Frankie wins the Power of Veto and agrees to a backdoor plan

August 16, 2014

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10:00-11:00 AM: Donny asked Zach who the target was, Hayden or himself, the night that Hayden went home. Zach said that it didn’t matter as long as either one of them went home. He then asked Zach who the two biggest anti-Donny people are in the house. Zach told him that Christine is without a doubt one of them. As for a second, Zach said that he was unsure. He said that it would be between Derrick, Frankie, Cody and Caleb. Donny said that he would think it over. He told Zach that everyone is going to go home and their families will question why in the world they ganged up on the poor old man. Zach mentioned that they wont have to if Donny wins the $500,000, but Donny felt that things are too insurmountable since he would have to win every competition from here on out. He said that he can’t even wake up to go to the bathroom without people thinking that he is up to something. Donny explained that he is nothing but a normal goodhearted person, yet everyone is so against him.

Zach told Donny that he will not nominate him if he wins HoH, as he has bigger fish to fry. Donny said that the same goes for him. Donny wondered what the group would do if their Final 5 stayed intact, questioning if they will just let the chips fall where they may. Zach said yes. Donny found it odd that they wouldn’t want to use someone like him to help get their friends out. Zach reminded Donny that they can send someone from the group home if Donny wins the veto today. Donny pointed out that Cody shafted them. Donny asked Zach who the head of the group is and who makes most of the decisions. Zach said that it is Frankie for sure. Donny let Zach know that he will have his vote if he somehow makes it to the end. Zach was unsure of whether or not that would be possible, but Donny told him that he will be the target over Zach next week so you never know. Donny also mentioned that Nicole had said that she would vote for Zach to win as well. Donny said that he will try his best to win the veto today. He doesn’t believe that Victoria is actually the target. He pointed out that she is weak in competitions and can be used. Donny told Zach not to say anything about him, no matter how mad he gets. Zach promised that he will not and said that he has Donny’s back.

1:00-2:00 PM: The houseguests got their have-not food for the week. America voted for "Transylvanian Goulash”, which is a combination of blood sausage, canned pumpkin and onions. Frankie had to choose two have-nots. He chose Christine and Victoria because they had been have-nots the least. The houseguests also got the new smaller kitchen table. Derrick went to Cody and said that he is good no matter what. Derrick explained that even in the worst case scenario they will just have to show their cards. Derrick told Cody that if the worst case scenario came true and Victoria wins the veto he will have her use it on Cody and will get Zach nominated in his place. A minute later, Zach asked Derrick if he would keep him if he were to end up on the block against Beast Mode Cowboy. Derrick said yes, though he has been telling Caleb and Cody that they need to get Zach out.

2:00-3:00 PM: Team America met up in the HoH room to discuss their mission for the week. They went over which items they can take from each houseguest. They decided on Caleb’s bunny slippers, Zach’s gator shirt, Cody’s blue hat, Donny’s Orlando visor, Frankie’s eye wrap, Derrick’s Mitchell College t-shirt, Victoria’s robe and Christine’s glasses, as long as Big Brother allows them to take her glasses. If not, they discussed taking Christine’s shoes or bible. They said that they will start taking the items as soon as possible, hiding them in a trash bag below the actual trash bag in the storage room. Once all of the items are taken they will begin organizing the neighbourhood watch patrol. When the meeting broke up, Donny spoke to Frankie on his own for a few minutes. Donny told Frankie that he would take him to the end because he would want to beat the best or get beaten by the best. He pointed out that Frankie has won 4 HoHs and he respects his game more than that of the rest of the houseguests. Frankie said that he agreed and felt the same way about Donny. Donny again said that Frankie would not be his target because he has great respect for him. They agreed that they would want to lose to each other if they had to lose to someone.

8:00-9:00 PM: Feeds returned following the veto competition. Frankie won the Power of Veto. Christine was upset because the Zingbot mentioned her and Cody together because they are always touching. She was saying that she hopes that her family and pastor aren’t looking at her in a bad light. She was crying in the bathroom. The other houseguests comforted her. Frankie told Caleb and Zach that they better protect him next week. He mentioned evicting Victoria this week. Frankie sai that Derrick will have to let her know because he can’t do it. Zach offered to do it but Frankie said no. Zach agreed to keep his mouth shut. Caleb then spoke to Frankie alone and said that they need to think about the replacement nominee. Caleb said that they are all on board, naming off Cody and Derrick and implying that they want Zach out. Caleb said that he will be blowing things up if they do that. Caleb pointed out that Victoria is harmless. Frankie said that he doesn’t want to do that to Victoria and that he is on board.

Derrick asked Cody if he would rather be up against Victoria or Zach. Derrick said that he is concerned that Victoria may stay over Cody. Caleb then interrupted them and said that Frankie is on board with backdooring Zach and told him that that’s what he wants to do. Caleb said that Frankie plans to use the veto on him. Caleb pointed out that there is no reason to send Victoria home when they can control everything that she does. Caleb mentioned that Frankie wants it to be a group decision. Derrick said that Frankie can just talk it over with Caleb and pointed out that he doesn’t really need the group. Cody was concerned that Donny, Christine and Zach could flip the vote and send him home over Victoria, so he wanted to be nominated next to Zach. Frankie then joined the guys and asked if they are on board with backdooring Zach. They all said yes. Frankie said that he is on board too but just wanted it to be a group decision. Frankie said that Zach will run to Donny and tell him everything, so he will have to talk to Donny beforehand. Frankie said that what Zach pulled the other night when they were deciding nominations made him realize that Zach could turn at any time. He noted Zach brining up that Frankie tried to get him out.

9:00-10:00 PM: Derrick spoke to Cody alone and told him that the twosome that they have to go up against is Caleb and Frankie. He said that they can beat them. Cody told Derrick that they can’t go after Frankie next week after this, unless Derrick wants to. Derrick told Cody that he is the only person that he is loyal to. He said that he would be fine going to the Final 3 with Caleb since he and Cody would take each other over Caleb. Derrick then said that there are many reasons to not want to bring Frankie to the end, including that he has won so many competitions. Derrick told Cody that Donny needs to go because he will side with Frankie and is a tough person to get out. Derrick gave Cody his word that he will not be going home this week. Derrick then went to Victoria and informed her that she is set for the week and that Zach is going on the block.

11:00-12:00 AM: Christine informed Frankie that she has been distancing herself from him and trying to latch on to someone else so that Donny doesn’t put them up together. Frankie then filled Christine in on the plan to backdoor Zach this week. Christine said that she is so happy and she will 100% support that move. Frankie said that he wants to be the one to send Zach home. He told Christine that he doesn’t want to be it a blindside, so he wants to have the group sit him down and tell him so that he knows that he has no hope of staying. They felt that the only thing that Zach could tell Donny about is the plan to have Christine throw the competition yesterday. They agreed that it is good to have Donny and Victoria around to put on the block. Frankie felt that the only way that it could go wrong is if Zach returns. They then discussed that Hayden and Nicole were setting them up and that it was not Cody and Derrick that did it to them. Frankie and Christine mentioned that they will have no votes in jury and would be good people to take to the end.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach and Frankie discussed that they already have won just by being on the show. Caleb mentioned that people will know him as Beast Mode Cowboy and people will know Zach as Zach Attack. He said that it doesn’t matter what place they get. Zach that he won the day that he got his key and that they are all winners just for being there. Zach then spoke with Victoria. He had previously said that he would laugh in her face once she gets nominated. She was upset that Zingbot zinged her about not playing the game. She said that she does not want to go against her faith and say bad things about people to turn them against each other. She said that she hopes that she doesn’t get booed and hopes that she didn’t disappoint those that recruited her. Zach told Victoria that they picked her because she has something that no one else has. He told her that she is successful, has a business, and he would pass out her business cards like crazy. Zach told Victoria that all that he cares about is that his brother loves him and wants him to drop him off at school and watch Space Jam with him. Zach said that he wants to walk out the door with no regrets and explained that he has no regrets up until this point.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie spoke to Zach and told him that he hopes that Victoria does not get mad. Zach said that it doesn’t matter because she does not help his game in any way. Frankie agreed that she doesn’t. Frankie then talked to Victoria. He told her not to be nervous. She pointed out that he only has three people to pick from for a replacement nominee. Frankie said that he would let Victoria know if she was going up. Victoria asked if she is good. Frankie said that she is but told her not to act good. He said to act nervous for his sake.

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