Christine are going home. Zach went to Donny and told him that it’s going down and that Caleb is going to throw the Battle of the Block. He informed Donny that Frankie is going home unless he wins the veto, at which point Christine would then go home. Donny said that is music to his ears and that those are the two people that he wants out before he goes home. Zach said that Frankie is going home next if manages to make it through this week.

Derrick told Donny that if things go the way that they seem to be going then Frankie isn’t going to make it through the week. Derrick noted that Frankie dug his own grave. Derrick and Donny agreed that they need to work together and trust each other. Frankie asked Zach why he is so mad at him, saying that he is confused. Zach said that he doesn’t have to explain himself and that he is not going to talk to either Frankie or Christine. He said that he doesn’t even want to be in the same room as the two of them. Frankie then followed Zach around, which led Zach to question why he is following him. Frankie told Zach that he is the reason that Zach is still there and his game was blown up because he kept Zach around.

12:00-1:00 PM: Caleb told Zach and Donny that he will simply sit down during the Battle of the Block competition. He said that he will say that this one is for Amber. Donny told Zach that they can’t get too confident until they see what actually happens during the competition. Zach and Nicole then had a long talk. Nicole warned Zach that Frankie will feed him so much crap. Zach told her not to worry since he is not talking to Frankie anymore and will not even be in the same room as him. Nicole said that she is worried that Frankie will lie and manipulate his way back in to Zach’s game. She told him that Frankie is the reason that he was going to go home last week. Zach believed her and said that they need to work together. Nicole said that weirdly enough she does trust him. Both agreed that Frankie going home is the better option than Christine going home. Nicole said that she is not going out without taking Frankie down with her. Zach and Nicole told each other that they are the only shot that they have in this game. Zach told her that he does still have his Final 3 with Cody and Derrick, but she cannot say anything or else his game is over. Nicole said that she likes those two so she is happy that Zach is with them. Zach said that they are both stand up guys and are trustworthy.

Christine spoke to Derrick and let him know that she is so frustrated about being associated with Frankie. She said that she doesn’t talk game when in a room with Frankie and others, and just sits back and lets him do the talking. Christine told Derrick that she is so done with Frankie and that she wishes that he would leave her alone. She also said that she is worried that Zach will torture her. Derrick said that he wont let Zach do that to her and that if this was happening outside of the house it would be totally different. He said that the fact that it is a game makes it tougher to call it out. Christine understood. Zach went to Derrick shortly after and told him that Frankie and Christine are such huge liars based on what Nicole is telling him. He said that he feels like an idiot because his closest friend was actually his biggest enemy. Derrick said that’s Big Brother for you. Zach then said that he plans to go off on Christine later. Derrick told him to be careful and to watch what he says.

2:00-3:00 PM: Frankie spoke to Victoria and told her that he wishes that he could speak to his family. He said that it feels as though he can because he can hear his sister’s voice in his head, telling him to be strong, break free, and kick some ass. He then told Victoria that he has some really exciting things planned and that she especially is going to lose her mind when she finds out about it. Victoria asked in what way. Frankie told her that it would be in an amazing positive way. He then told her that she will be so excited when he tells her some things. He clarified that it is not game related.

3:00-4:00 PM: Derrick went to Donny and told him that he spoke to Caleb again before he went to take a nap. He said that it’s a guarantee that Caleb will be throwing the Battle of the Block. Derrick said that Caleb told him that Beast Mode is about to make TV and will sit on the ground during the competition. He also pointed out that he will do what he can to sabotage Frankie in the event that it’s a competition where two people don’t need to work together. Donny said that would be great and that he and Caleb would be squared up again if he does this and saves him. Donny pointed out that their first nominations of each other cancelled each other out, then this would cancel out Caleb nominating him for a second time last night.

Frankie asked Derrick if Caleb is going to throw the competition. Derrick said that he hasn’t heard that but it seems like Caleb is pissed off at him. Frankie said that he is thinking about telling Caleb why he is actually there. Derrick told him that that sounds crazy and that it is paranoia. Frankie said okay good. Frankie had previously told Derrick about using the money won from the Team America missions to build schools in Africa, so it is likely that Frankie was planning on telling Caleb that that's why he is trying to win the money. Derrick did mention that it seems as though Caleb has lost some trust in Frankie. Frankie said that he has a plan for that too.

Caleb told Zach that he is going to sit down when the competition starts and tell Frankie that he knows everything and he is going to watch Frankie take his last breath in the game. Frankie came and broke up their conversation and asked Caleb if there is any part of him that is thinking about throwing the competition. Caleb said that there would be no reason for him to because he would be stuck on the block. Frankie told Caleb that he wants to have a heart to heart with him and said that he has a lot of things to say after the competition is over. He said that he plans to have a little meeting but will start off by talking with Caleb alone first. Frankie said that there is a lot that Caleb doesn’t know about him as a person and about the way that the game is being played. Frankie promised to tell everything. Frankie told Caleb that he is the one person that he has remained true to and that Caleb should not doubt him even though other people should. Caleb assured Frankie that he is the last person that he wants to be on the block next to and that there is no reason for him to throw the competition. Frankie then went to Christine to tell her that he has something to reveal tonight. He said that it will be an exciting evening.

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