Cody wins the Power of Veto

August 23, 2014

VIctoria passed out this morning and needed to see a doctor - Click for details

6:00-7:00 PM: Cody won the Power of Veto. It was the stay/fold competition. Cody was also able to select two people to watch the airing of an episode of CBS television show. Cody selected Donny and Nicole to watch with him since they are staying on the block and are have-nots. Caleb, Cody, Victoria, Christine and Frankie were celebrating that Donny is going to be going home. Caleb congratulated Cody for winning HoH and PoV to allow them to send Donny home, something that he said that they have all wanted for a long time. Christine said that she is so happy. Cody said that America is going to hate him for sending Donny home. Cody spoke to Derrick to let him know that he didn’t want to make things too obvious by choosing him for the reward. He said that he would have picked Derrick if it was a better reward. Derrick assured Cody that he doesn’t care at all. He said that it’s probably better that he is not going, seeing as it doesn’t give Frankie, Caleb and the others the chance to be left alone to talk game.

Donny and Frankie spoke about the Team America mission to create a mission this week. Frankie suggested a Big Brother play that they can all take part in, saying that it is something to cheer up Victoria since she has not been feeling well. Donny told Frankie that he was hoping that they could collectively agree to save him, seeing as America put them together for a reason. Frankie explained that he would like to do something more fun, as they have the power to save Donny regardless and none of their mission have been like that to date. He then mentioned other ideas to Donny, such as taking care of an imaginary house pet for 24 hours or creating a Big Brother fraternity. Derrick told Cody that he needs to keep an eye on Nicole because she will run her mouth all week if she doesn’t know that she is 100% safe. Cody said that he will tell her that everyone wants Donny out and she cannot go over the top with her campaigning or else things may flip. Derrick said that Nicole will go home this week if she does the same thing that she did last time, telling flat out lies. Derrick said that he really wants Donny out so she better not do that. Cody agreed.

7:00-8:00 PM: Nicole spoke to Cody and told him to let her know if she is going home, because she wants to wear something nice and not look dumb. Cody assured her that everyone is voting Donny out. Nicole said that would be better for Cody’s game since she is not coming after him. Elsewhere, Derrick and Frankie agreed that they cannot use the mission to save Donny. Derrick said that people would start to question them if they pushed for keeping Donny. Frankie agreed and said that it may result in one of them getting backdoored, since Cody, Caleb and Christine are all ecstatic about Donny leaving. Derrick also felt that Donny would vote them out if given the chance. Derrick mentioned that the missions may even become easier without Donny in the house. As for this week, Frankie convinced Derrick that they should put on a play for the mission.

8:00-9:00 PM: As part of a reward for winning the veto, Cody got to choose two houseguests to go along with him to watch a screening of the premiere episode of “Scorpion”. He selected Donny and Nicole. They watched the episode in the HoH room. They were given pizza and tons of chocolate and candy. Afterwards they brought all of the remaining candy downstairs to share with the rest of the houseguests.

12:00-1:00 AM: Frankie told Derrick that a potential mission idea would be to have each of the eight remaining houseguests impersonate an evicted houseguest for three hours. Derrick figured that it would be pretty tough to keep everyone in character. They again discussed possibly doing a play. Derrick said that the easiest thing to do would be to flip the vote and save Donny. He said that it would be $5,000 in the bank no problem. Frankie asked how they would do that. Derrick said that he doesn’t want to sound cocky but if the two of them wanted to flip the vote they could do it. He noted that it is likely too risky to do so though, as it could ruin their games. Derrick said that if it backfires it could results in the two of them getting put up on the block together. Frankie said that he really wants Nicole gone. They then discussed that Nicole can’t get Frankie out anyway because she would likely nominate him with Christine. Frankie wondered who Donny would nominate. Derrick said that he would probably nominate him and Christine. He then told Frankie that he has no idea where Donny’s head is at, so he may put up the two of them because it would be a huge move.

Derrick asked Donny how he is feeling. Donny pointed out that in the past Derrick has come to him and said that things are look good for him, yet he hasn’t this time. Derrick said that’s because it is not looking good for Donny this time. Derrick said that he is so torn. Donny brought up that America put the three of them together for a reason. He asked Derrick what the big distrust is between them. Derrick explained that he knows in this heart that there have been points in this game where Donny has said his name. Derrick mentioned that he doesn’t know the road map to get to the Final 2 and it is wearing on him because he doesn’t know what to do. Derrick let Donny know that he would vote for him if he made the Final 2, seeing as Donny deserves the money more than anyone else, and people know that so it scares them. Donny said that Derrick and Frankie should not be scared of him. Derrick said that he is not but he is just explaining the perspective of the house. Frankie joined them and they discussed the mission. Donny pushed for the mission to be to save him. Frankie said that he doesn’t see it working because they would have to take active roles in saving him. He also said that it cannot be accomplished by the Monday deadline.

1:00-2:00 AM: Donny continued to push for the mission to be to save him, saying that all that Derrick and Frankie would have to do is convince one other person to keep him and it would be a success. He brought up “Operation Revolving Door” where the person that returns gets sent right back out. He felt that it would be an easy pitch. Frankie brought up making a play. They discussed getting everyone to participate in re-enacting scenes from throughout the season. They eventually settled on that and called it “BB Broadway”. They decided that they will do the performance tomorrow night during Big Brother After Dark.

Derrick and Donny continued their chat. Derrick said that he does not know how he will get to the Final 2 since he doesn’t win a lot of competitions. Donny questioned if he could help. Derrick acknowledged that Donny could help but said that it would look odd if he fought for Donny after everyone has been telling him that Donny is after him. That being said, Derrick told Donny that he is not set on sending him home. Derrick told Donny that if the opportunity presents itself and it would benefit his game to keep Donny, he will do it. They discussed that Frankie is more resistant. Derrick said that he understands where Frankie is coming from so he is not saying that Frankie is the bad guy. Derrick said that his top priority is completing the Team America missions and getting the money associated with it since there is no guarantee that he will make it to the end.

Derrick and Donny wrapped things up, saying that they are glad that they talked. Both guys were tearing up by the end of the conversation. Derrick said that he will keep Donny informed throughout the week. Both guys told the other that they are great guys. Victoria and Caleb then walked in on Derrick crying. He explained that Donny had gotten to him, though he clarified that it was not in a manipulative way. Derrick said that you get close to the people in here and it becomes tough. He then retold the story to Christine, Cody and Frankie. Derrick said that Donny acknowledged that his game has came to an end. Everyone agreed that they will not be changing their votes. Frankie then discussed putting on a play and re-enacting scenes from throughout the season. The roles were settled on as follows:

Derrick is Jocasta
Caleb is Hayden
Frankie is Amber
Cody is Zach
Donny is Devin
Victoria is Amber
Christine is Paola
Nicole is Brittany

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