Donny attempts to expose Derrick's game to Cody

August 19, 2014

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10:00-11:00 AM: Donny spoke to Cody and said that he knows that Zach is going this week and he will be going next week if he doesn’t win HoH. Donny then said that there are three main brains running things out of the six people remaining. He said that Caleb is not one of them and that Victoria is in Derrick’s back pocket, then there is Cody. The three left are thus Christine, Frankie and Derrick. Donny told Cody that Christine was so tight with Nicole and yet had no problem cutting her loose. He explained that Christine will play handsies with Cody, will rub his hair, and then will send him out the door. Cody said that he realizes that he needs to start winning some HoHs or else he will be gone. Donny explained that he figured this all out on his own because nobody tells him anything, and he has known it all along. He warned Cody that they are not giving him anyone to play with, saying that Cody could have aligned with him or him and Zach to go against them.

Donny told Cody that he would not bank on Derrick saving him. He said that he warned Hayden about trusting Derrick and now he is gone. Donny felt that Derrick, Christine and Frankie were an unbreakable trio, though Cody was not buying it. Donny said that Derrick never has to win another HoH because he will never go up, which explains why he didn’t try to go after Frankie. Donny again brought up that he will be gone next if doesn’t win HoH. He said that there is nothing that can be done about Victoria/Derrick/Christine/Frankie being together once he’s gone. He called Victoria the GinaMarie of the season, implying that they will take her to the end even though they keep saying that “Victoria is next". Donny felt that there was a small chance that Caleb would turn on Frankie again, seeing as he was prepared to a while ago. Cody said that he would be careful with Caleb because he has already said things that suggest that he wants to go to the end with Frankie. Cody pointed out that Caleb has forgiven Frankie, while Derrick has not.

Donny then questioned Cody about how he will not finish 5th or 6th, because there is no one left for him to use. He asked Cody if he will waste his HoH on getting him out or start helping himself. Cody said that he needs to help himself. Donny suggested pretending that he is going to backdoor him, then backdoor someone else. Donny told Cody that he will not nominate him at all. He said that he will nominate the three people that are running the house, Christine, Derrick and Frankie. Donny said that Cody may think that he has Derrick and Victoria but he really doesn’t if that Final 3 between Derrick, Christine and Frankie is true. He let Cody know that Derrick has made deals with everybody, noting that Derrick made two deal with him yet he is going to vote him out. Donny said that thinking that Derrick is a loyal person was Hayden’s downfall and is going to be Cody’s downfall as well. Donny felt that Cody’s only hope would be to turn Derrick against Frankie or Christine, hopefully before Donny leaves, in order to regain the numbers. Cody assured Donny that he has his back.

Donny said that he doesn’t see Frankie as the biggest target, seeing as he already has a target while Derrick has befriend everyone in such a quiet way that he is not a target. Cody felt that Derrick was not with Christine, Caleb and Frankie. Donny was quick to point out that he wouldn’t be against them either, seeing as he is sitting pretty. Donny asked who out of Frankie, Christine and Derrick could be used to turn against the others. Cody felt that it would have to be Derrick but said that it would need to be done very subtly. Donny suggested that Cody try to get Derrick to take Frankie out this week when he can’t play for HoH. Cody mentioned that he has seen Derrick trying to talk to Donny and Christine. Donny let him know that Derrick has done that he whole game and is playing everybody. Donny said that Derrick will win the game hands down because he has made an alliance with everyone in jury and everyone that is at home, yet no one calls him out on it because they all believe him. After they wrapped up their talk, Cody was mumbling to himself about Donny, questioning if that was really a necessary conversation. Everything that he said suggested that Donny did not get through to him.

11:00-12:00 PM: Last night, Zach and Victoria were battling over the pink hat (Recap here) that Zach wears that she brought in to the house. Feeds went down when it was assumed that Victoria was chopping up the hat. This morning when she woke up we were able to see what was left of the that, and she had indeed cut it up. She took the pieces and wrapped them in tinfoil, placed them in a plastic bag and hid them away with her stuff.

4:00-5:00 PM: Donny told Zach that it’s the saddest thing in the world to know that people would throw a competition just to get you out of the house. Donny felt that he would be the next to go. He asked Zach what the plan is for the five once they get down to the end. Zach said that Derrick and Cody are together, Frankie and Caleb are together, and Christine will go to either Frankie or Cody. Donny said that it’s a dangerous game for Frankie to be playing since Derrick has Cody, which could make it 3 on 2. Zach encouraged Donny to keep fighting and not give up, saying that he has fought for everything so far and his luck will come. He told Donny that he will win the game if he makes it to the end. Donny felt that it wont happen because it’s an insurmountable mountain to climb. He said that he still believes but it is overwhelming.

Donny was concerned that the group would all stick together until he is gone, even if one of them gets picked off along the way. Donny said that it would be wonderful if they broke up sooner, seeing as he could watch it happen. Donny suggested that Zach try to manipulate Frankie in hope of getting him to keep him around. Donny said to point out that everyone will go against Frankie once he, Donny and Victoria are gone, so he will need people there to fight for him. Donny felt that Frankie has the biggest target on his back since no one could sit beside him and win at the end. Donny noted that Frankie has played the game flawlessly, winning 4 HoHs and pulling out wins whenever he needs them. Elsewhere, Cody informed Derrick that he will need to talk to him later about a conversation that he had with Donny.

6:00-7:00 PM: Frankie and Derrick caught up. Frankie asked if Zach is still doing well. Derrick said that he is better than he has ever been. Frankie agreed. They felt that this is the true Zach and that he has just been playing a character. They discussed that it’s possible that Zach may come back. Frankie said that he would like to see Zach back more than anyone, though he said that of course he would be fine with Jocasta returning. Outside, Zach was practicing a campaign speech for Frankie, saying that Cody has no enemies and no one is going to put him up while Frankie is going to be the easiest person to put up. Frankie and Derrick continued to talk, this time about Donny. Derrick felt that Donny definitely questions them but has no other option but to work with them.

Derrick felt that Donny has been trying to drive wedges between the people that they are working with, such as Cody and Caleb. Derrick didn’t think that Donny would nominate either of them initially but did feel that he may use them as a backdoor option. Both agreed that it would be dumb of Donny to come after them since they are after Donny the least out of everyone. They figured that Christine and Caleb would nominate Donny and Victoria. Derrick said that he would do the same. Derrick then mentioned that the mistake that they cannot make is bringing Victoria along every single week. Derrick pointed out that everyone would take Victoria to the Final 2 if she makes it to the Final 3.

7:00-8:00 PM: Zach went to Donny and said that he will be trying to campaign. He wondered if he should even bother going to Christine. Zach said that he would tell Christine that if she doesn’t vote for him he will put her on blast to her husband during his speech. Donny then told him to work on Frankie, because Frankie has the power to keep Zach due to how close all of the others are. Donny suggested that Zach tell Frankie that his sister made him a target and that no one is going to want to take him to the end because they cannot beat him. Donny felt that it may scare Frankie enough to want to keep Zach because Frankie is the most paranoid person in the house. Donny said that Derrick on the other hand is as calm as a cucumber. Upstairs, Derrick, Frankie and Caleb were discussing that someone may come back. Frankie said that he would rather Zach walk out the door and walk right back in. He said that Zach has been “defanged” and would not be able to do any damage. Caleb said that Zach is smarter than Hayden so he would rather have Hayden come back.

12:00-1:00 AM: Zach asked Frankie what the difference is between sending him home and sending Cody home in Frankie’s eyes. Frankie told Zach that he is more unpredictable than Cody is. Frankie admitted that Cody likely doesn’t want to go to the end with him. Zach said that nobody wants to go to the end with Frankie. Zach said that he feels as though Frankie has played the best game so he will beat anyone. Frankie told him that Derrick has played better and that he would have none of the votes from the current jury members so it’s not true that nobody would beat him. Zach asked Frankie to rethink who he is sending home. Zach acknowledged that Frankie does not have a vote but said that he has a lot of power. Frankie explained that he is sick of Zach throwing him under the bus to everyone. He said that it really hurts him that Zach is doing that. He also told Zach that no one in the house trusts him anymore so there is nothing that he can do to change their minds. Zach said that he guesses that Frankie is right.

Zach still felt that it would be of greater benefit to Frankie’s game to keep him around. Frankie said that he doesn’t disagree with that but he had to put Zach on the block or else he would have been the next one to go home. Frankie mentioned Zach’s reluctance to go on the block this week as the reason that he is going home, particularly because he did not want to throw the competition next to Donny. Zach said that his pitch is that he is the biggest target and would go on the block every single week. Frankie believes that Donny is a bigger target than him and would go before him, as would Victoria. Zach wasn’t so sure about the Victoria part. Zach also pointed out that Cody has no enemies and thus will not go on the block. Frankie agreed with that but told Zach that he knew coming in to this that he would eventually become the biggest target in the house. He explained that he does not know for sure that Zach would not target him if he stayed. He suggested that Zach pray that someone gets to come back in to the game, and win that competition to get back in.

3:00-4:00 AM: Derrick and Caleb discussed that it is imperative that they do not let Donny win HoH this week. Derrick asked Caleb if he thinks that Frankie would be okay with Christine or Victoria going home after Donny. Caleb said yeah because Frankie wants the two of them and Cody next to him in the Final 4. Derrick said that if Frankie is in the Final 2 he has the game won. Derrick pointed out that Frankie would beat him easier than he would beat Caleb but he would probably still take Caleb. Caleb agreed. Derrick then said that Caleb would probably take him too because he would smoke him with the jury votes. Derrick said that Victoria can’t make it to the Final 3 or else people will take her to the end. He then suggested getting Christine and then Victoria out of the house after Donny, seeing as Christine can actually win something.

Derrick told Caleb that if Caleb wins the Final 4 HoH he would give him his word that he would vote the way that he wants, even if it means sending Cody home. Derrick told Caleb that he pictures the Final 2 all the time, looking back to Dan and Memphis. He told Caleb that Jerry would have been the smarter one to take but Dan stayed loyal and they were both winners. Derrick explained that it was a 5-4 vote, even though it was really 7-0. He told Caleb that Dan won over Memphis because he had won more competitions. Derrick pointed out that Caleb already established himself as that person in their season. After leaving the room, Derrick said “Killer speech! Killer speech! Killer.”

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