Nicole realizes that she is on her way out

August 13, 2014

Recap: Nicole campaigns to Zach, then Zach tries to get Cody and Derrick on board

10:00-11:00 AM: Derrick and Frankie discussed Nicole’s campaigning last night. Frankie said that Christine told him about it. Derrick said that Nicole’s pitch was that even though she has won HoHs, Donny has won PoVs and will come after him. Derrick mentioned that of course Donny could be after them, seeing as there are only eight people left, but she also doesn’t know about Team America. Derrick said that there is no doubt in his mind that Donny is setting himself up for the long run. Derrick feels that Donny is dangerous and would take someone like Cody over him if he felt that he could beat him, but getting to the Final 3 together as Team America is not the plan anyway.

They agreed that this week is in the bag, as Nicole will be going home. Derrick said that it will be a unanimous vote. Christine, Derrick and Frankie talked things over. Derrick said that last night wasn’t as big of a deal as it may have seemed. He said that he and Cody squashed it. Frankie said that the more Nicole campaigns the more dangerous she becomes. Derrick said that he was unsure of things prior to last night but is now more sure of it all after Nicole continually contradicted herself while campaigning. Christine agreed. Frankie mentioned that Nicole is telling every single person that they are not her target.

3:00-4:00 PM: Nicole approached Zach to ask him how things are looking after last night. Zach told her that he has no idea. She asked if Derrick and Cody heard him out at all about keeping her. Zach said that it just kept going in circles. She questioned if she should talk to Derrick again today. Zach told her that she tried last night so there is not much else that she can say. Nicole said that it sucks but it’s fine and at least she knows that she is going home. She thanked Zach and then proceeded to go out to the hammock by herself. Nicole was talking to herself and said that she felt that for the first time Zach was actually trying not hurt her feelings. She said that she probably shouldn’t even try to stay. Nicole said that she hopes that there is an endurance competition for a jury member to get back in to the house.

4:00-5:00 PM: Victoria talked to Derrick about some things that Nicole said to her last night. She said that Nicole mentioned that she and Derrick started an alliance in Week 3. Derrick said that Nicole is a liar and that she is going home because she keeps spreading these rumours. Victoria also said that Nicole mentioned that there is a five person alliance that Derrick is involved in. Derrick denied that as well and told Victoria that you cannot believe anything that is said by the person that is a day away from going home. He said that all that he and Nicole agreed on was not to backdoor each other, which is the same agreement that every set of HoHs has made up to this point. They agreed that Nicole is going home tomorrow.

7:00-8:00 PM: Nicole told Victoria that she is so annoyed with how everything played out. She said that the good guys always get burnt in the end. Nicole said that she would have the votes if Victoria, Zach, Derrick and Cody kept her. Nicole did not understand how Cody and Derrick wanted to work with Frankie after Frankie told her to nominate them last week. The girls agreed that Christine is lying when she says that she wants Nicole to stay. Nicole told Victoria that Zach mentioned that the six guys have an alliance. She told Victoria that Zach mentioned that there is a Final 5 but Christine is the first one that they want out. Nicole told Victoria that Zach doesn’t realize that they actually want Zach out first. Nicole told Victoria that Zach said that the five person alliance is true but that he just had to cover for Derrick by lying to Victoria. Nicole didn’t know if Zach was lying the whole time or not. She said that she thinks that Zach was sincere when he said to Derrick that he would keep her. Victoria agreed. Nicole said that Derrick then got sketched out because they are scared of making Christine mad. Nicole told Victoria that nobody would admit to working in an alliance of five if they actually are in one, so it’s tough to know what is actually going on.

9:00-10:00 PM: Nicole went to Derrick to ask if she is 100% going home tomorrow. Derrick said that he doesn’t think that she has the votes and that people are lying to her. Nicole was worried that she would be booed for targeting Ariana Grande’s brother. Nicole spoke to Zach and Cody and said that if they are not going to give her their votes then she wants to be prepared to go so that she can wear a nice dress and make the most of her final day. They said that that would be a good idea. Nicole said that she is trying not to think about leaving. Zach told her not to think about it. He reminded her that her dream was to be on Big Brother and she made it. He added that the most important thing is her being proud of herself and her family being proud of her.

10:00-11:00 PM: Nicole and Donny spent their last night together playing a game of Jenga and talking about their fellow houseguests. Donny again mentioned that the foursome of Frankie, Christine, Derrick and Cody is just so tight that it is making this game difficult. He pointed out that they have a bunch of Final 2s within the alliance. He noted Frankie/Christine, Cody/Christine and Cody/Derrick as three of the pairs. Nicole said that she cannot believe that people do not see Cody and Christine as a threat, seeing as they are always all over one another. She said that she and Hayden were not even like that and everyone wanted to break them up. Donny said that he hasn’t even seen 14 year old boyfriends and girlfriends act the way that those two do together. Donny said that it would be great to see the four turn on each other. He felt that Cody would be sacrificed. Donny said that Cody has this baby talk and it is so aggravating. Nicole said that he is so right, calling Cody a baby and saying that he is always whining. Donny said that at least Zach doesn’t act that way. Nicole mentioned that she told Cody about Christine wanting her to put him up and he just cried about it like a baby and chose not to believe her, acting as though she was trying to ruin a relationship.

Donny said that Cody is too stupid to understand that. Donny said that whenever Victoria wakes up from a nap she immediately begins calling for Derrick, as if she is scared until she finds mommy or daddy. Nicole said that she has never seen someone so oblivious to situations. She said that Victoria believes absolutely everything that comes out of Derrick’s mouth. Nicole told Donny that she had tried to tell Victoria that some of the things that Zach said about the alliances were true but she wouldn’t buy it. Donny said that Victoria believes that nobody in the house is actually in an alliance. Nicole added that she thinks that her and Derrick are the only two in an alliance. Nicole then discussed that Derrick is very good. Donny said that he is friends with everyone and nobody talks about it and says it. Donny had plans to sabotage Derrick on his way out at one point, saying that he would tell Derrick in front of everyone that he has his jury vote and that he will be working the jury to get him the votes.

11:00-12:00 AM: The houseguests saw skeleton type creatures appear in the mirrors on multiple occasions. Big Brother was scaring them. Big Brother then began playing messages for them, taking the feeds down to do so. This continued for over an hour, with the houseguests receiving multiple messages. They all sat around in the living room and went over what they had just heard, trying to memorize everything in anticipation of it being used in tomorrow’s HoH competition.

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