Zach uses the PoV on himself; Christine names Nicole as the replacement nominee

August 11, 2014

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The plan to target Nicole fell in to place last night. Click here for a recap

10:00-11:00 AM: Christine discussed with Frankie that Nicole would do anything she can to cover her butt this week. Frankie agreed and said that she will be awful to him. He said that he is so infuriated with what happened with her that he will gladly take him on. Christine said that she will try to tear all the boys apart, but Frankie did not feel that it would work. Christine told Frankie that she is worried that Nicole is going to make things up. She said that she had to save Cody and Derrick from going up as Nicole’s nominees. Frankie told her not to worry about Derrick because he is locked in. As for Cody, Frankie said that he gets passionate and is up and down but it with him. Christine went to Derrick and said that she is trying to think of what to do with her speech. She said that she wants to make some kind of statement against Nicole. Derrick said that it will get her a lot of TV time, especially cause it is out of character for her. Derrick assured Christine that she has both his and Cody’s votes. Christine said that she has Frankie’s for sure so that will be enough. Derrick spoke to Victoria and informed her that she is definitely putting up Nicole. Derrick said that he cannot believe it but it worked and she is 100% safe this week.

11:00-12:00 PM: At the veto ceremony, Zach used the Power of Veto on himself. Christine nominated Nicole in his place. Nicole told Donny that she saw it coming because Cody, Derrick and Christine were acting weird and Frankie was too happy this morning. Nicole said that she didn’t do anything wrong, so she doesn’t know what Christine was talking about during her speech. Nicole pointed out that Christine looked her in the eyes three times last night and promised her that she was good. Nicole said that the jury is not looking good for Christine, as she doesn’t have any of the three jury members on her side. Nicole knows that she is the target and has accepted the fact. Upstairs, Frankie, Christine and Cody were talking things over. They discussed that everything worked out and that Nicole will be going home. Frankie told Christine that she did so well and that her speech was great. Christine said that things are going to be awkward now. Frankie said that he is so happy that Nicole and Hayden can no longer be in the game together, as only one of them can return. Cody said that the bad thing is that one of them is going to return. Frankie said that Donny has a chance to beat them both, which led them all to agree that Donny needs to go next week. They discussed that the group of six need to meet together and figure out a plan to ensure that Donny or Victoria go home.

12:00-1:00 PM: Nicole cried to Victoria and said that she is trying to be strong but her feelings are really hurt. She said that she doesn’t know if she should try to talk anyone because it isn’t going to make a difference. She figured that everyone blamed the whole competition throwing plan on her and were afraid that she would reveal to Christine who was truly behind it. Nicole said that Christine was one of her closest friends and didn’t even care to ask her for her side of the story. Victoria advised Nicole to speak to Christine, suggesting that the votes my change if she has a change of heart. Nicole said that she has she has no respect for Christine whatsoever. Victoria again encouraged her to talk to Christine because she deserves to know what happened. Nicole then agreed and went to Christine and said that she knows that she wants her out but she wants to clear the air. Christine agreed to talk.

1:00-2:00 PM: Nicole told Christine that she is hurt because she felt as though the two of them have been close throughout the game and yet she didn’t even have the audacity to talk to her so that she could defend herself. Christine said that she was told that she would be going home next if she did it. Christine then mentioned the plan to backdoor her, saying that Zach and Caleb approached her about it last night. Nicole said that she knew that this was about that, but she had said that she would never backdoor Christine. Nicole let Christine know that Zach was talking crap about her and Frankie when they were gone on their football trip yesterday. She said that Zach just really wants Donny to stay because they are both going after Christine. Nicole said that she understands that Christine gets bullied in to things. Nicole said that it sucks because she has done nothing but play a truthful and clean game.

Christine said that she was scared of Zach because it was the scariest that he has ever looked at her when he said that Nicole must go. Christine said that you cannot go against the guys or else they will be going against you the next week. They agreed that they did not want things to be awkward. Christine told Nicole that she still loves her as a person. Nicole said that she is going to try to figure out a way to stay, because she worked too hard to get there to just give up. Nicole then went to bed along and began crying. She said that she just wants to go home because she feels as though she has been tortured so much. She said that she doubts that Christine was told that she would go home next week if she didn’t nominate her.

Caleb and Derrick were discussing their plans for down the road. Caleb told Derrick that there was a Final 2 deal made with Frankie but said that he would take Derrick over Frankie. Derrick said that he knew about it already because Caleb brought it up before when they discussed that Frankie has Final 2s with everyone. Derrick agreed that he would take Caleb to the end. Caleb thought that he could win the game against anyone but Frankie. Derrick then pointed out that a lot of the girls will not vote against Ariana Grande’s brother, out of fear for the repercussion from doing so. Caleb then discussed his ideal eviction order. It was Nicole, Donny, Christine, Victoria, Zach, and Cody, leaving Derrick, Caleb and Frankie in the Final 3. Derrick agreed that Christine needs to go before Victoria, because Victoria is a vote for them and is not a threat in competitions. Caleb said that the ideal Final 4 is the two of them, Frankie and Cody. Derrick said that he thinks that they can make it happen.

5:00-6:00 PM: Nicole said that if she was married she would never act how Christine does with Cody. She said that Christine talks dirty to him, is always on top of him or cuddling with him and is talking about sexual jokes with him. That led Nicole to believe that Christine has a very good relationship with Cody. Victoria said that she thinks that Christine just sees it as a game and will do whatever fit takes. They discussed that Christine just wants to be the last girl in the house. Nicole said that she hopes that Christine leaves right after her. Nicole told Victoria that she is going to try to get the votes to stay. Nicole said that her plan is to try to work on her, Cody and Derrick, and then try to convince Christine to keep her. She said that she doesn’t want to talk to Zach, Frankie or Caleb about their votes. Nicole said that she is not even mad at Christine for putting her up, but rather for what she said to her and how she didn’t even come talk to her about it and is now pushing the blame off on to others. She felt that Christine is working with Frankie, Caleb and Zach, since she said that those people were afraid of Nicole winning HoH again. Nicole said that it shouldn’t matter since she would not be after Christine if she stayed.

9:00-10:00 PM: Derrick and Christine discussed voting out Nicole. Derrick said that Nicole will not change his mind about it. He said that there is a 0% chance of that happening. Christine said that Nicole will not change her mind about it either. They agreed that Donny needs to be the next to go. They felt that it would be dumb to leave him in the game since someone could come back and align with him, making for a tough duo. They wanted to ensure that only one of Donny, Jocasta, Nicole and Hayden would be in the house if someone were to return. Derrick said that they cannot put both Donny and Victoria on the block next week, the reason being that it would ensure safety for one of them. They wanted to keep one pr the other off of the block so that they can be used as a backdoor option if needed.

10:00-11:00 PM: Cody joined Christine and Derrick, learning of their plans for next week. Cody agreed with the plan to only nominate only one of Victoria and Donny. In the event that Donny won HoH, they discussed that it would be imperative to draw first pick of nominations, so that they could nominate Victoria and have her throw the Battle of the Block. That would result in Donny being dethroned, giving them the option to backdoor him. Cody wondered if the plan will really be to target Donny next. He said that Zach has it out for Frankie and talks so much shit about Christine. Cody said that neither Zach nor Frankie will stay faithful to anything. While they were chatting out on the hammock, fans yelled from outside of the walls. The first one said “I love you, Zach!” followed by the other saying “I love you more!”. Christine said that is disgusting. Derrick said that it’s so cool and that Zach will have so many fans. Christine pleaded with Derrick not to tell Zach. He said that it’s so cool that Zach has to know.

11:00-12:00 AM: Cody told Derrick that he feels as though hit will come down to the two of them and Christine vs Frankie, Caleb and Zach. Cody said that Zach is going to run back to Frankie. He said that Zach is a weasel. Cody thought that Zach was finally starting to realize that he cannot stand him. Cody told Derrick that he cannot stand to play this game with Frankie and Zach any longer. Derrick had mentioned sending Donny home next, followed by Victoria. Cody said that he would like to go after Frankie and Zach over Victoria. Derrick said that he is obviously fine with keeping her since she would never vote against them. His concern was that they could potentially swing and miss if they went after a big threat.

Nicole talked to Victoria to get her thoughts on who she should campaign to. Nicole had previously mentioned trying to get votes from Victoria, Derrick, Cody and Christine. Victoria thought that that would be the best plan, though she said that she doesn’t know how much Derrick would help. Nicole mentioned that her game was a lot better until she talked to Cody and Derrick, then they flipped the house when she was HoH. That being said, Nicole said that Derrick is someone that she would love to see win the game. Nicole asked if people had been talking about her leaving yet. Victoria said yes. Nicole then said that she may not even bother campaigning because she doesn’t want to look foolish if everyone wants her out. Victoria encouraged her to campaign, saying that Donny is a bigger threat. Nicole pointed out that it will be really tough for her even if she stays, as it will for Victoria and Donny. Nicole said that they are the outsiders. She felt that there was a Final 5 deal in the house, but she wasn’t sure who was in on it.

2:00-3:00 AM: Frankie and Derrick discussed that they would each be fine with coming in 2nd place against each other. They mentioned that it would be great to get Donny as far as possible as well. While they were skeptical of him in the past, they agreed that Donny now has no choice but to remain loyal. They felt that Donny had lost all of his allies, given that Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta will all be gone. They said that it would suck to evict Donny next week. Derrick said that the only thing about Donny is that you don’t want to go up against him in the Final 2, seeing as he would definitely win. Derrick pointed out that Donny has won a bunch of competitions and has been the biggest underdog in the game. They discussed that they need to make sure that they get the next Team America mission done. Derrick said that he is not guaranteed to make it to the end and would love to pick up an additional $5,000 before then.

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