Things pick up after Joey's announcement

June 28, 2014

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5:00-6:00 PM: Joey had a conversation with Devin, admitting that she played too hard too fast. Devin said that it’s best to lay low and let people self destruct during the early goings. He asked Joey why she tried to make an all girls alliance. Joey said that she did so because she honestly believed that there was an all guys alliance. Devin said that the idea of a guys alliance is really played out and would thus be obvious and evident. Joey then changed the subject to the upcoming veto ceremony. She said that if Caleb was honestly taking a tally, she doesn’t think that she would be the one going up. Devin assured her that Caleb is indeed taking a tally. Joey said that she may talk to Caleb later to see if he will make an announcement to say that everyone is taking part in a vote to decide on the replacement nominee, as she knows that some people haven’t had a chance to make their voice heard. Devin told her that he thinks that she is overthinking some things.

Joey went to Caleb and told him that she wants him to make sure that everyone has a say in his vote for the replacement nominee. She then went to the kitchen, where the houseguests were gathered, to make an announcement. She asked if Caleb had talked to everyone about who they want to see go up as the replacement nominee. Joey explained that she is making sure that all of their voices are heard so that the right person is put on the block.

Afterwards, Joey told Victoria that she made the announcement so that it will be known whether Caleb’s decision was based on his own dictatorship or based on a house decision. Meanwhile, up in the HoH room, Frankie and Caleb discussed that Joey had just made things worse for herself. Frankie said that it’s obvious when people haven’t seen the show. He said that it will be a unanimous vote to evict Joey. Derrick then went to Caleb and wondered if Joey has a secret alliance going on and knows that there are enough people that want Devin nominated. Caleb shot that down by saying that only one person has mentioned nominating Devin. Derrick said that he doesn’t know what Joey was thinking then.

6:00-7:00 PM: Joey went to Derrick and told him that she felt as though Caleb was going to nominate whoever he wanted and not actually take a house vote. Joey explained that Caleb is going to nominate her and that he wouldn’t have actually done that if he listened to the house and held a vote. Joey, without saying any names, implied that it would Devin on the block if Caleb took a vote. Joey said that there is no reason for Paola to go home this week and, that if the right person (Devin) goes up, she shouldn’t be going home. After the conversation ended, Derrick, Brittany and Victoria all agreed that Joey just did the worst possible thing for her own game.

7:00-8:00 PM: Paola told Amber that she feels that people are going crazy and just need to relax. She mentioned that what Joey just did freaked her out because they had been talking about including Joey in their alliance but she goes and does things like that. Paola was concerned that Joey may have mentioned the Crazy Eights alliance. Paola asked Amber who she would tell Caleb to nominate. Amber hinted that it would be Joey after what she just did. Victoria then joined the girls and they continued to discuss what Joey had just done and her motive behind it. They were also upset about Joey having told the guys that she tried to form a girls alliance, as it looks bad on them. Amber asked if keeping Joey in the game will make things harder on them. Paola said that she doesn’t know, while Victoria said that she doesn’t know if she could trust Joey anymore.

Caleb was chatting with Devin in the HoH room. Devin said that Joey buried herself with the move that she made. Jocasta joined the conversation, at which point Caleb explained that Joey must have went to enough people and got reassurance from them that they would not say her name if he asked them who to nominate. Caleb was clearly irritated that Joey had gone ahead and made an announcement in front of everyone, saying that she should have just walked out the doors and told Julie and the rest of the world as well. Caleb said that Joey should have just let him do what he said that he was going to do.

8:00-9:00 PM: After Zach woke up from a nap, Joey filled him in on the announcement that she had made. Joey told her that it was a great idea. He asked her who it is that she wants nominated. Joey would not give a name. Zach asked again and told her that she has to give him a name because he wants her to stay and will get that person nominated. Joey then said that she wants Devin to go home. Zach said that he does too. He said that there are obviously rumours circulating that Joey is going up, so he went to Frankie and told him that he doesn’t want Joey to go. Zach said that Joey’s plan is very smart and will cause an alliance to be exposed, as Caleb and Devin are clearly working together.

Derrick joined Zach and Joey. Joey said that she plans to go tell Devin that she wants him out of the house. Derrick asked why she wants Devin out. Joey said that he is athletic, while she is a woman that has no chance of beating him in physical competitions. Derrick asked if they even have the votes to take Devin out. Zach said that if Devin goes up, Devin goes home. Joey then got up and made her way inside to talk to Devin. Joey explained to Devin that she respects him but she is going to vote for him to be the one to go on the block. She explained that he is a huge competitor that she would have a tough time beating, so she has to say him.

Meanwhile, Derrick and Zach continued to talk about the possibility of getting Devin out of the house. Derrick mentioned that the downside is that Devin already promised that he would blow up the Bomb Squad on his way out. Zach said that they could turn it all around on Devin, especially after he was the one that went out of his way to add Amber and Christine to their alliance. Derrick then pointed out that it will be near impossible for Joey to convince Caleb to nominate Devin. Zach said that it could happen if Caleb sees Devin as his main threat in the house. Derrick and Zach agreed that getting Devin out of the house would make the two of them and Cody an even stronger alliance. They agreed that it would be beneficial to get Devin out now, especially if they don’t even have to get any of the blood on their hands.

9:00-10:00 PM: Devin went around the house and retold his conversation with Joey. He was incorrectly telling everyone that Joey had said that they are going to be voting him out of the house. It is unclear whether or not this was an intentional mistake or if he misunderstood what Joey was saying to him. While Devin and the others were scrambling, Zach was telling Derrick that they are voting Devin out if he goes on the block. Derrick agreed and said that they may not get another shot at him. Zach explained that they have a reason to nominate Devin since he exposed their alliance to two girls, Christine and Amber, when he brought them in without asking anyone. They discussed that the only way to get Devin nominated is if they, Frankie and Cody all go to Caleb at the same time and tell him to do it. Zach said that they can pitch that Devin is Caleb’s biggest threat and that he should put him up if he doesn’t want to go next.

Devin went around the house and told people that Joey is the worst player in the game and he is going to tell her in his goodbye message to her that they formed the Bomb Squad on Day 2 and blew her out of the house. Joey continued to go around the house and tell people that she wants Devin to go home this week. Others had also joined in on the nominate Devin campaign. Brittany told Derrick, Zach and Paola that she wants Devin to be nominated. Paola was then asked by Derrick who she wants to be nominated against. She also said that she would like to see Devin nominated. Devin pulled Joey aside to see if there was anything that he could do to help her out and make her change her mind about the way that she feels. Joey apologized but said that she has to stick with what she said, which is sending Devin home.

Zach and Cody were in storage room discussing that it would be nice if Devin left this week. Cody said that Devin almost ruined the Bomb Squad and that it would have been blown up if not for Frankie. While they wanted Devin to go home, they did not think that Caleb would ever nominate him. Both agreed that they will take their shot at Devin in the next couple of weeks. Their one concern with taking out Devin down the line is the repercussions that they would face from an angry Caleb.

They reassured each other that they are on board until the end and that their Final 3 is with Derrick. Zach said that Frankie is someone that is good to keep on the outside but he does not want him in on the three. Zach mentioned that everyone thinks that the alliance is Devin, Caleb and Amber, while nobody has caught wind of their little secret alliance. Frankie joined them and said that Joey needs to go this week, as they need to get weak players out before making a move. They mentioned that Brittany will be on board with them when they do eventually decide to make a big move.

10:00-11:00 PM: Devin spoke with Caleb and informed him that Brittany, in addition to Joey, also wants him out. He said that he will win HoH, nominate Brittany and make sure that she goes home. Devin told Caleb to make Joey feel comfortable and even tell make her believe that he will be nominating him. Caleb said that it is funny that Joey believed that she could actually get him to nominate Devin. Joey was spending time with Paola, who she is likely to be nominated next to. Joey was explaining to her that they need to make it really clear that they all want Devin to go home. Frankie had just told Joey that Caleb is unlikely to nominate Devin even if the majority of the houseguests tell him to, so Joey was beginning to have her doubts. Paola said that she is on board with doing whatever needs to be done to get Devin nominated.

11:00-12:00 AM: Frankie had a quick chat with Christine. He informed her that the guys are on board with the Bomb Squad unofficially being broken down into a group of 5 (Frankie/Christine/Cody/Zach/Derrick) and a group of 3 (Amber/Caleb/Devin). Frankie and the other guys have begun to notice that Amber, Caleb and Devin are doing their own thing. Christine later came back to Frankie and informed him that she had a talk with Amber and learned that those three see Cody and Zach as being expendable.

Zach had a chat with Nicole to see where her head is at. Nicole said that she is trying to lay low but not too low to a point where people would think that nobody would care if they took her out of the game. Zach asked Nicole who she thinks that he hangs out with the most. Nicole responded by saying Frankie but also noted that Frankie hangs out with everyone so it’s not that noticeable. Zach mentioned that he sees Cody as a trustworthy person and someone that would be at the top of his list if he were to make an alliance. Both agreed that Donny is someone that is also trustworthy. Zach explained that he has been trying to remain on everyone’s good side, being particularly friendly with those that he is not fond of.

12:00-1:00 AM: Devin and Zach met up to discuss what Joey had been up to tonight. Devin couldn’t believe that Joey actually thought that Caleb would nominate him. Devin told Zach that he plans to ride or die with Caleb, never turning on him at any point in the game. Devin mentioned that both he and Caleb agreed that they will blow up the Bomb Squad on their way out the door if anyone turns on them. Zach reassured him that it will never happen and that they have six soldiers behind them. Zach continued on with telling Devin what he wanted to hear, letting him know that he will be in power next week when he wins HoH.

Derrick told Zach that they will have to be careful about the Bomb Squad in the long run, as Amber will not vote for either of them to stay over Caleb. Zach agreed and reiterated that it is the two of them and Cody until the end. Zach let Derrick know that he was telling Devin that they need to focus on finishing the mission and getting the other eight people out, even though he has a different agenda in his head. Derrick believes that Caleb is loyal but that Devin would stab any of them in the back in a heartbeat.

Brittany went to the HoH room in order to talk things over with Devin, as she was concerned about the fallout from more or less telling him that she wants him out of the house. Brittany said that Devin has made people feel uncomfortable. Devin wanted specific examples. When Brittany explained a couple of scenarios in which he made her feel uncomfortable, Devin played it off that Brittany was taking things the wrong way. Things got heated with Devin raising his voice. He continuously mentioned that it is his daughter’s birthday and that he doesn’t care about anything else right now. Brittany eventually gave up, saying that Devin is impossible to talk to. Devin told her not to talk to him anymore then. Brittany said that she wont. Brittany was crying and briefly spoke with both Nicole and Paola before heading to the diary room.

1:00-2:00 AM: Frankie, Cody and Christine spent some quality time together in the hammock. They discussed that the only thing that Caleb cares about is Amber, so they need to stick with Zach and Derrick, all the while keeping Devin, Caleb and Amber close. They were frustrated with Devin making Brittany cry but acknowledged that it is good for their games. They mentioned keeping Brittany around for a number and for another person that can help them pull the trigger on Devin.

Cody said that they will need to take Caleb out before Amber, otherwise Caleb would go ape shit when Amber left. Frankie said that they wont need to get the blood on their hands there, seeing as Caleb and Amber will go at each other since Amber wont give Caleb what he wants. Frankie said that Caleb will get pissed off when that happens.

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