A fan yells to the houseguests; Victoria gets fed up with Zach

August 18, 2014

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9:00-10:00 PM: Zach and Frankie were outside playing pool with Donny looking on. Zach mentioned that part of his eviction night speech will be “To all you great, strong competitors…and Victoria”. Frankie said that he could mention that he will see them all in five minutes when he returns to the game. Zach felt that there was no chance of anyone returning. Earlier in the day the other houseguests were debating whether or not someone would come back. They are unaware of the true finale date, so some feel that there is no time for a returning houseguest. Christine said that it would be her worst nightmare if someone were to return. Derrick felt that Hayden would win a competition to get back in, seeing as he would be able to hold on to a wall the longest.

10:00-11:00 PM: Minutes after Zach was revealing the first part of his eviction speech to Frankie and Donny outside, Victoria told Cody that Zach obviously has a lot of hatred towards her. She pointed out that the pink hat that Zach wears is hers and she can do whatever she wants to it. She said that Zach could find it if she hid it, so she could take it at night on Wednesday night and cut it up in to pieces. Victoria explained that Zach had said that he is nothing without the hat. Victoria said that Zach has been saying extremely horrible things about her, including that she is useless. Victoria said that if Zach is trying to destroy her game play, she will destroy his exit and his identity. She was worried that Zach would “go lunatic” on her. She said that he may pour boiling hot water on her face because he is already getting evicted. Cody said that he would never do that. Victoria thought that Zach would make her life a living hell. She was planning to do it on Wednesday so that he freaks out when it is missing on Thursday. The plan was to take it to the bathroom while Zach sleeps, the cut it in to pieces. Cody said that she can do whatever she wants with it since it is her hat, so he suggested that she do it.

Zach, Frankie and Caleb were outside when a fan yelled from beyond the walls (at 10:19:45 PM Cams 3/4). They yelled "Zach, we love you! Frankie, you’re disgusting!” Zach shouted back “We love you too! We love you! You’re the f*cking man!”. Big Brother then called for an indoor lockdown. Zach thought that the fan yelled that they loved them all. Caleb said that he thought that he heard them yell that they hate him and that Frankie is disgusting. The others doubted that that were true, as they didn’t think that anyone would come there to bash them. When Victoria walked downstairs Zach joked that they called her “the worst”. Victoria went to the bedroom with Cody and Christine to tell them that she is heated and boiling over what Zach said. She told them that she has had enough of him. Victoria wanted to go off on him and said that she definitely wants to cut the pink hat up or stain it now. Big Brother then called her to the diary room.

When she came back from the diary room, Victoria told Cody and Christine that she has to be careful if she destroys the hat because there is the potential for an accident to happen with the scissors if Zach tries to fight back to get the hat from her. She said that it could result in a penalty being given to her. She said that she will have to do it when Zach is asleep. Victoria continued to vent about Zach, saying that he has disrespected her and tortured her since the first week. She mentioned that while she has given Zach a signature look, he is just ruining her game every single day. Victoria said that no one is going to do this to her. She mentioned that she could put ketchup and mustard on the hat to stain it. Cody and Christine offered their assistance if she needs any help.

11:00-12:00 AM: Zach left the pink hat on the kitchen table. Victoria, Cody and Christine were sitting in the kitchen at the time. She asked if she should take the hat. Christine said that she didn’t know. Cody encouraged her to. Victoria then took it and ran to the have-not room with it. She yelled for Christine to bring her a knife. Feeds were then cut. Once they returned, everyone was back in the kitchen. Zach looked at Victoria and said “what am I going to do tonight?”. Zach eventually went to the have-not room and sat there in silence. Caleb eventually asked where the hat is. Victoria said “oh I ripped it apart”. She then asked Christine and Cody if she should go in to the have-not room. Cody encouraged her to. She said that she is so excited because if Zach touches her he will be going home tonight.

12:00-1:00 AM: Victoria went to the have-not room and told Zach that she is going to bed. He said okay. She let him know that there are no hard feelings. Zach said that there are hard feelings. She then said just to know that whatever he touches of hers, he is not going to have to deal with her but he is going to have to deal with production. Zach eventually left the room and she went to bed. Zach then began searching the house for the hat. Zach was called to the diary room a short while later.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie, Victoria, Christine and Cody were talking about Zach while he was in the diary room. Frankie suggested that Victoria ask that Big Brother has guards on standby with tranquillizer guns. Victoria said that if Zach touches her he will be in handcuffs and will go to jail. Once Zach got out, he asked Victoria if she would give the hat back. She would not. He said that she is just doing this to piss him off. Victoria told him that it is her hat and he is going home, so she wants to have it. Zach let her know that she could have just asked. Victoria felt that Zach would not have given it back if that were the case. Zach reminded her that she had told him that he could have the hat. Victoria denied it. Zach then told her that if she wants to play games they can play games all week.

Zach gave Victoria the option of giving it back and being even or keeping it and forcing him to get her back. Victoria then went off to bed. Zach went to the bedroom to ask Victoria if she will be giving the hat back. Victoria said that she doesn’t know. He continued to ask but Victoria would not give an answer. He said that he needs to know because he has to know what he is wearing on Thursday. Victoria pointed out that he had just called her “the worst”. Zach said that he he did and that it was a joke, as he pretended that the fan over the walls had yelled that out. Zach eventually conceded that she would not be giving the hat back, though he was not happy about it since he feels that she will not even wear it.

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