Zach attempts to save Nicole, talks to Derrick and Cody about it

August 12, 2014

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3:00-4:00 AM: Nicole campaigned to Zach. Nicole said that she knows that Zach will not vote to keep her if she got him on the block. Zach said that he got her on the block to save his princess, Victoria, because he loves her. Zach said that there is no reason for him not to keep Nicole if she is not coming after him. Nicole promised to vote to keep Nicole if she would tell him the whole plan that was made to get him out of the house last week. Nicole didn’t want to give up information but told Zach that he is not her target and she has never voted him out of the house. Zach continue to press for information. Nicole said that it’s clear that Zach wants Donny there more than anyone. Zach denied it and said that it would make no sense when he voted him out twice. Zach mentioned that he would vote to keep her and then she just needs to swing Cody. Nicole said that she will not get Cody because Christine feels that Zach, Frankie and Caleb would go after her if she were to keep Nicole. Zach that that’s a lie and he would not be after her.

Victoria then joined them. Zach again promised to vote for her to stay if she told Zach what happened last week. Victoria told Nicole that she has nothing to lose. Nicole eventually gave in and said that Frankie and Christine approached her and said that it’s a good idea to get Zach out. Nicole said that Frankie led the discussion but Christine was involved as well. She said that they then went to Hayden and told him that Zach wanted to backdoor him. Nicole told Zach that Cody does not trust him anymore because they told him a bunch of crap. Zach questioned Nicole about the alliance that she made with Cody and Derrick, demanding to know the name of it. Nicole wouldn’t tell him and said that he will not vote for her no matter what she tells him. Zach asked if Nicole told Christine and Frankie that he wanted them out. Nicole said no and that it was their idea to get him out and it was not forced on them by anyone. Victoria said that she doesn’t know what to think because Zach lied to her about all of the alliance. Zach said that none of it was a lie. Zach eventually said that he lied and that they weren’t technically alliances.

4:00-5:00 AM: Nicole continued to plead with Zach to help her come up with a plan to save him. She said that she would work with him if so. She told him that he will not go much further in this game by himself, so he needs her. They agreed that Nicole would be an asset to Zach’s game. He then went to play pool and left Nicole and Victoria to talk. Victoria said that she needs her, Derrick, Cody and Zach. Victoria pointed out that she may have Zach. Victoria explained that Zach has kept his word to her in the past. Nicole said that she cannot tell Zach the alliance name with Cody and Derrick, otherwise he will go tell people. Nicole asked if Derrick really wants her to stay. Victoria said that she doesn’t know and needs to talk to him. Nicole said that she needs to make the whole house turn on Frankie and Christine. Nicole asked Victoria who she wants to work with. She said that there is no secret that she is working with one person, Derrick, and that he is the only one that she trusts.

Victoria told Nicole that Derrick doesn’t want her to stay but she cannot say why not or else it would be traced back to her. Victoria said that she cannot repair the things that she has done in this game. Nicole offered to tell Victoria a secret about Derrick if she tells her why Derrick wants her out. The girls went back and forth about not wanting to talk unless the other does. Nicole then said that she doesn’t understand why Derrick wants her out because they have been in an alliance since Week 3. Victoria wanted to know the name but Nicole wouldn’t give in. Victoria asked when they stopped working together. Nicole said that they have not but Derrick is still voting her out. Nicole told Victoria that Derrick has admittedly worked with pretty much everyone in the house. Nicole said that Victoria and Derrick are her favourites in the house and that she would love to work with them moving forward. Nicole let Victoria know that Christine said that Victoria and Donny will be the next ones to go.

Zach spoke to Nicole again. Nicole said that things aren’t adding up because they would want to keep her unless things aren’t as they appear. Zach told Nicole that everything he told her about the alliances is true. He said that he needs to lie to Victoria in order to cover for Derrick and Cody. He confirmed that the Detonators are still together. Nicole said that they are turning on Zach very soon. Nicole informed Zach that Christine just told her that Cody cannot stand Zach and wants him out. Zach said that he is getting that vibe from Cody. Zach said that all that the guys talk about is that Christine will be the first one gone when they get to the six. Nicole said that they will get Zach out before Christine. She believes that Christine will make it to the end because she is a girl, so the guys will turn on each other. Zach suggested that the two of them work with Christine, Cody and Derrick. He made Nicole promise to never put him up for the rest of the summer. She did and said that she would take Zach to the Final 2. Nicole said that she would be playing for Zach if he gets her out of this mess. Zach said that they need Derrick and Cody to switch their votes. Zach felt that he was in trouble and would be the next to go. Nicole said that she, Donny and Victoria will be.

5:00-6:00 AM: Nicole told Zach that Christine wanted Cody or Derrick up as a replacement nominee. Zach had told Nicole that people want her out because she is the biggest liar in the house. She didn’t understand how that would be the case. Zach said that Christine and Frankie are the biggest liars. Zach then went to bring Derrick inside to join him, Nicole and Victoria. Nicole said that she is not the huge liar that people think that she is. Nicole continued to beat around the bush. Zach said that he will come out and say it, telling Derrick that if he and Cody are willing to flip and evicted Donny he will do it. Zach said that Frankie is a huge snake. Zach said that Donny is after Derrick and Cody, while Nicole is not coming after them. Zach said that it would be Caleb and Frankie against all of them, because even though Christine is a snake she would have no choice but to join the numbers at that point. Derrick said that he is open to things but would have to know that she has the votes before he would switch his. He suggested that Derrick speak to everyone in the same room. Zach brought up Frankie’s Final 2 deals with Caleb and Christine. He said that they have no chance.

Derrick said that he would keep her if she has the votes but he doesn’t think that she does. Zach said that they only need Cody, and there is no reason for Cody to want to keep Donny if he is after him. Derrick and Zach then left to find Cody. Zach told Cody that Donny is after him, as said by Nicole. Derrick said that Nicole says stuff all of the time and that Zach would make an enemy out of Christine, Caleb and Frankie if he kept Nicole. Zach said that he will be the first one gone anyway. Derrick talked him out of that, saying that once you get to that point you can make deals. He pointed out that everyone feels that they are the first to go. Zach then told the guys that Christine wanted the two of them up as the replacement nominee. Zach said that it was never said to him by Christine, so the guys did not believe it. Cody asked why Zach wants to flip. He said because Nicole is not coming after him. Cody agreed about that. Zach then brought up that Christine told Nicole that Cody cannot stand him and wants him out. Cody denied it and Derrick pointed out that all of the lies are coming from Nicole. Cody said that this is why Christine and Nicole need to be split up.

Derrick said that if Nicole goes home then nobody will be mad at them. Zach said that he understands but Nicole is not after them. Derrick wanted to have a cohesive house, whether it means evicting Donny or evicting Nicole. Derrick pointed out that Zach and Caleb just worked so hard to get Nicole on the block. Zach said that all that he is saying is that Christine and Frankie are snakes and he does not want to work with them. Cody said that he had been thinking that they should keep Nicole too, but Derrick thought that it would be drawing a line in the sand and end up with Caleb and Frankie after them. Cody also did not want Christine and Nicole to have a chance to continue to make up lies together. Derrick again pointed out that they can all have a common enemy in Donny and Victoria, otherwise risk having Caleb and Frankie after them. Zach agreed that it was best to get rid of Nicole due to those reasons. Derrick said that they will make the Final 5 if they stick together, while they could go sooner if not. Cody informed the guys that Nicole, Christine and Hayden were an alliance, so God forbid Hayden comes back in and they reunite. Cody said that he wanted to keep Nicole but he cannot. Derrick said that it would draw the line between Christine and Nicole, as it would seem like he is choosing Nicole over her.

Zach still didn’t know why Frankie wanted him out last week. Cody said that Frankie didn’t fess up to any of it, instead opting to come out as Ariana’s brother to divert the attention to that. Cody and Derrick explained that they were the ones that saved Zach and that Frankie is lying that he was the one that did it. Zach agreed. Derrick pointed out that Christine and Frankie didn’t have to flip back to them, and said that they could have made it a 4-4 tie and Zach would have went home because Nicole would have voted him out. They ultimately agreed that Nicole needs to go this week and said that they will vote to keep Donny. Derrick told Zach that he gave Christine his word and that Christine is a number for him, so Nicole and Donny need to go. Zach said that he falls for everything. Zach revealed that ultimately he is pissed off because Frankie had him by the balls. Derrick said to put him up then. Zach said that he will. Cody and Derrick filled Christine in on what had been going down all night in order to ensure that she would not be concerned by seeing them all talking together. Derrick said that this is the kind of stuff that happens when they don’t flat out go to Nicole and say that she does not have their votes.

6:00-7:00 AM: Cody was worried about who is lying. Derrick said that it doesn’t matter. Cody said that it does because if Christine really is telling all of these things to Nicole then it is likely that Christine will find someone else to run her mouth to after Nicole leaves. They did agree that there is no option but to send Nicole home this week. Both guys felt that Christine is not as on board with Frankie as she once was. Cody said that Christine would come to him. Derrick said that in a perfect world for the Hitmen, they get Nicole out, then Donny, then Victoria or Christine. Cody said that he would like to get Frankie out before Victoria or Christine. Derrick said that he is on board as long as they get Frankie on the block. The revised hit list was then Donny, Frankie, Victoria or Christine, the remaining one of Victoria or Christine, then Zach. Derrick, Cody and Caleb would then be the Final 3.

Cody questioned if they could beat Caleb. Derrick said that they would probably not beat him in the Final 2. Cody clarified that he didn’t think that they could even beat him in the Final 3 competitions. He said that he would not be scared to sit next to Caleb in the Final 2. Derrick pointed out that Caleb has won a lot more competitions that them. Cody said that they played the best social games and it is proven by the fact that they have not been nominated, so that should be enough. Cody said that Victoria going all the way to the end with them would be ideal, though Derrick felt that it would not be doable. Cody and Derrick agreed that Zach and Caleb will want Christine out at some point, otherwise they will be pissed. Cody said that Victoria needs to stay over Frankie because she is a guaranteed vote to evict Frankie. Cody said that either he or Derrick, Zach and Victoria would be the three votes that they need to do it, after which they can get rid of Victoria because he doesn’t want her coasting by. Derrick agreed that Victoria cannot go. Cody said that Zach is so gullible but it's okay as long as he stays against Christine and Frankie. Derrick said that he would rather sit next to Caleb than Zach at the end because Zach has a way with words and could put together a good speech.

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