The Bomb Squad focuses on targeting Donny; Donny wins the Power of Veto

June 27, 2014

Week 1 Nominations and Battle of the Block Recap - Day 7 Recap

11:00-12:00 PM: Devin joined Frankie and Caleb in the HoH room, telling them that he got really emotional last night and was bawling his eyes out. He then began filling them in on his talk with Amber late last night. Devin explained that Amber thinks that it’s odd that Joey is openly saying that she is sorry about having started an all girls alliance, feeling that Joey may be doing so in order to cover up the fact that there actually is a girls alliance. Caleb said that he had that thought as well. Devin then said that nobody would question them if they sent Joey home, and they would know what there is a girls alliance if any of the girls began to question it.

Devin went on to suggest that they could pull Donny aside and tell him that they will save him if he doesn’t nominate anyone in their eight person alliance. Frankie explained that Devin would be blowing everything up by doing that and that they cannot make any big game moves like that early on that could jeopardize their alliance. Frankie said that this is likely a last ditch effort on the part of Amber to save Donny. Caleb then spoke up and said that Joey will go home if Donny wins the veto, otherwise Donny needs to be the one to go. Caleb mentioned that Donny is dangerous and is someone that can come out of nowhere and beat them all if he stays in the game. Frankie agreed, while Devin then backed off of his push to save Donny. Devin did tell the guys that he knows that he is playing hard and that he has a tough time dealing with the paranoia when he is left to think on his own. He asked Caleb to hang around with him all the time so that his mind doesn’t wander.

Caleb, Frankie and Devin then continue to talk game, with the focus being on Amber and her reluctance to go against Donny. Caleb said that the plan from Day 1 was to target Donny, so they can’t just change things because of Amber. The six males in the Bomb Squad had aligned first, then Devin brought in Amber and Christine. Frankie said that they cannot rely on Amber’s vote. While Caleb did not like the idea of making Amber feel special by making an exception and allowing her to vote against the alliance to keep Donny, he eventually agreed that they can keep her happy by letting her vote however she wants. Frankie assured Caleb that they will have the numbers either way, saying that Hayden, Nicole, Brittany and Victoria will vote whatever way they want them to. He added that Amber will run back to them once Donny is gone, as all of the girls hate her since she is beautiful and they are jealous of her.

Zach then got some time alone with Frankie, at which point Frankie said that he feels as though he has to defuse every situation. Zach agreed and said that Frankie is “The Defuser”. They discussed that the only people that are volatile in the Bomb Squad are Cody, Devin and Amber. They mentioned that Devin had jumped the gun by bringing Amber and Christine into their alliance. Zach said that Devin will clearly be the first member of the Bomb Squad to go. Frankie agreed that he will be the first to go up, but brought up that Devin could easily win a bunch of competition to save himself.

Frankie said that while Caleb is super chill, he sees what’s going on with Devin as well. He added that this week is all about doing damage control and babysitting Devin. Zach revealed that he would nominate Joey and Victoria if he wins the next HoH. Zach and Frankie reiterated that they will have the game locked up if the Bomb Squad actually makes it to the Final 8. The two again solidified their Final 2 agreement.

12:00-1:00 PM: The live feeds went down for the veto competition!

4:00-5:00 PM: When the feeds returned, we found out that Donny had won the Power of Veto. Everyone began scrambling to discuss the potential replacement nominee. Cody and Derrick agreed that they need to be on the same page. They decided that they would push for Joey to be nominated, which is what their allies had previously discussed. Caleb began talking to each of the houseguests to get their opinions on who should be nominated. He explained to them that it is going to be a group decision. He told his allies that he will be nominating Joey like they want, but he wants it to appear as though he just went along with what the house wanted in doing so.

First up to talk with Caleb was Brittany. She suggested that Devin be the replacement nominee, explaining that Devin is likely to make life a living hell for the rest of the houseguests. As for a girl that she would like to be nominated, Brittany said that she would have wanted to see Victoria up but the two of them are safe after their Battle of the Block win. Caleb then turned the talk to Joey, saying that he would have a reason for nominating her. Brittany told Caleb that she will be voting to evict Paola if another girl is nominated next to her. Next up was Amber. She suggested nominating Hayden if it’s a guy or Joey if it’s a girl. Caleb asked who Amber would vote to evict if Joey were nominated next to Paola. Amber said that she would vote to evict Joey. Caleb then revealed that the plan since Day 1 had been to backdoor Joey if Donny won the Power of Veto.

5:00-6:00 PM: Caleb then filled Cody in on the plan before going to speak to Hayden. Nicole and Hayden had just been talking things over, with Nicole being worried and Hayden expecting Joey to be nominated. Caleb let Hayden know that he is probably going to nominate Joey. Hayden originally said that the house would go after Paola if so but then backtracked and said that Joey would likely go home.

Caleb spoke with Joey, who had an idea that she may be in danger. Joey said that she put herself in this position when she revealed the girls alliance, so she would understand if the decision ends up being to nominate her. Caleb agreed with her that she did give him a reason to nominate her. By the end of the conversation Caleb was all but telling Joey that she would be the replacement nominee. Following the conversation, Joey went to Jocasta and began crying because she could see the writing on the wall. Jocasta tried to comfort her, telling her that she doesn’t think that she would go home because she is well liked in the house.

6:00-7:00 PM: Zach asked Frankie who will be going on the block. Frankie said that he is pretty sure that they are backdooring Joey. Both agreed that taking out Joey is the move to make. They said that Paola is not a threat to anyone and that everyone will go along with taking out Joey. They discussed that they are in a good spot right now. Zach praised Frankie’s social game, saying that he is in his own class when it comes to that. Zach told Frankie that he trusts him with his life and said that Frankie should feel the same way about him, likening the pair to Memphis and Dan. They discussed that they should be safe even if a girls alliance comes about, as Caleb would be the bigger target. Zach revealed that he would have to nominate Victoria if he won HoH next week, seeing as she is out to get him.

7:00-8:00 PM: Derrick and Amber had a chat about what Caleb is likely to do at the veto ceremony when it comes to naming a replacement nominee. Both were in agreement that it would make no sense for him to nominate anyone from their alliance, the Bomb Squad. That leaves only four options for the replacement nominee, those being Joey, Nicole, Hayden and Jocasta. Derrick and Amber were in agreement that it is the best move for them to take out Joey this week.

Elsewhere, Joey and Brittany were talking things over. Brittany mentioned that she had told Caleb that it would be best for Devin to go this week. Brittany said that she is feeling that that may have been a mistake, seeing as it appears as though Devin, Amber and Caleb are aligned. Joey feels that she will be the replacement nominee, even though she doesn’t see herself as a big threat. Brittany said that she doesn’t think that any of the girls would vote her out if she is nominated, seeing as she is the backbone for the girls and prevents them from separating. Brittany called Joey the “female Frankie” of the house in that regard. As for who they can work with going forward, Brittany suggested Derrick, Christine, Nicole and Jocasta.

9:00-10:00 PM: Things quieted down in the evening. Frankie led all but a couple of the houseguests in a group meditation. Afterwards, Devin told Amber about his plans to lay low for the rest of the week, as he has been seen as playing too hard in the early goings. They quickly discussed that people seem to be on the same page in terms of nominating Joey. Meanwhile. Paola spent much of the night in bed. Amber went to speak with her. Paola is concerned about possibly going home and was curious as to who Caleb may nominate next to her. Amber gave up no info and played it off as though her and Caleb just goof around and don’t actually talk any game.

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