Nicole spends the day campaigning

August 12, 2014

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2:00-3:00 PM: Donny and Nicole discussed being on the block together and that it will be difficult to make it far into the game. Nicole still expects to go, but Donny told her that the voters may want to keep Nicole in order to have her go after Christine. Nicole told Donny that if she goes home on Thursday she wants him to make it to the Final 2 because she doesn’t want to vote for many people to win. Donny said that it would be virtually impossible for him to get there because Derrick, Cody, Frankie and Christine are tighter than the Four Horsemen. Donny said that he thinks that they are using Caleb in order to make him the target in the event that the other side of the house were to win HoH. They mentioned that there is an advantage to not being liked at the end, as you would be the type of person that people would want to take to the Final 2. Donny mentioned Christine as someone that would be good to take. On the other hand, Nicole said that it would be game over if someone were to take Derrick to the end. Nicole later told Donny that he needs to hang in there through next week so that Hayden can return and team up with him.

Nicole said that she cannot believe all of the trouble that Hayden went through to get Christine to trust Donny, only to have Christine want to backdoor Donny. Nicole said that Hayden had her back, Donny’s back and Victoria’s back big time. Donny said that Hayden’s mistake was telling everything that he would tell them to Derrick as well. Donny said that he warned Hayden about Derrick but he didn’t believe him. Nicole told Donny that Zach is someone that she likes even after all the crap that he has done to her. Donny said that Zach may just be playing a character, noting that it wears Zach out and that’s why he has to sleep all the time. Donny said that Zach is so likeable. He believes that there is a sensitive side to Zach. Nicole agreed. Donny said that he has no idea what he would do if Nicole goes this week and then Zach goes next week. Nicole said that Cody is nice but is boring and not fun to be around. Donny agreed, saying that he was likeable in the beginning but then he got manipulated.

Donny said that he doesn’t blame Cody for nominating him, seeing as he feels as though there is someone behind it. Donny pointed out that Caleb always says “we” and Christine said she was told to do things, so there is someone behind it all. They discussed disappointment in Cody. Nicole mentioned telling Cody that Christine wanted him backdoored during her HoH reign, and having Cody go directly to Christine with the information rather than using it to his advantage. Donny said that he also told Cody that Christine wanted him to nominate Cody, though he would never believe it. Donny said that the thought that Cody and Christine may have been married. He questioned whether Nicole had ever seen a married woman touch so many guys. Nicole said no, saying that she is on top of everyone even more than the single girls like her. She figured that Christine would do whatever it takes to win. Nicole told Donny that she feels as though everything stems from Cody. She warned him to be careful of Cody if he happens to stay in the house this week.

5:00-6:00 PM: Nicole approached Frankie and told him that this is just a game and that she doesn’t want to end on bad terms with him. Frankie agreed. Nicole then apologized for any hurtful things that she said or repeated. She specifically noted the time the other night when she repeated what she had heard about Frankie saying that he would use his sister to get Victoria in his back pocket. She said that it has been eating away at her ever since. Frankie said that it ate away at him too. He thanked Nicole for the apology. They agreed that they didn’t want to end things on bad terms with each other. Frankie let her know that things will be fine between them and he still hopes that she will come to Africa with him to build a school. Nicole said that would be one of the best things she could do in her life. Frankie filled Derrick in on his talk with Nicole, telling him that Nicole knows that she is going and just wanted to make peace before she goes. He said that Nicole is ashamed about how she has played the game of late. Frankie clarified that he did not specifically tell Nicole that he is voting her out yet.

Derrick spoke to Donny and asked him if he is feeling any better about things today. Donny said not really. Derrick told him that he doesn’t have anything to worry about because he only needs three votes since Christine would vote to evict Nicole. Derrick told Donny to get his mind ready for Thursday night because they need to start winning some things. Donny let Derrick know that he and Frankie will not be nominated in the event that he wins HoH. Donny said that the three of them can collectively decide on the nominations if he wins. Derrick said that Donny may even have to nominate he or Frankie because there are so few people left and it would be better to be an initial nominee than to be forced on to the block once multiple people save themselves and there are no options remaining.

7:00-8:00 PM: Victoria spoke to Cody about the possibility of keeping Nicole. She informed Cody that she told Nicole to talk to Cody and Derrick first. Victoria asked Cody if he can talk to Christine. Cody said that he will try but doesn’t know if Christine will change her mind. Victoria pointed out that Donny is a bigger threat and thus Nicole can use that when campaigning. Victoria felt that the only argument against keeping Nicole is that it would be bad if Hayden came back and Nicole was still in the house. She said that it would also be bad if Donny and Hayden were paired up though. Cody said that’s why he wants Donny out next week.

Nicole went to Christine to begin her campaigning. She told Christine that they have the same targets and that it would be weird for her to keep someone in the house that is clearly coming after her. Christine said that she would not be upset if Nicole stayed but she feels like the boys are controlling things. Christine asked who Donny’s second target is. Nicole said that Christine is his main target but he also talks about Cody a lot. Christine again said that she never wanted Nicole to go home but she was made to feel as though she has no choice. Christine said that she wants Donny out of there so bad. Nicole said that Donny has his targets set in stone, while she doesn’t and she would be willing to work with Christine, Cody and Derrick to go against Frankie, Caleb and Zach. Nicole wondered why they want her to go home so bad. Christine said that Caleb, Zach and Frankie feel as though she knows too much. Nicole said that Frankie would be her main target if she stayed. The girls agreed to talk to Cody and Derrick about things.

8:00-9:00 PM: Nicole went to Derrick and told him that if he keeps her she will be loyal to him, Cody and Christine. She said that she will have their backs while Donny will not. Nicole said that her target is Frankie. She said that she would go after Zach or Caleb if she cannot get Frankie out. Derrick simply said that he will vote to keep Nicole as long as she has the votes. He said that he cannot vote to keep her if it would put him in the minority. Nicole understood. Derrick said that he would be straight up with her and let her know whether or not she has the votes prior to Thursday. Derrick said that he finds it very hard to believe that Christine would vote to keep Nicole after backdooring her. Nicole agreed that getting Christine on board will be her biggest obstacle. After she left, Derrick told Christine that he can let Nicole know that she is going home if she doesn’t want to do it herself. Christine said that she would not feel comfortable doing it but would be okay with Derrick doing so. Elsewhere, Nicole told Victoria that Christine is blaming things on the boys but everything is up to her this week. Nicole said that things are not looking good. She said that Christine will not get her jury vote if she doesn’t keep her.

9:00-10:00 PM: Christine and Cody discussed that Donny absolutely has to go home next week. They were upset that Donny has lasted this long. Cody said that he is a huge schemer and is the one behind everything that Hayden and Nicole were doing, yet those two took the fall for it. Christine said that she is scared that Zach will not go after Donny if he wins HoH. Derrick joined them and said that it’s very possible. Cody said that he doesn’t trust Zach to make any game moves except for those that directly benefit himself.

10:00-11:00 PM: Nicole campaigned to Cody, telling him that he and Christine are Donny’s targets. She later clarified that Donny did not straight up say that he would target Cody. Nicole said that she would not go after Cody, Derrick or Christine and would be a huge target for Frankie, Caleb and Zach. Cody said that Nicole knows what he thinks of her but he just doesn’t think that the votes are there for her right now. Nicole was irritated that she would be going home for something that wasn’t even true. She said that they will see in her diary rooms that she was never going to backdoor Christine. She explained that her plan was to send Caleb home if Frankie won the veto. Nicole told Cody that he is the only one that can get Christine on board with keeping her. She felt that even in the worst case scenario with keeping her, which would be Nicole going back on her word to Christine, it’s no different than leaving Donny in the house because he would for sure be after Christine. Cody said that he can try but he didn’t give Nicole too much hope.

12:00-1:00 AM: Nicole told Derrick that she spoke to Cody and feels as though he honestly wants her to stay. She thought that Cody’s one concern is that she would go after Christine, but she would swear on anything that she will not. Derrick said that Cody is the one person, if any, that can persuade Christine. Derrick all but told Nicole that she would be going home, saying that there is a reason that Christine put her up and that she must feel that she has the votes. Nicole continued to push for Derrick to have Cody speak to Christine. She did not want to give up with over a full day to go. Meanwhile, Cody was asking Christine if it is best for her game to keep Nicole. Christine said that Zach, Caleb and Frankie would be after her if she stayed. Cody didn’t think that Caleb would care much. All things considered, Christine said that it’s a toss up as to which move is best for her game. Even though she could get rid of one person that is after her in Donny, she felt that it would only cause three more to target her. They discussed that it’s possible that Nicole may be lying and would target them even if she stays. They discussed that Donny definitely has to go home next week. There was some concern that Zach would try to keep him.

1:00-2:00 AM: Derrick let Christine know that he talked to Nicole and didn’t outright tell her that she was leaving but he tried to explain that things are not looking good. He said that Nicole doesn’t want to give up even though she asked to be told if she was going home and he all but told her that she was. Nicole then went to Christine and said that she talked to Cody and Derrick and they pretty much said that it is up to Christine and that they would be on board with keeping her. Christine said that Nicole cannot believe it and that it’s so annoying that they are pinning everything on her. Christine explained that the downside to keeping Nicole is that Caleb, Zach and Frankie would come after her for it. Nicole said that she is about making big moves, so she would roll the dice and keep her anyway. Christine asked if Donny had ever mentioned Frankie’s name as someone that should go up or go home. Nicole could not think of an instance that Donny said that. Nicole continued to campaign, telling Christine that she would never go after her and would also take her to the Final 2 if she had the chance to. She told Christine not to be afraid of her. Christine said that she is not, or else this would be easier to deal with. Christine let her know that Cody and Derrick are telling them different things, seeing as they are telling her that they want Nicole to go.


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