Frankie uses the PoV on Caleb, nominates Zach in his place

August 18, 2014

Click here for Zach's reaction to finding out that he is going home

10:00-11:00 AM: Frankie went to see Zach in his bed. Zach made one final effort to try to get Frankie to change his mind and put Victoria on the block. Frankie questioned how he would justify it to everyone else to not have them all coming after him. Zach told Frankie to do what he has to do but said that he could help Frankie’s game. Frankie said that he knows that but is scared of how everyone else would react. Zach said that Caleb wouldn’t care and Derrick likely wouldn’t either, though he is unsure about Cody and Christine. Frankie said that he will go over it in his head and think about. Zach said that there are no hard feelings either way but asked Frankie to please nominate Victoria. Frankie then ran to Christine and told her that Zach just begged him to not nominate him. They laughed about it. Frankie said that he had to tell Zach that he would think about it. Zach woke up a short while later and spoke to Frankie. Frankie let him know that everything changed after the talk in the HoH room on Thursday night. Zach told him to do what he has to do but he has had his back since Day 1 and still does. Frankie questioned if that were really true. Zach said yes. Frankie said that he feels as though things were irreparable. Zach told Frankie to go with his gut feeling.

11:00-12:00 PM: Zach went outside to the hammock by himself and began talking to the camera. He said that his Big Brother life is about to be over, as the veto meeting is in 10 minutes. He pointed out that Frankie of all people is going to be the one to put him on the block. Zach said that he will be up next to Cody and will go home, which really sucks. He felt that there was nothing left to do, as he had pleaded his case to Frankie and told him that he would never put him up and never vote him out. Shortly thereafter the feeds went down for the veto ceremony. At the veto ceremony, Frankie went through with the plan, using the Power of Veto on Caleb and nominating Zach in his place.

12:00-1:00 PM: Zach went outside where Caleb and Frankie were and started campaigning to Caleb. He told Caleb that Cody has Derrick and Christine’s back over his, so it wouldn’t make sense to keep him. Caleb said that Zach is just making assumptions. Zach asked Frankie if he agrees with what he is saying about Cody. Frankie said no. Caleb told Zach that he has hurt his game and the games of those in the alliance on multiple occasions, while Cody has not. Frankie ran inside to tell everyone what was going on, in particular telling Cody that Zach was throwing him under the bus. Cody rushed outside and told Zach that if he is going to throw people under the bus he should do it to their face. Cody quickly realized that Frankie was making things a bigger deal than they were and head back inside. He told Christine that Zach was just saying that he has his back over Caleb’s. Derrick went outside with Cody and remained out there even after Cody had went back in.

Frankie told Zach that they have all already experience his ways of turning them against each other. Zach said that it never happened. Frankie pointed out that they had a five person alliance and Zach informed him that he was in a Final 3 with Derrick and Cody, so that split them apart. He also accused Zach of initiating the Final 3 with he and Christine because of that, which Zach felt was all really Frankie’s idea. Frankie continued to deny initiating the Final 3. Zach told Frankie that he is just running around in circles and everyone believes him because he is a good talker, even though he lies a lot. Frankie told Zach that he is not a great talker and is a prolific liar, so he will talk him down any day of the week. Zach told Frankie that what really pissed him off is that Frankie came to him this morning and gave him false hope. Frankie denied it, saying that he simply came to cuddle with Zach. He said that he doesn’t even want to send Zach home. Zach let Frankie know that he is not buying that.

Frankie then brought up that Zach threw him under the bus to his best friend, Caleb, last night, telling Caleb that there was a debate between sending him home or sending Amber home the week that Amber left. Zach said that it’s completely true. Frankie said that he does not remember it. In any event, Zach told Frankie that he was nominating him regardless of that and he had nothing to lose. After everyone else went inside, Frankie questioned if they are going to fight all week. Zach said that there is no point in fighting. Frankie said that he understands that Zach has to campaign but he threatened Zach that he will wreck him if he brings his name in to it. Frankie told Zach that what he doesn’t understand about the game is that things that happen in he past are left there. He told Zach that he would not be in this position if he had simply volunteered to go on the block with Donny. Frankie further explained that Zach put himself in this spot by saying that he doesn’t trust anyone that night. Zach eventually said that he understands but he doesn’t need Frankie’s bullshit about telling him that he played an unbelievable game. Frankie eventually went inside, telling Zach before he did that he loves him and understands whatever he decides to do. Zach said that it’s just a game.

2:00-3:00 PM: Zach went to Donny and told him to vote to keep Cody because everyone is, so he doesn’t want Donny to be the odd man out. Donny said that he will be anyway but will make it a unanimous vote if that’s what Zach wants. Donny asked Zach if he feels really sad. Zach said no but he feels defeated because he knows that he is going home. Zach let Donny know that when they were drawing Skittles it was done to decide who would go up next to Donny in order to throw the competition. He explained that he refused to throw it so they said that they were going to draw Skittles to see who would have to. Donny asked if everyone was in the room at the time. Zach confirmed that they were. Zach told Donny to please not give up, as he hasn’t gotten his lucky charm yet. Zach added that he will get that one bit of luck just when he needs it most. Donny mentioned that he wishes that there were a way to turn the others against each other. Zach let him know that he is willing to help do that if Donny can think of a way.

Donny asked Zach if there is a weak spot in the alliance, as in anyone that may be willing to turn. Zach said that the only person not in the alliance is Victoria, but she is of no help to him. Zach threw out the idea of possibly getting Derrick and Cody on his side, though he didn’t see any advantage from Derrick and Cody’s point of view. Donny felt that Cody had been shafted by the alliance a number of times and would be the next to go after he and Zach leave. Donny mentioned Christine saying to nominate Cody and also that Frankie used the veto on Caleb, not Cody. Donny said that it might help if Zach lets people know that they have no chance against Frankie in the end, seeing as he has already won everything that he needs to win. Zach agreed. Zach continued to try to motivate Donny, telling him that the odds are stacked against him but he just needs to alternate HoH and veto wins. Zach said that if anyone can do it it’s Donny. He encouraged Donny to go down as a legend and win his way out. Zach told Donny that if he gets to the end he will for sure win the game.

Cody told Derrick that if the Battle of the Block ends he would nominate Frankie and Donny and make sure that one of them goes home. Derrick agreed that one of them has got to go. Derrick was worried about the possibility of Donny winning the veto. Cody said that he would not want to nominate Christine, because she is playing the numbers and could be on their side. Cody said that Christine likes Frankie but she likes the two of them, while she doesn’t like Frankie’s partner Caleb. They felt that Christine would save either of them over Caleb, though they were unsure who she would pick if they were up against Frankie. Derrick said that he thinks that it will come down to a battle of Caleb and Frankie vs Cody and Derrick. Derrick hoped that it didn’t get down to the Final 4 like that. Derrick pointed out that Frankie and Caleb showed their cards this week when Frankie immediately decided to use the veto on Caleb. Derrick told Cody that there is no chance of Caleb taking either of them to the end, as he acknowledges how good of a game that they have played and points out that Frankie has burned plenty of bridges.


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