Donny opens up to Christine

August 20, 2014

Donny attempted to expose Derrick's game to Cody - Click here to read about it

12:00-1:00 PM: Donny had a lot chat with Christine, much the same as the one that he had with Cody a day ago. Donny told her that there are some people that are in tight with everyone and have never been nominated, so people like him are needed in order to get those people out of the house. He said that he is alone so it does not make sense to get rid of him. Donny added that he has done nothing wrong to anyone, and there will be no one left to help once he is gone. Donny advised Christine to think of who Cody is truly loyal to. He then pointed out that there is someone that is not a target and never will be, in reference to Derrick. Christine said that he never has been a target either. Donny then brought up that it would be an injustice to the viewers if they allowed Derrick, Cody and Victoria to be the Final 3. He suggested that Cody has no reason to against that Final 3 and that Victoria could very easily get second place since no one is going to waste an HoH on her.

Donny told Christine that if Zach somehow stayed he would be going after Frankie, not her, because he would not waste an HoH on her. He let her know that he asked Zach what the pecking order is once he is gone and Zach let him know that Christine is next. Donny clarified that Zach had no reason to lie to him at the time because he was not even on the block yet. Donny said that Zach is alone, he is alone and he feels as though Christine is alone. He told Christine that if they don’t say anything then Zach is going home unanimously tomorrow night. He felt that Zach would be of benefit to them since he could help them to go against he other side of the house. Donny again pointed out that Cody is with Derrick, saying that Derrick won him over with his smooth talking. He felt that Zach would be followed to the jury house by him, Christine, Caleb and Cody. Christine questioned if Derrick would really choose Victoria over Cody. Donny explained that once you get to that point in the game you have to choose who you can beat.

Donny admitted that he would be fine with Frankie winning the season, seeing as he would be a worthy winner because he has won four HoHs. That being said, Donny felt that there was no chance that the others would allow Frankie to win. He also pointed out that the only way that he has a shot at winning America’s Favorite is if Frankie makes it to the Final 2, otherwise Frankie will have that locked up. Christine said that she has got a lot of thinking to do. Donny agreed and cautioned her that everybody will be telling her what she wants to hear today. He brought up that going home in 5th or 6th place is no better than being the first one out. He said that what makes a character in this game is making big moves. Christine agreed. Donny told her that no one would suspect that the two of them would be together, so they could work to even out the numbers over the next couple of weeks to give themselves a fair shot at things.

1:00-2:00 PM: Donny and Christine continued to chat, with Donny pointing out that Frankie and Derrick cannot be beaten. He told Christine that she could beat Victoria, Cody and Caleb hands down. He mentioned that Victoria would do anything for Derrick and Caleb would do anything for Frankie, which Christine agreed with. Christine let Donny know that the only reason that she was ever after him was because he was the only one that she had heard said her name. Donny said that it was a bold faced lie and that he could have nominated her if he wanted to but he did not. He also said that Hayden tried to bring the two of them closer together and he did his part to try. Christine admitted that she had thought about it and realized that Donny could have put her up if she was his true target. They discussed that the game could change if they win HoH, hopefully resulting in the others turning on each other. Donny said that no one could fault them for picking nominations with M&M’s, seeing as that is essentially what they did this week. He added that he will draw names to decide their fate without them present, just as they had done to him.

Donny brought up the whole groupthink mentality that has been going about the house thus far. He said that the “we” is going to come to an end eventually, and then Christine will have nobody left to help her because everyone will already have been evicted. This week’s Battle of the Block competition was discussed. Christine said that she wishes that Donny could see what happened, because there are things that she cannot say. Donny said that he already knows what happened and he does not hold it against her. Donny encouraged Christine to try to make others a target over him, adding that he would have her back if she did so. Christine said that she has plenty of information to use. He said that it would be great to sit back and watch the others go after each other. Donny also told Christine that he has used the veto on someone before and would be willing to do so again if she were a target and on the block. Donny felt that his family would question why he didn’t talk to anyone, particularly after Zingbot called out his lack of a social game, so now he can at least say that he tried. He pleaded with Christine not to make him regret opening up to her. Christine said that it would be kept between the two of them.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christine went to Cody to tell him all about her talk with Donny. She said that Donny said that Derrick, Cody and Victoria have a Final 3 deal. Cody said that’s a flat out lie. She then said Donny is campaigning to save Zach and get Cody evicted. Cody told Christine all about his talk with Donny yesterday, including that Donny said that his targets are Christine, Frankie and Derrick. Cody said that Donny is pulling a Nicole and has no idea that they would actually cross reference and figure him out. Cody mentioned that it pisses him off when people like Donny talk and act like they know stuff when they have no clue. Both agreed that Donny’s talk with them did nothing because they still want him out. Cody pointed out that he knew all along that Donny had Zach on lock, and it was proven by Donny trying to keep Zach over him. They felt that Zach had been feeding Donny info all along. Cody said that he cannot stand Zach in the game. Christine said that she hates him. Cody told Christine that he would love to be the HoH that sends Donny home so that he can tell him that he has been so wrong about everything.

3:00-4:00 PM: Cody and Christine filled Derrick in on their talks with Donny. Cody said that Donny sees Derrick as the mastermind of the house. Derrick sarcastically said that he is the mastermind. He then brought up Donny saying that they have a Final 3 with Victoria. Derrick told them both that it doesn’t even matter what Donny says anymore because nothing will change his mind about wanting Donny out. Derrick said that Donny is going home if he wins HoH. Derrick wanted to call Donny out on the rumours that he has been spreading. He said that he wont because Cody is on the block. He admitted that he can tell by the way Zach talks that Donny is interested in keeping Zach in the house. Shortly thereafter, Derrick changed his mind and said that it would be better to call things out, just in case Donny is getting to people and actually has them considering saving Zach. Cody asked if she should bring it up to everyone but Donny. Derrick thought so but said that he is not the one on the block so it is not his call. Derrick felt that Donny would not go after Victoria no matter what, so they have nothing to lose by calling things out at this point.

Cody, Derrick and Christine gathered Frankie and Caleb in the HoH room. Cody explained that Donny has been campaigning to get him out of the house. He then said that Donny feels as though Derrick, Frankie and Christine are the brains behind everything and that he plans to target Derrick and Christine. Christine then told them about her conversation with Donny. Frankie admitted that Donny had talked to him a short while ago, pitching that he wants Frankie to get to the Final 2 because it would give him a shot at winning America’s Favorite if Frankie is not eligible. Frankie said that Donny suggested keeping Zach because he would help get Frankie to the end. Frankie told them that neither Zach nor Donny will win America’s Favorite, so he doesn’t understand that angle. He wanted to speak with Zach before he goes home in order to ask him what’s going on between him and Donny. Donny then came up to the HoH room and broke up the meeting. Frankie and Christine were in the process of running to hide in the HoH bathroom when Donny walked in.

Frankie, Derrick and Christine left the HoH room and were talking in the kitchen. Frankie said that Donny has got to go next week. Christine agreed, saying that Donny is pissing her off. Derrick asked Frankie if they should confront Donny for Team America purposes. Frankie said that there is nothing to gain from doing so. Derrick decided that he would not do it then but felt that it could be worth saying that they are Donny’s only hope since the others are coming back to them with everything that he says. Frankie felt that they could do that if Donny were to win HoH tomorrow. Frankie again said that Zach will not win America’s Favorite, saying that the award is not “America’s Favorite F*ck Up”. He also said that Donny has no shot at winning it. They discussed that Zach and Donny must have been working together for a long time now.

4:00-5:00 PM: Derrick, Caleb and Cody were in the HoH room discussing Donny. Derrick said that Donny is the most manipulative person in the house. Derrick brought up Donny’s plan to use M&M’s for determining nominations. He said that he would slap the M&M’s out of Donny’s hands if he were to do that. Derrick went downstairs and Frankie asked Derrick if there is a chance to get Donny to put Christine up. Derrick said maybe but he thinks the plan is for Donny to nominate one of them and tell them that they are good, then nominate the other after the veto to ensure that one goes home. Derrick said that they could possibly go to Donny and say “Do you want to be with us or against us?” cause if he isn’t with them then he will put Donny on the block. Frankie said he liked the idea but did not want to do that just yet.

5:00-6:00 PM: Derrick and Frankie reassured each other that they have each other’s backs. Derrick pointed out that Donny is trying to get close with Christine and Cody, which is bad for them. He wants to tell Donny that they still have his back even though he is talking bad about them. Derrick said that Donny’s plan is to get either of them out, so he is telling everyone that they are the masterminds. Frankie agreed. Derrick said that Donny is completely against them and is hoping that they are naive enough to keep him around for Team America purposes. Frankie felt that their best course of action was not talking to Donny about it until he is HoH. Derrick agreed with that. They discussed that Donny doesn’t realize that the group is tighter than they think. Derrick asked Frankie if there is anyone besides Caleb that he could guarantee would not vote them out. Frankie said no. Derrick said that it scares him that Christine went to Cody first, not Frankie, to tell him what Donny had said. Frankie asked if Derrick thinks that Caleb is going to flip. Derrick said no but the only person that he full trusts is Frankie, which is bad because you need more than one person. They did agree that Caleb is the most loyal to them out of anyone in the house, so they need to keep him close.

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