Team America's mission hurts Zach's game even further, and he realizes that his game is over

August 17, 2014

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1:00-2:00 PM: Donny went to Derrick to inform him that he was able to steal Cody’s hat as part of the Team America mission. Derrick said that he got Victoria’s robe, Zach’s gator shirt and Christine’s teddy bear. Derrick then filled Donny in on the plan to put Zach on the block next to Cody. Derrick said that Zach is going home. He told Donny that Frankie approached him with the plan and he went along with it. Derrick and Cody then spoke. Derrick felt that they are no longer in the best position numbers wise. He said that you never know which side Christine will go to. Cody felt that Christine would definitely be on their side if they got rid of Frankie. He suggested that Frankie needs to go next, and said that they can nominate him next to Donny. Derrick agreed that they need to make a move soon, pointing out that Frankie would have Donny, Caleb and possibly Christine as votes over either one of them. Derrick said that Donny won’t be working with them since they have both nominated him. Cody felt that they were still in a good spot unless Christine is playing them. Derrick said that she is playing everyone, seeing as she couldn’t stand Frankie a week ago and is now his BFF since he is in power.

2:00-3:00 PM: Frankie told Cody that he keeps going back and forth on whether to tell Zach that he is going home one on one or to tell him as a group. Cody wondered if Zach would go off on Frankie if he did it on his own. Frankie pointed out that he may be more of a mess in a group setting, seeing as he would have an audience to put on a show for. Cody then agreed with that point. Frankie mentioned that he only has three options for the replacement nominee, so he doesn’t have much choice when Zach tried to end his game while he has no beef with either of the other two, Derrick or Victoria. Cody informed Frankie that Zach said that it would be smartest for Frankie’s game to nominate him. Frankie said that’s because it’s what Zach would do, so he is showing his cards yet again. Frankie said that he didn’t even have the idea to backdoor Zach until Zach gave it to him during their nomination talk on Thursday night when Zach said that he did not want to go on the block. Frankie explained that Zach didn’t want to go up because he was scared of being voted out due to how untrustworthy he has been, which then gave him the idea to actually send Zach home.

Frankie asked Christine if she felt that it would be better to tell Zach one on one or in a group that he is going home. Christine felt that it would be best to do it one on one because Zach would respond better to Frankie telling him alone. Frankie then informed Cody that he will be using the veto on Caleb because Caleb came very close to winning it himself. Frankie then went to Derrick to let him know that he plans to tell Zach that everyone in the house except for Donny wanted him to go on the block, so he is left but no choice to do it. Derrick cautioned Zach about talking to Zach alone, fearing that he could blow up. Derrick said that he would hate for something bad to happen, so Frankie should probably have people in the room when he tells Zach that he is going home. Derrick offered to be in the room. Frankie thought that Caleb should be too, so they decided that it’s best that the whole group is there. Derrick asked what the plan is if he wins HoH next week. Frankie suggested nominating Victoria and Donny, then send one of them home. Derrick assured Frankie that he would obviously not nominate him. He said that he will not hold any ill will towards Frankie no matter what he does. Frankie said that Derrick will never have the need to because he will not send him home. Derrick said that he will go to the end with Frankie if he has the chance, even though Frankie would win the $500,000.

3:00-4:00 PM: Frankie asked Caleb and Derrick if it should be the three of them that tell Zach that he is going home. Caleb said that he is fine with being there for moral support and to be the bodyguard. Frankie said that Christine and Cody will be given the option of being there as well. Frankie then informed Christine that the guys think that it is best for everyone to tell Zach, so they are going to do it tonight after dinner. Frankie and Derrick then went over the game plan for the Team America mission. Frankie suggested that the pin everything on Zach, saying that he did it all because he is pissed off that he is going home. Therefore, Frankie wanted to hold off until morning on writing the message about the bathroom mirror about watching your stuff.

5:00-6:00 PM: Cody realized that his hat was missing. Donny had hid it earlier as part of the Team America mission. Cody said that someone definitely took his hat. Derrick pointed out that his hat is missing too. Cody searched all throughout the house for his missing hat, without any luck. He said that it was Hayden’s hat so possibly he asked for it back and production came in to the house and took it back. Zach caught wind of what was happening and told Frankie that he thinks that there is a saboteur. Frankie said stop it and questioned if the mission would be to steal Cody’s hat. Zach said yes. Frankie told Zach that it is probably just Victoria playing a prank. Cody was inside accusing Christine of stealing his hat. Zach then came inside and said that they need to have a house meeting right now to figure it out. Zach accused Victoria, saying that she goes in to the diary room each morning when she wakes up. Christine then began accusing Zach. Frankie then joined everyone in the living room and said that his glitter is missing.

6:00-7:00 PM: While everyone was in the living room accusing each other, Caleb realized that his cowboy boots are missing. Everyone began saying that there is a saboteur. Donny went to look through his stuff and said that his Orlando visor is gone. Zach then decided to go through his stuff. He realized that his gator shirt is missing and he started yelling “NOOOO!”. Team America began saying that they should set up a neighbourhood watch program. Derrick said that he will not sleep until the stuff is found. Zach said that he will take the first shift. Derrick joined him. Zach began yelling that someone in the house is getting paid $20,000 for this and they are not going to let it happen. Christine and Caleb agreed that someone is working with production because the stuff is not hidden inside of the house. Zach said that it is definitely Victoria, as she is the only one that is not playing the real game. He noted that Zingbot even called her out for not playing the game. Caleb felt that it could be Victoria, while everyone else was accusing Zach. Caleb said that he is going to watch her like a hawk.

Frankie and Christine were talking alone and saying that Zach’s behaviour has been ridiculous. Christine said that she is 100% convinced that Zach is the one behind this. They agreed that Zach has to be the saboteur. Frankie mentioned that it all makes sense, seeing as Zach nominated an alliance member, has outbursts at meetings, pitted Cody and Zach against each other, had them nominate based on random draw (with Skittles) and threw his best friend under the bus. Everyone was then in the bathroom and Frankie called out Zach as the saboteur. He jokingly said that they have until 10:30 to find their stuff or else he is getting paid. They tried to get Zach to admit to it, but he would not. Caleb told Zach that he is caught. Zach said that he is innocent until proven guilty. Caleb said that he will be shown on Thursday that he has been proven guilty. Zach said that it is pissing him off that everyone is accusing him while there is someone else out there that is getting paid for this and is loving it.

7:00-8:00 PM: Zach told Caleb that he better not vote him out, because he didn’t even do anything. Zach then went inside and told the entire house that they can waste their time thinking that it’s him but it is not. Zach then accused Victoria of being the saboteur. Victoria said that that is ridiculous and he is absurd. Zach then went off to the diary room. Everyone else discussed that Zach is definitely the saboteur. When Zach got out of the diary room Frankie told him that he is not mad at him and said that it all makes sense that he is the saboteur. Zach was irritated that people kept accusing him of it. He said that he was just in the diary room telling them that he is going to get screwed because of this. Caleb began interrogating Zach again. He told Zach that he wouldn’t be smiling knowing that he is likely going home, so he must be getting paid for all of this. Zach questioned why he would be going home. Caleb simply asked if Zach is the saboteur. Zach said no. Caleb called him out for lying again. Caleb said that there is no convincing anyone that he is not the saboteur at this point. Zach then stole the cue ball from the pool table in order to hide it. Caleb caught him, so everyone said that he is definitely the saboteur.

8:00-9:00 PM: Cody mentioned that it’s possible that the items are hidden in a garbage bag below the actual garbage bag. A short while later he went to look and he found all of the hidden items. Zach asked if everyone now believes that he didn’t do it. Everyone quickly replied “no!”. Zach continued to deny it. Frankie pointed out that all that Zach has been saying this entire game is that he has been doing stuff because he is bored. Zach told Frankie that he loves that everyone thinks that it was him but it wasn’t. Frankie said “Zach, just stop”. Frankie later talked to Cody and Christine, telling them that this made his job so much easier, even though Zach was going home anyway. Zach spoke to Frankie alone and swore to God that he was not the one that hid all of the stuff. He asked if Frankie is still nominating Victoria. Frankie said “yeah” after a long pause. He would not swear that he was doing so when Zach asked him to. Zach then went to Donny and said that he thinks that he is going home this week. Donny told Zach that he wishes that he had won the veto. Zach said that it’s alright cause you win some and you lose some.

9:00-10:00 PM: Zach told Caleb that he thinks that he is going on the block. He asked Caleb if it’s true. Caleb said that he does not know but if it was his decision he would nominate Zach after the whole cue ball incident. Zach was surprised to hear that. Caleb explained that everything just adds up and all signs point to Zach being behind all of this after that. Zach asked if Caleb would vote him out over Cody. Caleb said that he would indeed vote Zach out over Cody. Zach said that he just wrote his own death certificate, cause he knows that Frankie is putting him up. Caleb said that Frankie has never directly told him that. Caleb assured Zach that Frankie loves him to death. Zach said “no he doesn’t”. Caleb questioned if Zach thinks that he is going home just because he stole the cue ball. Zach felt that Frankie was making things up if there was anything more to the story. Caleb told him that there was only a small chance that he would have went up over Victoria had he not stolen the cue ball.

Zach then discussed the Detonators alliance and told Caleb that he was going to go home if Amber didn’t go home that week, and that it was all Frankie’s idea. Zach again pointed out that he knows that he Frankie is putting him up and he is going home. He said that it is all hitting him now. Zach explained that he simply wanted to go home with no regrets but now he has one huge regret because he stole the cue ball. Zach told Caleb that it has been fun and he won the minute that he got his key. Zach added that he is the luckiest person in the world, being born healthy, having great parents and a great little brother. He said that he will go out with his head held high and with his chin up. Frankie then joined them in the bathroom. Zach said that it’s all good and that he knows that Frankie is putting him up because it’s better for him. Frankie responded with “Yeah. I love you”. Zach told Frankie that he loves him too.

10:00-11:00 PM: Zach, Frankie and Caleb went up to the HoH room to further discuss what was going on. Zach said that he has begun to realize that Frankie is going to nominate him. Frankie told Zach that he gave him the idea the other night when they were discussing nominations. He informed Zach that everyone in the house has thrown his name out there ever since he won the veto. Zach questioned if Cody and Derrick were included in that bunch. Frankie said yes. Zach also then found out that Caleb knew the whole time that he was going on the block. Frankie explained that he doesn’t know if Zach will ever heal from the fact that Frankie tried to get him out of the house before. Zach pointed out that it would be a waste to get Victoria out, so it’s best for Frankie’s game to evict him. Zach again told Frankie that he loves him and let him know that it’s all good and that it’s just a game. Zach was relieved to find out that he isn’t going home just because he stole the cue ball. Zach let Caleb and Frankie know that he would vote for Derrick to win over anyone, but they are the only other two people that he would vote for.

Zach made one last ditch effort to save himself, telling Frankie that he would never nominate him or vote him out. Frankie said that he believes Zach but this is a group decision and everyone wants him out. Zach understood. Derrick joined them in the HoH room, at which point Zach reiterated that he would only vote for one of them. Frankie told Zach that he better win if someone gets a chance to come back in to the house. Zach then went outside to play some pool. Frankie let Cody know that Zach took things extremely well. Christine’s reaction to the news was that Zach is quite full of himself to say that it would be dumb not to send him home this week. She said that it pisses her off. Outside, Zach questioned if Cody wanted him out because Frankie said that everyone did. Derrick let him know that people said that they would vote him out but it doesn’t mean that they wanted him out. Zach then told Derrick that he will vote for him to win over anyone. He also said that nobody can beat Derrick in the Final 2. Derrick said that it will be a lot tougher for him to win without Zach, as he was the only one that he talked to a lot. Afterwards, Derrick went to Donny and informed him that Zach was told that he is going home.

Frankie told Christine and Cody about his nomination speech for Zach. He has a rap planned out and it goes as follows:

I’m going to take a page from my friend Zach Attack,
except I’m going to do it better cause his shit was kind of whack.
I love you so much and it would be great for you to stay,
but if I didn’t put you up it would be cray cray.
I’m not quite sure if you’re the saboteur,
but what I know for sure, you gotta walk out that door.
So Zach, my man, please go and have a seat,
It’s time for you and Julie Chen to finally meet.

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