Victoria continues to feel unwell, needs to see a medic and gets an IV

August 23, 2014

10:00-11:00 AM: Derrick told Frankie that he gets the impression that they will be getting another mission. Frankie said that he hopes so. Derrick found it odd that the mission had not been given to them yet. They mentioned that they are a little bit afraid. They joked that they will be Team Donny if they offered $10,000 to save Donny this week. Derrick said that he has a feeling that if Donny doesn’t save himself today then the mission will be to save a Team America member. Derrick said “You throw me $10K and watch us work. That would be amazing”. Frankie said that he also thought about that being the mission.

11:00-12:00 PM: All day and night yesterday, Victoria was having issues with her wisdom teeth. Her face was swollen and she said that it hurt to even laugh or smile. At 11:14 AM, Nicole was sitting in the bathroom doing her makeup while Victoria was in the bathroom with the door closed. Nicole began staring at the bathroom door, sensing that something was up. Nicole asked Victoria if she was okay. Victoria said no. Nicole then asked Victoria if she was going to the bathroom. Nicole got up and opened the door to find Victoria on the bathroom floor.

Nicole- Oh God, are you okay?
Victoria- No.
Nicole- What’s wrong? What doesn’t feel good? Oh my God, you are so sweaty.
Victoria- I know.
Nicole- Okay I’m going to go get help. Okay? Hey Derrick. Derrick.
Derrick- Yeah? (As he rushed to the bathroom).
Nicole- We need to get help for Victoria.

Feeds then cut. Feeds returned at 11:59. Caleb, Christine, Donny, Derrick and Nicole were sitting at the kitchen table. No one else was on the feeds. No word on what is going on with Victoria.

12:00-1:00 PM: Donny pulled Derrick aside and told him that America has voted on allowing them to come up with their own mission this week. He said that America will vote on whether or not the mission was good enough and if they completed it. Donny said that the mission needs to be done by the veto meeting. He suggested that the mission could be keeping Team America together if Nicole is viewed as the bigger threat. Donny pointed out that if America voted for the three of them to be on Team America, they wouldn’t want one of them to go home. Derrick agreed. Derrick mentioned that it might not work, due to not being exciting enough, if Donny wins the veto and saves himself. Donny said that if Frankie and Derrick are drawn to compete they could not give it their all in the competition, allowing Donny to win, which would count as working together. They agreed to speak with Frankie about it. Donny said that he would definitely not be after Frankie and Derrick if he stayed in the game. Derrick also mentioned wanting to finish his talk with Donny sometime, in reference to the one that they had yesterday about Derrick hearing that Donny is after him. They both agreed that the talk was getting somewhere and that it was a good thing to address their concerns. Derrick noted that Cody is hearing things too, as evidenced by his nomination speech. Donny said that he knows who that stuff came from (Christine), because he had a talk with that person this week.

Derrick spoke to Caleb about Victoria. He said that Victoria might be out of this game. Caleb agreed. Derrick pointed out that if Victoria has an infection in her jaw she is done. He also said that if she is hospitalized for more than a couple of days they will not keep her in the game. Derrick said that he hopes that it is just dehydration and nausea due to Victoria not having eaten much lately since she has been a have-not. Derrick said that he would be okay with Victoria leaving for a night and then coming back in to the house, seeing as it is of benefit to them to have here there. He noted that she is easy to put up on the block. Derrick then took it back and said that it would not be a bad thing if she were to leave. Derrick felt that the veto competition may get delayed a bit but not more than a couple of days if Victoria is in the hospital. Caleb said that they will not mess up their showtimes either way and would likely just have her sit out of the competition. Caleb mentioned that if Victoria is out of the game they could send her to the jury house once she gets well, seeing as she deserves that. Derrick agreed.

1:00-2:00 PM: Caleb told Derrick that he needs to win another HoH. Derrick said that they both do, seeing as Beast Mode Frankie is in the house and has ridiculous stats. Caleb said that he still thinks that he would beat Frankie in the end, saying that he doesn’t have a sister that is about to be a multimillionaire. Derrick told Caleb that not everyone will look at it like that and they may give the money to Frankie because they would feel that they are donating to charity. Caleb didn’t believe that Frankie would actually donate all of the money to charity. He said that he is going to donate some to his father’s wounded veterans charity, so he can argue that people should donate to those that fought for their freedom, over people in another country in Frankie’s case.

Derrick said that it will be tough for anyone to beat Frankie at the end. Derrick mentioned that he has not performed well in competitions up to this point, while Caleb has won some and finished second in many. They discussed that the Final 2 speeches wont impact the votes. Derrick noted that people will already know how many competitions you have won. Caleb and Derrick then went back to bed for a nap. Everyone was in bed when Victoria came back in to the house. She told Christine that she had to get an IV. She said that they did it wrong the first time so she had to suffer for no reason. Victoria explained that she passed out due to pain, but didn’t completely pass out because Nicole found her. Victoria said that she will not be able to compete in the veto competition, so there will only be five people playing in the competition if she is selected.

2:00-3:00 PM: Christine and Victoria continued to discuss what had happened. Christine asked if the IV was for dehydration. Victoria said that it was dehydration and pain, and that they are going to get her pain medication. Christine said that it was so scary. Victoria mentioned that she was “water sweating”. Christine said that Donny had mentioned that Victoria’s jacket was drenched. She also said that Victoria was going in and out so they were trying to keep her in and it was so scary. Christine mentioned that Victoria’s hand and face were white as snow. She mentioned that Nicole was crying. Victoria asked why and laughed that she is not going to die.

Victoria asked if she was talking at all when the doctor was there. Christine said that the doctor asked how Victoria was and she simply said that she was “horrible”, so the doctor said that they need more detail than that. Christine said that Derrick was the cutest, as he was so sweet to Victoria. Victoria was laughing about the whole situation, saying that she cannot believe that this happened to her. The others woke up and checked on Victoria. Frankie and Cody were asleep at the time and had no idea that anything had happened to Victoria. Donny said that he is glad that Victoria is okay, cause he sure was worried about her. Caleb said that they thought that she was going to die but is glad that she is okay.

Players were selected for the veto competition. Cody, Donny, Nicole, Christine, Derrick and Frankie are playing. Caleb is hosting. Donny spoke to Frankie to let him know that this week’s mission is to create their own mission. Donny suggested that a good mission would be to keep him safe seeing as he is on the block. He said that America voted for them to be Team America, so they would not want them to split up. Donny explained that they could make the mission to throw the veto to him or to secure the votes to save him before the veto meeting, seeing as that is the deadline to complete the mission. Donny told Frankie to talk to Derrick about it. Frankie and Derrick agreed that they will not throw the competition as part of the mission. Derrick said that if they did influence the vote then Donny likely wouldn’t come after them. Frankie agreed. They mentioned that they would definitely get the money that way. Derrick was concerned though, seeing as Donny throws them under the bus a lot. Frankie said that they technically do the same to Donny, though they felt that they were not the main culprits. Ultimately they agreed that they would prefer to do something fun and saboteur like.


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